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33: Baby, it's Stupid Outside

PC Idiots forget how cultural context works, different idiots try to evict their roommate for owning (legal, registered, properly stored) guns, CUSD peacefully handles a student with a gun on campus, RIP 41, Donate Blood! Photo by [Ryan Stefan]( on [Unsplash](


32: California in Flames and Republican Revolt

* Fresno Firefighters are being deployed at Paradise and the Camp Fire * President Trump is in California, touring Paradise and meeting with Governor Brown, Governor-elect Newsom, and the men & women fighting the Camp Fire: What do we need him to know? * How does California prevent another year of Fires & Smoke? * California Republicans call for the death of their own party: Are you ready to let it crumble? Does it NEED to be fixed? Photo by [Joanne...


31: Who is Cesar Sayoc? And Who cares about parks?

The Buzz Question & Measure P: If you’re already wasting $85,000 on a minor change to the ballot how can taxpayers trust you with $37 Million a year? 144th Fighter Wing World Series flyover Analogizing Immigration doesn’t help Who is Cesar Sayoc? How the FBI handles bombs Hit & Run and Jaywalking are turning into an epidemic in the Valley: Why?


30: Water War Win, MegaBILLIONS, & The Caravan

Trump signs an Executive Memorandum on Water: The Valley Wins Hollister Dog Park Bomb Scare…and cleanup The Belgian Air Force ROASTS an F-16 (but no one got seriously injured) Mega Millions: NO JACKPOT - $1.6 Billion up for grabs Tuesday Winning Big: Would you want the headache of a record-setting jackpot? Central American Immigrant Caravan enters Mexico: How should the U.S. handle the inevitable push from our southern border? Photo by [Fabian...


29: KMJ’s 2018 Election Preview Special

Live from the Leon S. Peters Educational Center at Fresno State!: Ray Appleton, John Broeske, Christina Musson, Chris Daniel, and Philip Teresi discuss the Mid-Term Ballot with a little help from Attorney Marc Kapetan, Fresno Mayor Lee Brand, and Fresno County Supervisor Buddy Mendes


28: Bad Ideas, Good Ideas, and an Anniversary

The Four Day School Week - 10 Years of The Chris Daniel Show - Operation Blight Removal - KMPH, KVPT and the Digital Repack: Rescan! - Cake fundraiser for Janz - Beto O’Rourke is outpacing Ted Cruz 3-to-1 in fundraising - Will the ‘micro-donation’ movement improve voter engagement? Photo by [Fancycrave]( on...


27: Fresno's Morning News - Golden Mic Submission

News Talk 580 & 105.9 KMJ submission for the 69th Annual Golden Mike Awards. The recording is from the 7:00 AM hour on Wednesday September 12, 2018


26: Kavanaugh Confirmed

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed and elevated to the Supreme Court of the United States by a margin of 50-48 KMJ Listeners react to the process and the result Photo by [Claire Anderson]( on [Unsplash](


25: DMV Sucks…but not as much as Melania’s hat

Extended Show – Kavanaugh Confirmation Melania Trump & the Racist Hat Senate Announces the Kavanaugh Vote will take place at 12:30PM Pacific A Gilroy man drives 168 miles to renew his drivers license Is the DMV messed up because it caters to it’s dumbest customers? The Bee recommends Janz over Nunes A retired south valley police office is left in a coma after being struck by an unlicensed teen driver (and I get weird because my computer crashes halfway through the story as we’re coming up to...


24: A Mixed Bag

The search for a Hit-&-Run suspect intensifies, people can't get skinny, and nobody's boycotting Willie Nelson - Kind of a grab-bag show, but not intensely political for a change (except the rant about Weed and the City Council) Photo by [Larry George II]( on [Unsplash](


23: The Good News: People -CAN- be helpful!

Is it time to end pre-teen tackle football? The Feeding Families Fund Drive at The Market at Herndon & West brought in $380,500 (ish) in one day! Complete the Headline: “Author of How to Murder Your Husband charged with…?” The Great Imaginary Willie Nelson Boycott of 2018 -Critical News Consumption Bob Woodward’s book, “Fear: Trump in the White House” breaks sales records, may have something of interest to Trump SUPPORTERS (two years of research, zero evidence of collusion) Popular...


