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Napkin Scribble 1.0- When Fun Gets Shut Down

After swearing off podcasting, I am back and here to stay. Wanna know what happened? I want you to join me as I write and share my own story about being a newbie podcaster for this new segment. My whole life has been analysis and methodology, now I just want to create, tell stories that inspire and document the journey to wherever THERE is. Where is this all going? I don't know but I am determined to get an answer. Sincerely, Stephanie Sherie



James Dold was exploited as a child and made a career decision to fight for kids. After being rejected from all laws schools James got his big break and has been fighting ever since exploited and incarcerated youth.



Mira Joleigh had no idea life coaching was a "thing," until she faced dark times, leading her into depression, bad relationships and numbing the world out. A life coach helped Mira put it all into perspective. Now a life coach herself , Mira has pulled from her struggles to build a brand around helping ambitious women find the success they crave.


Challenge Your Own Story

JillandJulia are a Country Music/Alternative sister singing duo, who came together musically after they faced a tragic incident that led them to re-evaluate and fight for the life they really wanted to live. With just a guitar and a hunger to design their own life, they left their hometown, moved to Las Vegas and started from ground 0 building an audience and toning their musical abilities. JillandJulia share their story of what its like to get people to give you a chance when you're...


Hacking Social

What if you were the smartest person in the world, but you couldn't communicate your ideas? For those with autism this is often a reality. Danielle Feerst CEO and Founder of AutismSees is tackling that exact question. Her company has created an app that hacks into our social constructs to teach Autistic people how to survive what makes us most human. Social interaction. On this podcast episode we talk with the OZY Genius Award winner as she decodes how to take a brilliant idea all the way...


"The N***ers Are Coming" : Racism exposed and we're fighting back

Hello Friends, Welcome to the very first interview/storytelling/narrative episode of Don't Bring The F-ing Napkins: A podcast about what we bring to the world. Jesse Lipscombe from Edmonton, Canada is an entrepreneur and actor turned activist when a video of him getting verbally assaulted in a drive-by racist incident went viral. Jesse was walking down the street filming a commercial when this act of hate took place. The community was stunned and outraged and soon this incident was making...


I Just Want To Tell Stories: DBFN Introduction

Hello Friends, Sherie here! Welcome to the Don't Bring The F-ing Napkins : A podcast about what we bring to the world, highly anticipated introductory episode. On this episode I am introducing you to what this podcast is truly about, the inspiration behind this podcast, my personal story and why above all you should listen to this podcast every week for the rest of your life! For more details on this episode or to just read the transcript. go to my website