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#12 - Piret Puppart

My guest is Designer and Head of Fashion at the Estonian Academy of Arts, Piret Puppart. Piret is great, I have known her for years now when she was working in industry and a year or two ago I also taught a course at the Academy after she invited me. I really wanted to record this episode because her job is similar to mine in one way but on the other hand, the fashion industry is so different and seemingly crazy to me. Intense schedules, last minute deadlines and working with a large...


#11 - Mikael Meema

Our Comedy Estonia autumn tour is happening and between that and studying for the Estonian driving/poetry interpretation exam, I have about -5 minutes free every day, I love it. I am happy to have my mate Mikael Meema in the office with me for this episode. We talk about his comedy career, how Comedy Estonia evolved from disorganized into very organized, how we can better support our open mic comedians, why we love doing small small rooms and of course, a podcast called Tüssisööjad. Mikael...


#10 - Louis & Kaspar

Sorry it has been a while between episodes! I've been on the road with Jimmy Carr and Daniel Sloss and this episode with Kaspar we tell the behind the scenes stories about how we organized these shows and what happens on the day. I talked to Jimmy about his new special and hanging out with Sloss and Kai is always a party. Also we go over our trip to Vilnius to perform (me, Sander, Mikael, Rauno and Karl went) and performing to a grand total of 12 people at the first Lasnamäe Open Mic. Don't...


#9 - Tim Reidy

Tim Reidy, Irish guy living in Paide, patron saint of Baltijaam pigeons. He and I did that podcast a few years ago and get back together and talk the craic over a few beers.


#8 - Riina Ries

This is my favorite episode so far. I've known Riina for ages but we haven't caught up for a few years so its a really fun episode for me. I met Riina when we were performing at Club Prive and she was the assistant program manager. We have a really fun talk about her time at Club Studio managing the International DJ's and she has plenty of stories about their wild parties and crazy backstage riders. We also get into the gender balance in the Estonian entertainment industry and about her...


#7 - "War For Late Night" Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno and Late Night TV

Kaspar Kikerpill is with me and we had this idea we could read a book about a comedians life and then talk about their career decisions. I thought we could start on "The War for Late Night" which is all about Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno and the crazy show business drama behind the scenes of their late night talk shows. So we talk a bit about the history of late night shows and how they fit into American culture. Then we are try and focus on the interesting little management details, like...


#6 - Ardo Asperk

Ardo Asperk is my long time friend but I am not sure we have ever sat down for a proper chat. I think Ardo is one of the best joke writers I've seen, the guy has a skill. In the first half we go deep on his early days and how he came to do stand up and the second half is us riffing about comedy and life. His new tour "Naerukõne" is coming to Tallinn, Tartu, Viljandi, Pärnu and Rakvere very soon, get tickets at Piletilevi. This dude had a "work in progress" show almost 2 hours long (the show...


#5 - Sander Saar & Brait Pilvik

Today's guests are Sander Saar and Brait Pilvik from Creatly and they are talent managers for social media content creators, some of their clients include Martti Hallik, Victoria Villig and the brand Eesti YouTuberid. Turns out the way you support and help content creators is kinda similar to comedians. The first half we roughly talk about how does a management agency for content creators work? How do they support the YouTube names of Estonia? The second hour we get pretty deep into the...


#4 - Ikevald Rannap

Ikevald Rannap - musician, singer, songwriter and all round nice guy. His career has been quite independent and he is really focused on being the best artist he can be and not pushing his work out there too quickly. The man isn't in a hurry and it's refreshing to hear. I talk to him about what it's like to navigate your own career when your surname alone is enough to get attention, about busking on the street to pay for your dinner and why the industry and the mental space makes Sweden is a...


#3 - Sander Õigus

I have a late Friday night chat with my friend and brother Sander Õigus. I screwed up the recording and we only got the first 50 minutes (plus bonus ending) but I wanted to put it out anyway cause this is a podcast, there are no rules anymore. We talk about working in the Comedy Estonia crew, crazy shit in the early times of Estonian independence, food vans and like always, we make it back to comedy because that's pretty much what we talk about all day every day. Twitter / Insta:...


#2 - Ari Matti Mustonen

Louis talks with his mate Ari Matti Mustonen about what drives artists to do their thing. Ain't no one pushing you, you gotta push yourself. But that motivation and disclipine is hard, super hard and the guys talk about the moments in their lives when they realised they had to do something to make something happen.


#1 - Louis Zezeran and Kaspar Kikerpill

First episode! Louis wants to do this podcast where he talks about how to help artists find their way and do their thing. With him is Kaspar Kikerpill and their conversation is approx half about the entertainment industry in general and half experiences from Comedy Estonia.