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SciFi/Horror author Steve Alten & his MEG series on Authors on the Air with Pam

Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes Steve Alten to the show. Steve writes horror/science fiction and his book series MEG releases as a movie on August 11, 2018. See the movie trailer here: About my guest: Steve Alten grew up in Philadelphia, earning his Bachelors degree in Physical Education at Penn State University, a Masters Degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Delaware, and a Doctorate of Education at Temple University. Steve...


Author Steve Hamilton and DEAD MAN RUNNING on Authors on the Air with Pam

Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes award-winning author STEVE HAMILTON who is in the studio to discuss his new book DEAD MAN RUNNING. About the book: On the Mediterranean Sea, a vacationer logs on to the security-camera feed from his home in Scottsdale, Arizona. Something about his living room seems not quite right--the room is bright, when he's certain he'd left the curtains closed. Rewinding through the feed, he sees an intruder. When he shifts to the bedroom camera, he sees the...


Author Bruce Coffin and BETWEEN THE DEPTHS on Authors on the Air with Pam

Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcome best-selling author Bruce Coffin. About my guest: Bruce Robert Coffin is the bestselling author of the Detective Byron mystery series and former detective sergeant with more than twenty-seven years in law enforcement. At the time of his retirement, from the Portland, Maine police department, he supervised all homicide and violent crime investigations for Maine's largest city. Following the terror attacks of September 11th, Bruce spent four years...


Lori Rader-Day and UNDER A DARK SKY on Authors on the Air with Pam Stack

Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes best-selling award winning author Lori Rader Day to discuss her new book UNDER A DARK SKY. About the book: Since her husband died, Eden Wallace's life has diminished down to a tiny pinprick, like a far-off star in the night sky. She doesn't work, has given up on her love of photography, and is so plagued by night terrors that she can't sleep without the lights on. Everyone, including her family, has grown weary of her grief. So when she finds...


Award-Winning Novelist Lou Berney is on the Menu at The Blue Plate Special

Host Terri Lynn Coop is pleased to serve up award-winning novelist Lou Berney on The Blue Plate Special. In introduction . . . I'm Lou Berney, author of the forthcoming NOVEMBER ROAD, a thriller and love story set against the backdrop of the JFK assassination. Don Winslow calls it "a staggeringly brilliant book and a flat-out terrific read." And yes, since you're wondering, I do plan to deliver a roller bag full of unmarked hundred-dollar bills to his house. I'm also the author of three...


Author-Screenwriter Adam Hamdy & The Pendulum series on Authors on the Air

Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes screenwriter and author ADAM HAMDY to the show. About my guest: Identified as an Amazon Rising Star, British author and screenwriter Adam Hamdy works with studios and production companies on both sides of the Atlantic. He is the author of the Pendulum trilogy, an epic series of conspiracy thriller novels. James Patterson described Pendulum as 'one of the best thrillers of the year', and the novel was a finalist for the Glass Bell Award for...


Author Deborah Stevens & THE SERPENT'S DISCIPLE on Authors on the Air with Pam

Authors on the Air Host Pam Stack welcomes debut author and world traveler Deborah Stevens to the show. A little about Deb first: Deborah Stevens a native of Detroit, Michigan,now lives in Minnesota.Stevens majored in interior design. Her interest in the arts and to detail is evident in her debut novel where she describes famous paintings,architectural land marks and intriguing but little known facts. Deborah has traveled extensively to Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean, and has a...


Eryk Pruitt & The Long Dance Podcast on Authors on the Air with Pam Stack

Authors on the Air host Pam Stack is honored to welcome author, filmmaker and podcaster ERYK PRUITT to the show. His podcast 'THE LONG DANCE" is the most unque and interesting thing we're heard in years. Here's the story: On February 12, 1971, in Durham, North Carolina, a 20-year-old nursing student and her 19-year-old boyfriend left a Valentine’s Dance to park down a secluded lover’s lane. They never returned. Two weeks later, their bodies were found deep within the Carolina pines. They...


Laurell K. Hamilton joins Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!

Laurell K. Hamilton is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of two series that mix mystery, fantasy, magic, horror and romance. Her Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter novels began with GUILTY PLEASURES and continues with SERPENTINE. There are more than 6 million copies of Anita in print worldwide, in 16 languages. Hamilton's other series features Fey princess and private investigator, Merry Gentry and there are several novels exceeding one million copies in print. She lives in St. Louis...


