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010: Martina & Philip Chubb - Life Beyond Training & The Idealization of Hard Work

Today's guest, or more precisely, guests, are a power couple known as The Mindful Mover. It's the first time I've talked with more than one person at a time on the podcast, and although I was initially worried about the software being able to record the two at the same time, it worked out handsomely. Some of you have asked me whether or not I have a team on this podcast and the answer is a resounding no. I edit everything on my own, so please forgive me for any errors or spikes during your...


009: Jon Yuen - The Common Denominators Of Life, Movement, & The Refutation of Bullshit

Today's guest is someone who I've admired for a very long time. He is one of the most elegant and graceful movers on the planet, but what I admire him most for is his ability to reveal himself unapologetically to the world. He is a fascinating thinker, and I had the pleasure of picking his brain for a bit. He's studied countless movement arts and practices and is, at his core, a wonderful human being. For people who aren't invested into a movement practice of some sort - first, please...


008: Daniel Murakami - Being Antifragile, Playfulness, & Personal Liberation

Today's guest is none other than Daniel also known as DJ, Murakami. Most know him as one of the country's best 'personal trainers', but I had the pleasure of getting to understand the man known as one of the most organically strong people in the world. He's studied with some of the greats in the world of all things movement, and is extremely adept at 'knowledge transfer', or seeing the relationship between different domains through sets of principles. If you aren't a person with a movement...


007: G Yamazawa - The Power of Poetry, Social Critique, & Getting Through Dark Times

In this brilliant episode of Mental Jiujitsu, I sit down with George Masao Yamazawa in his home here in LA. George aka 'G' was born in Durham, North Carolina, and is an 8 time National Poetry Slam Champion, emcee & music artist, and connoisseur of carne asada fries. His most recent stint was in Indonesia, where he served as a Next Level 3.0 Cultural Ambassador. (You can find more on that by searching 'G Yamazawa Next Level'.) He's been featured on Team Backpack, NBC News, and is currently...


006: Kevin Wu (Kevjumba) - Living a Godlike Life & Life Beyond Youtube

In today's episode of Mental Jiujitsu, my guest is a Youtube pioneer and many will recognize him immediately. He started his channel back when Youtube videos first became popular - when his video "I have to deal with stereotypes" was featured on Youtube, he quickly rose in the rankings to become the #1 most subscribed Youtube channel within an extremely short time frame. He's been featured in tv, movies, and film such as Revenge of the Green Dragons, Funemployed, Man Up, Online Nation and...


003: Dr. Phat Vu - The Prison of our Emotions, Social Reality, & Sacrifice

Dr. Phat Vu is a physics professor among many other things at Soka University of America. As one of the most influential professors I've ever had, I sit down with him to talk about social reality, why our emotions are so strong, the meaning of sacrifice, and a whole slew of other topics. His research has been featured in many different publications and journals, including Cornell University, Wellesley College, and other institutions. He's an incredible thought provoker and has a great...


004: Nick St. Louis - Why Your Lower Body Probably Hurts & What To Do About It

In this episode, I talk with Nick St. Louis, a physiotherapist from Ottawa, who also heads The Foot Collective (@thefootcollective on Instagram). In a short 6 months, TFC has reached thousands of people on IG and contributed to a massive shift in the way people view or tend to one of the most important body parts - the foot. We cover a tremendous amount of material in this conversation, including: the pitfalls of the footwear industry, why you should go barefoot more often, and things we...