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Chef Interviews at Eat Ya'll Chef Camp in Virginia

Chef Ender Oktayren discusses his culinary influences, his interest in locally produced ingredients, and his new food truck. Facebook@overthetopchef Instagram@overthetopchef Chef Melisande-Colomb sits down with Andy to talk about her college experience, New Orleans flavors, and the importance of connecting to the community via the consumption of locally produced ingredients. Imstagram: @iam_melicolo410 Chef Jeff Sizer talk about...


Kentucky Chef Camp interviews with Chefs Luke Hawke, Justin Thompson, and Will Lacey

In this episode, Andy is back at Eat Y'all Chef Camp in Kentucky and talks with three outstanding chefs. Chef Luke Hawke starts things off as he and Andy discuss chef camp, his "Southern Fried Hospitality" restaurant network, and "The Camp" in Huntsville, AL. Instagram: @cheflukehawke Chef Justin Thompson discusses, among other things, whole animal butchery and his seasonal kitchen and craft bar, Local Feed in Georgetown, KY. Instagram:...


Interviews with Chefs Damaris Phillips and Paco Garcia at Eat Y'all Chef Camp in Kentucky

In the first interview, Andy talks with tv personality and Chef, Damaris Phillips. They discuss Chef Camp, quality food production, her journey into television, what its like being married to a vegan, and other things. You can follow Damaris on Instagram at @chefdphillips. In the second interview, Paco Garcia, Executive Chef of Foko Restaurant in Lousiville, Kentucky, talks about his rise through the industry, shares a little of his background, and favorite fusion style. You can follow...


Cracking the Collaboration Code with six pastry chefs during Eat Y'all Chef Camp in Asheville, NC

Pastry chefs want to bring their best ideas to life on their menus. But the prevailing competitive mindset across their industry often crushes collaboration and the sharing of ideas...which as our guests point out is a powerful source of inspiration. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this episode, Andy Chapman is joined by six guest pastry chefs who share how they cracked the collaboration code by taking a step back from competition and stepping into camaraderie at Eat Y’all Chef Camp....


An Inside Look At Eat Y'all Chef Camp at Simmons Catfish with Matt Wyatt in Yazoo City, MS (Part 2 of 2)

In the second episode of Eat Y’alls two part series with guest host Matt Wyatt, Matt and Andy are joined by a handful of chefs and producers from across Mississippi who give an insider’s perspective on what keeps coming back to Eat Y'all Chef Camp, and why first-timer Cameron Shaw can hardly sleep just thinking about it. Listeners will also catch the story behind Chef Cole Ellis’s success bringing stunning, locally sourced dining to Cleveland, Mississippi, what got his restaurant Delta Meat...


How a Commitment to Quality Transformed a Failing Farm into a Catfish Kingdom with Farmer Harry Simmons from Simmons Catfish in Yazoo City, MS (Part 1 of 2)

In this episode, Harry Simmons, owner of Simmons’ Farm-Raised Catfish, casts us back to the first Simmons ponds back in 1978, and fishes out some wisdom as he shares how his family-owned company’s deep commitment to raising the highest quality catfish grew the company from stocking local fishing ponds, to harvesting 18 to 20 million pounds of catfish to serve some of America’s best restaurants. Along the way, Andy and Matt Wyatt touch on why more and more chefs are moving beyond the price...


What to Expect from 5th Annual Sweetest Chefs pastry chef showcase event with special guest Angel Lanier-White, our Eat Y'all Event Coordinator

In this episode, Angel Lanier-White, the Event Coordinator at Eat Y’all, dishes on participating chefs for the 5th Annual Sweetest Chefs pastry chef showcase event coming up on September 9 in Ridgeland, MS. Find out who’ll be on the Demo Stage, which pastry chef favorites are returning to the showcase - and which new chefs you’ll want to meet! Sweetest Chefs is an Eat Y’all signature event held each fall to showcase the outstanding creativity and talent of the South’s top pastry chefs as...


Behind the Scenes at Eat Y'all Chef Camp at Two Brooks Rice farm with Chefs Milton Joachim from Charred in Ocean Springs, MS, Ryan Cassell from Fenian's in Jackson, MS, and John Cartwright from Rivertown Coffee in Florence, AL

In this round robin lightning round of interviews live from Eat Y’all Chef Camp at Two Brooks Farm in Sumner, MS in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, Chef Milton Joachim from Charred: a steak & oyster bar in Ocean Springs, MS chats about his adventures into the Mississippi Delta and the true adventure of getting to Eat Y’all Chef Camp including getting dirty in the fields, hunting and learning everything that goes into rice production. Chef Ryan Cassell from Fenian’s Pub in Jackson, MS...


Rice Farming to Benefit Consumer Health & the Environment with Farmer Mike Wagner from Two Brooks Farm in Sumner, MS

Mike Wagner began his dream of owning a rice farm 35 years ago during a college class. Over time, as a 10th generation American farmer, he bought his own plot of land in the Mississippi Delta, graded and cared for it so that he could grow health-conscious varieties of rice in a way that not only benefits the consumer but the environment. If you’re interested in how your food and farming practices impacts you - and the world around you - then you’ll enjoy this episode with Mike Wagner. Plus,...


