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The Pet Doctor - Episode 283 I Think We’re A Clone Now

Your pet is one of a kind… the best dog, cat, bird, horse, fill-in-the-blank that you’ve ever known. Sadly, you also know that it can't live forever. Or can it? There is no fountain of youth, but it doesn’t mean people haven’t stopped looking for ways to extend life. In 1996 Dolly the Sheep was cloned. If Dolly could be cloned, how about your pet? Will it be the same pet or different? What’s involved? Is this the right decision for you? My guest is Melain Rodriguez, client service manager...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 282 The Circle of Life

The Lion King said it best...'it's the circle of life and it moves us all'. We are all interconnected. What happens to a population of bats in Asia can affect the health of people in the Mid West. Medical research that focuses on keeping bees buzzing can insure that you and I can continue to enjoy a handful of nutritious almonds along with our morning glass of orange juice. The death of deer in Maine can be the harbinger of a rise in tick borne diseases in the fluffy toy poodles the...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 281 Put Some in Your ‘Cocker-nut’ and Shake It All Up

Lyme disease…most people know that it is a disease caused by ticks. You may know that people get a bull’s eyes lesion at the site of the bite. To be a risk you have to live on the East coast of the U.S. and you have to go trekking through the woods in order to be exposed…well 2 out of 3 isn’t bad but it could be an extremely serious short fall in your understanding of this spreading disease. To clear up some misconceptions and enlighten us on new research is Dr. Craig Prior, the...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 280 Chronic Kidney Disease

It didn’t seem significant at the time. You thought it was kinda cute. Your cats would perch on the toilet to get a drink of water. You thought your dog was just being a pain and playing you for a chump by getting you up in the middle of the night to be let out…really, you just wanted to prowl the yard to torment the cat next door? But then your pet just wasn’t looking good. It started to lose weight and condition…maybe some vomiting or diarrhea. But the diagnosis came back kidney...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 279 Scratching the Surface of a Cat’s Behavior

You’ve seen those homes. You know they have a cat even before you meet their feline family member. How? The telltale tattered corners of their furniture, the snagged curtains, the wallpaper that is shredded, the carpeting that is frazzled and frayed. But what if that house is yours? Is there no way to convince a cat to use one of those cute little scratching posts? You love your cat but really…. your belongings are NOT for their sole pleasure…or are they? Dr. Kelly St. Denis is proudly...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 278 Are Cats Really Evil or Just Psycho?

I must admit that the YouTube videos of cats versus dogs, cats taunting other cats and even tormenting their humans can make me laugh. But it is no laughing matter if it is YOUR cat who is biting you, stalking you, ambushing you when you come around the corner or is blatantly aggressive towards your guests. You’ve rationalized this unsavory behavior to the fact that is is a rescue and must have abused or for being feral, being a Calico, being a long haired….fill in the blank. Are...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 277 The ‘C’ Word…Are You Hearing It More Often from Your Veterinarian

It seems as though it is happening more often. A pet parent comes to me with their furry kid in tow for a well pet exam. Their pet is feeling great. Eating well, great skin and coat, no coughing, sneezing, vomiting or diarrhea. It may be on the physical exam or routine lab work that I discover that the pet has cancer. It is one of the hardest conversations I can have. They know I must be wrong…how could their healthy pet have a potentially life-threatening disease? I have the impression...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 276 Seeing Your Way to Healthy Vision

I’ve needed vision correction aids since I was in 3rd grade…translated: I have worn glasses, hard contacts, soft lens, had Lasik surgery and now cataract lens replacement in both eyes. I appreciate how precious good vision is. I may take a wait and see approach with numerous health issues but not with eyes. My guest is in complete agreement. Dr. Doug Esson is a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist and practices in Orange County, California. We are going to chat about some of the most...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 275 When the Human/Animal Bond Goes Toxic

One of the reasons we have pets in our lives is for their companionship. The bond with canines has strengthened over the thousands of years that they have cohabitated with us…from the fringes of our human encampments to now sharing our beds. But with this bonding some issues have arisen. Call them what you may, my little shadow, super loyal dogs, Velcro dogs…these are pets that may be suffering with separation anxiety. How do you know if your dog is affected? What can you do to prevent...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 274 Neurology Facts and Fiction

The inner workings of our pets’ bodies, like its nervous system, can appear perplexing and frightening when it doesn’t work properly. I like to demystify the body by thinking of it as a collection of commonplace items. The nervous system is like the body’s internal computer…a combination of chemical and communication systems. Information about what is happening inside and outside of the body is detected, the information is transmitted to the main processor-the brain- via phone and electric...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 273 Taking the Bite Out of What is Bugging Your Pet

