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Episodes - Animal Party Episode 87 Good New Pet Products

Stacy Mantle, author and pet product reviewer joins us from Arizona with the latest update on pets weekly magazine and the outstanding pet products she’s discovered lately. First off is the claw board designed to protect doors and windows and their screens from paws and claws. Next is liver flavored ‘Probonix’ …yum! Deborah Wolfe talks about yogurt and how you can use the best pet food labels as a guide to what ‘people’ food you can give your pet. Ideal ingredients like Yogurt,...

Duration:00:31:26 - Animal Party Episode 86 Spring & Summertime For Cats & Dogs

‘Why is my cat picking and scratching itself bald on only half its body?’ A listener emailed pictures and we discuss the many possibilities from fleas to reacting to a pregnant human friend. What you need to do to prepare your dogs and cats to be the lucky ones in a rescue if Mother Nature hits your town with a flood, fire hurricane or tornado. Are dogs and cats able to read our thoughts? Deb Wolfe’s experiences tell her they receive mental pictures and special guest, Dusty Rainbolt has a...

Duration:00:36:18 - Animal Party Episode 85 Vet Detective Mysteries

Dr. Jory Bocknek from Abbotsford Animal Hospital in Toronto joins Deborah Wolfe to talk about the worst dogs to face in an exam room, why breeds matter and don’t matter when accessing risks and how to deal with many common horrible skin and health issues faced by dogs and cats. Plus Dr. Jory tells us about the pets he’s been seeing lately and their emergencies and the outcomes. Sick pets getting well always makes us pet owners feel good but listening to the stories lets you inside the...

Duration:00:45:01 - Animal Party Episode 84 Chat with Toronto Vet Dr. Jory Bocknek

Dr. Jory Bocknek joins us from Toronto where his Clinic, Abbotsford Animal Hospital, treats family pets with kindness, common sense and up to date knowledge. Deb Wolfe talks with her old friend, Jory Bocknek DVM, about his Vet practice and a tiny puppy who arrived so sick from a plane trip and was saved by blood infusions and care. What was the cause of that near puppy death? Surprisingly the pup got sick from salmonella from raw food! Deborah reports on local news of a pit bull attack on...

Duration:00:37:20 - Animal Party Episode 83 Cat Scene Investigator

Dusty Rainbolt, author of ‘Cat Wrangling Made Easy’ (& many others) discusses her new book ‘Cat Scene Investigator: Solve Your Cat’s Litterbox Mysteries’ and takes questions from host Deborah Wolfe about various cat behavior topics. Dusty gives practical solutions to bullying, and cats who seem to hate being touched sometimes not at first but soon after purring they are lashing out. If you think your cat likes to be hugged or likes rough affection you are probably mistaken. Discussing...

Duration:00:48:05 - Animal Party Episode 82 K-9 Guard Protective Dog Jackets

K-9 Guard Protective Dog Jackets are made waterproof, washable and with Kevlar bite and stab proof inserts to keep your dog safe from dog or wildlife attacks. Deborah interviews Allison Arnould about the Dog jackets and gives examples of real life attack situations the dog jackets would prevent. Do you take your dog to the dog park? Walk through new places? Take your dog walking by aggressive dogs? Are there coyotes or eagles or any other wildlife threats in your part of the world? Is...

Duration:00:35:36 - Animal Party Episode 81 Dog Psychology Compared to Human Children

Deborah asks Dr. Stanley Coren to explain how dogs are equal to a 2-3 year old child and challenges him with examples that seem to show advanced abilities like the puppy who saved a building from fire and the golden retriever who kept his owner safe and warm in the cold last week in the news. Empathy and altruism are part of the dog and 2-3 year old makeup explains the Professor. We know that dogs work better for rewards when given intermittently but why does rewarding dogs (and humans)...

Duration:00:49:43 - Animal Party Episode 80 Pitbulls & Dangerous Dog Breed Bans & Safety Part 2

Three brutal attacks on elderly couples near Vancouver by pit bulls sparks breed ban demands while in Montreal the SPCA got an injunction to stop a breed ban and the Province of Ontario has one in place. Many American cities and entire European countries have passed breed bans against pit bulls and sometimes other breeds too like Rottweilers, but do they work? Are pit bulls that different from other dogs? They are over represented in fatal bite statistics but is that stat relevant to the...

Duration:00:23:50 - Animal Party Episode 79 Pitbulls & Dangerous Dog Breed Bans & Safety Part 1

Three brutal attacks on elderly couples near Vancouver by pit bulls sparks breed ban demands while in Montreal the SPCA got an injunction to stop a breed ban and the Province of Ontario has one in place. Many American cities and entire European countries have passed breed bans against pit bulls and sometimes other breeds too like Rottweilers, but do they work? Are pit bulls that different from other dogs? They are over represented in fatal bite statistics but is that stat relevant to the...

Duration:00:33:18 - Animal Party Episode 78 To Buy or Not to Buy

Deb and Stacy Mantle from talk about what to buy and what not to buy for the pet lovers and pets on your Holiday list. Deborah tells you what she really thinks about puppy pee pads and Stacy delivers a thrashing review of a pet pee siren product that would freak out even the calmest dog. Plus they tell you about an indestructible ball that actually seals the tooth holes your dog makes! You’ll get some wildlife sightings, holiday and cold weather safety tips plus a...

