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Always Free, Always Available, Always Odd! A paranormal variety show featuring bizarre news, odd but true facts about our strange world and a special guest every month.

Always Free, Always Available, Always Odd! A paranormal variety show featuring bizarre news, odd but true facts about our strange world and a special guest every month.
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St. Johns, Newfoundland


Always Free, Always Available, Always Odd! A paranormal variety show featuring bizarre news, odd but true facts about our strange world and a special guest every month.






Episode 83: The Mysterious Nomoli of Sierra Leone

Paranormal News: 00:07:17 Predictions for 2020 by Nostradamus and Baba Vanga, a ghost caught on baby monitor, a real life Pennywise faces five years in prison, Greta Thunburg is a time traveller and our DNA lifespans revealed. Dr. Laura's Lair: 00:27:18 Time to take 2019 out behind the shed and put a bullet in it! Laura rings in the New Year with an in depth look at Rabies and why this bizarre Viral infection is still killing today. You might just foam at the mouth after this terrifying...


Episode 82: A Very Scary Conspiracymass

Paranormal News: The science of Santa’s Sleigh, weird holiday traditions from around the world and ET does more than just phone home for the Holidays. Dr. Laura Lair: In celebration of tonight’s amazing conspiracy guest, Laura talks about a real-life medical conspiracy in Turkey which blew the lid off environmental toxins causing cancer and the ensuing cover up. Words for your consideration: Wise Oracle Betty mellows us out once more with a holiday presentation that will make you feel...


Episode 81: Family Spirits

Paranormal News: 00:13:58 Parallel universe you(s), Beds of nails record broken, Bigfoot caught on audio and a man who truly spoke from beyond the grave. Words for your consideration with Betty Collins: 00:27:24 I give thanks every time I see and hear from my crazy aunt Betty! This month, she’s talks gratitude and attitude, I would be grateful if you would give this heart warming piece a listen. Dr. Laura’s Lair: 00:52:35 Doctor Laura Returns with an in depth delve into a miracle...


Episode 80: Odd People

The final Halloween bonus episode is all about some of the weirdest people who ever lived.


Episode 79: Odd Reality Shows

A special Halloween Bonus episode for subscribers about very obscure and weird reality shows.


Episode 78: Stay Out Of The Basement!

Happy Halloween! I have searched high and low for the scariest, creepiest, unsettling and...well...ODD ghost story on the planet! Let me tell you something...I think I may have done it! Alfred Santariga joins me to tell you, the listener, one of the scariest stories of his paranormal life. It definitely fits the scary bill and will make you think twice about going down to the basement. It will add a new layer to the term "going postal" as well. This full hour, stand alone interview is...


Episode 77: Odd Jobs

A short Halloween bonus episode for subscribers about some of the weirdest professions on the planet.


Episode 76: Odd Death Stories

A short bonus episode for subscribers only. The Oddities segment returns with Odd Death Stories that are strange but true!


Episode 75: The Ghost at the Bar

Episode 75: The Ghost at the Bar Paranormal news: Storm area 51 whimpers out, Loch-Ness Monster explained and a Haunted Wheel chair. Odd Thoughts with Betty Collins: Delving deep into October's meaning and the darkness associated with this time of year. Interview: The Ghost at the Bar with Sysco Murdoch. Fellow podcaster and paranormal enthusiast, Sysco Murdoch joins us for an in depth conversation about...


Episode 74: When a Demon Growls...

Paranormal News: 00:11:10 Storm area 51 becomes "Alienstock", a new Loch Ness sighting and a date for a possible explanation released, babies becoming werewolves, monkey men/women are possible. Dr.Laura's Lair: 00:25:40 Laura talks about the giant squid or Kraken and its ties to Newfoundland. Words for your consideration with Betty Collins: 00:34:11 Betty talks about autumn colours, everything fall and how it affects us spiritually. Representing Canada's Most Haunted, our special...


Episode 73: Spiritual Lifeguard

Paranormal News: (00:05:00) Rochester Cathedral’s indoor Crazy Mini Golf, Child loses 503 teeth and Area 51 Stormers. Dr.Laura’s Lair: (00:13:00) 50 years later, Dr. Laura Delves into the Moon Landing and why it is not a hoax. Words of Wisdom: (00:23:08) Betty Collin’s summery backyard sounds as beautiful as this message of hope from her. Summer isn’t almost over, summer is a glass half full! Guest Interview: (00:44:12) The Spiritual Lifeguard Joey Dèva featuring Krista...


