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BHP060: Find Your Why, Find Your Crochet Community and Find Joy

Crochet Community fosters the joy of making. When you have someone to share your passion with you’re able to externalize your emotions and a crochet community gives you this outlet. You don’t need a huge circle of friends to crochet with but even having one person to share in your joys of making will bring all these things together – connecting, creating and experience the joy of making. Today’s Guest I’m joined by, Melissa, creative and kind woman behind Woods and Wool. We explore the...


BHP059: Mindfulness and Mental Health Benefits of Crochet

Why do you crochet? Perhaps you use crochet as a creative outlet. Maybe you even use crochet as a way to unwind after a long hard day. What if I told you that you can use crochet to help you achieve even more? If you enjoy this craft, there’s no doubt you experience joy and accomplishment but this episode challenges us to dig deeper and explore the internal benefits of crochet. Today’s Guest I’m joined by, Sandra, also known as Mobius Girl and she’s here to share how we can use knit and...


BHP058: Stitch Away Stress

Do you Stitch Away Stress and Unwind with crochet and knitting? When was the last time you picked up your current project after a long hard day? I’m guessing the answer to this question was sometime this week. We all have so many stressors in life and getting through them means we need to have something we can go to that melts them all away. Sometimes we don’t even realizing we stitch away stress! For me, this is crochet and knitting – “stitch time” I call it and it is an absolute must....


BHP057: Why You Should Connect with Other Makers Online and Offline

Connecting with other makers will uplift your business and/or maker life. I have learned in my own journey the importance of connections and the relationships that come from stepping out of my comfort zone to meet new people. It is these connections that have led to every opportunity I’ve had. Today’s Guest She’s returning for another memorable episode here at B.hooked, Jewell, the amazing woman behind the Our Maker Life movement. She has a passion and calling in her life to bring makers...


BHP056: DIY Your Dreams

What Kind of Dream are You Building? I truly believe that the only way to turn your dreams into a reality is to set consistent, attainable goals. When we take some time to figure out what we want to accomplish and where we want to be in life, the path starts to form and calculated actions turn into steps toward that goal. I love this topic because it’s not only relatable to us in our craft businesses but to our goals as crafters. Today’s Guest I have to pinch myself and make sure I’m not...


BHP055: Know Your Worth – A Real Approach to Pricing Your Handmade

Pricing Your Handmade – Your time is valuable. That statement literally means your time has a value associated with it. You expect your employer to pay you for you time. Pricing your handmade is no exception. Your work and your time is worth a fair price. Be fair to yourself. Today’s Guest I’m joined this week once again by, Chantal, of Knitatude to elaborate on her top tips for makers back in episode 53. She gives it to us as real as possible – why we should charge for handmade, why it’s...


BHP054: The Value of Community and Tribes for Makers

Failures happen. Our community gets us through it. When you realize that failure is an integral part of moving forward and discover how much your community picks you up during that time, that’s when you’ll see the tides turn. Your community and your tribe will be the driving force to get you to where you’re headed no matter how many detours you take along the way. Today’s Guest I’m joined this week by one of the most passionate women I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with, Michele, of...


BHP053: Maker Tips from Maker Strong

Maker Strong is an Educational & Inspirational Community to Boost Confidence an Build Profitable Business. “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle” they say and it’s true. Although we have a natural tendency to be “in competition” with one another, the industry and our business will only benefit when we recognize that we are stronger together. This month I’ll be focusing my attention on the makers in the community, sharing my best tips and patterns for those who sell their goods...


BHP052: Garments from Concept to Creation

“Crochet is Cool. I promise. “ Jessica is on a mission to show the rest of the world that crochet isn’t just a retirement activity. Through passion and the power of positivity, she has touched thousands of lives through her authentic self and the designs that expresses who she truly is. I’m so thrilled to have her back on the show as the Bhooked Podcast’s first repeat guest! This time she is here to share her journey of garment making – the creative and technical process – and she does it...


BHP051: Garment Design Tips from Olive Knits

“Effortless Design. Modern Style.” This is the goal of Olive Knits wonder woman, Marie. Garment making doesn’t have to be an intimidating thing My goal for this episode is to empower you with the confidence to try your first garment and equip you with the know-how to be successful. Understanding Marie’s focus of effortless design can allow you to see that although a pattern may look complex, it might in fact, be easy to do. Today’s Guest I’m joined by, Marie Greene, entrepreneur,...


