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Everything You Need to Know About Event Furniture – Episode 133

Event furniture design is often an overlooked part of events. Sometimes to cut corners we go with what is cheapest or what’s available at the venue. This is a mistake! Have you ever sat in those locking chairs all day at a convention tightly packed like a sardine? Don’t do this to your guests you can do so much better! With the help of CORT furniture, we are talking all about how furniture and design can really help you achieve your event goals and so much more! Joining us today on our...


Everything You Need to Know About Event Transportation – Episode 132

Event Transportation is the key to the success of your event. It’s a piece of the puzzle we often take for granted. Event transportation often is overlooked, strategy and logistics go on behind the scenes but is a must to execute well when planning. There is so much to consider when planning event transportation from how many people you will have, where they are coming from, the venue you are going to, the city. To make transportation a success you need to be proactive in the...


Cyber Security For Events : The Good The Bad & The Really Ugly – Episode 131

Cyber security for events should be at the top of every event planners mind. But often, it’s overlooked or misunderstood. As event profs we need to very aware of cyber security for events. Is your clients data safe? If you aren’t sure this episode is for you! In todays episode our ICONIC guest James Spellos of Meeting U joins our very own Will Curran and Brandt Krueger to discuss cyber security for events. From the basics like what do you have to protect? and how do you protect it? To a...


Best Practices for Hiring An Event Staff – Episode 130

In this episode, we are covering the hot topic of hiring an event staff. We will discuss independent contractors vs W2 employee and which might be right for you. While there is no right answer, people have very strong feelings on what is best and you will see that today! Our panel will discuss best practices for hiring your event staff from differences between a W2 employee and an independent contractor to best applications. Furthermore, we will discuss the differences in breaks, travel,...


Build an Internal Event Team – Episode 129

It’s no question that everyone wants to build internal event team that’s amazing. However, actually going about creating the team can sometimes feel like a mystery. We are here to help you learn all about how to build an internal event team that is engaged and ready to execute events at the highest level. On this episode of #EventIcons, Sej Pandya of Event Marketing Consultant, will be discussing how to build a great internal events team. We will talk about ways to connect your team...


Everything You Need to Know About Mills James Agency – Episode 128

Today on #EventIcons we’re talking about the life of a creative agency. We will be learning from Mills James. For more than three decades Mills James has been helping some of the country’s biggest brands plan, develop and execute the events and videos that have shaped and driven the industry. They have offices in Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio, providing event and video production services to Fortune 500 companies, startups and not-for-profits. Futhermore, Mills James will be...


Live from Connect Marketplace – Episode 127

This week we are live from Connect Marketplace! If you are unfamiliar, Connect Marketplace is all about meeting with the best minds in the industry, they have the most interesting speakers from many industries and it’s a great time to well, connect! This weeks episode is an extended two-hour show with the best and brightest minds in the industry. This episode will touch on almost every topic in the events industry. From sustainability to event technology we have you covered. Furthermore,...


Live From ILEA Live – Episode 126

Today’s episode is near and dear to our heart! We are live from ILEA Live! Joining us today are some of the best and brightest in the industry. As you probably guessed, it’s all about ILEA Live and how to grow as an event prof. But! Before we jump into that I think it’s important we take a step back and go over ILEA. Incase you have been living under a rock, International Live Events Association is a thriving association for global creative event professionals. They provide networking,...


Sh*t Event Planners Say, Part III – Episode 125

It’s back! Sh*t event planners say part three is in full force! This is a very special episode of #EventIcons. Our hosts – Will, Brandt, and Audrey – will be joined by Aaron Kaufman, the President of Fifth Element Group. They will be discussing as you probably guessed all the sh*t event planners say. The iconic panel will cover everything from corporate events, ageism and booking talent! Join us for this entertaining and somewhat controversial episode! We want to help keep you up-to-date...


Event Key Performance Indicators: Metrics To Measure Your Events – Episode 124

Today we are talking all about event key performance indicators (KPI). Key performance indicators are the measurable outcomes that measure event success. This can be confusing, what exactly are we measuring? Why do I need to do this? Who is defining the metrics? How will you measure them? Today we will answer all this and more! Today our iconic guest Daniil Shcherbakov of Radario Marketing Platform will be discussing everything you must know about measuring event key performance...


