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Favorite Tools Of The Year – Episode 145

Today we are reflecting on 2018 and discussing our hosts favorite tools for event profs from the past year. In this episode of #EventIcons our hosts Will Curran, Brandt Krueger, Tahira Endean, and Alex Plaxen will share all about their favorite tools for event profs. Our hosts will fill you in on their favorite episodes of the year, books, podcasts, apps, tech gadgets and so much more! If you are looking for new inspiration and tools this episode is for you. We want to help keep you...


2019 Event Design Trends – Episode 144

As event profs it’s critical we stay on top of trends. From design and pop culture to global trends we are expected to know them all. These trends influence the events industry. Our clients expect us to stay current with trends and know how to implement them at their events when it comes to event design trends and so much more. In todays episode we will be discussing all about event design trends. Joining us today are the #EventIcons, David Merrell of AOO Events and Susie Perelman of...

Top Event Tech Trends in 2019 – Episode 143

Today’s episodes is one of our favorites of the year. We are bringing together arguably the best minds in the #eventtech and social spaces to talk all about the top event tech trends in 2019. They will talk about what they have seen, where our industry is heading with tech and how we can continue to integrate more deeply and create better planner and participant experiences. Our iconic panel Corbin Ball of Corbin Ball & Associates, James Spellos of Meeting U, and Nick Borelli of Borelli...


3 Years of #EventIcons – Episode 142

Three years ago Will Curran wanted to find a way to stand out in a crowded space, doing what he loves best – talking to people. Just as important to Will was thinking about how to develop and deliver meaningful content for event professionals, by event professionals in an engaging format. While #EventIcons has been through iterations of delivery, the premise, the core that we can and should learn from each other has remained! In this episode of #EventIcons we are celebrating 3 years of the...


Make Your Events More Theatrical – Episode 141

A great event is very similar to a great theatrical production. There is the grand entrance, the setting, a narrative, building the story, emotions, and an ending that makes us think. On top of a storyline, there is the technical side with set changes, technology to enhance the experience and a cast that brings it all to life. It makes sense to make your events more theatrical to enhance the attendee experience. So how do you make your events more theatrical? You are in luck! Today’s guests...


Everything Mega Televised Events: Episode 140

Some of the most challenging events to produce are televised events. With a mega televised event such as the Super Bowl, Inauguration or Olympics you only have one shot to get things right. If you aren’t prepared or things go wrong it really shows. In fact, we saw a prime example of this at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade last week when the lip-sync track audio did not match up with Rita Ora’s in ear track creating an out-of-sync disaster of a performance that unfolded in front of...


Everything You Need to Know About C2 Montreal – Episode 139

C2 Montreal is completely different from any event out there. C2 Montreal is all about setting the stage to spark creativity and exploration within attendees. The event is full of collaborative experiences and experiential brainstorming. Whether you are hoisted into the air during a lab or have a networking meet up in a mirrored room, you can expect the unexpected at C2 Montreal. In this episode of #EventIcons the iconic Julia Cyboran of C2 Montréal joins us to teach us more about the magic...


Why Networking is Dead & Braindates are The Future – #EventIcons Episode 138

If you have not heard the term braindate yet, we need to talk! We believe braindates are the future of networking and you are going to want to incorporate them into your next event. We all want networking at our events to knock the socks off the participants, leaving them feeling richer for the experience, and braindates do just that. They allow you to use an app to connect to other participants and set up one on one or small group meetings based on shared interests at a specific location....


Our Favorite Events From 2018 – Episode 137

This is one of our favorite episodes of the year! If you follow #EventIcons you know our hosts travel the world and see so many epic events. Today our hosts are sharing their favorite events from 2018 with us. They will discuss what makes a great event, and highlights from the many events they attended this year. We will also cover what events are on their bucket lists for 2019. Watch below to get the scoop! We want to help keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest! Below, in our...


A Complete Guide for Planning a Nonprofit Event- Episode 136

Planning a nonprofit event is no easy feat, it takes a great strategy and above all a big heart. These events require a commitment to the cause, an understanding of how to leverage the power of events to share a message and raise funds. Of course, on top of all that you still need to be a master of the event planning skills all planners need! Today we are so excited to have two very strong leaders joining us from this space. They have a deep expertise ranging from how to manage diverse...