Episode 72: 5 Year Anniversary Spectacular

Welcome to the 5 year anniversary spectacular! Paranormal News (00:13:37): Humans are growing a spike on their skulls, Fast radio burst traced back to home galaxy, Trump briefed on Navy UFO reports, 15-ton 'sea monster' found in Antarctica, Giant half-ton bird, 'Fairy whisperers' give video evidence, Loch Ness monster study results are promising and new Loch Ness Monster footage has emerged. Dr.Laura’s Lair(00:32:34): In honour of pride month, Dr. Laura delves into the scientific...


Episode 71: Paranormal Potpourri with Sir Bryan Bowden

Paranormal News and Interview with Bryan Bowden(00:09:08): Fellow podcaster, investigator and para-dad Sir Bryan Bowden joins me this month. A researcher on UFO's, Cryptids and the paranormal, I enlist the help of Bryan to get through the paranormal news segment of the show as we together explore deep inside the goblin universe. Bryan chats about the PA Bigfoot Camping Adventure, Bronxville Paranormal Society, New Jersey Para-unity convention and a plethora of esoteric topics....


Episode 70: Mother's Day Special with Lola Scarborough

Paranormal News 10:47: Victorian Ghost in a supermarket, Black Hole "Photographed", the strange things that happened when Notre Dame Cathedral burned and celebrating the life of Lorraine Warren. Dr. Laura's Lair 24:21: Mother's day themed and very interesting. The fetal heart beat fact made my jaw drop! Betty Collins Words of Wisdom 37:17: A tribute to Mothers and Mother earth. Are you pregnant with potential? You bet you are! Guest Lola Scarborough 1:02:09: A word from Lola...


Episode 69: Reincarnation with Margery Phelps

Paranormal News: 9:00 Ghost on a baby monitor, mushrooms on Mars, rapid healing genes and a woman who feels no pain. Wisdom from the Oracle meditation: 22:45 Betty brings us through a meditation for "spring cleaning" your soul and making room for new beginnings. Reincarnation with Margery Phelps interview: 46:10 "I have a long history of paranormal experiences, starting at age 5, and I’m now 74. I also have past-life memories, many of which I reveal in my narrative non-fiction book,...


Episode 68: Bridging Science and Spirituality

I open the show with some incredible news about my family. In the Paranormal news we talk about the death of a famous robot, giant bees found alive, black snow and a humpback whale found in the Amazon. Dr.Laura's Lair talks about invasive species such as Pablo Escobar's drug hippos. Advice from the Oracle shines light on St.Patrick's day and some spiritual meaning we can all find within it. Then, I am joined by seer and scientist, Elizabeth Wood. Considered a world-class seer, Elizabeth...


Episode 67: The Heart Of Sacred Places

Snuggle up with somebody special for a valentines themed episode of The Odd To Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast. In the paranormal news we have the "Cracked out eels of the Thames", a Woman who suffers from selective hearing loss that can't hear men and a lost boy in the woods who was protected by a real life teddy bear. You might want to wear a rubber for Dr.Laura's Lair! Laura completely ruins the mood with surprising stats and facts about sexually transmitted infections and all the...


*Bonus* Episode 66: Dr. Laura's Lair dissects Weight Loss Myths

Dr. Laura's Lair has been quite the hit since it debuted a few months ago. With a longer installment and her first solo episode, Dr. Laura tackles another sticky science: Weight Loss Myths. Debunking cleanses and other weight loss myths, this could be some valuable scientific information for anybody out there trying to drop a few pounds this New Year. "Laura, my odd little life is so much better with you and your amazing husband Matt in it. This episode is so deserved for your perseverance...


*Bonus* Episode 65: A New Year Meditation 2019

She's back by popular demand! The most downloaded episode of 2018 was my original episode with Betty Collins. In honor of that, here is a special 20 minute Meditation for us all to prepare us for an amazing 2019. ***WARNING!!!DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS WHILE DRIVING!!!SLEEP INDUCING!!*** "We love you Betty! Thank you for being a part of my dream!" -Jonathan Mallard The Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only. The views, thoughts, and...


Episode 64: Odd Lang Syne

Happy New Year! Three guests from the three most downloaded shows of 2018 are compiled here for you to listen to. Just straight talk right on through! First, I am joined by a person I truly look up to and respect. Unbeknownst to him, his teachings and ideas have been by my side in the field of the paranormal for many years and have come to my aide when dealing with the toughest questions from the most narrow-minded individuals. To this day, his theory of Supergeometry and how paranormal...