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ONE37pm is filling you in every day on the latest happenings on Elon Musk. From electric cars rocketing into outer space to the internet buying Musk a pullout couch for his office, this show will make sure to update you daily on what The Musk is up to.

ONE37pm is filling you in every day on the latest happenings on Elon Musk. From electric cars rocketing into outer space to the internet buying Musk a pullout couch for his office, this show will make sure to update you daily on what The Musk is up to.
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ONE37pm is filling you in every day on the latest happenings on Elon Musk. From electric cars rocketing into outer space to the internet buying Musk a pullout couch for his office, this show will make sure to update you daily on what The Musk is up to.






Fabulous 50 & Take The Tunnel To The Ball Game

We talk about Elon's birthday, Elon Vs L.A. Traffic, and Azealia Banks claims to have crashed at Elon's house for three days.


Another Tesla Whistle Blower

Did Elon break any SEC rules when he tweeted about taking Tesla private again? Nope, just really pissed off Tesla shorters and possibly some share holders! He did however make a snafu when he prematurely tweeted that funding was secured. Either way this whole privately owned Tesla is moving quite fast. Also, another former Tesla employee comes forward trying to claim whistle blowers status, claiming she was forced out when she tried to bring attention to shoddy work and waste in the Model...


Space X Tour & A Hex On You!

Journalists and space reporters receive a full tour of the Space X facility, and Space X technology. Yes, they got to hang out in Space X vessels, and play with their flight simulator! Also, Elon is trolling the trolls with computer code.


Opening Up About Going Private

Elon posted a lengthy blog post about why he plans to take Telsa private, the wealth fund that is interested in making that happen, and why of all things he decided to announce it on Twitter. We also talk about Wired magazine's lengthy bio on Elon which he reviewed as, "mostly accurate" which is high praise.


Let It Drive & A Mom's Take on Ludicrous Mode!

Elon and Tesla have big plans for automated vehicles, and they might be market ready in the next six months. If are own a Tesla and are looking for an upgrade, you can test drive the fully autonomous automobile for a 14 day trial!


The Aftermath of Tesla Going Private

Elon elaborates on taking Tesla private, and how it can help Tesla mature. Elon also lays out a roadmap for what could happen if the company goes private.


Elon Wants To Take Tesla Private Again

Elon tweeted that he's considering taking Tesla private again, once the stock reaches $420 per share. This, of course sent the stock skyrocketing. Also, Space X, launched another satellite aboard the Falcon 9 rocket with great success as the boosters returned to Earth!


Space X Is Sending Humans To Space

NASA hasn't launched a manned spacecraft to or from the ISS since 2011, but that's about to change. Space X and Boeing will launch manned space ships next year and NASA announced the crew that will be on those launches. Also, Elon relishes as Tesla short sellers stew in the facts that Tesla is doing well across the board. Plus, Elon's tweets were a bit slow only commenting about our place in the universe.


Elon's AI Vs DOTA Elite & Elon Might Show Up On A Podcast!

Elon warned us about the dangers of artificial intelligence, but now his AI company is taking on e-sports! Open AI (A Musk endeavor) beat a team of veteran DOTA 2 pros two games to one. Also, Musk might make an appearance on a podcast this week!


Elon Is Looking For Game Developers

Elon took a moment to apologies during the Tesla Q3 earning's call, for his behavior on the last earnings call. It's all good Elon, especially since Tesla's stock price is up since the call. That call was full of interesting information like the autonomous driving chip Tesla is working on to radically upgrade their cars' self driving capabilities. Also, the next Tesla software update is going to have games in the on board computer. Elon is looking for game developers so tweet at him if...


Elon Vs Everybody

Elon Musk is not listening to the nay-sayers about terraforming Mars, and is doubling down on it! Tesla's revenue is up 23% this quarter, and Tesla is putting a classic Atari game in the dashboard!


All You Need Is Two Thermonuclear Warheads

Elon contradicted the new research released that states there is no technology available today that can properly terraform Mars, stating simply that there is enough CO2 in the ground that can be released into the atmosphere with strategically placed nuclear explosions at the planets North and South Poles. Also, a new leadership role is filled at Tesla as Dave Morton, formerly of Seagate, joins as Chief Accounting Officer. Plus, Solar City, refutes claims that it targeted whistleblowers and...


We're Living In A Simulation

It's no secret that Elon thinks we're all living in a simulation. He's stated before that he believes there's a one in one billion chance that we weren't all living in a simulation. He recently posted some some cryptic tweets hinting at our existence and the reality we might or might not be living in. Also, a recent report says that Mars might not have attributes that support terraforming with "current" technology. Terraforming is the only way the planet will be able to support human life,...


Skynet Without All The Homicidal Human Enslavement

We all know Elon has warned that A.I. could possibly take over the world and enslave humanity, a-la a Terminator-like genocide. The irony here is that Tesla cars have some of the most advanced A.I. in their operating system, especially the autopilot, which recently saved a Model 3 driver's life. The owner of the Tesla posted footage online from inside his Model 3 (while in autopilot) swerving and avoiding a collision with another driver who almost ran him off the road. The driver believes...


Just How Much Does A Model 3 Cost?

Originally the Tesla Model 3 was touted as an affordable electric sedan set at $35,000. In reality the real deal model starts at $49,000. Elon and Tesla like to factor in gas savings and roughly $8000 in state and federal incentives (most of which are about to expire). The dual motor, all wheel drive performance addition that's getting all the rave reviews starts at $64,000. If you want to get fancy and add 20 inch wheels, a lower suspension and a top speed of 155 mph, it'll cost you an...


Terraforming Mars

Elon happily tweeted about Nasa's discovery of a large body of water under the South Pole of Mars. He also tweeted about terraforming the red planet with a couple nuclear explosions at the polls. Also, Space X's Falcon 9 Rocket ferried another 10 Iridium satellite's into space and stage one booster set itself down successfully on a drone ship despite winds and rough seas. Plus, Elon proudly touted Tesla's effort to help Samoa transition to all renewable energy with a pair of Tesla power...


The High Way Assassin Dressed In Banana Republic

With all the negative Tesla press lately, Elon has to be loving all the positive reviews the Model 3 has been receiving. It's stellar review after stellar review. The most recent one coming from Motor Trends, who called it a "High way assassin dressed in Banana Republic," that "rattles the high performance hierarchy." It really doesn't get much better than that. It is important to mention that all the reviews are for the upgraded, dual motor performance model, but still it is killing it....


The Magnificent Rainbow Farting Spaceship

Elon got some good news from an unexpected source by way of a glowing review from Pulitzer-Prize winning automotive journalist Dan Neil, who called the Model 3 "a magnificent little rainbow farting spaceship." Elon of course retweeted it, but that didn't last because Dan deleted his Twitter account after an eruption of hate from Twitter since Dan's review was of the 78k upgraded model, not the 35k base model most Tesla drivers order. Also, remember the upset pottery artist who accused...