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Craft Beer Radio Join Beer Guys Radio each week as we talk with the creators and innovators across the craft beer world. Hosts Tim Dennis and Brian Hewitt dive into the latest beer trends, homebrewing tips and advice, beer-related laws and regulations, industry stats and news, beer and food pairing, and much more. Always entertaining and usually informative. Grab a pint, have a seat, and tune in.

Craft Beer Radio Join Beer Guys Radio each week as we talk with the creators and innovators across the craft beer world. Hosts Tim Dennis and Brian Hewitt dive into the latest beer trends, homebrewing tips and advice, beer-related laws and regulations, industry stats and news, beer and food pairing, and much more. Always entertaining and usually informative. Grab a pint, have a seat, and tune in.
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Craft Beer Radio Join Beer Guys Radio each week as we talk with the creators and innovators across the craft beer world. Hosts Tim Dennis and Brian Hewitt dive into the latest beer trends, homebrewing tips and advice, beer-related laws and regulations, industry stats and news, beer and food pairing, and much more. Always entertaining and usually informative. Grab a pint, have a seat, and tune in.






Oktoberfest Beer with Tucker Brewing Co.

Prost! We're talking and drinking Oktoberfest this week with Tucker Brewing This is one of our favorites shows of the year. We cook up some brats, some soft pretzels, break out the spaetzle and obatzda, and taste through a sampling of Oktoberfest beers while talking about the history and tradition of the OG Oktoberfest in Munich. Tucker Brewing Co. joins us for this time around. With a focus on German-style lager and Georgia's largest beer garden they are primed and ready for Oktoberfest....


Deschutes Brewery with Brian Faivre and Kyle Matthias

Diving into the Abyss with Deschutes Brewery Deschutes Brewery was founded in 1988. For a craft brewery, that's a long time ago. Kyle Matthias, the Assitant Brewmaster at Deschutes' Pilot Plant tells us that innovation and agility are key for their continued success. We're joined this week by Matthias and Brewmaster Brian Faivre to hear more about what's going on at Deschutes. While sipping a few of their amazing beers we discuss beer trends, staying ahead of the game as a bigger brewery,...


14th Star Brewing with co-founder Steve Gagner

14th Star Brewing is craft beer Brewed With a Mission 14th Star Brewing co-founder Steve Gagner tells us how a late night of drinking led to a WalMart run for soapmaking supplies, and how this all ties in with his eventual interest in brewing and opening his own brewery. Despite the humorous roots, Gagner takes his beer very seriously and strives to serve his community, especially veterans. The original business plan was jotted on the back of a notebook while Gagner served on the...


Stan Hieronymus talks hops, yeast, and South American craft beer

Stan Hieronymus knows a thing or two about hops Stan Hieronymus has forgotten more about the beer industry than most of us will ever know. He's typically leaned on for his knowledge of hops, but his expertise extends to many other areas in craft beer. Hieronymus relocated to the Atlanta area about 1 1/2 years ago and we bend his ear every chance we get. He joined us in early 2018 (BGR #120) and we thought it was about time to have him on again for an update. Naturally, we talk a lot about...


Ancient Ales and Historical Brewing with Beer Archaeologist Travis Rupp

Beer Archaeologist Travis Rupp is bringing history back to life one beer at a time As far as cool job titles go, Beer Archaeologist is pretty high on the list. Travis Rupp holds that title, as well as R&D Manager at Colorado's Avery Brewing Co. In addition to his boozy life, Rupp is also a professor of classics, art history, and anthropology at University of Colorado Boulder and he's currently working on a book - Brewing in the Ancient World. I'm not sure if he ever sleeps. Rupp joined us...


Sean Lawson of Lawson's Finest Liquids

Lawson's Finest Liquids is always ready to share a little Sip of Sunshine When Sean Lawson founded Lawson's Finest Liquids in 2008 he wasn't sure if his "hobby" would work out. His original brewhouse was built to accommodate his fallback plan, a sugar shack to process maple syrup. He never had to execute the backup plan and today Lawson's beers are distributed to nine states in the northeast with appearances at bottle shares and gatherings across the country. Lawson tells us that although...


Line Creek Brewing Co. celebrates Year One

Load up the golf cart and bring your friends to Line Creek Brewing Co. Line Creek Brewing Co. was the first brewery to open in Peachtree City, GA. Their small community has a bit slower pace than Atlanta, and golf carts are a common mode of transportation. You're likely to see a few in the parking lot if you visit the brewery. PTC'ers have welcomed Line Creek with open arms in their first year. Their spacious taproom offers plenty of seating as well as TVs for watching the game and a large...


Austin's NXNW Brewery with Head Brewer David Manley

NXNW has been a part of the Austin beer scene since 1999 NXNW Brewing Company was founded in 1999 and built on the tradition of the great breweries in the Pacific Northwest. They still brew on the original copper brewhouse that head brewer David Manley said is like a "big homebrew system." David is new to the head brewer position, assuming the role at the end of June, but he's got big plans. He's going to up the barrel-aged and sour beer production at the brewpub, and experiment with...


Wooden Robot and Urban Farmhouse Brewing

Wooden Robot Brewery combines Belgian traditions and American innovation Wooden Robot's robot's name is Albert Beerstein. That's what the people voted for and it stuck. But we hear his friend's call him Woody Barrelson. Co-founder and CEO Josh Patton joins us this week to talk about his urban farmhouse brewery. Their brewing is inspired by Belgian tradition while also leaning on the innovation and technology of American brewers. They produce a variety of wild, funky, fruity, and hoppy...


