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Aquariumania - Episode 72 From Switzerland to the Wilds of Minnesota: The Aquatic Journey of Amazonas Magazine’s and Swiss Tropicals’ Stephan Tanner

How does a Swiss aquarium fish enthusiast go from molecular cancer research to leadership roles for both Amazonas Magazine, a must-read resource for aquarium hobbyists, AND Swiss Tropicals, a company specializing in aquarium filtration systems? Join us, as my guest Dr. Stephan Tanner, Senior Co-Editor and Co-Publisher of Amazonas Magazine AND head of Swiss Tropicals, describes his aquarium fish journey from Switzerland to Minnesota. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - From...


Aquariumania - Episode 71 Aquascape Artist Sam Rutka Sheds Light on Planted Aquaria

Aquatic gardening, whether in ponds or aquaria, is both a science and an art. Just the right mix and quantity of plants and an expert touch can mean the difference between a tank with plants and a aquascaped masterpiece! My guest today, Sam Rutka, is the freshwater manager, aquascaper, and plant specialist at Easy Aquariums, a specialty aquatics and reptile store in Gorham, Maine, as well as a master undewater gardener. Join us, as Sam leads us through the art and science of...


Aquariumania - Episode 70 Dr. Ari Fustukjian: The Florida Aquarium’s Wet Vet

The Florida Aquarium – an inspiring and signature tourist destination in Tampa - highlights Florida native species and other aquatic animals from around the world. My guest today, Dr. Ari Fustukjian, oversees the health and welfare of this very diverse collection of organisms. Join us, as Dr. Ari shares his career path and discusses his role there as well as other amazing goings-on at the Florida Aquarium. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Dr. Ari Fustukjian: The Florida...


Aquariumania - Episode 69 Preuss Pets: A Tropical, Animal Lover's Paradise in Lansing, Michigan

Most people don’t equate Lansing, Michigan with the tropics…but nestled within this city is Preuss Pets, a Caribbean-themed tropical store paradise and major animal destination, filled with high quality finned, feathered, and furred pets. My guest today, Rick Preuss, owner and operator of Preuss Pets, is a leading fish expert in Michigan who devotes much of his time to education to foster good pet care. Join us, as we learn more about Rick and his landmark store! More details on this...


Aquariumania - Episode 68 Ancient Hobby History: How Florida Exotic Fish Sales’ Rick Biro Brought Cichlids to the U.S.

African cichlids have been farmed in Florida for decades. But how did these popular, colorful fish find their way into Florida’s industry? My guest today is Rick Biro, well-known cichlid producer and head of Florida Exotic Fish Sales. Join us, as Rick describes his journeys from Florida to Malawi and back in his early quest to make these fascinating, colorful fishes a staple in the aquarium hobby. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Ancient Hobby History: How Florida Exotic Fish...


Aquariumania - Episode 67 Barrett Christie: Building An Oasis for Endangered Desert Fishes

Barrett Christie, Director of Husbandry at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT, has worked with most major groups of aquatic animals, from seals to sharks to corals- but ironically- he has a strong passion for the desert…Desert fishes, that is. Join us as Barrett explains why-- AND why some of these fishes are in trouble. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Barrett Christie: Building An Oasis for Endangered Desert Fishes with Dr. Roy Yanong


Aquariumania - Episode 66 Dr. Greg Barord Uncovers Mysteries of the Chambered Nautilus

SciFi enthusiasts may remember that in Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Captain Nemo’s submarine was the Nautilus. Named after one of the most beautiful creatures of the ocean - the chambered nautilus for many years was poorly understood. Today, more of its biology and ecology is known thanks to the work of dedicated marine scientists. My guest today, is nautilus expert, marine scientist and educator, Dr. Greg Barord. Join us, as Greg explains some of the mysteries of the...


Aquariumania - Episode 65 YouTuber Dustin Wunderlich of Dustin’s Fishtanks Talks Videos, Plants, and 107,000!

YouTube has changed the way the world shares experiences and learns, and aquarium enthusiasts have taken advantage of this powerful tool. Big case in point- the incredibly popular aquarium channel, Dustin’s Fishtanks - with over 107,000 subscribers and millions of views - hosted by wild man Dustin Wunderlich. Join us, as Dustin shares his journey from European history major to YouTube sensation as well as his passions about the aquarium hobby and planted tanks. More details on this...


Aquariumania - Episode 64 Segrest Farms’ Marine Guru Alan Luken discusses the Reef Aquarium Hobby and Conservation

The marine aquarium and reef hobby continue to gain interest, as marine conservation concerns also increase. My guest today is Alan Luken, head of corals and marine organisms at Segrest Farms, who leads efforts on both fronts. Join us, as Alan describes his journey on the high C’s- from Cincinnati and the Caribbean to Coastal Carolina and Corals at Segrest. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Segrest Farms’ Marine Guru Alan Luken discusses the Reef Aquarium Hobby and...


Aquariumania - Episode 63 Josh Patterson: Corals and Restoration Aquaculture

Most people think of aquaculture as farming fish for food. Some may even realize that many aquarium fish are cultured for the hobby. So what is ‘restoration aquaculture’ and what role does it play in conservation efforts? My guest today is Josh Patterson, Assistant Professor of Restoration Aquaculture at the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, based at the Florida Aquarium’s Center for Conservation, in Apollo Beach. Josh studies the use of aquacultured...


