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This podcast also broadcast on London's radio art station Resonance FM. Your page for them is I would be happy if you wanted to associate this podcast with the Resonance FM page. For the avoidance of any misunderstandings, this registration request is coming from the producer, independent of Resonance FM.

This podcast also broadcast on London's radio art station Resonance FM. Your page for them is I would be happy if you wanted to associate this podcast with the Resonance FM page. For the avoidance of any misunderstandings, this registration request is coming from the producer, independent of Resonance FM.
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This podcast also broadcast on London's radio art station Resonance FM. Your page for them is I would be happy if you wanted to associate this podcast with the Resonance FM page. For the avoidance of any misunderstandings, this registration request is coming from the producer, independent of Resonance FM.








VegHist Ep 15: Liberation. Veganism, hippies, and the animal rights movement. With Sam Calvert and Maneka Gandhi; at London, Cambridge, and Bangalore

Radio times summary. Episode 9: Renaissance Old medieval certainties are cracking under the combined assault of new sciences and rediscovered classics. It’s an age when “natural philosophers” combine scientific discovery with philosophical treatises, and when their Republic of Letters transcends political boundaries in the name of free thought. It’s the age of Descartes, whose mechanical philosophy […]


VegHist Ep 13: The Vegetarians. Abolitionism, colonialism, and Victorian reformers; with Julia Twigg and Bhaskar Chakraborty. In London

In the late nineteenth century, the new vegetarian movement is intertwined with other struggles – including Victorian reformers, the Indian reaction to British colonialism, and most importantly, slavery. Episode 13: The Vegetarians After their foundation in 1847 and 1850, the vegetarian societies in Britain and America rose swiftly faced new challenges. Dr Adam Shprintzen, author of […]


VegHist Ep 12: Radicals & Romantics. Bible Christians, Grahamites, and Transcendentalists; with Adam Shprintzen and Derek Antrobus; at Deerfields, Fruitlands, and Salford

In the 1800s, overlapping circles of utopians, mystics, and romantics in both Europe and America develop arguments against meat until “vegetarianism” finally becomes a real movement. Episode 12: Radicals & Romantics In the aftermath of the American and French revolutions, the sects and philosophies that embrace a “vegetable diet” multiply – from ecstatic cult to puritan crusades, to […]


VegHist Ep 11: Enlightenment. Colonial India, Voltaire, Rousseau, and the French Revolution; with Partha Chatterjee, Christophe Martin, and Renan Larue; at the Black Hole of Calcutta, and Musée Rousseau Montmerency

The philosophers of Paris discuss reports of Indian vegetarianism, question the morality of eating animals, and inspire radicals who preach vegetarianism from the barricades of the French revolution. Episode 11: Enlightenment Ian traces a winding path of vegetarian inspiration from the personal diary of an Indian vegetarian working for the French, to the darkest corner of British imperial propaganda, […]

VegHist Ep 10: Revolution. English civil war, diet gurus, and the poetry of Sensibility; with Tristram Stuart and Anita Guerrini; at the Ahmedabad Panjrapole

When printing lets ordinary people access a world of ideas, including Indian vegetarianism, some European radicals and diet gurus begin to oppose meat-eating. Episode 10: Revolution In England, the 1600s are a century of revolution. The artisans and yeomanry are picking up books – and the New Model Army is picking up pikes and muskets to turn the […]


Vegan Politicians: Kerry McCarthy MP on Brexit

As the British public make their biggest decision in a generation, Ian asks Kerry McCarthy MP about the potential impact of Brexit on animals. Vegan MP on EU Referendum In this special short extra edition of the Vegan Option, Ian catches up with longstanding vegan MP, and main official opposition spokeswoman on farming and the environment, […]


VegHist Ep 3: Pythagoreans. On the Cults of Orpheus and Pythagoras in Ancient Greece; with Hugh Bowden, Michael Beer, John Wilkins, and Armand D’Angour

In Ancient Greece, vegetarianism belongs to a secretive subculture – amongst the mystery religions of Orpheus and the musical mathematical cult of Pythagoras. Episode 3: Pythagoreans The Greek philosophers knew about vegetarians. But they were part of cults associated with the mythical figure of Orpheus, and the guru of harmony and number – Pythagoras. The people […]


VegHist Ep 2: The Middle Path. On Siddharta Gautama, and Buddhism; with Rev Varasambodhi Thera, Peter Flugel, and Richard Gombrich; at Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhgaya, India

Ian travels to the tree where the Buddha is said to have achieved enlightenment, and explores the paradox of his early followers’ attitudes to vegetarianism. Episode 2: The Middle Path Of the many monks of the ancient Indian kingdom of Magadha, only one has become a global household name. Buddhism will spread ahimsa to the ends of the earth, and […]


Digital Vegans: Picking up the Tab, with Stephanie Redcross of Vegan Mainstream

Digital Vegans: The Tab As the internet transforms the media landscape, how can vegan organisations and businesses survive and thrive? In the midst of the crowdfunding campaign for Vegetarianism: The Story So Far, Ian McDonald interviews Stephanie Redcross of Vegan Mainstream. Play or download (23MB MP3) (via iTunes) This show is an update to Digital Vegans, in […]


Palm Oil: with Catherine Laurence, Eric Lambin, Orangutan rescuer Daniek Hendarto, RSPO SG Darrel Webber

Palm oil is everywhere - from cooking oil to soap to vegan margarine. Equatorial rainforest and peatland are cleared and replaced with serried ranks of oil palm trees (Elaeis guineensis). The whole biodiversity of Borneo and Sumatra is threatened by habitat loss, particularly the iconic Orang Utans. Some vegan activists say no product that kills this many animals can be considered vegan. But is palm oil really worse than anything else? Can poor countries like Malaysia and Indonesia develop...


Science Fiction and Animals: from Jonathan Swift and HG Wells to Star Trek and Doctor Who; with Sherryl Vint, Robert McKay, and Tara Lomax

From Jonathan Swift's talking horses to Star Trek's Vulcans, and from HG Wells to Doctor Who, science fiction has tackled the big questions about our relationship with other animals. Join the experts who work at the junction of literary criticism and animal studies to discover the themes in famous books, film, and TV - as well as the cult sci-fi stories that wrestle with food ethics, the boundaries of humanity, and alternative ways of living.


Cats: Ethics. With Erin Red, Evolution Diet’s Eric Weisman, and vets Lorelei Wakefield, Andrew Knight, and Jean Hofve

Erin Red joins Ian McDonald as they investigate what vegans should feed cats, respond to listener comments, and discuss the ethical conflict between our cats and the animals they'd very much like to eat. Ian McDonald interviews Eric Weisman, the controversial boss of Evolution Diet pet food.


Cats: Can they be vegan? With vets Lorelei Wakefield, Andrew Knight, and Jean Hofve; and special guest Erin Red

Three experienced veterinarians with experience of vegan cats say whether and why they think cats can thrive on a vegan diet. Jean Hovfe argues - out of bitter experience - that cats need meet. Andrew Knight advocates a vegan diet for cats - if you do it right. Only Lorelei Wakefield has published a peer-reviewed study to try to discover who is right. Hear them all discuss if cats have a vegan option.


Extended interviews on iTunes, starting with Dr Julia Minson

Rough edits of extended interviews - such as this one with Dr Julia Minson - will now go into the podcast feed (used by iTunes and Stitcher) as well as the website.


South East Asia: Finding Vegan Food in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia

Ian travels through South East Asia from equatorial island to the far north of Thailand, discovering the vegetarian threads running through the region, talking with restaurateurs, and finding some great vegan food.


Judgemental: with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, Dr Julia Minson, and Marla Rose

What is "judgement"? How does it really affect the relationships between vegans and others? What can scientists say about it? And how do vegan activists react to the charge? Dr Julia Minson explains the science. Marla Rose explains exactly how Bacon Loving Hipsters Can Kiss Her Vegan Ass. And Colleen Patrick-Goudreau discusses the psychology and experience of "judgemental vegans".


London Olympics: Closing Update with Vx, Animals in the Opening Ceremony, and Vegan Food

London Olympics: Closing Update As the athletes celebrate their victories and defeats, and the Spice Girls rock the closing ceremony, we look back over the Olympics and update you on the vegan stories behind the games. This show: We catch up with the vegan stories behind the Olympics, like Sandra Hood, Pogocafe, and Frys Ian […]


London Olympics: interview with Kara Lang, vegan Olympian, Canada soccer team

Kara Lang holds the record as the youngest woman ever to score a goal in international soccer - but her passions also include vegan cupcakes. Now retired from football, she took time out from her busy schedule as part of Canadian station CTV's Olympic team to talk to me about her story, touring, and the vegan mentor she improbably found in her own national squad.


London Olympics

Athletes from across the world are coming to East London - where we produce the show - but what are the vegan perspectives on the Olympic games? We talk to Sandra Hood, the Olympic torch bearer who wrote the book on raising vegan children; Ian visits the father and daughter who are supplying the Olympic games with the vegan option; find out what the staff in the nearest vegan cafe to the games think of it; and update you on the stories with a vegan perspective - Venus Williams, the Chinese...


Vegan Cheese: Casein, Casomorphins, and the Daiya Redwoods Vegusto Taste Test

How do they make vegan cheese that stretches and melts? Why is cheese such a challenge for new vegans? Can Ian convince anyone who makes cheese to share their secrets? What's the past, present, and future of vegan cheese. And if you brought together the leading vegan cheeses from Europe and the Americas - products that - like Redwoods Cheezly or Vegusto in Europe and Daiya in the Americas - aren't even sold in the same country, who would win?