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26 - The Esoteric Meaning of Solomon's Temple

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38 - Let me Remember that there is no Sin

Sin is a myth, an illusory, erroneous judgement that you made about yourself. If there was such a thing as sin, then this would have been the biggest sin you made, to judge yourself as anything less than perfect. The most devastation meme that reached my brain was that I was born in sin. This meme implied that I was substandard, a failed human before I even began and perhaps an even crazier implication, that the intercourse that brought me to my human life, was of itself sinful. However,...


37 - Are Jesus and the Easter Bunny Best Pals?

Rabbits pop up frequently in children's stories and comic strips, and genderless Easter Bunnies have had the pleasant task of bringing us baskets of decorated easter eggs for many centuries. But what are the origins of Easter folklore and how did Jesus get to take centre-stage with the Easter Bunny. This show explores old Biblical history, astronomy and pagan traditions to find an explanation.


36 - Water, Science Magic and Sacred Substance

Water. It’s a scarce commodity in many parts of the world. Growing populations, pollution and drought put pressure on this precious resource and some experts fear that the next World War will be fought over water rights. Water has some quirky scientific properties too, making it a unique and intriguing substance. Join me as I peek into some of water’s scientific craziness and examine its spiritual significance and importance for so many people in different and diverse parts of the world....


35 - [Part 2] Faith Healing, Workings of Holy Spirit or Hypnosis

This is the second and concluding half of this topic. I accepted an invitation by the South African Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities, better known as the CRL Commission, and agreed to participate in their very interesting dialogue on 15th March. They needed to understand: the phenomena of prophecy, healing, miracles, magic and deliverance; how it might affect religious followers; whether it is used as a means of...


34 - [Part 1] Faith Healing, Workings of Holy Spirit or Hypnosis

Invited by the South African Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities, better known as the CRL Commission, I agreed to participate in a dialogue on 15th March 2017, the aim of which was to understand: the phenomena of prophecy, healing, miracles, magic and deliverance; how it might affect religious followers; whether it is used as a means of capturing people; is it the workings of the Holy Spirit or just states of trance;...


33 - Fat Bodies, Maladjusted Minds and the Clues to a Slimmer You

Weight gain is often the physical manifestation of some deeper, unresolved emotional stuff lying in your subconscious mind, and to solve it, you might need to dig deep into your emotional archives and core belief systems. Naturally, you eat to sustain life, giving your body the nutrients it needs to maintain health. However, you also eat, not necessarily to nourish your body, but as a core part of your socialisation with others. Weight management would be far less complicated if these were...


31 - Parenting Skills needed for the Moment your Gay or Lesbian Child Comes Out

This show is for parents. It’s possibly one of the hardest things for you, as a parent, to hear your child utter these three little words, “I am gay.” It is also one of the most difficult confessions any child might have to make to his or her parents as the risks are enormous in your child’s mind. You could do one of several things when he or she comes out: you could either be loving, understanding and supportive; or, fuelled by the stereotypes of public opinion, righteous indignation and...


27 - How the Lord's Prayer Becomes an Exaltation for the Highest Self

If you attended a Christian school, you’ll probably remember singing the Lord’s Prayer in the classrooms or in the main assembly hall each day. You might even recall those words now – I can. The Lord’s Prayer is a seven petition Prayer prescribed by Jesus. By offering it as a part of our daily spiritual practices, we affirm God’s superiority in contrast to our human frailties, leaving us no other choice but to beg for His forgiveness and to seek His help. But there is a very different take...


28 - Political Correctness, Language Sensitivity, Censorship or a Powerful Tool for Manipulation

The waters are a bit murky when it comes to Political Correctness [being PC]. Although it doesn’t change reality, softer phrases like ‘same-sex relationships’ are far more sensitive than the offensive terms like faggots, poofters or moffies. Now, political correctness uses the abbreviation LGBTI as an umbrella term to describe what others might consider as sexual deviance. We will of course risk serious indictment if we use the k-word in public and feminists balk at third-person personal...


26 - The Esoteric Meaning of Solomon's Temple

People of the world seem to be slipping away from the belief that God is our Father, sitting on His Heavenly throne, somewhere up there in space, taking punitive measures against anyone who doesn’t worship Him properly. It sounds narcissistic, tyrannical, divisive and illogical. After all, He is the Almighty, the epitome of Love, glory and fullness but this side of Him is only exposed to those who obey Him. But, this externalised notion of God is not the only perspective we have of Him. In...


