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Savannah River Brewing Company

When you think about Augusta, you probably think about that big golf tournament. You likely don't think about craft beer. And up until a couple years ago, you'd be right. Georgia's second largest city had been a beer desert. But some pioneers are starting to change that. From beer bars like the Hive to breweries like Riverwatch and Savannah River Brewing Company, it's now possible to get some great craft beer in the city. On this episode, we talk to Savannah River Brewing Company owner...


TrimTab Brewing

Harris Stewart used to procrastinate studying law in college by brewing beer. Until one day, he realized that he should probably brew for a living. TrimTab was born out of that desire. We talk to Harris about the Alabama brewing scene, running a business and managing a family, expansion into Georgia and of course the beer. Plus, with the summer months coming, we'll learn why it's not a great idea to leave your beer in the car. Truck and Tap's Beers of the Week: Trim Tab Paradise Waits...


Wrecking Bar Brewpub

It's no secret that Atlanta is a great food town. But it's also becoming a fantastic beer town as well. So if you're a brewpub, you have to keep up with both. Wrecking Bar Brewpub has been able to do that. From crafting amazing beers (that are now being canned, thanks to new law changes) to providing fine fare, the Atlanta brewpub has managed to thrive in this busy and competitive market. We talk to owner and brewer emeritus Bob Sandage about his brewpub, new Georgia laws, and whether or...


Belgian Beers with Kraig Torres and Jen Price

We're talking all things Belgian. Beers, that is. Kraig Torres, owner of Hop City and Barleygarden, got into craft beer thanks to Belgian brewers. We talk dubbels, trippels, quads and what it actually means to be a Trappist brewery. Plus, Jen Price, author of "The Chick's Guide To Beer," talks beer and her new project, the Atlanta Beer Boutique. Truck and Tap's Beers of the Week: SweetWater 21st Oud Bruin Straffe Hendrick Wild 2014 & 2015 Three Taverns Dubbel Shot Jailhouse 2 Year Sentence...


Akademia Brewing Company

Where's a better place to start a brewpub than in a college town? When we last spoke to Akademia, they were a brewpub in planning. Today? They're distributing their beers around the area, cranking up a barrel aged program....and they have a prime rib night. Done. We talk to co-founders Matt Casey and Morgan Wireman live from the Classic City Brew Fest in Athens, Ga. Plus, we'll reveal the winner of our SweetWater Woodlands contest! Headlines: Brewer’s Association Releases List of 50...


420 Fest and the SweetWater Experience

420 Fest descends on Atlanta this week and we sat down with brewers Nick Nock and Nick Burgoyne to talk about the SweetWater Experience tent. They share info on the beers available - from collaboration brews to barrel-aged offerings, and wild and funky stuff from SweetWater's Woodlands. If you only know SweetWater for their hoppy beers (like 420) then the SweetWater Experience is a great way to explore more of what they can do. SweetWater's pilot brewery, dubbed The Hatchery, allows...


Stan Hieronymus Talks Hops

Beer journalist, author and homebrewer Stan Hieronymus joined us this week. If you have an interest in hops, this is the show for you. Stan talks about the modern evolution of hops, and whether there is really a hop shortage. Plus, we learn about why you shouldn't use the term "noble hops." It's great information for homebrewers and pros alike. Plus, we talk about the 2nd annual Columbus Beer Bash, how to win a membership in the SweetWater Woodlands Circle. And, we completely suck up to an...


Finback and Idyll Hounds

If you are an IPA lover, you needed to be at Monday Night Brewing's Garage. The inaugural Day of the Juice Festival took place there, and while there were more than IPAs on tap, this was definitely a celebration of all things hoppy. We talked to two great IPA brewers from the East Coast. First up was Basil Lee from New York City's Finback. Next, we spoke to the crew from the Emerald Coast's (that's the Florida Panhandle) Idyll Hounds. Plus, we talked to the crew behind this event from...


TinyPalooza 3.5 with Dry County Brewing

Lincoln Fill Station has been bringing craft beer to Snellville, Georgia for several years. They also are the home of a little Beer Guys history - the site of our very first live broadcast. We joined Tiny and the crew at TinyPalooza 3.5 once again this year, and sampled a great variety of beers on tap. We also got to chat with Trey Sinclair and Steve Anderson. The Dry County Brewing company gents were celebrating with Tiny and drinking some great beer. We were able to catch up with them,...


Georgia's Brewing History: 1783-2018

Despite the challenges brewers have faced post-Prohibition in Georgia, our state has a rich history of brewing. The first brewery was started in Georgia in 1783 and Atlanta was home to one of the largest breweries in the country from 1858 until 1955. Early craft breweries had varying levels of success in a world where most people were still content with their macro-brewed lagers. However, in the past 5 years the number of breweries in Georgia has more than doubled, and there are more on...


