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We’re taking a short break over December..

Just to let you know that we're taking a short break over December so that we can support other ventures throughout December. Many of you may already know that December specifically can be a difficult time of year, so we clinicians that are involved with the podcast felt it important to divert our efforts elsewhere for the time being. But don't worry..! We'll be back and will release our next episode on Monday 6th January 2020.


Episode 6 – What’s on offer in Bedford Borough for SEND children?

Navigating local support and services for children with special educational needs can be cumbersome and stressful. Come listen and learn all about the Bedford Borough Local Offer Service that works tirelessly to bring information about what's out there into one easy to access website. We discuss how to access the services and also have first-hand feedback from some of our service users about how having a 'one-stop-shop' has improved their own well being and that of their family. To take a...


A plea from us.. Do you use mental health apps?

A quick request from us at CAMHSTalk - do you use any mental health mobile phone or tablet apps? Which ones? how are they useful? would you recommend any specifically? We are going to do a podcast where we review mental health apps on the show and help you to decide which could be useful to you. We are going to bring together professionals and service users and ask them their views. There are loads of apps out there. Some that the CAMHSTalk team already know about, but we want to know about...


Episode 5 (Part 3) – Let’s discuss Men’s Mental Health

In part 3 we continue the discussions around the need for developing emotional language and where we can support this to happen. We also take a look at not making assumptions about the meaning of expressed emotions such as anger or withdrawal. In the discussion, we also explore generational issues such as parental role modelling and what impacts on our choices around emotional expression. As this is the final part of the episode, I'd like to say a big thank you to Robert Lindsay, Mark...


Episode 5 (Part 2) Let’s discuss Men’s Mental Health

In part 2 of this episode, we continue the discussion around men's mental health and talk about the difficulties that an autism spectrum condition can add to seeking support from others. We are so privileged to be able to hear first-hand from the panel about how difficult it is to seek out support, be able to trust others and how others can misinterpret this for lack of motivation.


Episode 5 (Part 1) – Let’s discuss Men’s Mental Health

The issue of men's mental health has been the focus of a lot of debate and a common theme is how difficult it is for men to open up and talk about how they feel. In this three-part episode, we have brought together a group of men, both service users and professionals who share and debate the issues that affect men today. This is a good opportunity to listen in on a heartfelt discussion about stigma, society expectations and the ways in which men are 'supposed to be'. In this discussion, we...


Episode 4 – Let’s discuss Eating Disorders

In this episode, we offer you a great opportunity to listen in on a discussion between me, Mark Taylor, an Eating Disorders Nurse within CAMHS and a service user who reflects on her own experience of her recovery, her struggles and how she came to understand the mechanisms of the illness. You will also hear some great advice if you are a young person who is struggling with eating or a carer looking after someone who is. It's rare that you hear a young person share their story in such...


Inbetweenisode – Free CAMHS Event on Anxiety, Panic and School Pressure.

I just thought you'd want to know about a free event that's been offered by our Child and Adolescent Emotional Wellbeing Programme. The team are following on from their very successful first batch of events that they ran earlier this year. These events have been very popular and were attended by carers, parents and professionals together. Anyone can attend and it's not necessary for your child to be receiving treatment in CAMHS but they do need to have a Bedfordshire GP. There are future...


Episode 3 – Let’s discuss Art Therapy

CAMHS offers lots of different kinds of therapy. In this episode, you have a great opportunity to learn about Art Therapy from Kat Fusco - one of our CAMHS Art Therapists and two of our service users. During the discussion, you will hear first-hand accounts from our service users of how art therapy helped them to recover and how valuable it is as a way of communicating when words are difficult to find. Kat also discusses how art therapy is used, what happens throughout the process of...


Inbetweenisode – New Role in CAMHS – Volunteer CAMHS Parent / Carer Representative

Are you interested in being a volunteer in our CAMHS Service? We have a really exciting new voluntary role in our Bedfordshire and Luton CAMHS Senior Management Team (SMT) meeting, as our new Parent /Carer Representative. This is a brand new role so you can help us to shape this moving forward. You will be an essential and valued part of our team. You would have a key role in shaping the way we run our services across to two counties, two commissioning teams and three local authorities....


Episode 2 – What’s it like to come to CAMHS?

Welcome to the second episode of CAMHS Talk. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to come to CAMHS for the first time and wished you could talk to someone who has? In this episode, two of our service users share their experiences and talk openly with Niki Scott, Service Participation Lead and Sharon Latchman, Specialist Practitioner about their thoughts, first impressions and what it's like to work with a therapist. In this discussion, we cover issues such as the importance of trust,...


Episode 1 – Meet the Service User Participation Group

Welcome to the FIRST episode of the CAMHS Talk podcast - and we are so very excited to be able to bring you the very best interviews and discussions between the service professionals and our very knowledgeable service users. We have trawled the internet and (so far) haven't found another Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) that have brought together their service users and their professionals in this way. This is such a good opportunity for us all to discuss and debate issues...


Inbetweenisode – Quick Update!

Just thought I'd give you a quick update about what's happened so far, what's in the planning and when we launch (if you don't know already). Also - If you haven't found us on Twitter - come over - @CAMHSTalk where you can be part of the conversation..


Welcome to the pre-launch episode!

Hi and welcome to CAMHS talk, a new podcast about child and adolescent mental health. Take a listen to hear what we are doing..!