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Programa emitido desde todos los martes de 21 a 22h de la noche dedicado a lo mejor del AOR / Hard Rock Melódico. Intentaremos que descubras nuevos grupos y rescataremos del olvido bandas menos conocidos. Seguro que os sorprende !

Programa emitido desde todos los martes de 21 a 22h de la noche dedicado a lo mejor del AOR / Hard Rock Melódico. Intentaremos que descubras nuevos grupos y rescataremos del olvido bandas menos conocidos. Seguro que os sorprende !
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Madrid, Spain




Programa emitido desde todos los martes de 21 a 22h de la noche dedicado a lo mejor del AOR / Hard Rock Melódico. Intentaremos que descubras nuevos grupos y rescataremos del olvido bandas menos conocidos. Seguro que os sorprende !





Hoy os regalamos puro sentimiento.... 01.-Rescue-Into the night 02_Leverage-heart of darkness 03.-Regatta- It’s love 04.-Wake The Nations- Something In Your Eyes 05.-The Outfield-Your love 06-Jimmy Barnes - Love Is Enough 07.-Honeymoon Suite- Love Changes Everything 08.-Night Ranger - Color Of Your Smile 09.-Trimph- Running in the night 10.-Gorky Park- Sometimes at night 11.- The Storm- You gonna miss me 12- Baton Rouge - There Was A Time (The Storm) 13.- Shadow King- Dont even know I’m...


AORLAND 281 EDICION: Heaven and Hell

Hoy ....hemos sido algo revoltosos... Scorpions- Dont Stop at the Top Judas Priest- No Surrender Britny Fox- Long Way To Love Queensrÿche- Operation mideCrime Victory-The Warning Nickelback- Animals Gary Moore - After The War FyFth Angel. Time we Tell China - In The Middle Of The Night Nightwish-She is my sin Helloween-I Want Out Masterplan- Enlighten me Manowar- Heart Of Steel Ghost-Dance Macabre Danger Danger-When She's Good She's Good The Unity- The Storm Wake_The_Nations- Midnite Lovers...



Hoy hemos tenido un programa variado tras los últimos especiales. Han sonado.. Emerald Rain-You Dallas- Open Your heart Don Barnes- Everytime We say Goodbye Russ Taff- You love never Fails Brett Walker- Branded Striker-The Front TEN- Rosetta Stone Leah- Edge of your sword Devil's Hand ft. Slamer – Freeman --Drive away Jerome Mazza- Crossfire Palace-Love Songs Romanthica- Estrella fugaz JOHNNY GIOELI- Running Amorphies-Among starts Magic Dance-Place Wake me. North Ward- Storm in a glass STATE...


AORLAND 279 Edición: TOTO

Hoy hemos recordado a esta gran formación repasando sus principales hits a lo largo de su extensa discografía Hold The line White Sister English Eyes Turn Back Rosanna Africa Lovers in the night Strangers in town Endless Till the End Straight for the Heart Only Children Don´t Chain my heart I will Remember Going Home Alone Es imposible en dos horas recordar todos su temas pero creo que no nos hemos dejado ninguno fuera


AORLAND 278 Edición: Japan Bonus & Rare Tracks

Hoy han sonado bonus Japoneses y temas ocultos de algunos CDs. Esperamos que sean de vuestro agrado. Treat - Turn The Dial (Coup De Grace bonus) House of lords- It Might have been Madness ( come to muy kingdom ) HEAT- Address nation Back Into Your Arms (Japanese Bonus Track) Zeno- Together ( Tommy Heart). The Magnificent- Drive (bonus track) TNT- Electric Dancer ( Intuition) Two Fires- All That ! ( Ignition Bonus) Brett Walker- Midnight Angel 94 bonus. Tower City- Surrender to me ( Tema...


AORLAND 277 EDICION: HEART ( Wilson sisters) 1983-1993

Repasamos los mejores años de esta fantástica banda de Hard Rock. Barracuda How Can I Refuse Allies Never These Dreams Almost Paradise- Mike Reno & Ann Wilson There's The Girl Surrender To Me (Ann Wilson & Robin Zander) All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You - Never Stop Loving You ( 1990 BRIGADE JAPAN) Cruel Tears Will You Be There [In The Morning] The Will To Love You're The Voice [Studio Version] Saludos


AORLAND 276 Edición: Covers

Hoy hemos dedicado el programa a recordar Covers curiosas dentro del género. Seguro que alguna os sorprende. H.E.A.T - She's Like The Wind (Patrick Swayze cover) Espend Lind-Sure Know Something Michael Bolton - I found someone Nanne-Will you be there in the Morning Agnetha Fältskog-The Last Time Jeff Scott Soto-I will Survive FM-The Deeper of Love Houston-Love is Blind Fake Id-Tears Don't Put Out The Fire Seven -Man With a Vision Jim Jidhed- Silent is Golden California Dreams-Castles on...


