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Programa emitido desde todos los martes de 21 a 22h de la noche dedicado a lo mejor del AOR / Hard Rock Melódico. Intentaremos que descubras nuevos grupos y rescataremos del olvido bandas menos conocidos. Seguro que os sorprende !

Programa emitido desde todos los martes de 21 a 22h de la noche dedicado a lo mejor del AOR / Hard Rock Melódico. Intentaremos que descubras nuevos grupos y rescataremos del olvido bandas menos conocidos. Seguro que os sorprende !
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Madrid, Spain




Programa emitido desde todos los martes de 21 a 22h de la noche dedicado a lo mejor del AOR / Hard Rock Melódico. Intentaremos que descubras nuevos grupos y rescataremos del olvido bandas menos conocidos. Seguro que os sorprende !




AORLAND 274 Edición: 14/10/18

Hoy han sonado 1.-Kyle Vincent- Something to remember me by 2.- Warren Wiebe ( original Demos) – 17 Years 3.-Jay Soto-All Alone 4.- White Widdow- Anything 5.-Joe Pasquale-Paint in blue 6.-Care of night-Ivory Tower 7.-Frank Stallone- Far from over 8.-Firmo - Maybe Forever 9.-Tommy Nilsson- Looking Through The Eyes of a child 10.-Dare-.Beneath The Shining Water 11.-Capaldi-Some come Running 12.-Crown of thorn-Till The End 13.West of Sunset- Gotta have it all 14.Chesney Hawkes - The One and...


AORLAND 273 Edición: 07/10/18 ( Memories)

Hemos vuelto a tener problemas con la grabación del programa. Os subimos el audio de nuevo sin nuestros comentarios. Esperamos que en breve podamos volver a tener los audios grabados con normalidad. Os pedimos disculpas una vez mas. Los temas que han sonado hoy 01-David Hallyday-Tears in the Earth Pretty Maids - Savage Heart Brett Walker-Bad Time for Goodbyes Gotthard – Stay for the night Robert Tepper-Once in My life Europe-Coast to Coast Dominoe-Angel don Cry Vixen-Love Made Me 38...


AORLAND 272 Edición: Classics

Hoy han sonado Michael Bolton- Gina Rick Price- Fooling Myself Bryan Adams-. There Will Never Be Another Tonight Michael Morales- Dream of You Winger-Miles Away Richard Marx- Big Boy now Bad English-.Savage Blue Starship-Trouble in Mind Danger Danger – Under the Gun Rick Springfield-Me & Johnny Talisman- Day By Day Stan Meissner- I don’t Believe it’s over Red Dawn- Promises Survivor-Backstreet Love Affair. Valentine- Tears in the Night Toto-Mad About you Fair Warning- One Step Closer....


AORLAND 271 Edicion: 23/09/18

Hoy han sonado.. Saxon- I can’t wait anymore Los Angeles- I will carry you Jennifer Rush- Rain Coming down on me Creye-Nothing to lose Cliff Magness-My heart Jon Butcher-Dreams Fade Away CTA( Calofornia Transit Authority)- Out of reason Hearts on Fire-Ghost Of Yesterday Garou-Stand up Hank Erix – Electricity Matt Fishel-Twinks Midnite City-You Don't Understand Me Aretha Franklin-Freeway of love White Widdow-America Little River Band-Two Emotions Dion Bayman-Cold John Farnham-Beyond the Call...


AORLAND 270 EDICION: 7th Season.

Hemos vuelto !!! Esperamos vuestros comentarios John Parr – Bad Blood Treat- Always Have, Always Will Cliff Magness- Shout Hank Erix- Way to Go. Asia-Anytime Mia Klose- One more night Russell - Walking to heaven Degreed-Body Of Work YA-YA-Julia White Widdow- Reach Up ( BJATO) Backman Johanson and the others-Upside Down ( Feat Frank Adahl) Dallas- Open your heart Steven Cade-Best Days Dion Bayman- Pieces Dillon Obrian- Something almost sacred Goundbreaker- Eighteen Til I Die Toyo-The night...


AORLAND 269 Edición: Robin Beck essentials

Disfrutar de la selección que Manuel os ha preparado. 01.- Footprints in the rain 02.- Save up all your tears 03.- On the bright side 04.- That All Depends 05.- Sleepin' With The Enemy 06.- Why don´t you love me 07.- I Swear the Nights 08.- I will love you now 09.- What About Us 10.- Hide Your Heart 11.- My life 12.- Show Me The Way 13.- Wrecking Ball 14.- In These Eyes 15.- The One 16.- First Time 17.- Close_to_you 18.- The Safest Place (I Wanna Be Strong) 19.- Always 20.- If You Were A...


