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Warren Eckstein is the go-to pet and animal expert for hundreds of publications and a pioneer in the field of training dogs for the disabled. He has authored several books, including his two best sellers How to Get Your Dog to Do What You Want, How to Get Your Cat to Do What You Want, and Memoirs of a Pet Therapist -- a "tail-all" book.

Warren Eckstein is the go-to pet and animal expert for hundreds of publications and a pioneer in the field of training dogs for the disabled. He has authored several books, including his two best sellers How to Get Your Dog to Do What You Want, How to Get Your Cat to Do What You Want, and Memoirs of a Pet Therapist -- a "tail-all" book.
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Warren Eckstein is the go-to pet and animal expert for hundreds of publications and a pioneer in the field of training dogs for the disabled. He has authored several books, including his two best sellers How to Get Your Dog to Do What You Want, How to Get Your Cat to Do What You Want, and Memoirs of a Pet Therapist -- a "tail-all" book.




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In my opinion everyone should adopt a dog. But just how accurate are the breed descriptions on the cards, or even on the websites, of your local shelters? You’d be surprised at the wrong breed labels, which make it difficult for some dogs to find forever homes…I’ll be presenting a brand new study on this issue. The holiday season just around the corner, and it can be a very stressful time for many pet guardians. Did you know 85% of guardians actually believe their pets help them cope with...


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ThePetShow 100618 by Warren Eckstein


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People love to walk their dogs, but some get frustrated when the dog stops to pee on everything. So why does your dog do this? Understanding the stop and pee syndrome ~ coming up. So your running out of makeup, because your cat wakes you up way too early in the morning. Stay tuned for my tips on how to prevent early morning kitty wake up calls. We hear the term “aggressive dogs” often. But what is an aggressive dog? Are there different types of aggression? We’ll discuss everything you wanted...


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After last week’s show, I felt it would be important to discuss a pet trust. What is it? Should you have one? How does a pet trust differ from a will? This is a little known, legal, option for pet guardians worried about what will happen to their beloved pets following their death…I’ll have important info coming up. We all know the silly scene of a dog or cat, deep in sleep, energetically running right? Well a new study asked people whose dreams they would most like to hack if given the...


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Do dogs have a similar state of mind as the people they live with? Do they share our emotions? Do they really miss us when we’re gone? And are they really, happy when we come home? I’ll add my thoughts. Every cat guardian has, from time to time, experienced excessive meowing from their feline buddies. Before you get upset or angry hear my “Reasons Your Cat Is Meowing Constantly” From last week: Are dogs gender biased? How to really tell what type of mood your dog is in. Why you should turn...


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Warren takes a call from Sherry who is dying of liver cancer. She is all alone in this world and needs to find a home for her 2 fur babies before she passes. If you can provide a loving home to her two pups, please call Warren at 310-396-6955 and leave your contact information.



Is your cat’s brain more mysterious than your dog’s? According to research, cats really do have a much more curious brain. How many times a day do you ask your dog “What do you want?” 10, 15 or even more? Did you know our dogs actually use specific gestures to let us know exactly what they want? While many dogs and cats are quickly adopted, some get passed over time and time again. They may be older, or not so easy on the eyes, or maybe they just need some special care. Sept 17th thru 23rd...


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US dogs and cats are getting fatter. One in three are overweight. The increase in weight gain is causing health and behavioral problems. For example, the diagnosis of arthritis has risen 82% in dogs. Electronic shock collars just banned in England, and collars that spray noxious chemicals to control behavior have also been banned there…Why not here? Most of my listeners not only love their pets, but also the environment, so today I’ll explore ways to be a more earth-friendly pet guardian....


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Did you know 44% of pet parents turn to their dogs or cats, over other family members, for comfort? You’ll be shocked by the results of this study. I don’t think anyone eats more fruit than I do, and of course I share with Cisco. Do you really know which fruits are good for your dogs and which ones are toxic? You may be surprised! You’re ditching plastic straws, taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint and that’s fabulous. Are you helping your pets do the same thing? How to be a more...



