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Ambassador Podcast – Vote with Your Boat - Seasteading Today with Joe Quirk

In this inaugural, experimental podcast episode, seasteading lead ambassador Katie Chowne speaks with former ambassador coordinator Charlie Deist from aboard a small sailboat in the Berkeley Marina on election day 2018. Katie didn’t vote yesterday (she can’t – she’s Canadian), and while Charlie did, he feels deeply conflicted about his choice to spend 15 minutes […]


Podcast: Michael Strong – How Seasteading Will Enrich the Poor - Seasteading Today with Joe Quirk

Is the Startup Societies movement “the most Progressive movement on the planet“? It is if Progressivism’s moral imperative is to eliminate poverty on earth. Michael Strong, humanitarian author and education entrepreneur, explains to Joe Quirk why he served on the original Seasteading Institute Board of Directors to accelerate the means by which people create […]


Lotta Moberg - The Political Economy of Special Economic Zones - Seasteading Today with Joe Quirk

I wouldn’t understand the power of seasteading if I didn’t understand the power of Special Economic Zones. What are those? Let’s ask the expert. Lotta Moberg has written several academic papers on Special Economic Zones, as well as this essay in The Daily Caller I mention in our conversation. She recently published an applauded book, The Political Economy […]


Podcast: Seasteading = Better Than Sustainable - Seasteading Today with Joe Quirk

My controversial interview with the Sustainable Communities Summit is now free. Host Alan James allowed me to talk at length about the entrepreneurs who plan to show the world how to think beyond sustainability – and beyond politics itself. I succeeded in blowing Alan’s mind. You’ll notice several times when I stop talking, he catches his breath for a moment, […]


Podcast: The Day Oliver Porter Created a Privately Run City - Seasteading Today with Joe Quirk

Got a pad of paper? We need a government for our town. Quick! We’re Sandy Springs, we just gained independence, and we don’t have much time. A hundred thousand citizens are waiting. Go in your basement and write out a charter. We need traffic management, trash pick up, a 911 dispatcher, ambulance services, a jail, […]


Podcast: SeaZones Compared to Nation States? Tom W. Bell Explains - Seasteading Today with Joe Quirk

Why should seastead law operate better than land-based law? What is the nature of consent? What’s the difference between a Special Economic Zone and a SeaZone? How can legal systems be open-source like Linux? What are some concrete examples of cities that created prosperity by providing platforms for legal startups? One of our most staunch seastead legal innovators, author […]


Podcast: Robert Ballard & 3D-Printed FLIPsteads - Seasteading Today with Joe Quirk

Why haven’t seasteads been built yet? Robert Ballard, famous oceanographer who discovered the RMS Titanic, reminds us every time we talk to him that the technology for stability on the high seas is the RV FLIP, which has been repeatedly deployed on the high seas since 1962. What’s with the 54-year delay? Why, asks Bob, did […]


Podcast: Free Cities, Former Navy Officer Interviews Seasteader - Seasteading Today with Joe Quirk

How does a Naval Officer become an advocate of voluntary market solutions? This Free Cities Podcast starts with Anthony Caprio – a former Surface Warfare Officer in the Navy – interviewing Joe Quirk, then the roles switch and Joe interviews him. Anthony tells harrowing stories about minesweeping for the navy. Joe talks about aquapreneurs currently […]


Podcast: Texas Lawyer interviews Seavangelist. Politically Fight or Create? - Seasteading Today with Joe Quirk

We’ve switched things up for this installment of Seasteading Today. Rather than have Joe Quirk interview a seasteader, our accomplished Board member Susanna Dokupil interviewed Joe. This podcast is an excellent primer on the fundamental world view of seasteading. Joe shares and defends several core tenets of why human capacity is better spent pioneering new societies […]


Podcast: Edward Stringham’s book “Private Governance” - Seasteading Today with Joe Quirk

Why don’t we hear about private security guard brutality at Disneyland and on cruise ships? Where does law come from? How do people cooperate enough to get law started in the first place? Did the birth of the modern economy arise from a collapse of Dutch government and the rise of private governance? How do […]


Podcast: Maldives’ Floating City? Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio - Seasteading Today with Joe Quirk

What if a nation sinking below sea level became the innovation hub for floating cities? What if you could float the infrastructure of Holland to the slums of Bangladesh? What if the future of floating cities is in 3D printed technology? Dutch architect Koen Olthuis is the co-author of Float! Building on Water to Combat Urban […]


Podcast: The Moral Philosophy of Seasteading with Mike Gibson and Reid Spitz - Seasteading Today with Joe Quirk

Seasteading emerged from shared belief that applying philosophy to practical action requires exiting most accepted institutions. I thought it was about time I turned on the recorder to capture one of these conversations. Mike Gibson and Reid Spitz started as philosophy students and became venture capitalists and staunch seasteaders. Can philosophy ignite action? Reid and Mike explain why that’s […]


Geopolymer Concrete: The Stuff Seasteads Will Be Made of? - Seasteading Today with Joe Quirk

The day before I was going to speak at Libertopia, an engineer and writer named Michael Eliot came over and plunked a cube on the table in front of me. “Geopolymer concrete. It should last hundreds or thousands of years in seawater.” I was so excited I asked Michael Eliot to write up a report, […]