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Episode 44: Pray For Wiley

Join us as we break down the early games in the NFL and recap the College Football Saturday. We also talk about the other sporting news going on. We jump to social to talk some rap beefs and upcoming albums. We end of course with everyone's favorite, Dish & A Beer! Cheers!


Episode 43: Football's Back

Folks, NFL is BACK! We break down a lot of the NFL action from Week 1, you don't want to miss that. We also discuss the college football scores from the weekend. We discuss the Serena Williams situation and the rest of sports world news. We transition into social talk where we talk about the newest rap beefs. We end of course with our normal segments and some news!


Episode 42: Geaux Joe

This week we talk Ohio State, Michigan and Joe Burrow to start the show. We also talk about some other college football news as well as the NFL. Benji tells us a little bit about the concert he went to and we discuss the Eminem surprise album. We finish as always with Dish & A Beer. Come listen to our nonsense. Cheers!


Episode 41: Wiley P, Big Poll Guy

This week we react to the Urban Meyer suspension, talk about the state of the Reds & Indians, and discuss some Steelers news. We also jump into the other news surrounding the NFL, NBA and NCAA. We branch out some and discuss NASCAR and Soccer, briefly. We then discuss Jersey Shore's return and Bachelor In Paradise. Wiely discusses a possible correlation between fathers and the game of corn hole. Come join us! Cheers!


Episode 40: 99 Red Balloons

This week we recap our trip to Cincinnati for the Reds/Indians game. We also discuss the latest news surrounding the Browns. We then transition to all the crazy and controversial news surrounding the NFL right now. In social we talk about some pet peeves and we talk A LOT of tv for you folks. We finish we Dish & A Beer, with a twist! Come join us!


Episode 39: Friday (Monday) The 13th

This week we address the Isaiah Thomas Instagram video. We also break down the premiere of Hard Knocks. We discuss some of the other news surrounding the NFL and also the NBA off-season news thus far. We then switch to social where we talk about the Seattle plane that was stolen. Benji breaks down some stuff form his trip to Canada and we discuss some reality TV. We finish with a Drunk Thought and of course Dish & A Beer! Cheers!


Episode 38: Zack Meisel

This week we start off Homers with our guest Zack Meisel to discuss the Indians. We then dive into the Urban Meyer situation and the state of the reds. NFL is back as we talk HOF game and free agency. We also talk a little about the Trump/LBJ beef. We then transition to social where we give you the only reality tv update you need. We of course finish it off with everyone's favorite, Dish & A Beer! Cheers!


Episode 37: All You Need Is (Kevin) Love

This week we discuss Kevin Loves new deal, the state of the Reds and Indians, and the Dez to the Browns talk. We also dive into the rest of the news surrounding the NFL, NBA and MLB. We then transition to social talk, where Benji discusses some events that happened this weekend and how he called his shot about Eric Church being soft. We end of course with our normal segments, and a surprise contest! Cheers!


Episode 36: Alouette, Gentille Alouette

This week we announce our allegiance to the Montreal Alouettes, talk a little baseball, homers and the all star weekend news. We then talk some NBA free agent signings and news. We transition into the social talk side of things where we discuss rappers and reality shows! Of course we finish it off with the weekly segments. Come laugh with us! Cheers!


Episode 35: Zach Shafron

This week we are joined by Zach Shafron (@ZachOnCST) of (@CLESportsTalk) to take on our Homers segment, who gives some pretty good insight into the Tribe, Cavs and Browns! We then talk the other NBA and NFL news of the past week. After that we switch to the social side where we talk about Stormy Daniels, Papa John, and the greatest new reality show Very Cavallari. Come laugh with us, cheers!


Episode 34: Wiley (P), Ginz & Barnaby

We are joined this week by our friend @gintherderek as we recap our trip to Pittsburgh where we got to meet and party with a very famous former NFL punter and his buddies. We also talk about the NBA free agency news and talk about our amazing baseball teams. We talk about the potential Tiger vs Phil matchup and then wrap things up with Dish & A Beer. Cheers!


Episode 33: LeGone

Welcome to Episode 33: LeGone, we may be saying we are okay, but our voices tell a different sad story, we do get to talk about some red hot baseball teams though, and Benji rants about a crazy comment about Big Ben. We also give you our take on some major recent music news. We finish this off for you with the always great Dish & A Beer. Come laugh (or cry) with us! Cheers!


Episode 32: Codie Prevost

Welcome to Episode 32! This week we start with Homers where the boys recap the weekend that was for their Baseball teams. Then we discuss #NBA free agency and #NFL news. At the 29 minute mark we welcome on Country Singer Codie Prevost for an amazing interview. We finish as always with our social roundup and our normal segments! Cheers!


Episode 31: WileyThwart's A Robbery

This week talk about how Wiley is the hero of his house. We also discuss the current situation of the LeBron news and the rest of NBA news. We let you know how our baseball teams are doing then we have Bachelorette and Jersey Shore talk. We finish of course we our normal segments! Cheers!


Episode 30: Finals Sorrows

This week we face the music of the #NBAFinals and discuss the impeding summer for #Cavs fans. We also do an #NBA hypothetical (15:30). We make sure to take some time to send congrats to the #StanleyCup champion #Capitals (18:56) We also have a big social lineup for this week (23:43) and we finish with Drunk Thoughts (42:10) and the rest of the our weekly segments! Cheers!


Episode 29: Benji Sucks At Uploading

This week we finally get our rant out about the #Cavs and LeBron dong #WhateverItTakes and still falling short. We also give live updates of the NHL Playoffs. We also discuss the current state of our MLB teams. When then help you better understand the Pusha T/Drake beef. We end things with our favorite segments! Cheers!


Episode 28: RIP Harambe

This week we discuss the 2 year anniversary of Harambe's murder. We then talk about #Cavs doing #WhateverItTakes yet again to win the East, and how we think they will do moving forward. Drunk Thoughts makes a return with possibly our best question to date and of course our normal segments! Cheers!


Episode 27: #JohnnyFootball Is Back!

This week we find out the #Cavs are doing #WhateverItTakes and discuss the rest of our teams in Homers. We also discuss the other side of the #NBAPlayoffs and of course the #NHLPlayoffs. We talk about JJ Watt and Johnny Manziel, cast our #NBAAwards votes and discuss some movies in the Social section. We finish it off with our Weekly Segments! Cheers!


Episode 26: Amazon Sorrows

This we jump in with or favorite segment, Homers, we then get into the #NBAPlayoffs and #NHLPlayoffs. We then jump into the social word where spend a lot of time discussing some very interesting takes! We also let you know what songs you should be listening to this summer. Come enjoy part of your day with us!


Episode 25: Electric!

This week we jump right in with our favorite new segment, Homers. Then we discuss the #NBAPlayoffs, we talk a lot of Social Media, including the hot new Mason Ramsey track, Famous. We end it with our normal segments, oh and Wiley may be tipsy!