Live From IMEX 2018 – Episode 135

In this special episode of #EventIcons, we are coming to you live from IMEX 2018. PACKED with 23 #EventIcons (yes, you read that right 23 industry heavyweights!). If you aren’t familiar with IMEX it is THE place to connect as an event prof. IMEX has 3200 plus destinations, venues and suppliers from 130-plus countries under ONE roof in Las Vegas literally everything you can imagine in one place. On top of connecting, there are so many educational programs, workshops, and amazing keynotes....


PCMA: The Largest Network for Meeting Planners – Episode 134

PCMA truly cares about the personal success of all their members and their organizations. They are committed to making their members they best they can be. They have been around for decades and are constantly pushing the events industry forward. Today on our iconic panel we are joined by Sherrif Karamat of PCMA and Claire Smith of Vancouver Convention Centre. They will be taking us through an extremely thought provoking epsiode! Not only will we learn more about PCMA, but we will learn...


Everything You Need to Know About Event Furniture – Episode 133

Event furniture design is often an overlooked part of events. Sometimes to cut corners we go with what is cheapest or what’s available at the venue. This is a mistake! Have you ever sat in those locking chairs all day at a convention tightly packed like a sardine? Don’t do this to your guests you can do so much better! With the help of CORT furniture, we are talking all about how furniture and design can really help you achieve your event goals and so much more! Joining us today on our...


Everything You Need to Know About Event Transportation – Episode 132

Event Transportation is the key to the success of your event. It’s a piece of the puzzle we often take for granted. Event transportation often is overlooked, strategy and logistics go on behind the scenes but is a must to execute well when planning. There is so much to consider when planning event transportation from how many people you will have, where they are coming from, the venue you are going to, the city. To make transportation a success you need to be proactive in the...


Cyber Security For Events : The Good The Bad & The Really Ugly – Episode 131

Cyber security for events should be at the top of every event planners mind. But often, it’s overlooked or misunderstood. As event profs we need to very aware of cyber security for events. Is your clients data safe? If you aren’t sure this episode is for you! In todays episode our ICONIC guest James Spellos of Meeting U joins our very own Will Curran and Brandt Krueger to discuss cyber security for events. From the basics like what do you have to protect? and how do you protect it? To a...


Best Practices for Hiring An Event Staff – Episode 130

In this episode, we are covering the hot topic of hiring an event staff. We will discuss independent contractors vs W2 employee and which might be right for you. While there is no right answer, people have very strong feelings on what is best and you will see that today! Our panel will discuss best practices for hiring your event staff from differences between a W2 employee and an independent contractor to best applications. Furthermore, we will discuss the differences in breaks, travel,...


Build an Internal Event Team – Episode 129

It’s no question that everyone wants to build internal event team that’s amazing. However, actually going about creating the team can sometimes feel like a mystery. We are here to help you learn all about how to build an internal event team that is engaged and ready to execute events at the highest level. On this episode of #EventIcons, Sej Pandya of Event Marketing Consultant, will be discussing how to build a great internal events team. We will talk about ways to connect your team whether...


Everything You Need to Know About Mills James Agency – Episode 128

Today on #EventIcons we’re talking about the life of a creative agency. We will be learning from Mills James. For more than three decades Mills James has been helping some of the country’s biggest brands plan, develop and execute the events and videos that have shaped and driven the industry. They have offices in Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio, providing event and video production services to Fortune 500 companies, startups and not-for-profits. Futhermore, Mills James will be...


Live from Connect Marketplace – Episode 127

This week we are live from Connect Marketplace! If you are unfamiliar, Connect Marketplace is all about meeting with the best minds in the industry, they have the most interesting speakers from many industries and it’s a great time to well, connect! This weeks episode is an extended two-hour show with the best and brightest minds in the industry. This episode will touch on almost every topic in the events industry. From sustainability to event technology we have you covered. Furthermore, we...


Live From ILEA Live – Episode 126

Today’s episode is near and dear to our heart! We are live from ILEA Live! Joining us today are some of the best and brightest in the industry. As you probably guessed, it’s all about ILEA Live and how to grow as an event prof. But! Before we jump into that I think it’s important we take a step back and go over ILEA. Incase you have been living under a rock, International Live Events Association is a thriving association for global creative event professionals. They provide networking,...