22: Nobody Makes Good Choices Today

* Trump and the Op-Ed heard ‘round the world * WTF at the DMV? 23,000 voter registration errors & wait times for walk-ups * The 8th Amendment, the 9th Circuit, and Encouraging Housing-Challenged Fresnans to live better Photo Credit: Durham Construction Company/State of California


21: Phone Topic Gone Wild

A throwaway story – CHP posts a reminder that the Passing Lane is …. wait for it … for Passing – turns into a runaway conversation about Road Rules, Basic Human Decency, and the foolishness of Road Rage Vigilantes Photo by [Xan Griffin]( on [Unsplash](


20: Handling Homelessness, Cops Tazer Grandma, and Internet Censorship

* Aretha, the Daily Buzz Question, and local coverage of a big loss * Is Fresno’s Homeless Task Force getting the job done? * Georgia Police taze an 87 year old woman * Do NOT take hand grenades to the Airport * A Washington woman faces charges after shoving her friend off of a 60-foot bridge * Bill Maher defends Alex Jones as PragerU gets throttled by Facebook Photo by [Christopher...


19: SeaTac Plane Theft, NPR’s Nazi Problem, and “Sextorsion”

* Weekend Buzz Question: The Academy will add “Popular Film” categories: Reactions * Sea-Tac Plane Theft & Crash: The FBI will aid in the investigation * NPR Interviews a Nazi. NPR Listeners are not entertained. * People standing up for Nazis via Twitter * Carjackers foiled by…a manual transmission! * Nielsen Reports U.S. Adults spend ELEVEN HOURS consuming media every day * Sextorsion: A new spin on an old scam makes the rounds * A local church (some say cult) is accused of Sex Trafficking...


18: Drunkard versus Bison, The War for Portland, and God’s Gender

* The Milk Wars of 2018: Should the FDA ‘offer guidance’ on a product name nobody is confused by? * A drunkard antagonizes a bison in Yellowstone, doubles down with a screaming match in a hotel lobby, and is now in custody. * The Portland Protests: Why is Patriot Prayer there? * The Episcopal Church considers de-gendering God. * The suspect in a high-profile breaking & entering case wants to change his plea after finding out he’s going to jail. Photo by [Samuel...


17: Improving 911, Jones Sucks, and Citizenship Questions in the Census

Wednesday I had the opportunity to fill in for Chris Daniel on KMJ. While covering Central California’s most listened-to afternoon drive program we discussed: * The All-New, Super-Awesome 9-11 Improvement Fee (Don’t call it a tax and don’t ask what the 9-11 fee already on your phone bills is for) * Alex Jones is a big, fat dirtbag who profits off the misery of Sandy Hook Families…and he’s fighting lawsuits that would make that a matter of public record. * Fresno State Professor Randa Jarrar...


16: The Virtual Mob and #SalivaSally

Racial Activist and Social Justice Warrior Shaun King asks his Million-Plus followers to track down #SalivaSally after a shameful display of hate and vulgarity in SoHo * Is releasing The Hounds of Twitter an appropriate reaction? * Is online vigilantism EVER acceptable? * Does context matter when people get racial? Also: The Whoopi Goldberg-versus-Jeanine Pirro thing is a bunch of crap and I’m tired of people elevating a viral marketing scheme into anything other than the continued...


15: Ghosting at Work, Vigilantes in Stockton, and Ferguson Fire Evacuations

Ferguson Fire Information: USA Today and CBS News are reporting on the rise of ‘Ghosting’ in the workplace: People blowing off interviews or jobs they’ve held for years…because they have new options as the job market improves across the country. A local T-Mobile store is picketed after a racial profiling incident. A Clovis man is suspected in a rash of crimes in Fresno’s Favorite Suburb. Stockton’s self-proclaimed ‘Batman’ is taking down petty...


14: Rep. Valadao, Mexican Food, and the Friday Movie Topic

A little bit of a grab-bag from two days of filling in on the Chris Daniel Show: * Congressman David Valadao discusses the advancement of his Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act and the Costa/Heng race * Blake chimes in on a Harris Poll that claims Taco Bell is America's Favorite Mexican Restaurant * Aubrey Bettencourt brings some wisdom to the Friday Movie Topic - Favorite Villains to Root For and The Best Horror Franchises...bonus: The Best Gene Hackman appearance Photo by [Tom...