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Adam Patrick explores the intersection of Orthodox Christianity and the modern material world.


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Adam Patrick explores the intersection of Orthodox Christianity and the modern material world.






Ep. 114 - 'Is Perfect the Enemy of Good?' My appearance on "Young Penitent" with Daniel Marker.

Daniel was kind enough to invite me on his show. This is the episode, and below is his caption. YP is a stand-up guy and I really enjoyed being able to let loose a bit here. Go check him out on YT!! "Today we welcome as our guest Adam Patrick host of the YouTube channel and podcast @theageof_info We have entered an age when all of the worlds information is available at our fingertips (literally) and everything seems to be changing around us. Yet, as scripture says, there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). The spiritual reality that underlies creation has not changed. On Adam's podcast he discusses the intersection of age-old Orthodox Christianity and the modern world. Adam has an academic background in Philosophy, and in todays conversation we will hear how he began his investigation into Orthodoxy in order to take it apart using his philosophical training. He found that, try as he might, he was unable to disprove the teachings of the Orthodox Church. Eventually this led to his embrace of the Orthodox faith. We are going to be using as a jump-off point for our conversation a post which he made on Facebook in which he was discussing the idea of the “good.” How do you define good? How do you justify your belief in what is good? Is perfect the enemy of good?" ____________________________________________ Young P links: Telegram Chatroom: Telegram Channel:


EEp. 118 - 'Can The Great Awakening Defeat The Great Reset? - My appearance on 2Bit Podcast'

I joined Jason and Mark on 2Bit Podcast to chat about Alexander Dugan and his book. We pivot pretty quick into theology and philosophy. Long story short, Dugin is perhaps nominally Orthodox, but he's perennialist and ultimately gnostic in action. Check out the fellas here:


Ep. 119 - 'Paradise & Utopia - The Age of Paradise - Pt 7' w/ Matt Erickson & Zac

Filioque Fanaticism!! Today, Matt, Zac, and I turn ten pages into three hours, as we follow the late first millennial filioque controversy into the Photian/Nicolaitan Schism. One simple Latin phrase, comprising three English words, may be all the stands between an undivided paradisaical Christendom, and permanent utopian chasm. We discuss, and we're pulling no punches. Remember to follow Matt @kingpilled and to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE!! Thanks everyone!


Ep. 117 - 'Paradise & Utopia - The Age of Paradise - Pt. 6' w/ Matt Erickson

Matt rejoins TAoI to discuss Chapter 5 of Paradise & Utopia by Fr. John Strickland. This chapter deals with the time leading up to, and consequences of, Charlemagne and the Franks splitting from Byzantium in the middle of the first millennium. Check Matt out here: Third Position Nutrition here: Fr. Strickland's books here:


Ep. 116 - 'Paradise & Utopia - The Age of Paradise - Pt. 5 1/2'

Here are the 10 pages or so that Buck and I skipped over on the previous episode. Father Strickland expands on some of the Liturgical and Cosmological contributions from East to West. Enjoy :)


Ep. 115 - 'Paradise & Utopia - The Age of Paradise - Pt. 5' w/ Buck Johnson

Buck joins me again to resume our discussion of Paradise & Utopia - The Age of Paradise. Today we'll read Chapter four, and talk about the "heroic papacy" of the mid first millennium, and how subtle changes in theological attitudes and arguments lead to drastic outcomes. We'll talk about Leo the Great, Gregory the Great, Augustine, and heresies like Monothelitism. I decided to omit a short portion of the chapter. As we were rolling along nicely on the historical topics, theres a short few pages that talk about Liturgical and calendrical worship. I'll address this section in a separate video that will be out early next week, only on YouTube. As promised in the video, here are some useful links to further elaborate the particular points of discussion: Aristotle's Metaphysics : Energies & Personhood - Pete Quinones' episode on Aristotle, from a Roman Catholic perspective - Buck, as always, is here: Remember to like, comment, share, and subscribe!!


