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Haunted Houses Series Part 2

Episode 10 part 2 of the haunted house series we spend a large portion of the show with Izzy time and her inbound stories from listeners sharing their experiences in haunted houses. Next time we talk with owners and visitors of the Myrtles Plantation and the experiences people have had in one of the most haunted places in the United States. Do you live in a haunted house if so please share your story with us at 833-4whisper


Haunted Houses Series Part 1: Do you live in a Haunted House

Episode 9 haunted house series part 1 we talk with Suzy Johnson from The Garrs Lane Project from Louiseville, KY as she tells about her multiple investigations and their findings to include EVP warning and floating objects. Also listeners call in with stories of past relatives and unknown roommates and how they have shared a home with both. Do you live in a haunted house? if you do please reach out to us at 1-833-494-4773 Next week we talk with guests of the Myrtles Plantation in St....


Shadow People: The Figures that Pass by your Eye

Shadow people: Are they real or a figment of our imagination? Tonight we visit with 3 guest speakers about their experiences with these dark beings and talk through their purpose and effects in the paranormal. Connecting with Jason Offutt author of the book Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us; a non-fiction interview of dozens of people with their experiences. Jason then takes time to discuss the scientific aspect of the Shadow People and how they are perceived. Talking with Natalia...


Stone Lion Inn, Goldenrod Showboat, Warm Mineral Springs Hotel and Spirit Cleansings

This month I connect with Mike Ricksecker from Haunted Road Media as he discusses a few of his investigations from Guthrie, Oklahoma to Alton, Indiana with locations such as the Stone Lion Inn and The Warm Mineral Springs Hotel. Mike who is an expert in the paranormal field describes how connecting with paranormal entities can take time and not always produce a show stopping outcome. The Goldenrod Showboat which was destroyed in October 2017 due to a fire which has not been resolved yet....


Portals, Benham Shoolhouse Inn, Mischevious Children and Messages from Beyond

This week I talk Dexter Day from Harlan County Ghost Hunters as he tells about his investigation at the Kentucky Coal Museum, Benham Schoolhouse Inn, Harlan County Courthouse and The Old Mill Inn Bed and Breakfast. During the conversation Dexter talks to us about a mystery within the Paranormal and that is portals. You can locate Dexter and his group at http://harlancountyghosthunters.com . Ghost stories read by Izzy for the first time and a few inbound calls from listeners. Enjoy our...


Paranormal Hotspots, Crystal Children, and Overall Extreme Paranormal Experiences

This week I talk with paranormal author JG Voss as she discusses the lifetime of paranormal experiences from dying at birth to being an empath for spirits and how she has taken control of her interactions. Her book can be found at her Amazon Book Site which I recommend reading. Also please ensure to follow her on Twitter at ParanormalJG where she is posting photos immediately after an experience. Enjoy our fifth episode and do not hesitate to tell us your story by either calling into the...


Life After Death Experiences and Paranormal Experiences with Barry Pirro from Connecticut Ghost Hunters

This week I talk with paranormal investigator Barry Pirro from ConnecticutGhostHunter.com as he talks about his experiences in the paranormal. Barry talks with us about his research on out of body experiences and life after death. Does Everyone see a bright light or their life flashing before their eyes? Listen to here these stories and a new call from one of our listeners Anonymous and the house that was haunted. Barry has some interesting case stories which can be found at...


Interview with Radio Host and Paranormal Expert Becky Vickers; Haunted Home and UFO Sighting E3

Join us while I talk with Becky Vickers from Becks Ghost Hunters out of Dallas Texas as she talks about her many adventures with the paranormal. I think you will enjoy Becky's positive outlook on the paranormal and how to enjoy your investigations and get the most out of your adventures. Be sure to visit her at http://www.becksghosthunters.com or visit her radio show page at Bridging the Paranormal We then hear from our listeners as they talk about haunted homes and a UFO sightings. Enjoy...


St Louis Ghost Hunters D&M Paranormal Edinburgh Manor Investigation, Haunted Banks and Houses E2

Join us while I talk with Paranormal investigators Dane and Jennifer Eckelman from D&M Paranormal out of St Louis as they investigate the Missouri State Penitentiary, Edenburg Manor and multiple private residences and experiences mischievous young spirits and Civil War soldiers. Be sure to visit them at http://www.dandmparanormal.com or on Facebook. We then hear from our listeners as they talk about haunted banks and homes. Enjoy our second episode and do not hesitate to tell us your...


Ghost Hunter Interview Tri-C Ghost Hunter; Haunted House and Meditation Haunting E1

Join us while I talk with Ghost Hunter and Paranormal Expert Greg Feketik from Tri-C Ghost Hunters out of Ohio as he talks about his experiences while investigating hauntings in Gettysburg and castles of Scotland. As a Ghost Hunter Greg explains what he brings to each investigation and how he started his interest in the paranormal. The calls include a haunted experience while meditating and a haunted house with a tragic history and the paranormal presence it projects. Call your paranormal...