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The Pet Doctor - Episode 269 The Importance of Veterinary Medicine in your Everyday Life... Even if you Don’t Have Pets

Since you are listening to this podcast, it’s likely that you are a pet lover. I’ll further posit that you’ve used the services of a veterinarian to care for your pet. But are you aware that without veterinarians that the health of your pet, our food supply, wildlife, world health and your personal health would be jeopardized? Being a veterinarian, you may think that I am a bit prejudiced and you would be right. But my guest, Dr. Michael Topper, the 2017-2018 President of the American...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 268 Lub Dub... What Keeps a Pet Ticking

The heart…we often think of it in romantic terms…you stole my heart, you broke my heart, you make my heart go pitter patter but this small biological pump is so much more. The lub dub, the heart’s ability to pump blood throughout our bodies is an amazing feat of precision electromechanical and chemical coordination. But there are times when a pet’s cardiovascular system becomes diseased often with the same issues that affect their owner’s body. Thankfully there are veterinary specialists...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 267 Getting a Grip on Life

I used to love wearing spikey high heels and didn’t think anything about trekking around town on these fashion statements. But after a few close calls where I almost slipped on slick flooring I am now extremely leery. Our pets sometimes feel the same way. I know Labradoodles rarely wear Manolo Blahniks but sometimes pets just need a little assistance in being more sure footed. You’ve probably seen those crazy YouTube videos of pets sporting booties…they don’t look happy, so what is a pet...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 266 Live Long and Thrive…the Need for Enrichment for Our Pets

The Baby Boomer phenomenon is not just occurring in people. Our pets are living longer due to advances in medicine and improvements in home care. But is just living enough? Do our pets need to be mentally stimulated, enriched, in order to truly have the best quality of life…to thrive and not just survive? And what is enrichment? You buy them toys but they just don’t want to play? You invested in a fancy dancy pet monitor that tosses treats to them and they just seem bored. They are just...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 265 Humane Heroes

Merriam-Webster defines a hero as a person admired for achievements and noble qualities. For the past several years, I have been honored to have been asked to review nominations for the American Humane Hero Veterinarian and Hero Veterinary Nurse Awards. It has been humbling to read these submissions. It has also made me very proud to be a member of this profession. Do you know a veterinary professional who has made a difference in your life, in the life of your pet or your community? Take...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 264 Vaccine Myths

The debate over the need and safety of vaccines in pets and people seems to always be in the news. Is their risk worth their purported benefits? Do vaccines cause autism in children? Do vaccines cause cancer in pets? You got your flu vaccine last year and you still came down with the flu…what gives? To answer questions on vaccines in pets is my guest Liza Rudolph. She is a boarded veterinary technician specialist in Canine and Feline Clinical Practice along with Small Animal Internal...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 263 Better Health Through Poobiotics

Your dog or cat having tummy troubles? Poobiotics may be the answer. And no that wasn’t a slip of the tongue, I meant poobiotic and not probiotics. With the intestinal tract being the largest immune system in the body, keeping your dog and cats gut healthy is one of the best ways to keep your pet’s body in top shape. Through a process known as fecal transplantation, poop from a healthy pet is given to one with GI malfunction, helping to reestablish a robust and viat intestinal micro...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 262 National Pet Health Survey

You know that your pets make your life happier and healthier. Studies have shown that pets lower blood pressure, decrease your chances of having heart attacks, can enhance your community interactions. But did you know that even your indoor cat and canine companion that only cruises the neighborhood are sentinels for world health? My guest is Dr. Megan Mehaffey. She is a Research Ecologist with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Research Development. We will discuss how...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 261 Genetically Modified Pets

You may be diametrically opposed to genetically modified food. You would never buy a product that has had its DNA tampered with. You’re concerned that this reportedly bigger, better, larger, hardier food could affect your health in the long term. But do you realize that your pet’s DNA has been modified and many of the diseases we see in our cats and dogs is due to these alterations? To discuss the top genetic diseases that affect our feline and canine companions is my guest Dr. Jerold...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 260 Fall Hazards

Fall… what a phenomenal time of year. A chill in the air...a perfect excuse for snuggling with your pet. And want to get a little exercise…how about a walk through leaf strewn trials to enjoy the colors and sounds of a changing season. If you are a hunter, time to hit the fields with your trusty canine to fill the larder with game. Maybe your hunting is for tasty mushrooms with which to flavor your evening meals. But do you know which ones are safe to eat? Does your dog? Fall can also be a...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 259 The Fungus Among Us