AORLAND 268ª Edición: SUMMER SONGS 2018

AORLAND SUMMER SONGS 2018 1-Peet Project / Kill Your Monster 2-Rob Tardik (Feat. Mark Masri) / Once In A Lifetime 3-Urs Wiesendanger (Feat. Dhenibe Romea) / Back To Life 4-High Red / Man Overboard 5-Aaron Bing / Where We're Supposed To Be 6-Soul Basement (Fabio Puglisi-Feat: Jay Nemor) / Better Days 7-Lindsey Webster / By My Side 8-Darryl Williams (Feat. Ashling Cole & Greg Manning) / Don't Ask My Neighbors 9- Todd Rundgren (Featuring Daryl Hall & With Bobby Strickland) / Chance for Us...


AORLAND 267 Edición: Back to 2017 ( Fin temporada)

1.-GlitterWolf-Powerhot 2.-Lionville-Bring me back our love 3.-.Art Nation - Kiss Up & Kick Down 4.- Kenny Waine Shepherd- Baby got gone 5.-Cyhra-Karma 6. -Steve Walsh- Now Until Forever 7.-Boycott-No one, babe 8.-Eclipse- Never look back. 9.-Bonfire-Praying for a Miracle 10.-Coastland Ride- Eyes of the Storm 11.-Santa Cruz-Young blood rising 12.-Walk on _Fire-The Price Of Love. 13,-Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers- Vinyl. 14.-Arch Enemy-Eagle flyes alone 15.-Harem Scarem- Bite The Bullet...


AORLAND 266 Edición: Back to 2016

Hoy han sonado.. 1.-Magic Dance- I need a name 2.-Rob Moratti-Im Back 3.- Tytania-Always counts but to you 4.-Grand Slam-Take me higher 5.-Dare-.I'll Hear You Pray 6,. Casting Crowns-One step away 7.-Seven- High Hopes 8.-White Widdow- - Last Chance For Love 9..Culver Kingz-Changes get broken 10. Cruzh-First Cruzh 11- Phantom 5- Someday 12.- Srdajan Brankovic- Without you 13.-Drive She Said-In’R Blood 14,. Ted Poley- Let's Start Something 15.-Palace-Path to Light 16.-Sixx Am- The devils...


AORLAND 265 Edición: Back To 2015

Hoy han sonado 01.- Nelson-Invincible 02.-JORN LANDE & TROND HOLTER- Into the dark 03_Kiske, Somerville-Walk On Water 04.-Silent-Around the sun 05.-COP-Nightmare 06.-Art Nation- 3000 Beats ( Ex diamamond down) 07.-Night Flight Orchestra-Stiletto 08.-Ozone-Practice What You Preach 09_Blood Red Saints-Best Of Me 10.,- Raintown-Feels much better now 11.-Eclipse-The Storm 12.-Degreed-Forgive You 13.-Fab Box- Two 14.-Zaneta-Coming Back 15.-ISSA- Raintown 16.-CWF- Two Hearts at war 17.-Joel...


AORLAND 264 Edición: Back to 2014

01.Seven- Inside Love 02-Rascal Flats- Kickstart My Heart 03- JD Miller- Let it burn 04.-Night Ranger-High Road 05.-Sunstrike-Rock Your World 06--HEAT- Inferno 07.-Skyscraper- Through the Eyes of liberty 08.-White Widdow-Caught in the Crossfire 09 - Brother Firetribe-For Better Or For Worse 10.- Newman- That kind of girl 11.-7th Heaven-It’s You 12 .-Free Spirit-Hysteria 13.- Shade Peters- We drove all night alone 14.- Work of Art-Can’t let go 15.-Satin - Fire The Shot 16.-Brian Cullbertson-...


AORLAND 263 Edicion: Back to 2013

Eden Curse-Wings to Fly RageOfAngels- Over and Over Arcangel-Harlequins of light Snowfall-Dont drive me home tonight Angelica-Nothing else you can break Dan Reed-Sign to me Waltham- You are everything that I want Degreed- What If Player-Life in Colour Shakra-Save you from yourself Now-Tonight Is The Night Guru- Straight To Your Heart WET- Walk away Laneslide( Paul Lane)-_You Can Make It Jeff Golub with Brian Auger( Feat Christopher Cross)- How long Lionville-Waiting for a star to fall FM-...