BeeCraft Meadery

Mead is one of the, if not the, oldest forms of alcohol in existence. And you can see why - take honey, add water, and voila! Of course, it's much more complicated than that. And Dawsonville's BeeCraft Meadery is working hard to make its mead stand out. From entry level meads to barrel aging to terracotta vessels, BeeCraft is making its mead from local honey and creating a buzz in the area. See what we did there? We are at Monday Night Brewing's Garage to talk to co-founders Derek Piper...


Red Brick Brewing Company

As Atlanta's oldest (still operating) craft brewery, it would be easy for Red Brick to rest on its laurels. However, the Westside brewery has undergone an overhaul of its image and its beers. The taproom boasts dozens of new beers, and their release schedule has been extremely busy. We join President/Brewmaster Garret Lockhart and Director of Brewing Operations Gavin McKenna at the brewery. We talk about the development of their new brews, the taproom, and memories of Myrtle Beach. TRUCK...


What I Wish I'd Known Before Opening a Brewery

Presented by the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild the "Dreamer's Workshop" is a two-part series aimed at educating breweries-in-planning (or dreaming) on navigating the process of opening a brewery. Aimed at Georgia-based brewers, most of the information will be valuable to brewers in every state. In Part 2 we'll hear from professional brewers about some of the challenges they faced in opening their brewery, and things they would do differently today. PANELISTS CJ Putnicki | New Realm Brewing...


Homebrewing - Off Flavors

We're broadcasting from Monday Night Brewing's Garage this week. Does your homebrew blonde ale continually have an underripe apple taste? Or is there rancid butter tastes in your porter? Does your IPA taste more like band-aids than tropical hops? This is the show for you. Mike Castagno has been an award-winning homebrewer before turning "pro" at Decatur's Twain's Brewpub. And Nate Watkins is another award-winning prolific homebrewer. We talk about some of the mistakes homebrewers make, the...


Orpheus Brewing

Jason Pellett's beers are out of the ordinary. After all, it was certainly a bold move for Atlanta's Orpheus Brewing to make a tart plum saison (Atalanta) one of its flagship beers. But persistence pays off. Now, the downtown brewery is filled to capacity, has one of the first coolship projects in the state, and is making some of the most unique beers in the south. We talk to Jason about the brewery, it's future, and the importance of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Truck and...


Pretoria Fields Collective

ROAD TRIP! The Beer Guys have a quest. To visit every brewery in Georgia this year. We were able to head to southwest Georgia this episode, and check out Pretoria Fields Collective. It's a brewery started by farmers and dedicated to making everything as local as possible - from the fruits they use in some of their beers, to the malt to even the hops. Head brewer Eric Kirchner and marketing director Jennifer Harris joined us this week to talk about starting up a brewery in a rural area, the...


Variant Brewing Company

This week, we're talking to the couple behind Variant Brewing Company. Matt and Lauren Curling opened up their Roswell brewery in 2017, and immediately caused a splash in the Georgia craft beer scene. We talk to Matt and Lauren Curling about starting up a brewery, the importance of keeping a variety of beers in your taproom, and a distinct lack of shiplap. Truck and Tap’s Beers of the Week: Variant Brewing Beers Gate City Awe Deuce Triple IPA Bearded Iris Waffle Talk and Mood Ring...


Pontoon Brewing

Shades On, Bottoms Up! That's the motto of Sandy Spring's newest (and first) brewery, Pontoon. Sean O'Keefe, CEO and Co-Owner and brewmaster Cole Brown welcomed us to the brewery this week. We sample their newest brew, a hazy IPA called "Don't Haze Me, Bro!" talk about starting a brewery, and Pontoon's obsession over otters. Truck and Tap's Beers of the Week: TrimTab Language of Thunder Pontoon Brewing Don’t Haze Me Bro Headlines: New HopCity coming to west sides’ Lee + White development...


14th Annual Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting

When you think of cask ales, you may think of warm, flat beer. That's not the case, and Owen Ogletree wants you to know about it. For the past 14 years, he's hosted the Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting. Breweries from around the south (and the world) send in their special beers they've made specifically to go on cask. For this show, we talk to some breweries in planning, including: Line Creek Brewing (Peachtree City) Split Batch Brewery (Duluth area) Banyan Roots (Atlanta Westside) Truck and Tap...


Macon Beer Company

Yash Patel first started brewing at age 13. While his dad was pretty happy about that, mom...not so much. However, since the brewing bug hit him quickly, he has spent a lot of time brewing beer. So it only made sense for him to take over ownership of Macon Beer company, central Georgia's first craft brewery. We talk to Yash, a native Maconite, about his beers, the growing craft beer scene in Macon, and his ideas behind brewing beer. Truck and Tap’s Beers of the Week: New Realm Radegast...


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