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TheEoNProject Episode 46

On episode 46 Mike and Jay discuss some famous horror movies and the true life claims that they are based on. Also hear about some creative uses for autumn gords. In addition a new sponsor to the show makes their debut with a new commercial. TheEoNProject, where stimulating the senses takes on a whole new meaning. The truth exists, believe it!!!


TheEoNProject Episode 45

Is Tupac still alive? Did Hitler fake his own death? Did Elvis live to a ripe old age? Does Jay own a complete leather ensemble to include a leather bowler cap? All these questions and more are addressed in the latest episode of TheEoNProject. Also hear a special musical performance from Indiana based band Overseas Love Crisis. Come one and come all and enjoy an exploratory adventure into the nether regions of the soul. The truth exits, believe it!!!


Custom Guitar Giveaway

Jay and Mike talk with luthier and music aficionado Brent about a free custom guitar giveaway. Tune up and tune in to hear how you can win. The truth exists, believe it!!!


TheEoNProject Episode 44

After a brief hiatus Mike and Jay return and are as terrible as ever. However they have fun talking about some of the strangest conspiracies ever thought by the human mind to include George Takai. Make sure to listen to this episode also to hear how to win a free custom guitar built by the musical craftsman at Old 303 Music in Bluffton Indiana. Come one, come all and listen to the podcast no one is talking about. The truth exists, believe it!!!


TheEoNProject Episode 43

If you like aliens but hate the government then this is the show for you. On episode 43 of TheEoNProject Mike and Jay discuss the alien/government battle of Dulce as well as the time and space travelling Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama. Yes, it's true a young Obama travelled through time and space to Mars via a "vortal". Also, hear Jay have an Asian mall massage mishap and listen to Mike spout knowledge of everyday common phrases. A true journey of knowledge and misadventure awaits. The...


TheEoNProject Episode 42

On the latest episode of TheEoNProject Mike and Jay discuss two geographic locations where the veil between our world and the paranormal is extra thin. Much like some thinly sliced supernatural deli ham. Also Mike, the old college graduate takes on an eleven year old boy in a trivia challenge to the death. Who will win? Tune in to find out. The truth exits, believe it.


Love is Hot Chowder on a Warm Summer's Day

Listen to what happens when two idiots argue about proper summer dish etiquette.


TheEoNProject Episode 41

On episode 41 of TheEoNProject Mike and Jay possibly ruffle the proverbial feathers of the supernatural and paranormal community. This episode deals with possible charlatans in the field of pseudoscience. Also Mike and Jay’s talk about their personal experience with some of these topics. In addition, listen to Mike make Jay look like a complete fool in a horror movie guessing game. Chili and clam chowder, appropriate as a summer or winter food? The truth exists, believe it!!!


TheEoNProject Episode 40

What do Qanon, the Babushka Lady, D.B. Cooper, Perseus, John Candy and Strange Bill Kowalchuk have in common? The all come together in a perfect convergence of mystery, conspiracy, nonsense and bad music on this episode of TheEoNProject. The truth exists, believe it!!!


TheEoNProject Episode 39

Episode 39 is an eclectic mix of knowledge and nonsense. This listener inspired show revolves around questions and suggestions given to the show by loyal podcast subjects. Learn some intimate details about Mike and Jay as well as some interesting takes on some mysterious topics. Also listen to the musical debut of local rapper Fudgie Q. His music is truly inspiring. The truth exists, believe it!!!


TheEoNProject Episode 38

On episode 38 of TheEoNProject soul singer Rou Jawles joins Mike and Jay for special musical introduction. Also discussed on the program are various cases involving UFOs and the military. This episode's halfway segment is a pathetic attempt at spontaneously adlibbed jingly commercial bits. In addition the usual varying snippets of observational humor are present. The truth exists believe it!!!


May 28, 2018 07:48



TheEoNProject Episode 37

On episode 37 of TheEoNProject, Mike and Jay tackle the interesting yet always incorrect predictions of Doomsday Cults. The Millerites are at the forefront of the discussion as well as an end times cult called Heaven’s Gate. In addition Mike and Jay once again battle it out in a tv show theme song challenge. Once again join us on a podcast journey of knowledge and nonsense through a wormhole of pleasure. The truth exists, believe it!!!


TheEoNProject Episode 36

The gods of enlightenment and tomfoolery present episode 36 of TheEoNProject. On this rather entertaining but ill prepared episode Mike and Jay discuss the eerie Spider Gates Cemetery, the Throne of Satan, The Hammond Castle, short arming the drive through window, the mystical properties of robes and the proper protocol for dunking white toast in hot tea. Also, Mike tries unsuccessfully once again to test Jay’s knowledge of random nonsense. This show is sure to stimulate the senses. The...


TheEoNProject Episode 35

On this exciting episode of TheEoNProject Mike and Jay discuss various historical and haunted castles throughout the United Kingdom. In addition to the normal knowledge based tomfoolery a new and legitimate sponsor is introduced to TheEoNProject faithful. Based in Bluffton Indiana, Olde 303 specializes in custom guitars, amps and other accessories. Today only, message Brent A. Garrett on Facebook with the secret code word which you can only get by listening to this weeks episode, and he...


TheEoNProject Episode 34

On the latest and greatest episode of TheEoNProject Mike and Jay discuss the origins of The Knights of the Golden Circle, possible hidden treasures throughout the U.S. and other historical mysteries. In addition Mike displays his grasp of and talent for singing Spanish music. Also Mike and Jay battle it out in the realm of obscure superheroes. The peerless wit, charm and brutish good looks of this dynamic duo are on display once again on TheEoNProject. The truth, exists believe it!!!


TheEoNProject Episode 33

The Illuminati, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The RAND Corporation, fruited beverages, advice columns, proper sock sizing and Mike's beefy biceps. Secret societies and secret fetishes, all here for exposure and your entertainment. Once again we journey into the dark loins of society to bring you the fruits our of labor. The truth exists, believe it!!!


TheEoNProject Episode 32

On this latest episode The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos make an appearance. Mike and Jay are involved in a domestic dispute over when it is socially acceptable to negotiate a sale of goods. The conversation then turns to mythical and mysterious places across time and history and Mike defeats Jay in a battle of voice impressions. A stimulating experience to be sure and all for the remarkably low price of free. The truth exists, believe it!!!


TheEoNProject Episode 31

Do you like rock and roll? Do you like musical conspiracies? Do you like Mike? Do you like Satanism? Do you like secret subliminal messages in songs? Do you like hot dogs and meatballs? Then you are surely going to love this epic musical journey into the evil tunnels of harmony and tune. Episode 31 of TheEoNProject is sure to be fan favorite. Mike and Jay also welcome back "Frank" and his latest financial endeavor. The truth exists, believe it!!!


TheEoNProject Episode 30

On the latest episode of TheEoNProject with Mike and Jay a special guest host joins the discussion and helps to move the show forward in the absence of Mike. Loyal follower Brent joins Jay to discuss all manner of conspiracy theories that happen to be true. Of course there is no replacing the incomparable Mike and his sultry podcast voice but Brent steps in from 800 miles away and lends his knowledge, wit and striking resemblance to Iggy Pop to the program. Join us on this latest journey of...