AORLAND 275 Edición: 21/10/18

Hoy han sonado. 01-Minus One-The Greatest 02.-Ray Kennedy-You Oughta Know by Now 03.-BONFIRE-Legends-Burning_Heart 04.-Niagara- I will be there 05.-The Magnificent - Smoke & Fire 06.-El Norte-Nada te puedo dar 07 -Jerome Mazza - Save The Best For Last 08.-Magnum-Lonely Night 09. - Buckets Rebel Heart - The Bridge 10.-Steven Cade Thats what love does 11.-Sencelled-Oh Sarah 12.-Kerosene-Art of survival 13.-Nitrate-. Only You 14.-HeartPlay-That kind of Girl 15.-White Widdow- Danced in the...


AORLAND 274 Edición: 14/10/18

Hoy han sonado 1.-Kyle Vincent- Something to remember me by 2.- Warren Wiebe ( original Demos) – 17 Years 3.-Jay Soto-All Alone 4.- White Widdow- Anything 5.-Joe Pasquale-Paint in blue 6.-Care of night-Ivory Tower 7.-Frank Stallone- Far from over 8.-Firmo - Maybe Forever 9.-Tommy Nilsson- Looking Through The Eyes of a child 10.-Dare-.Beneath The Shining Water 11.-Capaldi-Some come Running 12.-Crown of thorn-Till The End 13.West of Sunset- Gotta have it all 14.Chesney Hawkes - The One and...


AORLAND 273 Edición: 07/10/18 ( Memories)

Hemos vuelto a tener problemas con la grabación del programa. Os subimos el audio de nuevo sin nuestros comentarios. Esperamos que en breve podamos volver a tener los audios grabados con normalidad. Os pedimos disculpas una vez mas. Los temas que han sonado hoy 01-David Hallyday-Tears in the Earth Pretty Maids - Savage Heart Brett Walker-Bad Time for Goodbyes Gotthard – Stay for the night Robert Tepper-Once in My life Europe-Coast to Coast Dominoe-Angel don Cry Vixen-Love Made Me 38...


AORLAND 272 Edición: Classics

Hoy han sonado Michael Bolton- Gina Rick Price- Fooling Myself Bryan Adams-. There Will Never Be Another Tonight Michael Morales- Dream of You Winger-Miles Away Richard Marx- Big Boy now Bad English-.Savage Blue Starship-Trouble in Mind Danger Danger – Under the Gun Rick Springfield-Me & Johnny Talisman- Day By Day Stan Meissner- I don’t Believe it’s over Red Dawn- Promises Survivor-Backstreet Love Affair. Valentine- Tears in the Night Toto-Mad About you Fair Warning- One Step Closer....


AORLAND 271 Edicion: 23/09/18

Hoy han sonado.. Saxon- I can’t wait anymore Los Angeles- I will carry you Jennifer Rush- Rain Coming down on me Creye-Nothing to lose Cliff Magness-My heart Jon Butcher-Dreams Fade Away CTA( Calofornia Transit Authority)- Out of reason Hearts on Fire-Ghost Of Yesterday Garou-Stand up Hank Erix – Electricity Matt Fishel-Twinks Midnite City-You Don't Understand Me Aretha Franklin-Freeway of love White Widdow-America Little River Band-Two Emotions Dion Bayman-Cold John Farnham-Beyond the Call...


AORLAND 270 EDICION: 7th Season.

Hemos vuelto !!! Esperamos vuestros comentarios John Parr – Bad Blood Treat- Always Have, Always Will Cliff Magness- Shout Hank Erix- Way to Go. Asia-Anytime Mia Klose- One more night Russell - Walking to heaven Degreed-Body Of Work YA-YA-Julia White Widdow- Reach Up ( BJATO) Backman Johanson and the others-Upside Down ( Feat Frank Adahl) Dallas- Open your heart Steven Cade-Best Days Dion Bayman- Pieces Dillon Obrian- Something almost sacred Goundbreaker- Eighteen Til I Die Toyo-The night...


AORLAND 269 Edición: Robin Beck essentials

Disfrutar de la selección que Manuel os ha preparado. 01.- Footprints in the rain 02.- Save up all your tears 03.- On the bright side 04.- That All Depends 05.- Sleepin' With The Enemy 06.- Why don´t you love me 07.- I Swear the Nights 08.- I will love you now 09.- What About Us 10.- Hide Your Heart 11.- My life 12.- Show Me The Way 13.- Wrecking Ball 14.- In These Eyes 15.- The One 16.- First Time 17.- Close_to_you 18.- The Safest Place (I Wanna Be Strong) 19.- Always 20.- If You Were A...


