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Hollywood Mind Control and Occult Government. Learn the meanings behind Illuminati Symbols and explore High Profile Rituals performed by Top Celebrities. This is where the esoteric meets the political

Hollywood Mind Control and Occult Government. Learn the meanings behind Illuminati Symbols and explore High Profile Rituals performed by Top Celebrities. This is where the esoteric meets the political
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Hollywood Mind Control and Occult Government. Learn the meanings behind Illuminati Symbols and explore High Profile Rituals performed by Top Celebrities. This is where the esoteric meets the political




What Are You Going To Be? – Masaki Miyagawa

Nature abhors a vacuum. What will fill the void if you only go after evil without knowing goodness? Are your emotions your own or is the creeping malaise a side effect of technology? Is there a technology that reverses this state of mind? How will you know a path to happiness if you've never felt…


The Great Divide – Garrett Dailey

We are separated by false ideologies. We seem to feel we can only attack the power or we feel we don't want to be here any more. There is an epidemic of loneliness and suicide while masked, hooded thugs throw cement milkshakes and ice cream lickers seek attention. Does bringing down a pedophile ring solve…


Portals to the Abyss – Derek Murphy

The fact that 32 pig brains were brought back to life using a technology called BrainEx may sound like an episode of J.J. Abram's Fringe TV series but, it's not. How close to reality are our science fiction tales of macabre? Are there portals to another dimension with weak spots that cause areas of high…


Your Star Link – Asha Gayle Dieleman

Starlink plans on covering our planet with 20,000 low-orbit satellites to bring wifi to every part of the globe and it's going to get more difficult to know what emotions are your own. We are cosmic beings with connections far beyond our bodies. How do you recognize your true self in the madness celebrating war.…


Demon Talk – Tracy Twyman

Tracy R. Twyman writes about esoteric history. On this show, she reveals that she communicates with demons to gain insight into the world's problems. I wanted to know how this began and what it is like to talk with these entities from Hell and find out if her soul is in danger; not to mention…


Planetary Lockdown – Elana Freeland and Billy Hayes

Have you heard of the Space Fence? Heavy metals, gems, minerals, and nano tech are forming a massive computer disk surrounding the planet. Augmented Reality will soon be, well, reality. Magic Leap Inc. has designed a new Photonic Lightfield Chip that will use nano-scaled technology to project a false reality straight to your retina! The…


Coping With Reality Collapse – Martin Geddes

Are we heading for an imminent collapse of trust in all mass media services and social media platforms? Will they be implicated in systemic, widespread and longstanding organized crime — that also encompasses much of our political and financial system? Will the public unite in disgust at the media’s treacherous betrayal? Is Q a military intelligence […]


Battle For The Bible – James Perloff

Hail, meteors, UFOs, a man on fire at the White House and Starlink is launched; Could this be the End Times? Here are some more pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. In a world complicated by many lies, telling the truth is sometimes not enough. It is often important to disprove the lies – especially ones […]


Crowley And The New World Order – William Ramsey

Do the numbers suffusing the day of September 11th have occult significance? Why are the numbers 11, 77, 93, and 175 extremely significant in understanding the event? How did Aleister Crowley influence the events of 9/11, considering the fact that he died in 1947? How did Aleister Crowley inspire the doctrines of the New World […]


Magic of Thought Resonance – Cory Daniel

Are you helping the technocratic totalitarianism? Wikipedia has successfully positioned itself as the world’s collective subconscious mind. As the default digital encyclopedia, Wikipedia provides updated information on a minute by minute basis and scripts the narrative of our collective psyche. A natural countermeasure to this would be to build, fund and deploy a new repository […]


Mayan Masonry – Richard Cassaro

These Mayan monuments are not the remnants of a raging warrior people drenched in sacrificial blood, as commonly portrayed, but rather reflect a sophisticated spiritual legacy — a Masonic legacy — that stretches back over many millennia and displays a Universal Religion. Maya “Master Masons” built some of the most advanced stone pyramids, temples, aqueducts […]


Transformative Change – Wayne McRoy

We are living in the Age of Deception. Behind the scenes, a group of technocratic elites are working feverishly toward the attainment of their "Great Work". It is a plan as old as civilization itself, and now, through the advent of modern technology, this plan is closer to fruition than it has ever been before. […]


Modern Gnostic Cults – Miguel Conner

What would it take for you to grab your new Nike shoes, a purple shroud, and drink the poison to escape life on Earth for the potential of a new life on the Mothership? Nasa's top boss warns a catastrophic asteroid strike could hit soon. Asteroid Apophis is expected to return Friday the 13th 2029. […]


Cause of Fire Unknown – James True

There is a blueprint for mind control. We have been programmed for centuries by the spellcraft of our controllers. Our world is reverberating in echos of trauma that can only be solved with awareness. A ringing bell is hushed with the grasping of fingers. We are here to grasp this truth together. What is the […]


The Chao Before The Ordo – David Livingstone

Zionism, Nazism, radical terrorists factions, and where each fits into this highly controversial picture is not the job of ultracrepidarians; giving opinions and advice on matters outside of their knowledge. The creation of Sabbatai Zevi's messiahship by the Rosicrucians and the connection of the Protocols of Zion to the Memphis-Mizraim rite of Freemasonry is known […]


Magick As Advanced Physics – Dr Richard Alan Miller

Meta means beyond, and the new directions in Physics. It includes the study, and use, of altered states of consciousness, where Imagination is considered Reality. Magick is the next evolutional step in the advancement of consciousness. This is why Magick has been reserved for the ultra-elite of Europe for centuries. Known as Magick within Blue […]


A Prison Made Of Light – Matt Landman

Speak your truth even if your voice shakes. With the ongoing wave of wireless tech, smart devices and now 5G infrastructure and deployment, levels of cumulative non-ionizing radiation are reaching limits hazardous to human health. Spero Protection Clothing will consist of garments lined with metal fabric such as nickel, silver, copper and steel. The metal […]


Sacred Origin of Western Civilization – Stephen & Krys Crimi

Traditionally, the mountains are from whence wisdom is found and dispensed, the homes of the gods, places we look up to for aspiration and inspiration. Yet there is another direction emanating insight, which involves a katabasis, from the Ancient Greek, meaning ‘to go down’, to travel from this world to the underworld. There, the chthonic […]


Archetype Coaching – Beth Martens

"One thing I know for sure is if we give ourselves permission to create in our own image, and have a business that is in our natural element of what we love, we can discover an unstoppable flow and the value of what we uniquely can offer." - Beth Martens Have you considered your amphibian […]


Common Sense of Cannabis – Daniel Crumpton

CannaSense mission is to educate potential and existing patients on the benefits of medical cannabis and how to safely and legally access it at an affordable price. Seniors, veterans, disabled people and almost anyone seeking pain relief could potentially benefit from medical cannabis. CannaSense also helps frame cannabis issues within a social perspective while sharing […]