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Covering the NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, UFC, and more

Covering the NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, UFC, and more
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Covering the NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, UFC, and more






Saints Embarrassed; Dallas Cowboys Not Making Playoffs; NCAA Should Be Abolished

Behind the Line #21: Embarrassing and unacceptable performance by the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. Is it time to KC concerned about his hometown team(0:00)? As predicted on this podcast...LSU went to Tuscaloosa and dominated Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide. We analyze the College Football Playoffs...and explain why Clemson and Alabama don't deserve to be in(7:39). Tennessee Titans pull a huge upset win over Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. Are the Chiefs at risk of...


Kawhi Leonard Load Management Controversy; Downfall of Antonio Brown; NFL Bets for Sunday

Behind the Line Extra: Load management is the new trend in the NBA...and Kawhi Leonard is leading the debate. Is sitting healthy superstar players during the regular season a positive trend for the NBA? KC will explain both sides of the debate(0:10). Another week...another Antonio Brown controversy. AB is now accusing the NFL of being racist. KC explains why the NFL career of Antonio Brown is over(6:53). We bounced back last weekend with our NFL plays...went 3-2. We're hitting around 54%...


Aaron Rodgers Calls Out Teammates; College Football Playoff Rankings Get It Wrong; NCAAF Bets

Behind the Line #20: After the Packers embarrassing loss Sunday to the Chargers...QB Aaron Rodgers decided to roll his entire roster under the bus. KC explains why this could have a big impact on the Packers season(0:10). Rumors are swirling that the Chargers are leaving Los Angeles for London. We discuss the situation and give the reason an NFL team in London will never work(5:54). The first college football playoff rankings were released earlier this week...and the poll was completely...


Patriots Exposed? New York Jets are a Disaster; Controversial UFC Finish

Behind the Line #19: Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens decimated New England Sunday night. Were the Patriots and their top ranked defense exposed(0:15)? Philip Rivers and the Chargers are turning their season around and pushing for the playoffs. After getting blown out by the Chargers Sunday...Aaron Rodgers said the loss was "a good thing". Is that true(9:19)? There was a controversial finish in the main event of UFC 244 between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz. KC explains why the doctor...


Is it Time to Panic in New Orleans? Lakers Title Chances; Kyrie Issues in Brooklyn; Is Dynasty Over in Golden State?

Behind the Line Extra: Gerald Bourguet joins the show to discuss what's happening in the NBA. Gerald explains why it's not time to panic in New Orleans. The Lakers entered the season as heavy favorites to win the NBA Title. We discuss their chances...and how LeBron and company aren't even the best team in their own city. The Golden State Warriors were dealt a heavy setback with the injury to Steph Curry. Gerald explains why the dynasty in the Bay Area is taking a step back...and how they...


End of Dynasty in Golden State? Baker Mayfield Can't Keep His Mouth Shut; NFL Mid-Season Review

Behind the Line Episode #18: We review the NFL season through eight weeks...and reveal which current playoff teams should be concerned about missing the playoffs(0:45). Baker Mayfield once again loses his composure and storms out of his press conference. KC goes over what happened and explains why this can't happen with your franchise QB(10:45). Another devastating injury for the Golden State Steph Curry breaks his hand. Is this the end of the dynasty in the Bay...


Drew Brees Spectacular Return; Adam Gase Coaching for His Job? Alabama Finally Drops in NCAAF Polls

Behind the Line Episode #17: KC goes over the Good the Bad and the Ugly from the past weekend. The college pollsters finally got it right, and LSU jumped Alabama for the #1 ranking. KC explains why LSU is the best team in the country, and why Alabama deserved to drop(0:15). Drew Brees was unstoppable in his return for the New Orleans Saints. Are the Saints the best team in the NFC(5:04)? The Tampa Bay Bucs lose another game that they should've won. Was this loss Jameis Winston's...


Alabama's Weak Schedule; LeBron's Lakers Lack Depth; NFL Bets for Sunday

Behind the Line Extra: ESPN is hyping up Arkansas vs Alabama...and claiming the Razorbacks have a chance to upset the Crimson Tide. We discuss why this is a ridiculous notion and rip Alabama's weak schedule(0:15). LeBron and the Lakers entered the season as heavy favorites to win the NBA least from the public's perspective. KC explains why the Lakers lack of depth will prevent them from winning the title(5:23). Coming off our first losing weekend in October...we're looking to...


Zion Williamson Injury; Drew Brees Return from Injury; Cam Newton Trade Rumors

Is Zion Williamson preseason knee injury concerning for his future in the NBA? We explain why this could be a problem for the Pelicans going forward(0:10). Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota are at a career crossroads. Tennessee is finished with Mariota...but should Tampa be patient and give Winston one more chance next season(5:55)? Drew Brees is adamant about returning for the Saints Sunday against Arizona. KC explains why this is a terrible idea(9:47). Reports are surfacing about Cam...


Philadelphia Eagles Grounded; Saints Keep Marching; Minshew Struggles Again

Behind the Line #16: KC reveals the Good the Bad and the Ugly from the weekend. So much for Doug Pederson's guarantee that the Eagles were leaving Dallas with a win. They got embarrassed instead. Did Philly make a mistake choosing Carson Wentz over Nick Foles(0:00)? As predicted on this podcast...Ryan Tannehill looks good his first week as the Titans' starter. Can he lead them to the playoffs(6:00)? The New Orleans Saints continue to win without Drew Brees. Reports are stating that Brees...