Like, wow man…. mention Valley Fever and you may like have totally gnarly visions of the 1980’s and Tom Petty’s song ‘Free Falling’…the killer rad anthem to the California’s San Fernando Valley lifestyle. This however is a grody to the max disease that can duh fatally affect people and animals in the Southwest of you know the U.S. My righteous guest is veterinarian, Dr. Christine Butkiewicz… OK, I promise, is the last of my Valley speak for this segment…like what ever. More details on...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 258 What We Need for a ‘Bat-ter’ Life

Through the ages, the way we view bats has been tainted by stories like Dracula and Batman. Champions of good or evil blood sucking Transylvanian royalty, in reality, bats serve an essential role in our ecosystem and they need our help. This show, the Pet Doctor, is about pets but I am not advocating that you keep these amazing creatures as companions. My hope is to dispel some of the myths about bats and to better understand their behaviors, biology, and our interdependence. This way we...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 257 Crying Out for Help

There is a major epidemic in the United States…people addicted to pain control medications. It can start out innocently enough but then spiral out of control, often with dire consequences. Sadly, I see too many pets with an issue at the other end of the spectrum…in pain but the suffering is not appreciated by their caregivers. Providing your pet with the best quality of life depends on you recognizing when your pet is in pain, understanding the pathways that lead to pain, knowing how to...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 256 When to be Rattled if Your Pet is Bitten by a Snake

If you don’t like snakes, you had better move to Alaska, Hawaii or Maine, otherwise no matter where you live in the United States, you are sharing geography with at least one of the 20 venomous snakes that call the U.S. home. You and your pet may encounter one when out for a walk or playing in your backyard. They can even slither into your home unnoticed. Imagine the scene…suddenly your pet is crying in pain or favoring a body part. Is it because of an insect bite, broken limb or snake...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 255 Getting to the Root of Pet Dental Care Products

My clients often gnash their teeth when I tell them that their pet needs dental care, often with multiple extractions. But why they ask. The groomer brushes their pet’s teeth every 6 weeks, they give them dental chew treats that the pet store recommends and they had their teeth cleaned 2 years ago. What gives? Dr. Eric Van Nice is a board certified veterinary dentist in Tustin, California. He will give us some great tips to chew on for home pet dental care. Questions or comments? Email...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 254 Potted Pets… Medical Marijuana Debate

With 26 states and the District of Columbia having legalized the use of Cannabis sativa and now 7 states and the District of Columbia decriminalizing recreational pot use, more and more people are reporting the health benefits in people and pets. Is pot appropriate for your pet? Why isn’t your veterinarian recommending it or even talking to you about its use? Dr. Ken Pawlowski, the 2016-2017 California Veterinary Medical Association’s President is my guest today. We are going to discuss...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 253 Longevity and Dementia

Dogs and cats like their owners are living longer than ever…that is the good news. Sadly with that longevity both can suffer with dementia issues. The signs can vary tremendously. You might be tempted to believe that your pet has become frustratingly stubborn, lazy, grumpy or just downright daft. Is it dementia, a behavioral quirk or does it have some other underlying medical explanation? If it is dementia are there any effective treatments? Is there anything you can do to prevent it or at...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 252 Taking the Pet Out of Petrified and Pet Care

I won’t pretend to understand what a dog or cat feels when it goes to the veterinarian or groomer but for some pets visions of space aliens conducting medical experiments and water boarding might be close. As pet care givers we try to coo our furry charges into believing that it is for their own good and to be brave. But if you have ever broken out in a sweat at the thought of going to the dentist for a root canal, you know that all the cajoling in the world just doesn’t cut it. Debbie...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 251 The Key to Kidney Disease… Early Detection

Pets are living longer than ever…that is the upside to improved veterinary health care and nutrition but with longevity other health issues like chronic kidney disease becomes more prevalent. Chronic kidney disease is one of the most common causes of illness and death in older pets. Even if your pet looks to be the picture of health this insidious disease may be affecting it. By knowing the subtle signs and appropriate screening tests, you may not be able to prevent your pet from becoming...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 250 Swatting Flies with Shovels…or Why Calm is Better Than Shouting to Get Through to Your Dog

It is so frustrating. You’ve watched the well know TV dog trainer and are following his advice. You are the leader of the pack. You are demonstrating your superiority by calling your dog to your side with a deep booming voice and your dog refuses to come. He sits there yawning and licking his lips…what gives? My guest, Turid Rutgaas is an internationally known dog trainer who believes that by understanding the unique communication style of dogs our human/dog family will howl with...