Dogs and cats get the “back to school blues too! Pets often feel abandoned when school begins. My tips for keeping your dogs and cats happy, and ways to ease the back to school blues. I have a soft spot in my heart for older people and older pets. Maybe that’s because I’m approaching their ranks. Today we’ll explore what aging pets have in common with aging humans. How being proactive with your dogs and cats can help them live longer lives. Question of the Day: Do you take your pets into...


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Pet guardians are more likely to be married, have a child, bag themselves a university degree and have found the perfect job according to a new study. So, do pets really increase your chances of being happy and successful? It may sound trivial to some, but how clean you keep your dog and cat’s dishes could be a matter of health. Your pet’s bowls can be as dangerous as your pet licking a dirty kitchen sponge—we’ll discuss the best dishes and how to keep them clean. How being proactive in your...


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Have you ever wondered if your favorite feline is planning your demise; by being underfoot, or even trying to trip you? …Think again! Your cat is really not trying to kill you, he’s just letting you know that he’s in charge. Can your own anxiety or other health related issues effect your pets? What happens to your pet if your mental or physical health, or both, hits a decline? Many rescued dogs and cats have never had a toy and have never been taught to play or even enjoy life—what a shame—!...


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Scientist finally have to admit it! The cat, not the owner, is responsible for harmony in the home. And also, why cats always bully the dog. Dogs are thought to be well aware of their guardian’s emotions. But if you were really upset, would your dog go out of its way to offer help and comfort? Coyotes are everywhere and I’m fine with that, but if we are going to live in the same areas, it’s up to us to keep it safe. Just the other day a cat in my neighborhood in Santa Monica was killed by a...


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ThePetShow 072118 by Warren Eckstein


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Are you training your dog too often or not often enough? Why the right balance is important for any successful educational experience, and that includes your pets. It’s summertime and the living is easy! Well maybe not so easy for your pets…did you know that dogs and cats can suffer with sunburn that can lead to many serious issues? However, many of the sunscreens on the market can be toxic to pets. I’ll tell you what you need to know, to protect your pets from the sun safely. I keep running...


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Dogs know when people are lying to them, and they react accordingly. If you mislead your dog, they will learn not to trust you. Why you should never lie to your dogs. When you’re snacking and your dog or cat looks up at you with those adorable eyes, it’s hard to say no. But some of the snacks you enjoy could be harmful, or even deadly, for your pets…common foods you should never share with your pets. And from last week “cats gone wild”. Why do some normally mellow cats suddenly freak out for...


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New research claims that dogs can tell good from bad just by looking at your face---turns out dogs can understand what is written all over your face…story coming up. Toss out those opiods! Dump all that pain medicine! Maybe what your doctor needs to prescribe is a dog? A new study says dogs can help people with chronic pain. I know this from personal experience.


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A new dog-sharing app. Is ensuring that pet lovers everywhere can share in the sensation of having an adoring pet by their side. Pet sharing good idea or bad? Nearly 70% of households in America have a pet. Of those pets, it is estimated that 1 in 3 will need emergency veterinary treatment every year. However, only 30% of guardians have enough savings to cover a 1000 dollar emergency. I’ll explain the ways to make sure your pet will be covered in case of an emergency. I love olive oil and we...


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We all enjoy and engage in a little attention getting from time to time and that includes our dogs and cats. But are you being played by your pets? Hot weather ---cool pets—everything you need to keep your pets safe and happy over the summer. We all love our pets, and we try to make their lives as good as we can. But today I will share some things that you think are good for your pets, but really aren’t. Pet insurance—to buy or not to buy, that is the question. The pros and cons of pet...


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What if a human and a dog stood side-by-side and both needed help, but you could only choose one? Which one would you choose? You might be surprised by a new study and the results. So your cat is getting older and you want to know what you can do to help? We’ll discuss how to handle changes in your cat’s behavior as they age. Just had a conversation with my own doctor who is allergic to his new girlfriend’s cat. He wanted to know if there was anything he could do. Today I’ll discuss living...