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Explore More Ways to Craft With Yarn (Besides Knit & Crochet)

Have you ever wanted to explore more ways to craft with yarn? I think we all do once we get to a certain point with our craft. Whether you knit, crochet or both, at some point you’ll probably want to expand your creativity and find more ways to craft with yarn. Perhaps it the learner in me but I’m always looking for a fun new way to use yarn. I’m not necessarily looking to become a master, but just give it a try; experiment and see what I like! I’ve made it a personal goal to try...


Self Care for Makers and Creatives

When was the last time you did something that was just for you? Self care is one of the most important things you can incorporate in your day. When you do, you’re fueled with the energy to be your best self for everyone around you. Whether you’re a maker, designer, blogger or hobby crocheter, we all have one thing in common – we’re all human. When your fuel light comes on in your car, what do you do? You get to the gas station because you don’t want to be stranded. When the light bulb...


How to Design a Pattern Your Audience Wants

Do you design patterns or create content? If so, I’m sure you can relate to the struggle of figuring out what to make! Before you invest time, effort and energy into creating a pattern, blog post, video or any other type of content, it’s wise to know what your audience actually wants. This is easier said than done! Today’s Guest Marie Segares is on the podcast again today! This time she goes in depth to help us figure out who our audience is and how we can use that information to create...


What is Fibre Share?

Have some extra yarn in your stash? Well if you do you can share it with a new fiber friend with FibreShare! Through FibreShare you can connect with someone new and swap yarn. How cool is that?! Today’s Guest Today I’m joined by Ashley, Founder and CEO of FibreShare, a business who’s sole purpose is to help you meet someone new in your niche and get some yarn that’s just for you. You’ll Learn What FibreShare is How to Participate When enrollments are open each year That’s it’s not just for...


Etsy Shop Tips for Knitters and Crocheters

Are you looking for ways to improve your Etsy shop or just any Etsy shop tips? If so, this is the podcast episode for you! “Winning” at Etsy can be a challenging game but with a little research, preparation and a bit of luck, your shop can be everything you need it to be. It doesn’t matter if that’s a full-time gig or a part-time way to earn a little extra cash for family. You won’t want to miss these Etsy Shop tips! Today’s Guest I’m joined today by Destiny from Knifty Knittings,...


Posture Awareness for Knitters and Crocheters

Do you have aches and pains when you knit or crochet? It’s heartbreaking when the thing we love so much causes us pain or even worse – injuries. I was recently told that my posture while knitting and crocheting had caused some serious irritation in my shoulders leaving me with painful mornings and sleepless nights. I’m lucky. I caught it before it got too bad. That’s why today, as we move into our busy season, I want to bring awareness to your posture and habits while knitting and...


Make Better Fall Projects by Using the Right Yarn

Do you struggle choosing the right yarn for your fall projects? You’re not alone! Honestly, it wasn’t until I started learning the hard way that particular yarns are more appropriate for some projects over others. If you’ve ever had a saggy sweater or fuzzy pair of mits, you may have found a yarn that isn’t right for that project. Rather than learn the hard way, let’s take an educated approach to choosing the right yarn for our fall projects. That way we can save ourselves time, effort and...


Organizing Your Projects & Staying Motivated to Work on Them

Do you struggle with finding the motivation to finish a project? My friend, you are not alone! We all need a little staying motivated through a long project sometimes. The afghan that’s been a WIP (work in progress) for three years; the scarf you started last summer that would currently only keep your daughter’s teddy bear warm. We all have them hiding in our house just waiting to become something great. At any given time I have between 5 and 10 WIP’s, some of which have been around for...


Tips to Stay on Task and Meet Project Deadlines

Do you struggle to stay on task and meet project deadlines? I’m raising my hand because like you, I have a lot going on and sometimes I struggle to meet deadlines. Truth is, we all struggle with over-commitment and meeting deadlines. It’s helpful to know that we aren’t alone in this struggle! Today’s Guest This week I’m joined by Michelle, creative entrepreneur behind MJ’s Off the Hook Designs and Sentry Box Designs. Michelle has a LOT going on and she’s had quite a bit of time as a full...


Day in the Life of a Crochet Designer

Looking for a glimpse of the life of a crochet designer? Dedri from Look at What I Made is on the show today to share her real life experiences as a full time designer, mom and part-time worker. Dedri has a lot going on and somehow she is able to juggle it all and release some of the most gorgeous designs. One of those infamous patterns is Sophie’s Universe, a CAL published back in 2015 that is still incredibly popular today. In this episode, I like to think of you as a fly on the wall as...