Patrick Mahomes Disaster; MLB Playoffs Ratings Struggles; NFL Bets for Sunday

Patrick Mahomes injured Thursday night in Denver. KC explains why it was completely unnecessary and a bad decision by Andy Reid(0:10). The MLB playoffs are struggling in the ratings. Some games failing to draw one million viewers. Is baseball dead on a national level(6:35)? We're on fire with our NFL bets the last several weeks. KC releases his five NFL plays for Sunday(12:27).


LeBron James Outrage; NFL Officiating Issues; Can Baker Mayfield Survive? NCAAF Bets

Behind the Line Episode #15: NFL officials cost the Detroit Lions a win against Green Bay on Monday Night Football. With this becoming a topic every week...will the NFL fix this issue(0:10)? LeBron James sparked outrage with his comments against Houston GM Daryl Morey's tweet in support of freedom in Hong Kong. Who's on the right side? KC explains why he supports LeBron(6:46). Ryan Leaf had some interesting remarks about Baker Mayfield this week. Can Baker Mayfield survive this season in...


Minshew Mania Dead; Jameis Winston Returns to Form; Dallas Cowboys Embarassed

Behind the Line #14: The New Orleans Saints put an end to Minshew Mania for good(0:00). KC explains why LSU is the obvious choice to win this year's National Championship(5:37). Deshaun Watson and the Texans upset the it time to be concerned in Kansas City(10:30). The Cleveland Browns find yet another way to lose a game. KC discusses the problems in Cleveland(13:34). Josh Rosen benched in his career over(16:14)? As predicted...Tennessee benches Marcus Mariota and...


Tom Brady Struggling; Is Tension Building with Baker Mayfield and the Browns? NFL Bets for Sunday

Behind the Line Extra: Tom Brady is struggling in New England...and has been unBrady like the past three weeks. KC dives into the details and explains why the Patriots could be in trouble the next six weeks(0:46). Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham made some interesting comments to the media Thursday. KC analyzes their remarks and explains why tension could be building with the Cleveland Browns. Should Odell Beckham be traded(6:22)? We're sitting around 52-53% on our NFL plays this season....


Baker Mayfield Silenced; Debunking Minshew Mania; NCAAF Bets for Saturday

Behind the Line #13: Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns were embarrassed on Monday Night Football. KC explains why the season is falling apart in Cleveland(0:38). America is falling in love with Gardner Minshew and Minshew Mania. KC breaks it down and discusses why fans and the media are overreacting(10:38). WWE was demolished by their fans on Twitter Sunday night. KC watches wrestling for the first time in years...and isn't impressed(15:14). We're sitting at .500 for the year in our...


Jay Gruden Fired; Dak and Cowboys Collapse; Zion Draws 10,000 Fans to Practice

Behind the Line #12: KC goes over the Good the Bad and the Ugly from this past weekend. NBA community for years has said the city of New Orleans doesn't support the Pelicans. Yet...Zion Williamson drew 10,000 fans to a scrimmage Saturday(0:00). Teddy Bridgewater has a career day in New Orleans(7:20). Kirk Cousins shocks the NFL world with a good game(12:27). Washington finally fires Jay Gruden(17:28). KC discusses MLB playoff ratings...and why baseball is rarely mentioned on this...


Todd Gurley Unhappy with Rams; Tough Season Ahead for LeBron; NFL Bets for Sunday

Behind the Line Extra: Todd Gurley's role with the Rams has diminished and he's not happy about it. Could his time in Los Angeles be coming to an end(1:51)? With the NBA season around the corner, KC takes a look at the Los Angeles Lakers and explains why this could be one of LeBron's toughest seasons of his career(8:00) 9-1 the last two weekends with his NFL plays...KC enters this weekend on fire. He releases his NFL plays for Sunday(15:03).


Kirk Cousins Running Out of Time? California Pays College Athletes; NCAAF Bets for the Weekend

Episode #11 of Behind the Line: Kirk Cousins offers a weak apology instead of explaining how he will improve his game. Is his time in Minnesota limited? KC goes over the details. California governor passes law that allows college athletes to be paid. KC explains why this is a positive for the NCAA. Coming off a 2-1 weekend...KC gives his college football bets for this weekend.


Saints Defense Dominates; Kirk Cousins Tanks Vikings; College Football is Garbage

Behind the Line Episode #10: As predicted on Saturday's show...the Saints defense completely shuts down Ezekiel Elliott and the Dallas Cowboys offense. Teddy Bridgewater struggles in the win. Bruce Arians is turning around the career of Jameis Winston. KC explains why Kirk Cousins is ruining the Minnesota Vikings season. Is Jay Gruden sabotaging the early career of Dwayne Haskins? KC rips another boring weekend in college football.


Dwayne Haskins not Starting at New York; NFL Bets

Behind the Line Extra: Coming off a 5-0 week last weekend in the NFL...KC feels extremely confident in his NFL plays this week. He releases his five best NFL bets for the weekend. He also discusses the ongoing QB situation in Washington DC. Jay Gruden refusing to start Dwayne Haskins even with a hobbled Case Keenum. How long will Gruden remain the coach in Washington?