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AEW: What Will This Mean For Indy Wrestling? - Episode 40

In this week's episode, we take a look at all of the rumors surrounding the trademarks filed for a supposed new upstart promotion launching next year. Members of the Elite (Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks) along with Tony Khan, co-owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, are said to be the front men for this promotion and that could make things very interesting on the wrestling front in the near future. In what was supposed to be predictions and who we would like to see join the promotion, the...


PAX Unplugged: Tyler Breeze & UpUpDownDown - Episode 39

In this week's episode, we discuss the Friday of PAX Unplugged that both Walton and Peach attended in Philadelphia, PA. In what would normally have been just a day of tapletop gaming goodness, the day turned into a surprise appearance by Tyler Breeze, Ember Moon, Cathy Kelley and Brennan. After hearing the story of how Walton and Peach bumped into them, Walton found out that UpUpDownDown was there and he talks about checking that out as well. Added to the stories, we talk about gaming, some...


Old PPV's: Which Ones Should Be Brought Back? - Episode 38

In this week's episode, due to the recent NXT TakeOver: WarGames II and WWE's Starrcade House Show, we decided to take a look at some of the old PPV concepts and names that should be brought back. As we welcome back Peach after another few weeks off, we look into some of the former WCW, ECW and WWE/F PPV's that should be brought back in some capacity. Between WCW's Bash at the Beach and World War 3, WWE's King of the Ring and Cyber Sunday and ECW's Heat Wave and Guilty as Charged, we try to...


Thanksgiving 2018: What Are We Thankful For? - Episode 37

In this week's episode, we are celebrating Thanksgiving by speaking on what we are thankful for since beginning Apron Work Podcast and in the wrestling world in general. We take time to thank specific matches, wrestlers, their social media accounts and, of course, you the listeners, who have been amazing beyond our wildest expectations in respect to episode downloads. We also find some time to speak on some of the events and happenings of Survivor Series and the possibility of adding other...


Survivor Series 2018: Preview & Predictions - Episode 36

In this week's episode, we discuss Survivor Series weekend, which includes NXT Takeover: War Games II on Saturday and the Survivor Series PPV on Sunday. In what has become commonplace, we are without Peach, mostly due to us not telling him when we were recording the first time around that had to be re-done by the mass changes made on Tuesday night's SmackDown Live. We give our predictions for both cards on the weekend, as well as who we believe will be the survivors in each Survivor Series...


WrestleMania 32: Remembering Our Roots - Episode 35

In this week's episode, we decide to take a look back to where the idea of Apron Work Podcast all began in honor of the WrestleMania 35 travel packages becoming available this week. In 2016, the three of us went to our first (and only) WrestleMania in Dallas, Texas, as we purchased our tickets through the WWE travel package. We remember the events that surrounded that trip for us, speak on our experiences and explain if we felt it was worth it or not. We also tell some stories surrounding...


Suspension of Disbelief: Events You Second Guessed - Episode 34

In this week's episode, we take a moment to discuss the recent events that included Roman Reigns leukemia announcement, Austin Aries taking his ball and going home at Bound for Glory and the upcoming news of John Cena refusing to work Crown Jewel and needing a way to write him out of the World Cup tournament. These events led us to our topic of the week, which included an extreme amount of input from Peach, of moments in wrestling when you were confused on whether or not you were seeing...


The Peach Pit IV: & the Goblet of Fire - Episode 33

In this week's episode, we push right through "The Peach Pit" trilogy into the fourth edition that nobody asked us for. We kick things off discussing Respass' old attempts at websites using Angelfire.com and Peach shows up for his second episode in a row to ask hard hitting questions that seem to revolve a lot around fantasy football and if a wrestling version of it would work. Peach also asks what can be done to get more people into watching wrestling now and what do we think Fox is going...


SmackDown 1000: WWE's B Show Reaches Milestone - Episode 32

In this week's episode, we have huge news...WE FOUND PEACH! That is right! Peach is back and that means our B host is here to talk about WWE's B show, SmackDown. SmackDown reaches a milestone of their 1000th episode and that means we were discussing the history of SmackDown. Respass posted three questions on Reddit and Twitter about SmackDown, which included about who you would associate with SmackDown other than The Rock, your favorite announce team in its history and the most memorable...


MMA vs Wrestling: The Real, The Fake & The Scripted - Episode 31

In this week's episode, we experience yet another week of unforeseen circumstances that caused another last-minute switch in the subject for the week and, which has us very worried, we still can't seem to find Peach. We found ourselves a little more prepared for this week's impromptu change and decided to focus on the professional wrestling style ending that happened at UFC 229 this past Saturday night between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Respass gives his conspiracy theory on...