AORLAND 262 Edicion: 27/05/18

Hoy han sonado 1.-Tour the Force- Tonight 2.- Lionville- All We Need 3.-B.E Taylor Group-Take me to your heart 4.-Eyes- Every Single Minute. 5.- Leroux-Carriers Gone 6-China - Pictures of You 7-Manfred Ehlerts ( Feat Marc Storace ) - Call my name 8..Danger Danger-Never Give Up 9-Swedish Funk Connection - Out of my way 10.-White Widdow-Cry Wolf 11.-Little River Band- Cuts like a diamond 12.Rain or Shine - FOOL'S PARADISE 13.-Heartland- Losing to Love 14..Paul Laine- After The Rain


AORLAND 261 Edicion: DARE ' Out of Silence '

Treat- Hunger Waysted- Heaven Tonight Harem Scarem-End of time Triumph- Running in the night Erika- Cold winter night Prism-State of the heart Shari Ulrich - Looking For Me Swedish Funk Connection-Somewhere somehow Jean_Beauvoir-Missing The Young Days The Jon Butcher Axis-Carrie Dare- Nothing Stronger than love David Lee Murphy- Way Gone Guild of Ages-Rise Another Day 38 Special- You?e be the Dam, I’?l be the water Sunstorm-My Eyes on you Graham Bonnet- Look don’t Touch Romeos Daughter- All...


AORLAND 260 Edicion: 06/05/18

Hoy han sonado. Lou Gramm- Just Between you and me Williams- Friestedt-Say Goodbye What if – What if Bai Bang- Come on Robert Tepper- Don’t Walk away Heat- The one and only Cliff Magness- One way out Airkraft- Say Goodbye John Parr- Don’t leave your mark on me Space Elevator- All This Time The Automatix- Night Rider Claus Hassing_All the way Steve Perry-Stand Alone ( Sound track from Quest from Kamelot) Mark Spiro- It’s a Beatiful Life Stefan Gunnarsson- Fine day Michael Bolton-Tracks of My...


AORLAND 259 Edición: 29/04/18

Hoy han sonado.. SANDSTROEM feat. GÖRAN EDMAN – Mirrors Gary Hughes-Vigilante King Kobra-This Ranging Fire Alyson Avenue-Fight with yur heart From The Fire- Never Be Lonely John Wetton-Right Where I wanted to be John Elefante-On my Way to the Sun Bad Habit - Just A Heartbeat Away Moti Special-In love we Stand George and Grunvvald-So Much To Say The Theander Expression-Strange Nostalgia Felix Cavaliere-Dreams in Motion Jimmy Davis & Juntion-Just a Little Bit Jim Jidhed - I´ll be ready then...


AORLAND 258 Edición: 22/04/18

Hoy han sonado Boys Meets Girl-One sweet dream Mitch Malloy Where Love Is No Stranger Sharom O`Neil-Losing You Claus Hassing- Don't Go Away David Baerwald-Good Times Dana Key- The Outlaw Kurt Howell We’ ?l find the way Desmond Child- The Price Of Lovin You Go West- The sun and the moon. The Senior Management- I See The Light ( Groan Edman) Stefan Andersson-Love what I Found Shannon Noll-Who I Am GIG-AlL I’ll ever need feat Warrem Wiebe Silence-Open Road-Anywhere Bill Cantos-Endless Nights...


AORLAND 257 Edición: 15/04/18

Hoy han sonado.. Magnum-Matter of Survival Jeff Scott Soto- Eyes of Love Franke & The Knockouts- Carry Why Survivor- Burning Heart Spandau Ballet- Crashed into love Touch -The Sweetist Victory Rick Springfield- Souls Lee Abraham - - Always Yours Cannata-Will the sky begin to fall? Dare- King Of Spades 1927- You’?l never know GIG-Peddler, Pete Jim Capaldi- Prince Of Darkness Doug Brons- Vacant Heart Mike Tramp - One More Chance Richard Page- The best thing. TEN-This Heart Goes On Glenn Frey-...


AORLAND 256 Edición: 08/04/18

Hoy han sonado Eric Martin Band- Sucker for a pretty face Vega - All Over Now Eddie Money- Heaven in the back seat Hartmann-Simple Man feat. Eric Martin Night Ranger-Love is standing near Stone Lake- Only Shadows Boston- I need your love 7 ALMAS _ INVIERNO EN OCTUBRE Foreigner-Safe in my heart BONFIRE-Temple_Of_Lies-On_The_Wings_Of_An_Angel Robert Hart- Heart Issa- How long Phenomena – Believe ( Glenn Hughes) Perfect Plan-Gone Too Far White Heart-How many Times James Christian- Love is the...


AORLAND 255ª Edición: 18/03/18

Hoy los temas que han sonado son conocidos...Si os hace falta que os lo pongamos no dudéis en pedirlo :) 01 -Poison- Fallen Angel 02.-Leverage-Dreamworld 03.-Stryper- Holding On 04.-Damn Yankees-Dont tread on me 05.-White Lion-Broken Heart 06.-Fate- One By One 07 -Shotgun Messiah- Heartbreak Blvd 08.-Firehouse-Reach for the Sky 09.-Bonfire- Strike Back 10.- Slamer- Higher Ground 11.-Heavens Edge- Bad Reputation. 12.-House of lords-They Bigger they Come 13.-Mc Auley Shenker Group-. Destiny...