The Role of A Creative In Events – Episode 123

Do you ever feel like your events are missing something but you aren’t sure what? Do you find yourself wishing that you had better content, interesting videos and more. If so you may be missing a creative role from your event team. They are visionaries who help tell your story, take your visions and make it a reality. On top of that, they make sure your overall concept is cohesive and all your details are covered. If you want to have an amazing event you need really look into adding the...


Trends in Incentive Programs – Episode 122

Incentive programs are a big piece of the events industry. The expectations for incentive programs continue to change. It’s no longer only salespeople that are getting rewarded. Companies are focusing on many other aspects and objectives to reward too such as customer retention. As an event planner, you need to be ready and aware of these changes! In this episode of #EventIcons our iconic guests Padraic Gilligan of SoolNua, and Megg Withinton of Intellective Group will cover everything...


How To Succeed With Event Operations – Episode 121

What is event operations? Well, it depends on who you ask but to us, event operations are the people behind your event that you often don’t see and hear. They are the team at your event doing the actual execution. Operations do everything they can to keep your event running smoothly, from organizing execution to creating processes. In today’s episode of #EventIcons our guests Chris Roberts of EventOps, Liz Lathan of Haute Dokimazo are here to talk about everything needed to succeed in...


#MeToo Movement and Its Impact on Events – Episode 120

The #Metoo movement is an international movement against sexual harassment and assault. It has empowered people throughout the world and given a voice to the voiceless. As long as you haven’t been under a rock you have seen the movement gaining power in Hollywood and beyond. It is not a trend or a fad. It’s not new, it’s real and here to stay. It also doesn’t only affect women, men and women alike need to be apart of this and work together to end sexual harassment and assault. Like all...


Behind The Scenes with INBOUND – Episode – 119

INBOUND is arguably one of the most-watched, must-attend events in our current times. Everyone wants to go. The event continues to attract an incredible audience around brilliant programming and content. Content is at the heart of everything they do. The speaker line up is buzzworthy and has included in the past huge names such as Michelle Obama and John Cena. With the launch of the INBOUND Studio they now even have a year-round content, all focused on the business of growing business. In...


Chatbots: Everything You Need To Know – Episode 118

What are chatbots? More or less a chatbot is a program which takes a process that is chat driven and makes it consistent for a user (they give the same answers each time unlike a human would) and a well-programmed bot allows easy interaction with a human. You typically see chatbots disguised as “live chats” on websites. It feels like a human speaking to you, but it’s a chatbot! It is a mix of AI and person-driven tech. So now that we know what chatbots are, what types of organizations use...


Everything You Need To Know About CEMA – Episode 117

Cema (Corporate Event Marketer Association) is a booming community. With 800 members and growing, CEMA needs to be on your radar. CEMA focuses on relationships and conversations first. This is what allows the organization to continue to thrive and set themselves apart from other associations. If you are looking for an extremely valuable association to become a member of this could be for you! In this weeks episode of #EventIcons our guests Kimberley Gishler of CEMA (Corporate Event...


Planning Sustainable Events: What You Must Know – Episode 116

Events can be super wasteful, from water and energy consumption to food waste there are a lot of areas we can improve upon in terms of planning sustainable events. What does planning sustainable events mean? What do you need to keep in mind when making your event more sustainable? Why should event planners really care? Can you really make a big impact on our world by planning sustainable events? If these questions are spinning through your mind you are in the right place! In today’s episode...


Alternative Event Venues – Think Outside The Ballroom – Episode 115

Alternative Event Venues are a huge and growing trend this year. In fact, we listed it as one of our emerging event trends for 2018. Attendees and planners alike are growing tired of the standard meeting spaces and ballrooms. As an industry, we are pushing the boundaries and definition of where events can be held. But how do you find these alternative event venues? What do you have to keep in mind when planning at an alternative venue? Are there really major differences from planning an...


Managing Client Expectations – Episode 114

As an event prof managing client expectations should always be top of mind. Managing client expectations helps both you and your client have clarity working together. This will also keep your clients happy, and ensure you are on the right track with what they have hired you to do. Setting up expectations allows you to frame the groundwork for how the relationship will continue to grow. We can’t state how important this truly is! In this weeks episode of #EventIcons our iconic guest Jeff...