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SXSW – Everything You Need To Know – Episode 108

SXSW is one of the most iconic events around. It’s a celebration of creativity and provides a platform for creatives to achieve their goals. The iconic event is so successful because there are a boatload of experiences that create lasting memories for attendees, such as HBO’s Westworld experiential event. Today the iconic Hugh Forrest of SXSW joins us to discuss everything an event planner would want to know about the event. We will discuss how the South by Southwest Interactive Festival...


How To Create Family-Friendly Events – Episode 107

Family-friendly events can be a challenge for event planners. Often times planning events with kids feels out of our realm or at least out of our comfort zone. Family-friendly events are unknown territory that sometimes we just don’t know how to navigate. That changes today! In today’s episode, we will teach you all about how to create family-friendly events! Today our iconic guests Chad Collins of Open World Inc., and Shelley Matheny of KidsAlong Events are here to teach you how to...


Digital Innovation At Events – Episode 106

In the in events industry data is the new gold. Wouldn’t you love to get inside your attendees minds to better your event? With digital innovation at events now you can. Find out how to get important data about your attendees such as what parts of your event they spent the most time in, who they are networking with and beyond. Having access to this type of data allows for you to create the best experience possible for your events in the future. In this episode of #EventIcons we are joined...


VR At Events- Everything You Need to Know – Episode 105

VR at events is a hot industry trend right now. The goal of virtual reality at events is total immersion. You want your attendees to feel like they are in a completely different world. But you also want to make sure your event still involves a human experience, so how do you marry the two? How do you use VR as a group experience and not have it be isolating? What are the challenges of virtual reality at events in the events industry? We will discuss all of this and more in today’s...


Best Social Media Groups For #EventProfs – Episode 104

Social media can be a challenge. With all the options available it can be overwhelming finding the right places to be or learning the tools. However, social media can be a great place to find community via social media groups. But how do you decide where to spend your valuable time and effort? What can you do to keep your group engaged? In this episode of #EventIcons our iconic panel, David Adler of BizBash, Brittany Bucceroni of BizBash, Lotfi SENHAJI of Event Pros will be weighing in...


Everything You Need To Know About Creative Event Team – Episode 103

Ever feel like event professional associations are all the same? Just pay your fee and boom you are in without any vetting. How do you know if the other members are actually good enough to refer clients to and work with? Are you looking for an organization that is truly full of professionals and high-quality partners? Look no further than Creative Event Team. Currently consisting of only 12 (by choice) of the top leaders in the events industry this is a group you want to strive to be a...


The Evolution of Event Tech – Episode 102

The evolution of event tech and the evolution of event planners go hand in hand. Technology has completely changed the role of an event planner. In today’s world, you need to be a great event planner. But that is the tip of it, you also need to a marketer, a web developer, and tech guru. If this overwhelms you, you are in the right place! In this weeks episode, our iconic guests Liz King of Liz King Events, David Epstein of Bizzabo, and Michael Judeh of Convene join us to reflect on the...


Diversity at Events – Best Tips For Event Profs – Episode 101

Diversity at events is a crucial part of any successful event. There is more pressure than ever on event organizes to make their events diverse and inclusive. While it may feel overwhelming to do so, we can assure you diversity at events is a great thing. By taking the steps to make a diverse and inclusive environment your event will flourish. Furthermore, when there is diversity and inclusion at events the interactions are more authentic and conversations will bring innovation and...


Keeping Event Housing Profitable – Episode 100

With the shakeups in event housing recently you may be scrambling to figuring out how to keep event housing profitable. How do you incentivize attendees to stay in your hotel block? What can you do to foster community? Would you like to know how to leverage your locations and negotiate terms? You are in the right place. In this episode of #EventIcons Jeff Duncan of Meetingmax Inc. and Nadine Spitteler of A111 Power of Conference Service join us to cover everything you need to know to keep...


Core-apps: Engage Attendees with Audio Tours and More – Episode 99

How do you help first timers at your event feel more comfortable? What are you doing to showcase new parts of your event to reoccurring guests? Are you really showing your attendees what they need to see? We will talk about how to build a community, direct attendees to where you want to showcase, and how to give them the best information without constantly having their phone in their face. We also will touch on how to monetize through sponsorships without sounding like an infomercial. In...