Ep. 113 - 'Paradise & Utopia - The Age of Paradise - Pt. 4' w/ Young Penitent

After a wonderful wedding and six weeks off, I return to the Father John Strickland book - "The Age of Paradise". I'm joined by Young Penitent, who was gracious enough to host me on his channel just this past week. We chatted there about Presuppositional Apologetics and the Transcendental Argument. That episode is here: In this "bridge" chapter 3 of Fr John's book, we will cover the time period between Constantine the Great and Justinian, setting up the next conversation to come in which we'll discuss more of how Western Christendom begins to fall off the rails. Today's topics include Eusebius vs Augustine, Caesaropapism, Symphonia, and the development of early Christian statecraft. You can purchase Fr. John's books here: And Daniel "Young Penitent" Marker's YT channel is here:


Ep 112 - 'Holy Russia & Christian Nationalism' w/ Fr. John Strickland

Fr. John Strickland serves as priest at St. Elizabeth Orthodox Church in Poulsbo, Washington. He is the author of The Making of Holy Russia, published by Holy Trinity Publications, Jordanville. AFP publications include: The Age of Nihilism: Christendom from the Great War to the Culture Wars , The Age of Paradise , The Age of Division: Christendom from the Great Schism to the Protestant Reformation , and The Age of Utopia: Christendom from the Renaissance to the Russian Revolution. We've been working through Fr. John's Christendom anthology, but today we are going to address Russia - past, present, and future. I wanted to tie Christian Nationalism as best we could, because it's becoming a growing force in the West as of this release. Please check out Fr. John' work here:


Ep. 111 - 'The Essence-Energies Distinction & Philosophy of Religion' w/ Dr. David Bradshaw

Dr. David Bradshaw is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Kentucky. He earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin in 1996 with a specialization in ancient philosophy. He is the author of Aristotle East and West: Metaphysics and the Division of Christendom (2004) and the editor of Philosophical Theology and the Christian Tradition: Russian and Western Perspectives (2012) and Ethics and the Challenge of Secularism: Russian and Western Perspectives (2013), as well as co-editor of Natural Theology in the Eastern Orthodox Tradition (2021). He also edited the section on “The Greek Christian Tradition” for Medieval Philosophy: A Multicultural Reader, ed. Bruce Foltz (2019). He also just published Divine Energies and Divine Action, in which he explores further the Essence-Energies distinction. Dr. Bradshaw joins me to discuss why philosophy matters, what the "energies" of God are, and why your theology has real world consequences (something subscribers to this channel have heard us discuss at length, in the past.) Some places to check out his work, and sites to purchase the books:


Ep. 110 - 'Philosophy of Science, I.D., Darwinism, and Aquinas' w/ Dr. J.T. Bridges

J.T. Bridges is a writer, and both the Academic Dean and Professor of Philosophy at Southern Evangelical Seminary. He received a B.S. from Iowa State University, an M.Div. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, an M.A. in Philosophy from Baylor University, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion from Southern Evangelical Seminary. Dr. Bridges joins me to discuss his unique approach to Neo-Darwinism from the perspective of Philosophy of Science. He proposes using the concepts of Thomas Aquinas to combat the scientific "data" that presupposes Darwin's theory of evolution, and argues that the Intelligent Design community needs to re-orient their efforts in the realm of scientific inquiry. It's an interesting approach, especially from an Orthodox POV, and I appreciate Dr. Bridges laying out the argument for all of us! We also close on Christian mysticism and what we've seen over the last few years that leads us to believe there no escaping human need to Worship. Check out his YT here: Remember to subscribe, like, comment, and share!!


Ep. 109 - 'From Mormon to Orthodox Christian' w/ Jeremy Firth

A while back, JimBob introduced me to Jeremy, and after several really great phone conversations we decided we needed to record a show. Jeremy left LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints / Mormonism) two decades ago, but has spent that time learning and growing through both good times and bad. He is now a brother in the Orthodox Church! We get into some specifics of "Mormonism", things you may not even know are real; as well as compare this to Orthodox Christianity, and discuss different types of outreach to this who still call themselves LDS believers. Had a lot of fun with this one, even though I was running on fumes. Reach out to Jeremy here: As always: remember to subscribe, like, comment, and share!!!


Ep. 108 - 'Paradise & Utopia - The Age of Paradise - Pt. 3' w/ Matt Erickson ( @kingpilled )

Resuming our discussion on Father John Strickland's four-volume work, today Matt Erickson of the Kingpilled podcast joins me to follow the story of early Christendom from the first century up until the victory at Milvian Bridge by the future Emperor Constantine. We'll touch on some classic aspects of Christendom, including martyrdom, status of women and children, icons, relics, and the virtues that separated the early Christians from the pagan world surrounding them. You can purchase this book (and Father's other books) through Fr. John's website here: And Matt's links are here: Remember to like, subscribe, comment, and share!!


