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Crossing Under: Confronting Life and Death On Decision Road

I awake to the Song of a Native American flute. Today is the day of my vision fast. Today I set out to die to my old ways and bring back a fresh vision for my people.


In The Garden – The Three Trees

I dreamed I was walking through the garden with a woman I knew years ago. We search for a suitable place to make peace. Upon finding a tree, we decide to climb up. After some time, she raises the peace pipe but suddenly is stopped by a bird projectile vomiting out from the tree in unreal volumes like a cartoon. We were shocked by what we were witnessing, “My God that’s impossible! What in the world is going on? We won't find peace here.” We climbed up into a second tree and again she...


Order Out Of Chaos

In this podcast we explore the roots of the freemasonic dictum 'order out of chaos', or 'ordo ab chao', touching on the external phenomena of false flag attacks and destabilization of society for purposes of social engineering and control to try to bring about a new 'order' or 'novus ordo seclorum' through various divide and conquer mechanisms. Moreover we get into the psychological underpinnings and esoteric principles that concern natural law and metaphysics, which are the true source of...


New World Order-ism: A Social Pathology

With economic and political instability on the rise, a New World Order (NWO) appears to be on the horizon. Power and wealth continue to consolidate and centralize out of the hands of the many and into the hands of the few. Thus far, the NWO has been interpreted to be a political phenomenon, primarily driven by a secret cabal of elitist financial and political leaders, yet nonetheless, it is seen as strictly an external phenomenon, without any referent to the internal psycho-spiritual...


Gnosis As Immunization To Hollywood Hypnosis

Man has always had myths. Stories with the power not only to interpret the human journey but even to transform it. Myths speak to our subconscious minds. They are deep and archetypal symbols. But what are we to make of the stories given to us by Hollywood and other modern myth-makers?


Beyond Mind and Matter

We have all heard the tales of people defying the known laws of physics and biology. Can such phenomena be explained away or are these truly cases where consciousness has an effect on external reality. In the modern world view, mind and matter are two separate and isolated phenomenon. Because of this, even when it is believed possible, instances such as these are still understood as 'mind OVER matter.' Could there not be space for a possibility which goes beyond both mind AND matter?


Nature and the Brain

How important is man's connection with nature? Has our environment become so abstract and artificial that it could be hindering us from reaching our full potential as individuals and as a species?


The Feather of Truth

“In this world, hate never yet has dispelled hate. Only love dispels hate. This is the law, ancient and inexhaustible.”