I’ve heard stories of vicious mosquitoes forcing people to shelter in their homes during the summer or needing to slather themselves with lotions, potions and insecticides if they dared to venture outside. It wasn’t until I visited Minnesota one July that I was misfortunate enough to experience a dreaded bloodletting mosquito attack. It gave me a much better appreciation for the discomfort our dogs experience when being bitten by mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. Today’s guest is Dr. Ed...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 272 Feeding the Itchy Pet

Got a pet that itches, bites, scratches, chews, licks or just putz with itself all the time? You swear that it doesn’t have fleas. You have tried lotions, potions, and shampoos. Your veterinarian just gives you pills and pokes your pet with injections of who knows what and the skin issues persist. The answer must be in the diet. At least that is what all the pet parents at the dog park and pet store sales folks are telling you. So does your pet have a food allergy? Is grain and gluten free...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 271 Cannabis- Cats and Canines

You can’t listen to the news or peruse the internet without hearing or reading about the various uses and abuses of medical marijuana, CBD oil and hemp products. From Alaska to Maine to Florida, as of May 2018, 29 states and the district of Columbia allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes. 9 states and DC permit its recreational use. 17 states have removed penalties for the use of CBD products for medicinal reason but not necessarily the use of medical marijuana. Pet owners, be...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 270 Stop the Fear and Enable Your Dog to Be All It Can Be

It is so embarrassing; your friends come over to visit and your dog pees on the carpet when they reach down to greet it. You laugh while at the groomers as your dog trembles so severely that they can barely hold its leg steady to trim its nails. At the veterinarians, you have to carry in your 50# Golden Doddle through the door whimpering all the way. It is just a little vaccine. What a baby…or is it? And can you do anything about it? My guest is America’s Veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker....


The Pet Doctor - Episode 269 The Importance of Veterinary Medicine in your Everyday Life... Even if you Don’t Have Pets

Since you are listening to this podcast, it’s likely that you are a pet lover. I’ll further posit that you’ve used the services of a veterinarian to care for your pet. But are you aware that without veterinarians that the health of your pet, our food supply, wildlife, world health and your personal health would be jeopardized? Being a veterinarian, you may think that I am a bit prejudiced and you would be right. But my guest, Dr. Michael Topper, the 2017-2018 President of the American...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 268 Lub Dub... What Keeps a Pet Ticking

The heart…we often think of it in romantic terms…you stole my heart, you broke my heart, you make my heart go pitter patter but this small biological pump is so much more. The lub dub, the heart’s ability to pump blood throughout our bodies is an amazing feat of precision electromechanical and chemical coordination. But there are times when a pet’s cardiovascular system becomes diseased often with the same issues that affect their owner’s body. Thankfully there are veterinary specialists...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 267 Getting a Grip on Life

I used to love wearing spikey high heels and didn’t think anything about trekking around town on these fashion statements. But after a few close calls where I almost slipped on slick flooring I am now extremely leery. Our pets sometimes feel the same way. I know Labradoodles rarely wear Manolo Blahniks but sometimes pets just need a little assistance in being more sure footed. You’ve probably seen those crazy YouTube videos of pets sporting booties…they don’t look happy, so what is a pet...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 266 Live Long and Thrive…the Need for Enrichment for Our Pets

The Baby Boomer phenomenon is not just occurring in people. Our pets are living longer due to advances in medicine and improvements in home care. But is just living enough? Do our pets need to be mentally stimulated, enriched, in order to truly have the best quality of life…to thrive and not just survive? And what is enrichment? You buy them toys but they just don’t want to play? You invested in a fancy dancy pet monitor that tosses treats to them and they just seem bored. They are just...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 265 Humane Heroes

Merriam-Webster defines a hero as a person admired for achievements and noble qualities. For the past several years, I have been honored to have been asked to review nominations for the American Humane Hero Veterinarian and Hero Veterinary Nurse Awards. It has been humbling to read these submissions. It has also made me very proud to be a member of this profession. Do you know a veterinary professional who has made a difference in your life, in the life of your pet or your community? Take...


The Pet Doctor - Episode 264 Vaccine Myths

The debate over the need and safety of vaccines in pets and people seems to always be in the news. Is their risk worth their purported benefits? Do vaccines cause autism in children? Do vaccines cause cancer in pets? You got your flu vaccine last year and you still came down with the flu…what gives? To answer questions on vaccines in pets is my guest Liza Rudolph. She is a boarded veterinary technician specialist in Canine and Feline Clinical Practice along with Small Animal Internal...