Ep. 107 - 'Vatican II - Time/Life, Jesuits, & The CIA' w/ David Wemhoff

Apologies, guys, that my audio is a little muffled. The Canadian wildfire smoke has poisoned all of us over here in the NYC area, and none of my five senses are functioning at 100% today. Nevertheless, we are joined today by David Wemhoff, author of the two-volume work: "John Courtney Murray, Time/Life, and The American Proposition: How the CIA's Doctrinal Warfare Program Changed the Catholic Church". The work is in its second edition and is being published by Wagon Wheel Press with availability through These volumes explain the Doctrinal Warfare Program developed by the US Government in conjunction with private media and its successful employment against the Catholic Church during the Cold War. David Wemhoff is a counselor and author. He earned an AB in Government from the University of Notre Dame and a Juris Doctor (JD) from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. Mr. Wemhoff completed a Master of Laws (LLM) in International and Comparative Law from Indiana University in May, 2019. Mr. Wemhoff taught college level courses at two universities. These courses included Business Law, American Government, Constitutional Law, and State and Local Government. He is a member of the Society of Catholic Social Scientists. Mr. Wemhoff edits and contributes to The American Proposition which can be found here: The publication focuses on the system of social-economic and legal organization of the society known as America and its role in the world. He edited Redeeming a Father’s Heart: Men Share Powerful Stories of Abortion Loss and Recovery (AuthorHouse 2007), and he authored Just Be Catholic (AuthorHouse 2011) as well as a collection of poems entitled From the Hillside (Wagon Wheel Press, 2019). The work is in its second edition and is being published by Wagon Wheel Press with availability through These volumes explain the Doctrinal Warfare Program developed by the US Government in conjunction with private media and its successful employment against the Catholic Church during the Cold War. Mr. Wemhoff is working on a book concerning the nature of America and its impact on the world. ' Books can be found here:


Ep. 106 - 'The Power of The Cross & The Strength of Christendom' w/ David Gornoski

David Gornoski joins me to talk about the power of the Christian message, and how Christians living in the modern age of information can create, influence, inform, and ultimately transform the world around us. You can check out David's plethora of incredible work here: And we allude to two folks who you may want to do further research on: Ray Peat: Rene Girard: God bless!


Ep. 105 - Presup, Is/Ought, Dialectics, & Jordan Peterson w/ @MadebyJimbob

JimBob is the eponymous creator of the widely successful @MadeByJimBob savage meme series. Today we tackle philosophy, some Logos theology, and how people come to understand (or not) their own conceptualization of the world. Do we live in a simulation? Is reality "real"? Why are we even asking these questions in the first place? Check out JimBob's work here:


Ep. 104 - 'CIA Boogeymen, The Cold War, & Geopolitics' w/ Thomas777



Ep. 103 - 'Paradise & Utopia - The Age of Paradise - Pt. 2'

My good friend Zac joins me in this second part of a multi-part series exploring "Paradise & Utopia - The Rise & Fall of What the West Once Was" by Fr. John Strickland. Paradise & Utopia is a four part anthology on the history of Christendom from Pentecost to today. In this first book, subtitled "The Age of Paradise - Christendom from Pentecost to The First Millenium," Fr. Strickland covers 1000 years of Church history in 281 pages, a feat that's as daunting as it is amazing. In this second part of our discussion on the first book, we continue to read on the early Church, and finish up on the four streams of Christian subculture that nourished it and allowed it to flourish. You can purchase this book (and Father's other books) through Fr. John's website here: Remember to like, subscribe, and share!!


Ep. 102 - 'The Great Reset, WEF, & Stakeholder Capitalism' w/ Dr Michael Rectenwald

