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Episode 12 - The FINAL, 3rd Place Playoff and Awards

We recap the final two matches of the World Cup - The Final between France and Croatia and the third place playoff between Belgium and Croatia. We also give out our World Cup Awards, announce our Best XI and get your suggestions too and wrap up the tournament as a whole in this final episode.


Episode 11 - Croatia vs England, France vs Belgium

In our penultimate episode, we mourn England's exit from the World Cup after their defeat by Croatia. What went wrong? What positives can be taken from the game and the tournament as a whole? Who are the breakout stars? And what's next for England? Make sure you listen to the end for a special England tribute. Also featuring a recap of France vs Belgium and predictions for the 3rd Place Playoff and Final.


Episode 10 - Quarter Finals - Sweden vs England, Brazil vs Belgium & more

Episode 10 of the Podcast covers all the Quarter Final games including Sweden vs England, Russia vs Croatia, Brazil vs Belgium and Uruguay vs France. Also featuring some very special World Cup News and by the way FOOTBALL'S COMING HOME!


Episode 9 - England vs Colombia, Sweden vs Switzerland, Belgium vs Japan

ENGLAND WON ON PENALTIES! WTF! We recap England's dramatic win against Colombia and find out who they are facing in the Last 8. Also on the show, the AMAZING Belgium vs Japan game featuring heartbreak, comebacks and lots of drama. PLUS Brazil vs Mexico. Would Mexico escape Groundhog Day? Get in touch with the show on Twitter @52YearsWorldCup


Episode 8 - Croatia vs Denmark, Spain vs Russia, France vs Argentina

Richard Queree covers the first four games in the Round of 16 Knockout Stage of the World Cup including Croatia vs Denmark, Spain vs Russia, France vs Argentina and Uruguay vs Portugal. Also featuring the latest World Cup news and a VAR watch on that decision against Spain in extra time. Follow the show on Twitter @52YearsWorldCup


Episode 7 - Final Group Stage Matches E-H

In a slightly rough-around-the-edges edition of the 52 Years World Cup Podcast, Richard Queree recaps all the final games from Groups E to H. We look back at England's not that important game against Belgium, Germany crashing out of the tournament at the hands of South Korea and Japan scraping through on the Fair Play ruling.


Episode 6 - Final Group Stage Matches A-D

On this edition of 52 Years, A World Cup Podcast, I cover the last Group Stage games in Groups A-D. This includes the controversy surrounding VAR in Group B between Iran and Portugal and Spain and Morocco. The streak of 0-0 draws ending in the Denmark vs France match and who topped Group A in the clash between Uruguay vs Russia. Recorded during the Group D matches, there are also updates on Nigeria vs Argentina and Iceland vs Denmark.


Episode 5 - England vs Panama, Belgium vs Tunisia, Germany vs Sweden with Michael

Richard Queree is joined by his brother Michael to break down the England vs Panama game. What went so right in the 6-1 win and what does it mean for England's hopes of winning the World Cup. Plus coverage of the rest of the second round of Group Stage matches including Belgium vs Tunisia, South Korea vs Mexico, Germany vs Sweden, Japan vs Senegal and Poland vs Colombia. Remember to follow us on Twitter @52yearsworldcup


Episode 4 - Serbia vs Switzerland, Argentina vs Croatia, France vs Peru and more

Episode 4 covers all the matches from Tuesday 19th to Friday 22nd June. Featuring Serbia vs Switzerland, Brazil vs Costa Rica, Argentina vs Croatia, Nigeria vs Iceland, France vs Peru, Denmark vs Australia, Portugal vs Morocco, Iran vs Spain, Russia vs Egypt, Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia, Colombia vs Japan and Poland vs Senegal. Boy, that's a lot of games. Plus the VAR watch and World Cup news.


Episode 3 - LIVE edition - Tunisia vs England, Germany vs Mexico, Brazil vs Switzerland, More

In Episode 3, we did a special LIVE broadcast on Twitter to recap the Tunisia vs England game as soon as it happened. We also cover Germany's 1-0 defeat by Mexico, Brazil vs Switzerland, Belgium vs Panama, Costa Rica vs Serbia and Sweden vs South Korea


Episode 2 - Argentina vs Iceland, Portugal vs Spain, Russia vs Saudi Arabia and more

Episode 2 features coverage on the first eight games of the World Cup including Argentina vs Iceland, Croatia vs Nigeria, France vs Australia, Peru vs Denmark, Morocco vs Iran, Portugal vs Spain, Russia vs Saudi Arabia and Egypt vs Uruguay. We also take a special look at how the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is getting on and provide lots of great stats and analysis. Follow us on Twitter @52yearsworldcup or email yearsofhurt@gmail.com


World Cup Preview Show

Richard Queree hosts a preview of the 2018 World Cup. We look at all the teams in the competition, giving predictions on who is going to win each group and an overall winner of the tournament. Also enjoy some World Cup stats, the In or Out quiz and much more!