Aquariumania - Episode 62 Mark Faulkner Talks Aquarium Build and Design, Tenji-Style

What do the Divebar in Sacramento,, Aqua Planet Ilsan in Korea, Cabela’s, and Bigelow Laboratory in Maine all have in common? They all have unique and intricately designed aquaria and systems designed by Tenji, Inc., an aquarium design and build company with offices in California and Maine. Mark Faulkner, one of the principals and co-founders of this inspired and talented team of experts, transformed a shared dream into a powerhouse aquarium reality. Join us, as Mark and I...


Aquariumania - Episode 61 The Garden of Eder's Aquarium Shrimp: Colors from Paradise!

Most people think of shrimp as something you dip into cocktail sauce, or served in scampi-style. But over the past several years beautiful, ‘technicolored’ shrimp have burst upon the freshwater aquarium scene, adding to the diversity of species for aquarium keepers. My guest today is Grant Eder, owner and operator of ‘The Garden of Eder,’ an internet-based source of award-winning freshwater aquarium shrimp. Join us, as Grant describes his journey to the industry and educates us on...


Aquariumania - Episode 60 Breeding Dory: Rising Tide Conservation Updates with Matt DiMaggio and Eric Cassiano

The summer of 2016 saw a major triumph for Rising Tide Conservation, with the successful spawning and rearing of Pacific Blue Tangs at the University of Florida’s Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory. "Breeding Dory" became the headlines and story for news outlets around the world. But commercialization is still in progress, and many other species are also in Rising Tide’s sights. Matt DiMaggio and Eric Cassiano, two UF scientists instrumental in the success of the Pacific Blue Tang project,...


Aquariumania - Episode 59 Plug and Play Sustainability: Biota Aquariums with Kevin Gaines

Many decades ago, keeping marine aquariums was a logistical nightmare, a feat only for the most advanced hobbyists. Over time, technology and science overcame many of the original environmental challenges, and aquaculture offered a few alternatives to wild capture fisheries. And now, Biota Aquariums plans to take the marine aquarium hobby to a more sustainable next level. My guest today is Kevin Gaines, CEO and co-founders of Biota Aquariums. Kevin has strong roots in the aquarium...


Aquariumania - Episode 58 Cichlids of the Americas with Dan Sharifi

Central and South American cichlids include some of the most behaviorally complex and colorful adult species in the hobby displaying vibrant turquoise, fluorescent reds, oranges, and yellows, especially during breeding. These species are prized by intermediate and advanced fishkeepers, who know their species by scientific name, locale, and strain. My guest today is Dan Sharifi, owner of Cichlids of the Americas, an internet-based source of some of the most beautiful and difficult to...


Aquariumania - Episode 57 All in A Day’s Work: Industry Insights from Sandy Moore of Segrest Farms

Segrest Farms, one of the world's largest wholesale ornamental fish distributors, supplies over 1,000 pet shops, public aquariums, and research institutions each week with aquarium livestock, aquatic plants, herps and other small animals, and live food. Sandy Moore, President of Segrest Farms, has been a hobbyist her entire life and also has been at the forefront helping to keep the aquarium trade alive nationally and internationally. Join us for a fascinating conversation, as Sandy...


Aquariumania - Episode 56 Open Up Your Aquatic Horizons with My Aquarium Box!

Ever wonder if you should try a different fish food, or if that new aquarium gadget really is something you should look into? Perhaps, like many hobbyists, you haven’t keep up with the latest trends, but would like to expand your horizons. My guest today is Mike Haynes, self-proclaimed fish geek, YouTube educator, and co-founder of My Aquarium Box, an aquarium supply subscription service. Join us, as Mike explains how he and his three "fellow fish geeks" came up with this great idea, and...


Aquariumania - Episode 55 Following the Fish: Mike Tuccinardi’s Sustainability Stories from the Field

Although most common freshwater aquarium fish are farm-raised, many others are collected by world-wide by artisanal fishermen. Good habitat and sustainable practices are key to the longevity of these species and the hobby. My guest today - Mike Tuccinardi, is an aquarium fish expert, sustainable fisheries advocate, and Senior Editor for Amazonas and Coral Magazines. He has explored fisheries all over Asia and South America to foster and improve sustainability and has documented his...

Aquariumania - Episode 54 The Hypnotic New Wave of Aquarium Keeping: Jellyfish Art

Jellyfish have mesmerized us for centuries. Their beauty, fragility, and grace, combined with a stinging defense, have made jellyfish keeping a major challenge and, for a time, only possible at public aquaria. My guests today - Jeff Turner, his son Joe Turner, and Jon-Michael Degidio - through their company Jellyfish Art, have changed all of that. This amazing group of innovators and life-long hobbyists has untangled the mysteries and brought jellyfish keeping into our homes, offices,...

Aquariumania - Episode 53 Diving into Aquatic Beetles with Dr. Jiri Hulcr

When you think of an aquarium, you don’t usually think of aquatic beetles. My guest today, Dr. Jiri Hulcr, Assistant Professor of Forest Entomology at the University of Florida, and long time aquatic beetle hobbyist, however, thinks people have things all wrong. He says that beetles are much more interesting than fish! So why is a forest insect expert such a big bug lover? Join us, as we learn more about keeping aquatic beetles from entomologist Jiri Hulcr. More details on this episode ...