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Your Gateway to the Trends and Tropes of the Horror Genre






Spooky Time Episode 24

Cosmic fishiness, served up multiple ways, and one of the freakiest museum anywhere await in the latest Spooky Time. Liz and Eric literally travel the Earth (and the internet) to share the best in spooky in Spooky Time 24.


The Scariest Things Podcast Extra: How to Survive a Horror Film with Georgina Black

Do you have the self control and common sense to survive a horror movie event? Georgina Black is here to present a tactical means to beat all those horror tropes that will allow you to be a Final Girl (Guy). Trust me, there are some tips and tricks that would have saved many a horror movie character if they had her knowledge. Find out in this TST Podcast Extra, live from the Cabin in the Woods Film Festival!


The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 172: Canadian Horror Movies

It's Horror, eh? Get ready to experience a dose of Great White North horror in The Scariest Things Epsisode 172: Canadian Horror: AKA The David Cronenberg Invitational. Actually, Canadian Horror is much deeper than that auteur king of body horror, but you know we have to start there. The Scariest Things have picked out some deep cut choices from our Canuck neighbors!


Spooky Time Episode 23

As we enter into fall, Spooky Time takes some time to preview some upcoming big titles, as well as a promising franchise fan film, and we also look back at the best horror short films from the first half of 2023.


The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 171: The ABC’s of Horror

It's an exercise we all learned from the moment we started reading. Learn your ABCs by associating words with letters. Imagine if you learned how to read and write by associating the alphabet with horror movies. That's the theme of The Scariest Things Podcast episode 171. Write your own list, before you listen to our selections, and play along!


Spooky Time Episode 22

We are talking all about Talk to Me


The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 170: Vacation and Tourism Horror

As we celebrate the end of Summer, the Scariest Things is offering up a menu of cautionary tales. Going on Vacation may be the last thing you do. Eric, Liz, and Mike suggest you stay safe at home where you won't become victim to organ thieving maniacs. (Unless they decide to invade your home... we have another podcast for that). So listen in to our advice before entering the last dying days of summer for vacation horror!


Spooky Time Episode 21

Movies and Toys and TV, Oh my! It's Spooky Time Episode 21


The Scariest Things Podcast Extra: Queer Screams Film Festival 2023

The latest addition to the Portland Horror Film Festival scene arrives on August 18-20, the Queer Screams Film Festival! Filmmaker J.T. Seaton spends some quality time with Eric to describe the fabulous offerings that this festival is serving up in this exclusive Scariest Things Interview!


Spooky Time Epsiode 20

Spooky Time looks back at ONE MILLION views, and marvels at how this little engine that could, did it! Also, Mike talks about his experience with Sharksploitation, Liz is overloaded with Fantasia reviews, and we discuss if the Exorcist trailer has us more or less excited about the upcoming Reboot.


The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 169: Kung-Fu Horror!

Break out the nunchucks and bo staves, it's time to talk horror with Eastern roots. The kung-fu / martial arts sub-genre of the action-horror theme is populated with some of the wildest, most convoluted, and most colorful movies imaginable. And some of these films push past the imagination level. So let's get weird and wacky, and bring on the chop socky! Haaaaiiiiiaaaahhh!


Spooky Time Episode 19

While Mike risked life and limb in the jungles of Costa Rica, Robert, Liz, and Eric gathered to discuss films at Fantasia Fest, BiFAN 2023, and a couple of excellent Stephen King Documentaries. Listen in to a recommendation filled episode, Spooky Time 19!


The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 168: The 2023 Thingy Awards

I hear a limousine pulling up! That could only mean one thing. It's time to announce the winners of the 2023 Thingy Awards! Horror's new Golden Age continues its wonderful run, as the big budget studios have arrived with new original ideas in tow, and there are a number of break-out stars emerging from the genre. Read, or listen in to our podcast for Episode 168: The 2023 Thingy Awards Show!


Liz’s Review: We Might Hurt Each Other (Chattanooga Film Fest 2023)

★★1/2 out of ★★★★★ 🩸 out of 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸 An after graduation party gets out of hand in We Might Hurt Each Other.


Spooky Time Episode 18: The Wheel of Misfortune with the Jersey Ghouls!

We're spinning the Wheel of Misfortune with our special guests, The Jersey Ghouls. It's Summer School Homework, by way of horror franchise binge mode! The Wheel wants, the Wheel needs, and the Wheel decides.


The Scariest Things Podcast Extra: An Interview with the Co-Directors of Mind Body Spirit

Just ahead of their film screening at the Chattanooga Film Festival, Liz sat down with the co-writers and directors of the (only?) yoga horror movie, Mind Body Spirit!


The Scariest Things Podcast Crypticon Extra: DSM-5 in Modern Horror with Trauma Therapist Terri Hardin

Are you familiar with DSM-5? It's the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Eric was fortunate to participate in a panel with moderator Terri Harden, a licensed trauma therapist to discuss how the DSM-5 models apply to horror movies! FASCINATING! We have an audio interview with Terri here, as well as a Video of the Panel that we did with Jungian Scholar and horror trivia host Willy Greer. I hope you find this informative and entertaining!


Spooky Time Episode 17

Time to read some books, watch some films and play some games with The Scariest Things in Spooky Time Episode 17!


The Scariest Things Episode 167: Daytime Horror

Your hosts are putting on their sunscreen and stepping outside for episode 167- Daytime Horror!


Spooky Time Episode 16: The Portland Horror Film Festival 2024

The 8th Annual Portland Horror Film Festival is back in action, live at the Hollywood Theater in Portland Oregon OR... streaming live at your home! This years offerings conjure up one word: GONZO. Come see Barabara Crampton and Jeffrey Combs reuinite for the wild Onyx The Fortuitous and the Talisman of Souls. The much praised Black Mold will be the Opening Night feature, and there will be a total of 9 features and 60 Horror Shorts... at a festival noted for giving you the best horror shorts on the festival circuit. See you there!