College Town Restaurant Operations with Chef Robbie Nicolaisen from The Hound in Auburn, AL, and Chef Jay Ducote from Gov't Taco in Baton Rouge, LA

Ever wonder what it's like to operate a restaurant in a college town? We've got chefs from two different major university towns on this episode to share their experiences. Jay Ducote will have you laughing and your stomach growling as he describes raising - and eating - a goat, his amazing menu at Gov’t Taco in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and much more. Robbie Nicolaisen, another Eat Y’all Chef Camp first timer, discusses his camp experience at Two Brooks Rice, his venture into the Mississippi...


The Role of Better Ingredients on Restaurant Menus with Josh Patton from Odette in Florence, AL and Dominique Patton from Gulf Coast Produce in Gulfport, MS

Live from the front porch of the Two Brooks Rice farm lodge with the crickets chirping, Chef Josh Quick discusses his experience at Eat Y’all Chef Camp, the role of high-end ingredients at his restaurant and dove shooting fun. Dominique Patton, another first-timer to Eat Y’all Chef Camp, showcases her skills mud riding, explains how Eat Y’all Chef Camp benefits her work at Gulf Coast Produce and shares her take on rice harvesting to maximize flavor. Follow Eat Y’all on social media...


How to Raise Grassfed Beef for Rich Flavor with Bobby Holden from Grady Ranch in Whigham, GA

Pasture raised and finished beef cattle are the specialty crop for Bobby Holden and his family, operators of Grady Ranch in Southwest Georgia. On this episode, we discuss the terror of Hurricane Michael as Bobby recounts the blow-by-blow of the actual landfall at their farm outside of Whigham, GA. Bobby also breaks down some of the processes that they incorporate to achieve rich flavor in their grass fed beef - results that have chefs really excited about their product. This episode was...


How Hurricane Michael Impacted Farmers in Southwest Georgia with Tommy Dollar from Dollar Farm Products in Bainbridge, GA

Tommy Dollar owns and operates an ag focused business in Bainbridge, Georgia. He shared the deep financial repercussions from Hurricane Michael’s devastating blow to Southwest Georgia. He highlights some of the different impacts to various farming sectors, including pecan, peanuts and timber. This episode was hosted and produced by Andy Chapman, founder and Chief Culinary Officer at Eat Y’all. Follow Eat Y’all on social media @letseatyall on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Email us at...


How White Oak Pastures is Succeeding with Regenerative Land Management with Ban Stewart in Bluffton, GA

We visit with Ban (aka Banjo) Stewart at White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, Georgia to learn a little bit about their regenerative land management, grassfed meats and pastured poultry, humane animal husbandry and how they're impacting their rural Georgia community. This farm operation provides thousands of folks with healthy and sustainable heritage pork, poultry, lamb, beef and much more. In this episode, Ban also shares their experience during and after Hurricane Michael. This episode was...


BONUS: The Impact of Hurricane Michael on Agriculture in Southwest Georgia

Preview of upcoming content / Bonus audio: In this season of the Eat Y’all podcast, we visit with three producers in Southwest Georgia about the experience and impacts of Hurricane Michael. This is a season you don’t want to miss - harrowing stories of perseverance after enduring the worst storm to ever hit their area will motivate you to support the farmers of Southwest Georgia in any way that you can, especially during this difficult season. This introduction to Season 2 of the Eat Y’all...


Live from Chef John Folse' Boucherie: Preserving the traditions and Rich Culinary History of Louisiana

During today’s episode, host Andy Chapman explores Louisiana’s hog harvest and the deep-rooted tradition of a community preparing the pork for winter. The Boucherie event at White Oak Plantation celebrates a sacred event where 300 years of culinary history will be served up in a single day. In this special episode, you’ll be guided thru this event and experience the sounds of the day while hearing the participating farmers and chefs describe their specialties, processes, and respect for the...


How to Succeed as a Leader & Chef with Chef Jana Billiot from Restaurant R'evolution in New Orleans, LA

During today’s episode, host Andy Chapman speaks to Jana Billiot, the Chef de Cuisine of Restaurant R’evolution in the Royal Sonesta Hotel in New Orleans. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts from Chef John Folse’s Culinary Institute, she went to Chicago to complete her externship. She worked as a Sous Chef at TRU Restaurant in Chicago for four years. And, just as she was feeling homesick for Louisiana, she overheard a conversation in the kitchen about a position opening...


Case Study: Impacting Your (Culinary) Community with Restaurateur Jeff Good from Mangia Bene Restaurant Group & The Refill Cafe in Jackson, MS

This episode focuses on how local restaurateur, Jeff Good, along with a team of community leaders, are making a significant and generational impact right now in Jackson, Mississippi through the soon-to-open Refill Cafe. The Refill Cafe will be a restaurant that serves up comfort food and positive experiences. Guests will enjoy quality meals made and served by local young adults as part of a life skills training program. This concept restaurant, modeled after Café Reconcile in New Orleans,...


How to Create a Unique Healthy Kitchen Culture with Chef Caleb Fischer from Bow & Arrow in Auburn, AL

Spending summers with family in San Antonio gave Alabama-born Caleb Fischer a taste for Texas-style barbecue. He was raised in a large family and has fond memories of his father working the barbeque and his entire family sitting down together at the dinner table to enjoy fresh butter beans and smoked meat. It seems fitting that when the owners of Acre Restaurant open their new Southern family-style restaurant, Bow & Arrow in Auburn, Alabama, Caleb will be the Executive Chef. Even though he...