Unretirement for Super Shows: Is Nothing Sacred? - Episode 30

In this week's episode, unforeseen circumstances caused a last minute switch in the subject for the week and to make matters worse, we still can't seem to find Peach. Regardless of the change, we decided to discuss the rumor of Shawn Michaels probably coming out of retirement to wrestle at Crown Jewel, the next event in Saudi Arabia. We give our opinions on retirement in wrestling, if and when it is appropriate to unretire, who we would like to see Michaels feud with and the rumor about The...


Horrible PPV Endings: The Best Way to Ruin a Card - Episode 29

In this week's episode, we take a play out of the Hell In A Cell 2018 playbook and talk about the WORST wrestling PPV endings in our opinions. Unfortunately, we were once again without the in-depth analysis of Peach. We talked about PPVs in the history of wrestling that had awful endings and either ruined the event or added to an already awful card. We both took the idea of what makes a wrestling PPV ending horrible in different directions which led to some serious debating. One of the most...


The Lost Art of Managers: Where Have They All Gone? - Episode 28

In this week's episode, without the in-depth analysis of Peach, we celebrate Paul Heyman's recent birthday and the rumor that Vince McMahon is planning on using more managers by taking a deeper look into its missing role recently in professional wrestling. We posed a question to our social media accounts, asking them "If you could match up any manager in the history of wrestling (current managers included) with a group of any four members of the current WWE/205 Live/NXT/NXT UK roster, who...


Non-Wrestling Fans: Matches to Pique Their Interest - Episode 27

In this week's episode, we follow the hype surrounding ALL IN with an interesting topic of discussion. We decided to come up with our top matches that we would show a non-wrestling fan (or former wrestling fan) to pique their interest enough to have them cross over to the dark side. The initial idea was to have the person only be able to see the pre-match video package, the match itself and the post-match shenanigans without any added information and have them see what wrestling can truly...


ALL IN: A Look into the Future of Professional Wrestling - Episode 26

In this week's episode, we discuss the results of the show funded by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks, ALL IN. A night that was already a historic night for the independent wrestling scene before the first bell rang, ended up being a huge night for the world of professional wrestling as a whole and we feel may be a glimpse into the future of the business. Although we never did get those ticket donations to see the show live in Chicago, we did still give our reactions of how we felt about each...


Book It! The Card Game: An Interview with Paul LaPorte - Episode 25

In this week's episode, we had the pleasure of talking to the creator of "Book It! The Wrestling Promoter Card Game", Paul LaPorte. This game has been successfully funded on Kickstarter and is a few short months away from being released to its backers (which Respass is one of) and through retail. We talk to Paul about a wide array of things ranging from details about his inspirations for the game and how to play it to his experience on the independent wrestling scene which includes his...


SummerSlam 2018: The Reactions to the Weekend - Episode 24

In this week's episode, we attempted at something different. We tried to give you the best live reactions to each SummerSlam match as we could by recording little segments at the end of every match to give you our instant reaction and then recorded our overall reaction at the very end. Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties, we did not get our NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV reactions in as well. We did have a few fellow listeners in the background with us which they contributed about...


SummerSlam 2018: NXT’s Preview & Predictions - Episode 23.3

In this week's three-part episode, we discuss the fast-approaching SummerSlam weekend. We are joined by a familiar guest from "The Opie and Friends Show" on YouTube, Jeremy Culver, for part three of this episode which focuses on the NXT matches included on NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4's card, as well as a short discussion to begin the episode about New Japan Pro-Wrestling's G1 Climax between Jer and Walton. With the limited knowledge of Jer with recent NXT programming, Respass with the G1 Climax...


SummerSlam 2018: SmackDown’s Preview & Predictions - Episode 23.2

In this week's three-part episode, we discuss the fast-approaching SummerSlam weekend. We are joined by a familiar guest from "We Podcast & We Know Things", Greg Hall, for part two of this episode which focuses on the SmackDown matches included on SummerSlam's card, as well as the Cruiserweight Championship match from 205 Live. Respass geeks out a bit on his knowledge of "We Podcast & We Know Things" episodes and Greg is an awe of finally meeting the legend that is Peach. Also there is a...


SummerSlam 2018: Raw's Preview & Predictions - Episode 23.1

In this week's three-part episode, we discuss the fast-approaching SummerSlam weekend. We are joined by a familiar guest in Matthew Ficco for part one of this episode which focuses on the Raw matches included on SummerSlam's card, as well as two matches that have been speculated to be added between now and SummerSlam. Although this is the first part of the episode, this was the third one we recorded for the day and Peach was drinking through all of them so buckle up for the type of belly...