BHP050: A Day In The Life of Brittany

A routine keeps me focused, productive and happy. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without my daily and weekly routines. You can say I’m a creature of habit – for good reason. Habits just work for me. I’m often asked how I manage to do so much work and I’m excited to take this opportunity, benchmark episode number fifty, to share my routine, schedule and habits with you. My goal is to share what works for me and give you some ideas to explore of your own to catapult you to where you...


BHP049: How to Adjust Any Pattern to Fit You

You can adjust a pattern and it might be easier than you think. By far the most frequently asked question in my inbox each week is “how do I make this pattern to fit (fill in the blank)?” When I see a huge trend like this in the request of my readers, I jump at the opportunity to help as many people as I can and the Bhooked Podcast is the perfect format for me to teach you this valuable and useful lesson. Today, we’re going to explore how to adjust a pattern so you have more flexibility...


BHP048: Knitted Knockers – The Story & How to Get Involved

Why Knitted Knockers? Knitted Knockers was founded by one courageous woman after hearing the diagnosis that so many women fear – breast cancer. When Barb was unable to have reconstructive surgery, she found herself turning to fiber arts to feel “whole” again. Little did she know that this was the start of a new journey; a journey allowing her and a team of volunteers to help so many women. Today’s Guest I’m joined by, Barb Demorest, the amazing woman behind Knitted Knockers. You’ll Learn...


BHP047: Crochet Challenge for Warm Up America 2018

The Crochet Challenge for Warm Up America Kicks off Friday, January 27, 2018 (at midnight EST) and ends February 24, 2018. I’ve teamed up with my friends at Yarnspirations to bring you our third Crochet Challenge for Warm Up America! Are you ready to make a real impact on someone’s life? You’ve seen me tease this big event on my social pages for a couple weeks now and I know you’re bursting at the seams to get started. Well friends, it’s almost time to begin and this page will give you ALL...


BHP046: Warm Up America – How to get Involved

Why Warm Up America Foundation? The Warm Up America Foundation, founded by one giving woman in 1991, is one incredible organization to consider when looking for a charity to donate your crochet and knit gifts to. I have worked with their team for three years now and in this time have come to see just how caring and passionate they are about helping others. If you’re looking for the perfect home for your gift, I encourage you to listen to this week’s episode to learn why Warm Up America!...


BHP045: Crochet for Charity – How You Can Get Involved

Crochet for Charity If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the fiber arts community it’s that it is filled with some of the kindest people in the world. We are always eager and anxious to use our crochet and knit skills to brighten someone’s day. I’m so inspired by the hope and joy we share together. In today’s episode, I’ll talk briefly about how you can find your motivation for crocheting for charity, and I’ll give you some tips on how you can get involved locally and highlight four...


BHP044: How Much Yarn Did I Use? How to Calculate Yarn in a Project

Another great request came in the other day that inspired this podcast episode. She wrote: “Brittany, how do you calculate the amount of yarn that is in your project? I would love to know how much yarn I used so I can use this info later.” This is such a great question that is especially useful for us designers but can also be helpful for hobby crocheters who return to a project after a long hiatus. I’ve been using a self developed system for a few years and now, tested and true, I feel...


BHP043: Developing Personal Crochet Style

Why is it important to stay true to your own personal style? We all know the (sometimes huge) time investment that goes into a crochet or knit project. Time is a precious resource that we all crave more of, so why would we want to waste it making something that you wouldn’t use in your own home, wear or gift to the perfect person? I’ll be the first to admit that “knowing” my own personal style feels like a struggle and I know I’m not alone. That’s why today’s episode is so great. Today’s...


BHP042: Aspiring to Become a Crochet Designer

If you want to become a crochet designer, here’s what you need to know. Time, patience and persistence are three of the most important ingredients to becoming a crochet designer. Once you have decided on this as a goal, the next step is to design your first project. It doesn’t need to be complicated or intricate – it only requires that you create something without the direction from others! Today’s Guest I’m joined by, Lorene, from Cre8tion Crochet, and she is here to share her personal...


BHP041: Tips for Having a Successful Market

Having a successful market takes preparation. I strongly believe that behind any great success is a properly executed plan. Whether you sell your goods to pay for your supplies or to earn an additional income, markets are a great resource to tap into – but it takes preparation to have a successful market. You could learn the hard way, or you can soak up all the knowledge in this session! Today’s Guest I’m joined by, Lori, of Lunar Knits by Lori – a woman who is crushing it in the world of...


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