Dr. Michael Rectenwald joins me to discuss K. Schwab, his ilk, his plan, and where this all comes from, based off of his newly published book. Dr. Michael Rectenwald is the author of twelve books, including The Great Reset and the Struggle for Liberty: Unraveling the Global Agenda (Jan. 2023), Thought Criminal (Dec. 2020); Beyond Woke (May 2020); Google Archipelago: The Digital Gulag and the Simulation of Freedom (Sept. 2019); Springtime for Snowflakes: “Social Justice” and Its Postmodern Parentage (an academic’s memoir, 2018); Nineteenth-Century British Secularism: Science, Religion and Literature (2016); Academic Writing, Real World Topics (2015, Concise Edition 2016); Global Secularisms in a Post-Secular Age (2015); Breach (Collected Poems, 2013); The Thief and Other Stories (2013); and The Eros of the Baby-Boom Eras (1991). (See the Books page.) Michael is a distinguished fellow at Hillsdale College. He was a Professor of Liberal Studies and Global Liberal Studies at NYU from 2008 to 2019. He also taught at Duke University, North Carolina Central University, Carnegie Mellon University, and Case Western Reserve University. His scholarly and academic essays have appeared in The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, Academic Questions, Endeavour, The British Journal for the History of Science, College Composition and Communication, International Philosophical Quarterly, the De Gruyter anthologies Organized Secularism in the United States and Global Secularisms in a Post-Secular Age, and the Cambridge University Press anthology George Eliot in Context, among others (see the Academic Scholarship page). He holds a Ph.D. in Literary and Cultural Studies from Carnegie Mellon University, a Master's in English Literature from Case Western Reserve University, and a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Pittsburgh. (See his C.V. for details.) Michael’s writing for general audiences has appeared on The Mises Institute Wire, The Epoch Times,, Campus Reform, The New English Review, The International Business Times, The American Conservative, Quillette, The Washington Post, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, CLG News,, Chronicles, and others. (See the Essays and Presentations page.) Michael has appeared on major network political talk shows (Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker Carlson Originals, Fox & Friends, Fox & Friends First, Varney & Company, The Ingraham Angle, Unfiltered with Dan Bongino, The Glenn Beck Show), on syndicated radio shows (Coast to Coast AM, Glenn Beck, The Larry Elder Show, and many others), on The Epoch Times’ American Thought Leaders series, and on numerous podcasts (The Tom Woods Show, The Leighton Smith Podcast, Steel-on-Steel, The Carl Jackson Podcast, and many others). (See “Interviews” on the Media page.) Professor Michael Rectenwald has spoken to audiences large and small in many venues: The New York Metropolitan Republican Club (five talks); The Mises Institute (The Austrian Economics Research Conference Ludwig von Mises Memorial Lecture, The Libertarian Scholars Conference Opening Lecture, the Ron Paul Symposium); The NYU Republican Club; the New York Ex-Liberals Group; Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business; The Leadership Institute (several talks); Turning Point USA (several talks); Grove City College; Hillsdale College (several lectures); Regent University; The Austrian Student Scholars Conference (Ludwig von Mises Memorial Lecture); The Mises Caucus of the Libertarian Party (two talks); The Common Sense Society; The Conservative Opportunity Society (a U.S. Congressional caucus); the Republican Spouses Club; the Conservatives and Libertarians at Microsoft (CLAMS) group; American Freedom Alliance; Liberty Speaks; and others. Please write to for fees and availability. A former Marxist, Professor Rectenwald is a champion of liberty and opposes all forms of totalitarianism and political authoritarianism, including socialism-communism,...


Ep. 100 - 'Pentecostalism, Methodism, and Anglicanism' w/ Br. Daniel Klawitter

Brother Daniel Klawitter, a deacon in the Anglican tradition, joins to me discuss his evolution and journey through different stages of Protestantism, as well as his appreciation for Orthodox Christianity. This is such a great talk! We get pretty deep into different traditions here, and I'm so appreciative for Daniel to take the time to chat. He is a lovely human with a wealth of information. Here are some links to his content and published books: And we also touch briefly on something I've never heard of, "Radical Orthodoxy" which is just Orthodoxy for people who've never heard of Orthodoxy, made more complicated for no reason:


Ep. 99 - 'Paradise & Utopia - The Age of Paradise - Pt. 1' - Joined by Buck Johnson from Counterflow

Buck Johnson joins me in this first part of a multi-part series exploring "Paradise & Utopia - The Rise & Fall of What the West Once Was" by Fr. John Strickland. Paradise & Utopia is a four part anthology on the history of Christendom from Pentecost to today. In this first book, subtitled "The Age of Paradise - Christendom from Pentecost to The First Millenium," Fr. Strickland covers 1000 years of Church history in 281 pages, a feat that's as daunting as it is amazing. In this first part of our discussion on the first book, we look at the death and resurrection of Christ, the early Apostolic Church, and we discuss some tenants of Orthodox Christianity that are crucial in laying the groundwork for why the West has become what we see today. You can purchase this book (and Father's other books) through Fr. John's website here: As always you can check Buck Johnson out here: Remember to like, subscribe, and share!!