Duration:00:42:21 - Animal Party Episode 77 Cat Body Language

Dusty Rainbolt, author of Deborah Wolfe’s favorite cat training book ‘Cat Wrangling Made Easy’ & others, joins Deborah to discuss the differences between dogs and cats and their body language. Can you tell the bully from the victim in a dog or cat quarrel? A cat lying on its back or offering its belly may attack seconds later while a dog doing the same is totally relaxed. Sometimes their body language is the same but sometimes each species is very different. Does a wagging tail always mean...

Duration:00:45:17 - Animal Party Episode 76 Dog Body Language

Deborah Wolfe interviews Mary Margaret Callahan about Pet Partners and the great course they are offering on dog body language. Do you wish you could read dogs better? Wish you could know what your own dog truly wants or read the situations at the dog park earlier? Are some dog breeds easier to read than others? If you think a wagging tail always means happy dog then you need the course! Plus while learning to read dog body language you'll be helping to raise money to fund animal visits...

Duration:00:34:16 - Animal Party Episode 74 Therapeutic Riding - How it Works

Deborah Wolfe interviewed Sharolyn Wandzura from the North Fraser Therapeutic Riding Association about therapy work they do with riders and horses. You can find out more about the type of horses, the volunteer program or the riders at their website. Deborah asked Sharolyn why a gigantic 1,000 lb horse would be terrified of a plastic bag. Later in the show Sharolyn explains how the horses are selected, trained, and how the program works for those who may need wheelchair access or may have...

Duration:00:39:21 - Animal Party Episode 73 Pilots N Paws

Deborah Wolfe interviews Kate Quinn about Pilots volunteering to fly homeless rescue animals to families who want them. Sometimes there is a crushing pet population problem which seems unsolvable yet has a common sense solution like sometimes there are homeless animals in one place and homes for them in another far away place and the animals suffer or get euthanized while families that want them go without. Then along came Pilots N Paws and the idea that a pilot flying somewhere for...

Duration:00:29:30 - Animal Party Episode 72 Your Top Three Dog Problems Solved by Darlene & Deb

Darlene Arden author of 'Rover, Get Off Her Leg' & 'Small Dogs Big Hearts' joins Deborah Wolfe, Author of 'Good Dog!; Positive Dog Training Techniques' to discuss the top three dog problems; Come, Heel, and Jumping Up. You get two takes on these problems from two trainers who agree and differ so the advice is simple and comprehensive. Deborah asks 'Would you live in a building where you had to test your dog's DNA for poop identification purposes'? Dog poop news from Canada that maybe where...

Duration:00:30:19 - Animal Party Episode 70 Small Dogs Big Hearts

Deborah Wolfe talks with Darlene Arden, Author of 'Small Dogs Big Hearts' & many others about social media and the pet world. What to use, what not to use and how to steer clear of some common mistakes. As usual these two pet experts ended up talking cats and dogs including advice on how to properly walk a small dog when a big, perhaps threatening, dog approaches. Questions or Comments? Send them to: More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Small Dogs Big Hearts...

Duration:00:29:08 - Animal Party Episode 69 Look Into Your Dog's Eyes and Feel Good!

Get the Oxytocin flowing with dog-human eye contact and you and your dog will feel great. Look into your dog's eyes briefly to get the love chemicals flowing explains Dr. Stanley Coren, Professor of Psychology at UBC, author of many books including 'Do Dogs Dream' & 'Wisdom of Dogs'. The latest results from the Japanese studies started twenty years back show that not only does the human get a shot of all natural feel good chemicals, the dog does too when they briefly look into each others'...

Duration:00:38:15 - Animal Party Episode 68 Dog Politics

'Bring your Friends, your dogs, your guitars, Drums.... to the Rally at Vancouver City Hall' reads the Facebook notice telling people to get out and bark for change. Pete Fry (from the Green Party, running for election next weekend, in Vancouver, B.C. Canada) joins us to talk about a rally to strengthen the local laws so that tied up dogs are no longer permitted. Deborah and Pete discuss when tying a dog is okay or even advisable and when its cruelty and how the laws must change. Other...

Duration:00:24:41 - Animal Party Episode 67 Teach Your Dog to Find by Scent

Find your keys, your cell phone, maybe even your missing cat. Deb and Sue discuss how to train dogs to find things and people and how they do this kind of work. Author of 'Scenting on the Wind', Susan Bulanda offers concrete tips on how long to train, how to start, steps for teaching the find and flag sequence to many different types of dogs. She explains why dogs need work and Deborah helps adapt her advice to your living room and park so you can get some fun happening with searching and...

Duration:00:51:28 - Animal Party Episode 66 Dog Mud Baths, Dogs Driving Cars and Urine Extractors... Wait What?

Deborah Wolfe talks with Stacy Mantle from about stuff for pets including mud baths for pampered pooches, Earth Balance's new urine extractor cleaner, and a training trick treat device that Dr. Ian Dunbar helped create so it is control, and reward based and effective like Dr. Dunbar's methods. In the Dr. Ian Dunbar vs Caesar Milan debate Deborah picks Dunbar and she explains why. Stacy calling in from Arizona, shares her hot weather tips, and Deb talks of surprising pet news...