Meet the writers of UNLOADED VOL. 2 w/ Eric Beetner on Authors on the Air

Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes the authors and editor of the anthology UNLOADED VOLUME 2. Joining Pam today are editor Eric Beetner, and contrbutors James Ziskin, Kris Calvin, Alex Segura and Laura McHugh. The Anthony-nominated collection of crime stories without guns—the collection we didn't want to be necessary—is back for Volume 2. Two dozen more crime writers have come together to raise their voices and take pen in hand to call for a sensible and reasoned debate about guns...


Award-winning author, Beth Carter joins Tina Susedik

At a certain mid-life crisis, er, age, multi-award-winning author Beth Carter shed her corporate bank suits and heels to pen novels and children's books. She much prefers afternoon writing at Starbucks to 8 o'clock board meetings. Winner of a 2017 Raven Award, a 2015 RONE Award, and named Best Debut Author in 2015, the author pens romantic women's fiction and contemporary romance in what she calls rollercoaster romance. The author infuses plenty of humor, suspense, heartwarming romance,...


Crime Writer ERYK PRUITT is on the Menu at The Blue Plate Special

Host Terri Lynn Coop is pleased to serve up writer, filmmaker, and podcaster ERYK PRUITT. Eryk Pruitt is a screenwriter, author and filmmaker living in Durham, NC with his wife Lana and cat Busey. His short films FOODIE and LIYANA, ON COMMAND have won several awards at film festivals across the US. In 2015, he was a finalist for the Derringer Award for his short story "Knockout.". His third novel, WHAT WE RECKON, has been nominated for the prestigious Anthony Award and can be found on...


Author Wallace Stroby discusses crime fiction on Authors on the Air

Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes author and journalist WALLACE STROBY. Wallace Stroby is an award-winning journalist and the author of eight novels, four of which feature professional thief Crissa Stone, whom Kirkus Reviews named "Crime fiction's best bad girl ever." A Long Branch, N.J., native, he's a lifelong resident of the Jersey Shore. His debut novel THE BARBED-WIRE KISS, which The Washington Post called "a scorching first novel ...full of attention to character and memory...


WE ARE THE CLASH authors Ralph HeibutzkI, Mark Andersen on SKID ROW CHATTER

Slid Row Chatter host Tom Pitts presents WE ARE THE CLASH authors Ralph HeibutzkI and Mark Andersen. The Clash was a paradox of revolutionary conviction, musical ambition, and commercial drive. We Are The Clash is a gripping tale of the band's struggle to reinvent itself as George Orwell's 1984 loomed. This bold campaign crashed headlong into a wall of internal contradictions, and rising right-wing power. While the world teetered on the edge of the nuclear abyss, British miners waged a...


Live from Thrillerfest with the A-List authors

LIVE from Thrillerfest with the A-List authors


Carole Oldroyd Prison Wife Survival Guide on the Menu at The Blue Plate Special

Host Terri Lynn Coop is pleased to serve up Carole Oldroyd (writing as Lee Connor) and The Prison Wife Survival Guide - How to Survive the First Few Weeks. What would you do if your husband was arrested? Would you crawl into bed with a family-size bag of potato chips and a pint of Ben & Jerry's? Or would you sweep up the crumbs of your life, bake a new cake, and handle your new role as an inmate's wife? There's no rule that says you can't do both. With over two million jail and prison...



Host Pam Stack welcomes authors from Thrillerfest.


Author R. Weir discusses Jarvis Mann, P.I.

Randy Weir is the author of seven Jarvis Mann, P.I. novels. His writing beckons back to the days of detectives and dames, but with modern plots and twists. PI Jarvis Mann is tough, resourceful and a man with as many faults as virtues. His oddball sense of humor is much like Randy's, though he's not nearly as tough and fearless as Jarvis is. Though no evil stands a chance against his written word! Tina Susedik is an award-winning, Amazon best-selling, multi-published author with books in...


Matthew Harrill returns to Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!

Matthew W Harrill lives in the idyllic South-West of England, nestled snugly in a village in the foothills of the Cotswolds. Born in 1976, he attended school in Bristol and received a degree in Geology from Southampton University. By day he plies his trade implementing share plans. By night he spends his time with his wife and four children. Join the Thorne & Cross newsletter for updates, book deals, specials, exclusives, and upcoming guests on Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE! or visit...


Is Jake Lassiter done? We ask author Paul Levine on Authors on the Air

Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes international best-selling author Paul Levine. Is Jake Lassiter done? No more courtroom brawls? What's going on here? We get to the bottom of this and ask Levine the hard questions! From Paul Levine: This is the LAST time I'll trade insults and punches with Jake Lassiter. He's so damn ungrateful for all I've given him! This is a copyrighted podcast owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio...