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Episode 44 What Does It Mean To Be Called

He has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace. This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time, – 2 Timothy 1:9 I must be honest, I have spent most of my life looking for my calling, my purpose, my destiny here on this earth. I have wondered and wandered trying to figure out who I was and why I was. And when I became a mom I think I became even more lost. It was like, not only did I not know why...


Episode 43 A Connected Calling

There are times when the question "what am I called to do?" Could be anxiety provoking . As a mom often. Times we look at all the things we have to do and then wondering if it's even possible to do anything more? Is it even possible to walk out a calling in the midst of motherhood? Podcast show host Dominique Young, Jernise Lee, & Ryann N. Gaines truly stumble on a gem in God's word today... The truth is our calling is not designed for us to carry alone. Join us today as we talk about the...


Episode 42- Ministry In Mothering With Keli Reese

Today we have the amazing opportunity to air our interview with Keli Reese. Keli Reese is a wife, mother of 5 children, and founder and speaker for Ministry in Mothering. Ministry in Mothering is designed to give moms an honest picture of the beautiful journey in motherhood. With humor, transparency, and the Word of God, Keli exposes the ongoing reality of being purposeful in the process, while not perfect. Today on the podcast Keli will be talking to us about The Ministry in Mothering...


Episode 41- Hope For The Darkside Of Motherhood With Dr Barbara Pt 1

Today we have the great opportunity to interview Dr. Barbara Lowe Dr. Barbara Lowe, "Dr Barbara" is a licensed psychologist who founded and owns her own practice in Durham, NC (~15 employees), Greenleaf Psychological and Support Services. She is also a Board Certified Life Coach, Somatic Experiencing practitioner, Speaker, Author, and Lay Minister. She is a wife, mother, and step-mother, and has used her training and also the wounds of her past to minister professionally and personally to...


Episode 40- 3 Keys To Living In Abundance With Jennifer Foxworthy

Today we had the great opportunity to interview Jennifer Foxworthy. Jennifer served our country proudly for 21.7 years. She is a retired U.S. Navy veteran, who is pursuing her second career as the Founder and CEO of Inspirationally Speaking, LLC, and the Founding President and CEO of Unstoppable You Ministries, Inc. Jennifer continues to be of service to others through her purpose and passion as an award winning motivational speaker, international published author of “Tomorrow My Sunshine...


Joy In The Midst of Trials With Brittany Turner

Sometimes it can feel like there are so many trials in your life. You may be wondering how in the word can one maintain their sanity! Today we are going to dig even deeper and learn how to not just maintain your sanity, but also maintain your joy. Today we have Brittany Turner on the podcast. She will be teaching us how to have joy in the midst of trials and answering our questions as we grapple with this revolutionary concept. Brittany is a wife, mom of 2, and lover of Jesus. She isals the...


Episode 38- Praise And Gratitide With Ayanna Lewsey

Today we are continuing the conversation on praise and gratitude and welcoming Ayanna Lewsey on the show. Ayanna is a wife, mother of 4, first lady, and worship leader at Faith Embassy church in Silver Spring MD. If you are looking for a church home in maryland. Check out Faith Embassy Church at


Episode 37- Practical Praise Tips

Today join Dominique, Ryann, and Jernise and our Faith Mama guest Shannon Doss (a Faith Mama and Blogger at as we dig in to the topic of practical praise & gratitude tips. Together with Faith Mamas from the community we will talk about what is working and what is challenging in real mom life when it comes to praise & gratitude. We are going to talk more about praise & gratitude in motherhood next week and we are so excited that a special guest will be joining us. Your...


Episode 36- The Sacrafice Of Praise

Episode 36- The Sacrafice Of Praise by Faith Mamas Podcast


Episode 35 Praise & Gratitude

Welcome… Today we are starting our new series on Praise and Gratitude and we are introducing our first Faith Mamas box that will support this theme by giving you tons of great resources to support you as you grow in the Lord. For more information make sure to go to Mom Life Role call Discussion: When we hear the words praise and gratitude, what do we think about? Are these things important to God? Scripture: Psalm 100 1. What stands out to you in this scripture? 2....


Episode 34- Prayer Questions with Rev. Shirley Young

During episode 34 Dominique, Jernise,and Ryann interviewed Rev. Shirley Young and asked her questions from the Faith Mamas community about prayer. Rev. Shirley Young is the author of the book, 'Why are You Hurting Me'. This book can be purchase at this link: Thank you so much to our podcast sponsors. Shout out to Shellsea Qurioz, Steve, and Lesa Diggs for...


Episode 33- Practical Prayer Tips

Today join Dominique, Ryann, and Jernise and our Faith Mama guests Ladena and Andrea as we dig in to the topic of practical prayer tips. Together with Faith Mamas from the community we will talk about what is working and what is challenging in real mom life when it comes to prayer. Scripture: Matthew 26: 36-44 Jesus shows us intentionality, consistency, and authenticity in his prayer life. What are your thoughts on this scripture? How can you incorporate consistency into your prayer life?...


Episode 32- what is prayer?

Today join Dominique, Ryann, and Jernise as w did in to the topic what is prayer? and we ask the question, is there a right way to pray? What is prayer? How do we know that we are doing prayer right? After last weeks podcast there was a lot of talk about prayer and how many mamas worry that they are not doing prayer right. So today we are going to talk is there a right way to pray? Scripture: Matthew 6: 5-13 1. Jesus is showing us the heart of prayer more than the method of prayer 2. Prayer...


Episode 31- Activating the praying mama

Today Faith Mamas, Dominique, Ryann, and Jernise jumped into the topic of "Activating the praying Mama". Here are are a few of our show notes so that you can continue the conversation. Have you ever heard someone say I made it because I had a praying grandmother, or I had a praying mother. Question: What is the first thoughts that come to you mind when I say that we are now those mothers and grandmothers that the younger generation will be talking about 20 years from now? Scripture:...


Episode 30- Freedom Month Prayer

Join us as we pray for freedom from internal bondage and a release of peace, joy, hope, and healing!


Episode 29- Accepting Forgiveness

During this episode of Faith Mama Mondays the faith mamas get together and talk about accepting forgiveness. This is definitely an episode you don't want to miss. And make sure to download the Faith Mamas app to your smart phone. It is available through google play and your Itunes store by typing in Faith Mamas.


Episode 28- What's The Big Deal About Forgiveness

Join Dominique, Jernise, and Ryann as we dig into the question "what's the big deal about forgiveness. Don't forget to download the Faith Mamas app at your itunes or google play stores for more resources to encourage you on your mom life.


Episode 27- Forgiveness (what It Is, What It's Not)

Episode 27- Forgiveness (what It Is, What It's Not) by Faith Mamas Podcast


Episode 26- From Fear To Forgiveness

Welcome back! After taking a four week break we are BACK! The topic we are digging into today is the superwoman complex and it all ties into the theme for the month which is 'From Fear to Forgiveness' . We are excited to dig into this topic with you.


Episode 24- All things through Christ- Testimony Interview

During this interview we have the pleasure of talking with mother of 5, Lissa Martin Washington about how God showed her who she was in a difficult season of her life. As a teen mom God showed her that his promises still apply to her. Listen as Lissa shares what happened as she began to believe and trust God.