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On Safe Spaces, No-Platforming and Neo-liberalism in the University with Liz Morrish

This week Dr Liz Morrish is talking with us about all things university. Liz is an Associate Fellow at York St John university who works in the emerging discipline of critical university studies. We discussed what neo-liberalism is, how it changes the nature of the university. We also talked about safe spaces, no-platforming, micro-aggressions and the political stakes of university discourse. You can find her more recent work on her blog:...


Safe Spaces, No-Platforming and Neoliberalism in Universities with Liz Morrish.

This week we speak to Liz Morrish. Liz is a Linguist, and she is a Visiting Fellow at York St Johns University. We spoke about a variety of issues which are currently affecting universities in the UK abroad such as safe spaces, no-platforming and how neoliberal economic models have transformed Higher Education. For those who are interested in more, Liz blogs at and is active on Twitter: @lizmorrish Erratum: In our conversation Liz mentions...


Trump’s Intellectual Origins with Timothy Shenk

Timothy Shenk speaks with me about the history of the ideas that directly led to the rise of Trumpism. Looking at figures like James Burnham and Samuel Francis, Tim discusses how there has been a long-standing dissenting conservatism defined by economic nationalism which sowed the seeds for the ascendancy of Donald Trump to the US Presidency. Tim is a national fellow at New America. He is the author of [...]


On Idiots, Drones and Wonder Woman with Neal Curtis

Neal Curtis from the University of Auckland stopped by one morning to talk about his book Idiotism: Capitalism and the Privitization of Life. He also talked about sovereignty and superheroes, and the ethics and politics of drone warfare, and his great love of Wonder Woman. You can find out more about Neal here: But if you want to get live updates, he is lots of fun on Twitter: @nealcurtis