Creating a Epic Team Building Event – #EventIcons Episode 98

A team building event can give you a chance to get to know your team better. You can find out teammates strengths and weaknesses and develop better relationships. What does a great team building activity look like? What are the elements that make a great team building experience? If you are curious to know how to create a great team building experience then look no further! This week, we will give you our best ideas! This is your one-stop for everything you need to know about creating an...


State of Event Sponsorship in 2018 – Episode 97

Event Sponsorship is most essential part of every event. Organization can build a brand by making sponsor in live event which is engaging and driving business results. But how can an event prof make sure the sponsor aligns with the needs of the event? Join us today to find out. This week, We have a special guest Peter Poehle, CEO and Co-Founder of SponsorMyEvent. He is here to tell us about the current state of sponsorship, what to look for in value alignments with a sponsor, the...


Healthy Tips For Event Profs - Episode 96

Whether there is an event or not, event profs always face lack of sleep, long days and late nights of work! How can you stay healthy as an event prof when you feel like you are constantly running down the clock? It may seem daunting but we can teach you how! This week, we invite the ICONIC Kelly Treadway (EventCurious) and Tracy Stuckrath (Thrive! Meetings & Events) as our guest panelists to talk about healthy tips for event profs. They’ll be discussing this hot topic and answering all the...


Looking Forward - 2018 Event Industry Trends- Episode 95

Happy New Year!! This week we are celebrating the new year and looking forward to 2018 event industry trends. In this episode, our hosts – Brandt Krueger, Alex Plaxen, Tahira Endean & Audrey Gallien are here to talk about what is trending in the event industry in 2018. We bet you do not want to miss this episode! Some topics they address in this episode include diversity, event safety, event apps, hybrid events and MUCH MORE! So, jump into the video below and watch and learn the 2018...


Our Favorite Event Prof Tools Of The Year - Episode 94

This episode is the last episode of 2017!! In this week’s episode, we are celebrating the end of 2017 and sharing our favorite event prof tools of the year. In this episode, our hosts – Will Curran, Alex Plaxen, Tahira Endean & Audrey Gallien will be here to discuss about their personal favorite tools and resources from 2017! There are so many books, podcasts, tech, and blogs out there that you don’t want to miss. Tune in and we’ll give you full access of these resources. We want to help...


Panels & Moderation – Everything You Need To Know – Episode 93

Want to you know how to moderate an event panels? If you don’t know, then we will tell you how! This week, our ICONIC guests Hans Etman (Masters in Moderation) and Elling Hamso (Event ROI) are going to discuss all about Panels and Moderation. They are here to answer all of your questions about this hot topic. We’re excited to get their insider information and to share it with all of you. In this episode, they will be sharing their tips and tricks on how to moderate your event panels. So,...


2018 Event Industry Trends – #EventIcons Episode 92

This week, we are are discussing everything you need to know about 2018 Event Industry Trends. Our ICONIC guest panelist Corbin Ball (Corbin Ball Associates), James Spellos (Meeting U.) & Nick Borelli (Borelli Strategies) are here to talk all about the hottest 2018 event industry trends. They are also answering all of your questions and sharing tips on event technology, influencer marketing, the future of virtual and hybrid meetings and much more! There is a wealth of information! You...


Two Year Anniversary of #EventIcons – Episode 91

2 years of #EventIcons!! Yes, in this week’s episode, we are celebrating the two year anniversary of #EventIcons and looking back some of our favorite event professionals best moments on the show! This is very exciting episode of #EventIcons. In this episode, our hosts – Will Curran, Brandt Krueger & Alex Plaxen will be appearing and recapping interviews, guess, episodes, and favorite moments from the past two years. They’ll also cover who they’d like to have on the show in 2018! We are so...


Should We Move Away from Excel? Technology Solutions for Event Professionals- Episode 90

Excel is not working for event professionals. So what are some good technology solutions for event professionals? Event profs cannot work in a space that you cannot collaborate in. You need collaborative workspaces and technology solutions for event professionals that everyone can access at any time. If you want to move off excel and into a technology solution that will help you succeed, then this is the episode you are looking for! This week, We have some amazing #EventIcons joining us to...


How To Build Your Personal Brand – Episode 89

Do you want to build your personal brand but are unsure how to do it? This week, our special guests are going to tell you how to build your brand and make people remember you. They are here to answer all of your questions about this hot topic. We’re excited to get their insider information and to share it with all of you. In this #EventIcons episode, we have Judi Holler (Holla! Productions LLC), Will Curran (Endless Events), Audrey Gallien (Catalyst Inc.) and Tahira Endean (BCIC) as our...


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