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Cliffo and Gabi are on your wakeup dial on Hit Queensland 6-9am every weekday!

Cliffo and Gabi are on your wakeup dial on Hit Queensland 6-9am every weekday!


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Cliffo and Gabi are on your wakeup dial on Hit Queensland 6-9am every weekday!




Lamest Ways You've Hurt Your Back! Keith Urban Collabs + Could A Bin Chicken Be Our Olympic Mascot?

Lamest way you've hurt your back Nev kiss taste testy Keith Urban We spoke to Jesse Freeman a Guinness World Record holder Kyle Feldt Could a bin chicken be the Brisbane Olympic mascot See for privacy information.


Keith Urban Reveals Which Aussie Stars He Wants To Collaborate With!

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to Keith Urban ahead of this year's season of The Voice! He also spoke about which two Aussie's he would love to collaborate with! #HitQLDBreakfast #Cliffo&Gabi #KeithUrban #TheVoice See for privacy information.


What Do I Do If My Partner Doesn't Want Kids? Toys That Poo or Spew! + Olympic Legend Michael Klim

Guidance Gabi - what do I do if my partner doesn't want kids? Michael Klim chats Olympics! Nev kiss testy We met the new Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson Have you had a toy that poos or spews? Naughty 640 See for privacy information.


Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson Reveals If It's Awkward For His Girlfriend To Watch Back Pash Scenes!

Cliffo & Gabi were joined by the newest Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson after last night's season aired. He spoke about what we can expect to see on the show and revealed whether it's awkward for his girlfriend to watch back pash scenes See for privacy information.


Olympic Legend Michael Klim Reveals What Goes On In The Bedroom At Olympic Games!

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to Olympic legend Michael Klim ahead of Brisbane announced as the host city for 2032! He shared his fave memories from the Sydney Olympics and shared how Olympian's may celebrate with joy at the Tokyo games. See for privacy information.


How Soon After Giving Birth Did You Fall Pregnant? The Most Googled TV Applications +Is This QLD's Oldest Person To Be Carded?

How soon after giving birth did you fall pregnant? Cliffo & Gabi baked lamingtons at CWA Oldest person to get carded Super difficult when ordering GF pizza the most Googled TV show applications See for privacy information.


We Spoke To Someone With Foreign Accent Syndrome!

Kate Baggs joined Cliffo & Gabi to talk about her experience with foreign accent syndrome, what it actually is and how it has affected her daily life #HitQLDBreakfast #Cliffo&Gabi #KateBaggs #NeverGonnaGetOne #ForeignAccentSyndrome See for privacy information.


How Did You Know Your Wedding Dress Was The One? Cliffo & Gabi Get Lamington Advice + Bad First Kisses

How did you know your wedding dress was the one? Lyn from CWA gives Cliffo & Gabi lamington advice Nev hid food from Gabi Uncle Frank fan theories How bad was your first kiss? Athletes in trouble for their uniforms See for privacy information.


PODCAST EXCLUSIVE: Tones & I Reveals When We Can Hear Her Music With Macklemore!

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to Tones and I with the release of her new album Welcome to the Madhouse and spoke about her Macklemore collaboration #HitQLDBreakfast #Cliffo&Gabi #Tones&I #Macklemore See for privacy information.


The Kiwis Stole From QLD! Ear Piercing Horror Stories + Cliffo Stole From Woolworths!

New Zealand stole our record! Should we steal it back? Gerry Bamman - Memory Monday - Uncle Frank in Home Alone Ear piercing horror stories Cliffo stole from Woolworths Olympics number of condoms and anti-sex beds See for privacy information.


MEMORY MONDAY: Uncle Frank from Home Alone

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to Gerry Bamman who played Uncle Frank on Home Alone in time for Christmas in July! #HitQLDBreakfast #Cliffo&Gabi #HomeAlone #GerryBamman See for privacy information.


Podcast Exclusive: Kyle Feldt & Tom Dearden Share What Living In The NRL Bubble Is Really Like!

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to Kyle Feldt & Tom Dearden ahead of their game this Saturday where they shared how they are spending their time in the NRL bubble #HitQLDBreakfast #Cliffo&Gabi #NRLCowboys #KyleFeldt #TomDearden See for privacy information.


Cliffo & Gabi's 90's Nostalgia Day! Fave Ads From The 90's + What 90's Posters Dominated Your Walls?

What 90's posters dominated your walls? Best ads from the 90's We gave away our entire 90's CD library Film Friday returns with a 90's Home Alone Scene Food Dudes - Gabi packs Cliffo a 90's lunchbox #HitQLDBreakfast #Cliffo&Gabi #90's #nostalgia See for privacy information.


PODCAST EXCLUSIVE: Agro's Cartoon Connection Reunion! - Extended Version

Cliffo & Gabi were joined by Jamie Dunn and Ann-Maree Biggar to host an Agro's Cartoon Connection. They chat fave memories working on the show and whether or not they would ever reboot #HitQLDBreakfast #Cliffo&Gabi #Agro'sCartoonConnection #JamieDunn #AnnMareeBiggar See for privacy information.


Vance Joy Shares What He Loves About The 90's! We Spoke To A Millionaire For Winning Advice + How Much Did Your Kids Cost You?

How much did your kid cost you? Andrew Skarbek became a millionaire on a tv game show and has advice for you Bob Katter can sing! Vance Joy chats music and what he loves about the 90's Naughty 640 Hacki Gabi - how do you save a burnt out pot? See for privacy information.


Million Dollar Feeling… Million Dollar Advice from a Million Dollar Winner!

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to Andrew Skarbek the first Australian to win over a million dollars on television and he shared his tips and tricks on how to win and what that winning feeling really is like #HitQLDBreakfast #Cliffo&Gabi #Alphabucks See for privacy information.


Millionaire Game Show Winner Shares What The Winning Feeling Is Like!

Cliffo & Gabi spoke with Andrew Skarbek who was the first person in Australia to win over a million dollars on a game show. He shares what it actually feels like to win such a large amount of money and what he did with it #HitQLDBreakfast #Cliffo&Gabi #Alphabucks #AndrewSkarbek See for privacy information.


How Much Does A Million Dollars Weigh? Origin Legend Wally Lewis Chats Footy + People Who Dress Their Dogs Up!

Wally Lewis chats Origin & his fave moment from the 90's How much does a million dollars weigh? We asked Bank of Queensland branch owner and manager David Leonardi What's the deal with people who dress up their dogs? Cliffo's toilet mistake Gabi scheduling her days What 90's songs should we play? Cliffo the plumber Casey Barnes answers your questions See for privacy information.


Wally Lewis Reveals The Tear Jerking Standout 90s Origin Moment

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to Wally Lewis ahead of State of Origin and he revealed a tear jerker behind one of the biggest moments of the 90's for him See for privacy information.


Should A Former Bully Apologise To Their Victim As An Adult? We Spoke To Lex From Jurassic Park + Have You Been Set Up By Your Parents

Guidance Gabi - I used to be a bully - should I reach out and apologise? Ariana Richards who plays Lex from Jurassic Park joined Cliffo & Gabi for 90's week Things that you can buy with 1 million dollars - million dollar Alphabucks Have you been set up by your parents? Sophie Monk chats Beauty and the Geek and what it's like being in a Beauty and the Geek relationship #HitQLDBreakfast #Cliffo&Gabi #ArianaRichards #JurassicPark #SophieMonk #BeautyAndTheGeek #GuidanceGabi See...