25 - Athiesm, a Choice to not Believe in God

If Theism is belief in the existence of a god or gods. What Is Atheism? No one asks this question enough, yet people have some very strong preconceived ideas and notions about what an Atheist is and is not. Most people’s opinions about atheism tend to evolve from theistic influences which often distort matters by adding derogatory adjectives, like: “wicked” and “sinful.” But, is this so? It is incorrect to define atheism as a belief system. Atheism is not a belief that gods don’t exist; it...


24 - Watch Out for the Sinister Side of Smartphones

If somebody pulled out a gun on a crowded train you were riding on, would you notice? People in San Francisco didn't. Why? Because they were too into their smartphones. Smartphones run people’s lives at every level. But unless you exercise restraint and caution and become a responsible digital citizen, the convenience of modern technology may be far less rewarding than the trouble it causes. Indiscriminate smartphone use may lead to full-blown mental addiction and obsessive compulsiveness....


23 - Getting to Grips with Suffering and Finding Ways to Overcome it

There is a very important question and one that has been asked for millennia, “What is suffering?” We delve into this in detail in this show and we’ll try to find ways to change suffering. We cannot easily duck the stream of hardships the world flings at us, not unless we hermit ourselves away in a cave and get right off the grid, but even then, life tends to throw curved balls. However, if we can’t change what gets lobbed at us, can we at least modify the way we perceive the things we...


22 - The Emotional Damage of Child Sexual Exploitation

There are fewer crimes in society that trigger greater public outrage than the sexual exploitation of children. For some, it conjures up memories of horrific television documentaries showing how children are sexually trafficked for commercial gain; for others, it brings back childhood events of shameful sexual conduct with much older persons. Race, gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic standing does not prevent the sexual exploitation of children – it happens across the human social...


21 - New Year Resolutions and a String of Cooked Spaghetti

It’s that time of the year again! With tiny traces of remorse lingering for having wildly indulged over the Festive Season and a hint of embarrassment at your lack of restraint, having done things you normally wouldn’t want to have done, have you already decided on your New Year’s resolutions? Shell-shocked from your year-end break, you slowly emerge from this festive haze as part of your brain slowly begins to thaw from its dormant holiday hibernation. As sensibility reawakens, you start...


20 - The Star of Bethlehem and Jesus Actual Birthdate

All who celebrate Christmas, do so on the 25th December each year. This date marks Jesus’ birth in a manger somewhere in Bethlehem. It was a major event, prophesised and expected for a long time and it had a profound effect on the way the modern world unfolded. For one, Jesus birth gave rise to the Julian and Gregorian calendars, the primary system of global timekeeping today. But the big question is: Was Jesus really born on 25th December in the years spanning 1 BC to 1 AD? In this show,...


19 - The 10 Commandments - How Relevant are they Today

The epic 1956 movie, the Ten Commandments, directed by Cecil B. DeMille and starring Yul Brynner, Anne Baxter and Charlton Heston in the leading role of Moses depicts the Israelite’s Exodus out of Egypt. En route to the Promised Land, Moses climbs Mount Sinai where God gives him the 10 Commandments. These sacred tablets were placed inside the Arc of the Covenant, carried all the way to Jerusalem and kept in the Holy of Holies in the Temple there. Critics of the Old Testament poke fun at...


18 - The Erroneous Right to Kill a Lesbian

11 Khayelitsha men burst into the home of 22-year old, Noluvo Swelindawo, dragged her away, murdered her and left her body alongside the highway. The alleged motive: homophobia. Of 2,130 LGBTI South Africans surveyed, 41% responded that they knew of someone who was murdered due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. African leaders have, in various statements, implied that homosexuality was never part of African culture and is yet another Eurocentric idiosyncrasy foist upon...


17 - The Zeigarnik Effect, ways to Improve Motivation and Memory

We investigate an observation made by Bluma Zeigarnik after she carefully watched how Viennese waiters were incredibly adept at remembering orders but how they quickly they forgot them once the patron had left the coffee shop. Her colleague, Maria Ovsiankina further noted that incomplete actions create a gentle motivation that spurs a person to get the job done. The conclusions these women published help us explain why we feel the way we do, sometimes motivated and enthusiastic and at...


16 - Helping People Cross the River of Life

A daughter has a drugtaking problem and has been clean for a while but her mom is stricken with fear and won’t give her the freedom her daughter seeks. Mother mollycoddles the young woman by micro-managing her daughter’s life. This podcast lets you peek into the method I used to help Mom to establish trust again. It’s a demonstration of therapeutic metaphor. Be warned, this podcast contains an hypnotic induction so don’t listen to it if you are driving, operating heavy machinery or if you...