AORLAND 268ª Edición: SUMMER SONGS 2018

AORLAND SUMMER SONGS 2018 1-Peet Project / Kill Your Monster 2-Rob Tardik (Feat. Mark Masri) / Once In A Lifetime 3-Urs Wiesendanger (Feat. Dhenibe Romea) / Back To Life 4-High Red / Man Overboard 5-Aaron Bing / Where We're Supposed To Be 6-Soul Basement (Fabio Puglisi-Feat: Jay Nemor) / Better Days 7-Lindsey Webster / By My Side 8-Darryl Williams (Feat. Ashling Cole & Greg Manning) / Don't Ask My Neighbors 9- Todd Rundgren (Featuring Daryl Hall & With Bobby Strickland) / Chance for Us...


AORLAND 267 Edición: Back to 2017 ( Fin temporada)

1.-GlitterWolf-Powerhot 2.-Lionville-Bring me back our love 3.-.Art Nation - Kiss Up & Kick Down 4.- Kenny Waine Shepherd- Baby got gone 5.-Cyhra-Karma 6. -Steve Walsh- Now Until Forever 7.-Boycott-No one, babe 8.-Eclipse- Never look back. 9.-Bonfire-Praying for a Miracle 10.-Coastland Ride- Eyes of the Storm 11.-Santa Cruz-Young blood rising 12.-Walk on _Fire-The Price Of Love. 13,-Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers- Vinyl. 14.-Arch Enemy-Eagle flyes alone 15.-Harem Scarem- Bite The Bullet...


AORLAND 266 Edición: Back to 2016

Hoy han sonado.. 1.-Magic Dance- I need a name 2.-Rob Moratti-Im Back 3.- Tytania-Always counts but to you 4.-Grand Slam-Take me higher 5.-Dare-.I'll Hear You Pray 6,. Casting Crowns-One step away 7.-Seven- High Hopes 8.-White Widdow- - Last Chance For Love 9..Culver Kingz-Changes get broken 10. Cruzh-First Cruzh 11- Phantom 5- Someday 12.- Srdajan Brankovic- Without you 13.-Drive She Said-In’R Blood 14,. Ted Poley- Let's Start Something 15.-Palace-Path to Light 16.-Sixx Am- The devils...


AORLAND 265 Edición: Back To 2015

Hoy han sonado 01.- Nelson-Invincible 02.-JORN LANDE & TROND HOLTER- Into the dark 03_Kiske, Somerville-Walk On Water 04.-Silent-Around the sun 05.-COP-Nightmare 06.-Art Nation- 3000 Beats ( Ex diamamond down) 07.-Night Flight Orchestra-Stiletto 08.-Ozone-Practice What You Preach 09_Blood Red Saints-Best Of Me 10.,- Raintown-Feels much better now 11.-Eclipse-The Storm 12.-Degreed-Forgive You 13.-Fab Box- Two 14.-Zaneta-Coming Back 15.-ISSA- Raintown 16.-CWF- Two Hearts at war 17.-Joel...


AORLAND 264 Edición: Back to 2014

01.Seven- Inside Love 02-Rascal Flats- Kickstart My Heart 03- JD Miller- Let it burn 04.-Night Ranger-High Road 05.-Sunstrike-Rock Your World 06--HEAT- Inferno 07.-Skyscraper- Through the Eyes of liberty 08.-White Widdow-Caught in the Crossfire 09 - Brother Firetribe-For Better Or For Worse 10.- Newman- That kind of girl 11.-7th Heaven-It’s You 12 .-Free Spirit-Hysteria 13.- Shade Peters- We drove all night alone 14.- Work of Art-Can’t let go 15.-Satin - Fire The Shot 16.-Brian Cullbertson-...


AORLAND 263 Edicion: Back to 2013

Eden Curse-Wings to Fly RageOfAngels- Over and Over Arcangel-Harlequins of light Snowfall-Dont drive me home tonight Angelica-Nothing else you can break Dan Reed-Sign to me Waltham- You are everything that I want Degreed- What If Player-Life in Colour Shakra-Save you from yourself Now-Tonight Is The Night Guru- Straight To Your Heart WET- Walk away Laneslide( Paul Lane)-_You Can Make It Jeff Golub with Brian Auger( Feat Christopher Cross)- How long Lionville-Waiting for a star to fall FM-...