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Career Callout 08/31/18 Telecare Corporation

Teleare Corporation is looking for a Recovery Specialist to join their Mental Health Rehabilitation Team. Listen to learn more, or visit


Ep 15 Brad Cook Part 2

Part 2 of our two part special with Brad Cook, VP Global Talent Acquisition at Teradata. Hear more about Brad's take on cover letters, effective forms of communication and the kinds of interview questions he likes. If you didn't catch part 1 already, we strongly suggest you "jump back" and grab that one first. We love your feedback! You can tweet us @careerkeynotes, tweet Andrew @andrewgtalent1 or email the show We're always interested in your suggestions...


Ep 14 Brad Cook Part 1

This episode, Brad Cook, VP Global Talent Acquisition at Teradata joins Andrew for part 1 of a 2 part episode where we get into what's going on behind the scenes with Recruiting. Brad takes to the side of "use your network" to find a job, talks about shifts in recruiting and how he likes to build a recruiting team, and what he's looking for in Linkedin profiles (and how Linkedin is but one channel his team is leveraging). We'll bring you Part 2 with the rest of Brad's thoughts in a few...


Ep 13 with Margaret Graziano

This episode, Margaret Graziano, Founder & CEO of Keen Alignment, joins Andrew to talk about the importance of candidates and job fit. This is a good episode to listen to with an open mind and will help you think about what employers are looking for when they're reading resumes and evaluating you. If you're nervous about taking assessments or "pre employment tests", or have never taken one and have apprehension about being asked to complete one - Margaret will put you at ease by...


Career Callout 7/24/18

Something new we're trying called a Career Callout. We'll tell you about an interesting job opportunity. It might give you an idea of a future role, it might be something good for you now, or you might be able to refer someone to it. Today it's the Global head of Total Rewards for Rambus. You can learn more by visiting


Ep 12 with Sean McHugh of Illumina

Sean McHugh brings his years of Bay Area and now Southern California experience to our podcast this week and covers a variety of topics including the importance of preparing for your interview, remembering when the camera is on, keeping your resume and Linkedin profile in sync, and how recruiters and hiring managers work together to fill roles with the best candidates. For anyone keeping score at home, 5 seconds on your resume and No to cover letters by default, but he might read them...


Ep 11 with Brad Warga and Recruiting behind-the-scenes

Brad Warga, Consultant in Global Technology and CHRO Practice with Heidrick & Struggles calls in to talk to Andrew about Executive Search, Job Search, a bit of the "behind the scenes" on the discipline of recruiting and some tips and tricks for job seekers. While it's not dead yet, Brad points out signs of the demise of the traditional resume. Brad also offers some general life advice about education and balance to his younger self you might take note of. You can follow Brad on Twitter ...


Ep 10 with AJ Thomas from

AJ Thomas from Auction joins Andrew this week to talk about the recent WITI Summit, cover letters ("what are those?!?!?") and knowing your X factor. She also shares her favorite interview questions (hint, know your 20th-century history), and some of what she looks for in leadership roles. Her crazy HR story is a little sad if you are an animal lover. AJ recommends the book How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clayton M. Christensen. Available on Amazon...