Planning and Goal Setting as a New Full Time Designer

Are you a new yarn entrepreneur or want to be one? Janine from Knits’n Knots is on the show today to share her successes, struggles and wins with starting and growing her fiber arts business. And she gives it to us straight – the good the bad and the ugly! We don’t always recognize the struggles that go into starting a fiber business and this episode was designed to help you set a realistic expectation as well as give you the inspiration to find what works for you so you can implement that...


How I Plan the Upcoming Year (and turned my dreams into my reality)

What do you do to plan for the upcoming year? Do you sit down and set goals for yourself or do you just wing it? I take planning very seriously and I’m sure this is the reason I am where I am today – not because I’m lucky, because I sat down one day and decided what I wanted to accomplish. I could read Jim Rohn quotes all day (and you’ll even hear one in the episode today) but this one really struck a chord with me today. “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” That is...


How to Connect with Other Designers and Bloggers Part Two

Build a community. Build Success. If I had known this right from the start, I probably could have saved myself a lot of time and headache! Truth is, I waited far too long to start reaching out to people who were also crocheters, knitters, designers, bloggers… Here’s one reality. Every success I have achieved has been the result of a relationship. That is why I’m sharing this mini-series with you. Because I know that when you start expanding your network, you too will find success. Last...


How to Connect with Designers and Bloggers Part One

Build a community. Build Success. If I had known this right from the start, I probably could have saved myself a lot of time and headache! Truth is, I waited far too long to start reaching out to people who were also crocheters, knitters, designers, bloggers… Here’s one reality. Every success I have achieved has been the result of a relationship. That is why I’m sharing this mini-series with you this week and next week. Because I know that when you start expanding your network, you too...


Our Maker Life Event 2018 (and my first keynote!)

We’re Shaking Things Up Today. Rather than myself interviewing a guest today I recruited Jewell from Our Maker Life to interview me! We’re both so excited for the Our Maker Life Event 2018 happening this weekend and we chat all about it. If you’re attending the event this year, leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You’ll Learn About the Our Maker Life Event and why it’s great for makers What to expect when attending the event and who you will get to meet My keynote and how that...


Creating a Design Collection and Other Design Tips from Lena Skvagerson

Create a design collection to take it to the next level! Creating a design collection is one way you can strive for bigger and better things both for your business and customers! There aren’t a lot of designers out there doing it so this is one way you can be different! With a little time investment and planning, a design collection could be just the thing for your business this year. Today’s Guest Here to share her wisdom once again is Lena Skvagerson, creative genius behind many of the...


Extreme Amigurumi with Storyland Amis

Extreme Amigurumi? Yes, it is a thing! My friend, Stephanie, from All About Ami opened my eyes to this new world on last week’s episode and I just had to explore it a little more. Why didn’t I think of this? Who doesn’t want a giant, cuddly ami? Today’s Guest I’m joined by, Holly, creative lady behind Storyland Amis. Ironically enough, she got her start making tiny amigurumi but today she takes it to the next level and creates amis that are almost as big as she is! You’ll Learn About Holly...


Your Amigurumi Questions Answered with All About Ami

We’re answering as many of your amigurumi questions as possible in one episode! Stephanie from All About Ami and I reached out to you on Facebook and Instagram to find out what you’re number one question is related to amigurumi. Then we compiled a list and answered as many as possible! Today’s Guest Stephanie is the kind and talented lady behind the beautiful All About Ami creations. Fun fact – her husband works with her to bring these cuties to life! In the planning phases of “amigurumi...


Exploring Amigurumi with a Menagerie of Stitches

We’re Exploring Amigurumi today with Author, Lauren Espy! Whether you’re an amigurumi pro or have no idea what the word means, you’re in for a real treat today. You may know Lauren from her viral crochet chemistry set and she’s on the show to share some of her infinite amigurumi wisdom. In this “brainstorming session” of all things amigurumi we explore some of the most frequently asked questions and we share our experiences with one another and with YOU! Today’s Guest Lauren was made known...


Amigurumi: Pattern Writing Tips from Coco Lee Crochet

Amigurumi Patterns – is writing them the same as other patterns? This is a question I’m sure you asked as soon as you had a vision for a darling crochet creature and wanted to share it with the world. Writing patterns is an art in itself and amigurumi patterns are no exception. In fact, you should take a slightly different approach to recording a pattern for your amigurumi creature so recreating it is a joyous process for someone. Today’s Guest I’m joined by, Lee, tech editor, amigurumi...