Episode 12 - THE FINAL - Portugal vs France & The Awards

It's final time! Which means it's the final episode of 50 Years of Hurt (aww!) But have no fear, we're got plenty to cover in the final episode. First we look at final. Would the hosts win it all in their own patch? Would Portugal spoil the party? Would Antoine Griezmann add to his impressive tally of goals? Would 'some guy who used to play for Swansea' get the winner? And what on earth was that on the face of Cristiano Ronaldo? Featuring one match - Portugal vs France plus the coveted Euro...


Episode 11 - Portugal vs Wales, Germany vs France

We're almost there! It's semi finals time! Home nation Wales are still in it. Can they make it to the final or will this be their swansong? Portugal are rubbish yet jammy - are those attributes of Euro 2016 finalists? Can Germany do a World Cup and Euro double? Can the hosts win it in their own backyard? And what's up with Portugal and Wales both wearing away kits? Those questions answered and more in this episode featuring the two semi finals of Euro 2016, Portugal vs Wales and Germany vs...


Episode 10 - France vs Iceland, Semi Final Predictions

Time to wrap up the Quarter Finals as we look back at the game between France and Iceland. Would the underdogs continue to cause upsets at the Euros? Would the French put a stop to their dream run? Would anyone work out how defend against those crazy long throw ins? PLUS - we preview and predict the two Semi Final matches - Portugal vs Wales and Germany vs (SPOILER ALERT) France. We played the games on PES2016 and also give predictions to what the scores will be. If you fancy watching the...


Episode 9 - Wales vs Belgium, Poland vs Portugal, Germany vs Italy

Quarter Finals time! And whilst we're still bitter about England crashing out in the second round, the show (or podcast) must go on! We find out - Can Wales beat the second best team in the world (according to FIFA)? Are Italy still a bogey team for Germany? And would Portugal once again get really jammy and get through another round!? The games featured on this episode are Wales vs Belgium, Poland vs Portugal and Germany vs Italy. Who would make up 3/4 of the semi finals? Hosted by Richard...


Episode 8 - England vs Iceland, France vs Ireland, Italy vs Spain & More

England couldn't possibly lose against Iceland? A nation with a population of 300,000? A country that has never qualified for an International tournament before? A place that is famous for financial meltdowns and volcano eruptions? A bloody frozen food store?! Surely England could beat them? Right? RIGHT!?? Well we'll see how that one panned out along with four other Round of 16 matches - France vs Ireland, Italy vs Spain, Hungary vs Belgium and Germany vs Slovakia. Which teams would make it...


Episode 7 - Wales vs N.Ireland, Croatia vs Portugal, Switzerland vs Poland

The knockout stages have began! 16 teams are left in the tournament and now it's time to find out the first three teams into the final 8. We find out - Which home nation will come out on top? What's the worst game at Euro 2016? And is every game destined for Extra Time? Games featured on this episode include Wales vs Northern Ireland, Croatia vs Portugal and Switzerland vs Poland. Along with some exciting news in future episodes! Hosted by Richard Queree. Remember to follow us on Twitter...


Episode 6 - Italy vs Ireland, Northern Ireland vs Germany, Croatia vs Spain, Hungary vs Portugal

It's time to conclude the group stages as Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and a bunch more teams play their final games in their groups in Euro 2016. Can Ireland somehow manage to beat Italy? Will Croatia somehow manage to beat Spain? Will an Icelandic man go completely crazy over football? How bad is Richard at predictions? And will Britain leave the EU? Well, we already know the answer to that last question... Featuring all the following matches: Italy vs Ireland, Sweden vs Belgium,...


Episode 5 - Slovakia vs England, Russia vs Wales, Romania vs Albania, France vs Switzerland

As the final group games get underway it's time to find out - will England and Wales be in or out? And for once we're not talking about an EU Referendum. Meanwhile Richard Queree brings us a live view of the Romania vs Albania match he was attendance in along with the various flare based incidents. Matches to be covered on this episode include Slovakia vs England, Russia vs Wales, Romania vs Albania, France vs Switzerland, Belgium vs Rep of Ireland, Portugal vs Austria and Iceland vs...