The Real Ale Sharpton

Ale Sharpton is living the life we all want to live As Ale Sharpton joined us in the studio he'd recently returned from a trip to Montreal to take in the city with the goal of letting others know about their city. Earlier, he was given the grueling task of evaluating a new Corvette. Outside of travel and cars, he's well-versed on craft beer, gourmet food, fashion (especially sneakers), and a variety of other topics. We sat down with Ale to talk about his travels, diversity in craft beer,...


Highland Brewing with Trace and Eeva Redmond

Asheville's Highland Brewing Co. just celebrated 25 years. In American craft beer, that's a long time. They've got a new look and some new beers, while balancing consistency of their classics for their long-time fans R&D Brewer Trace Redmond and Communications Specialist Eeva Redmond made the trek from Asheville to Atlanta to join us in the studio. We talk about the new brews from Highland, get nerdy with some yeast talk, get some info on the brewery's relatively new barrel program, and...


Ales for Outlaws with Lonerider Brewing's Galen Smith

Lonerider Brewing celebrates 10 years of "Ales for Outlaws" At 10 years old Lonerider Brewing is part of the Old Guard in North Carolina craft beer. Like many southern states, North Carolina was slow to change outdated beer laws. They plan to celebrate throughout the year, the big party was in April but they'll continue to brew up special beers to mark the milestone. Head brewer Galen Smith joined us this week to talk about his time with Lonerider. We discuss going from homebrewer to pro...


Beer and Freedom with 21st Amendment's Shaun O'Sullivan

Beer. BBQ. Fireworks. Freedom. Right there in their name 21st Amendment Brewery celebrates one of the greatest freedoms of beer drinkers. Just in case you aren't aware, the 21st Amendment ended Prohibition in the United States, bringing beer (and other booze) back to the people on December 5, 1933, Repeal Day. Although the 4th of July is a big party for the brewery, co-founder and brewmaster Shaun O'Sullivan tells us Repeal Day (understandably) is their biggest celebration of the...


Class is in Session with Schoolhouse Brewing

How two friends went from education to inebriation Schoolhouse Brewing's founders Thomas Monti and Justin Waller became friends when they were both teachers. They both shared a love for good beer and brewing, and educating others. Schoolhouse started as a bottle/growler/homebrew shop where the guys continued a strong focus on the educational aspect. Recently, they graduated to the pros with the opening of their taproom in Marietta, GA. Monti and Waller join us in the studio this week...


Boulevard Brewing's Brewmaster Steven Pauwels

Innovation and collaboration at Boulevard Brewing Back when Georgia had very few craft beer options Boulevard Brewing was always a favorite. Our cellars are well-stocked with vintages of Saison-Brett, Love Child, and Rye-on-Rye. Brian still cries a little that Harvest Dance Wheat Wine has been retired, but he'll get over. Steven Pauwels is the man behind many of those amazing beers. He's been with Boulevard for 20 years and won many awards for his creations. Pauwels is from Belgium and is...


Stouts are for Summer with Orpheus Brewing's Jason Pellett

Mother Nature can't tell us when to drink our stouts With the temps hitting the 90s in Atlanta we thought this was the perfect time to do a show about stouts. Big, boozy, malty, delicious stouts. Since Orpheus Brewing brewmaster Jason Pellett shares our love of stouts in the Summer (he released several at Orpheus's anniversary Memorial Day weekend) we invited him to join the fun. We talk about the varieties of stouts available for Summer sippin'. Dry Irish, Foreign Export Stout, Tropical...


Asheville's Green Man Brewery

Green Man Brewery was the first taproom in Downtown Asheville Lovingly dubbed Dirty Jack's, Green Man Brewery's original taproom opened in downtown Asheville, NC in 1997. nearly 201 years later the Green Mansion opened, an impressive three-story brewery and tasting room with a "Brewtique" for souvenirs and beer to-go. Green Man brewers Geoffrey Ebner and Kyle McKenzie stopped by the Beer Guys studio on a recent trip to Atlanta, with plenty of Green Man beer in tow. We sampled through brews...


Palmetto Brewing and Catawba Brewing with owner Billy Pyatt

Palmetto Brewing is South Carolina's oldest brewery The history of Palmetto Brewing dates back to the end of Prohibition. In its current life, Palmetto is 26-years old, making it South Carolina's oldest operating brewery. Billy Pyatt, founder of Asheville's Catawba Brewing purchased Palmetto in 2017. They've got a new look and some new beers, but still hold on to their traditions. Pyatt joined us from his sound-proof recording studio (his car) while taking a break from building out a new...


Proof Brewing and Tallahassee Beer Society at SGI Brewfest

We took a craft beer road trip to Tallahassee and St. George Island, FL When our Tallahassee radio affiliate (RealTalk 93.3) reached out to see if we'd like to attend the SGI Brewfest with them we jumped at the chance. We've never done a Tallahassee trip and spending a weekend on the beach at a beer fest is not a bad way to waste a weekend. Our first stop in Tallahassee was Ology Brewing (OK, technically it was Whataburger) where we sampled through all of the beers on tap. Their Sensory...


Pat Korn heads to Texas as Brewmaster at Vista Brewing

If you've been a craft beer fan for a while you may have heard the name Pat Korn. Before joining the team at Vista Brewing, Korn was the Barrel Master for Green Flash's Cellar 3 - the offshoot responsible for beers like Silva Stout, Lustrous Fermento, and Natura Morta. After departing Green Flash in early 2018 he worked a short stint with Atlanta's SweetWater Brewing. Korn was also part of the initial team slated to launch a brewery concept called My Yard Live in San Diego, along with...