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Married couple conversation, Eagles QB situation, Ravens offense, and more...

Gregg Sussman, Frank Stampfl, and Kieth Irizarry open the program with Kieth making the conclusion that Gregg and Frank are a married couple. The crew goes on to look at the news of Carson Wentz possibly missing the rest of the season with a back injury, and Frank and Kieth agree the Eagles will not get the same Nick Foles magic they had last season. The guys question the Ravens offense, and if Lamar Jackson starts to falter, if we will see the return of Joe Flacco. #FNTSY #NFL...


Heartbreak for Gregg, waiver wires, and more...

Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl use most of the show for Gregg to talk about his heartbreaking loss by a fraction of a point, thanks to a last second extra point, but was started thanks to a Kirk Cousins fumble at the end of the game. To get themselves back in a good mood, the guys give you the top waiver adds for people still alive in the fantasy playoffs. #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #fantasyplayoffs #Vikings #KirkCousins #RussellWilson #JoshDobbs #JustinJackson


NFL Week 14 Breakdown, Analysis, and Recap!

Week 14 brought highs and lows to the fantasy community. Ben missd a quarter and was still great, what happened to Cam Newton, and holy crap Kenyan Drake! Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl will try to break down all of the carnage and pick up the pieces. #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #Cowboys #Eagles #AmariCooper #SaquonBarkley #ToddGurley #Rams #Bears


Week 14 rankings, Thursday night recap, and more...

Gregg Sussman, Frank Stampfl, and Kieth Irizary look back at the big night from Derrick Henry and the Titans against the Jaguars. Looking ahead to the rest of the Week 14 weekend, the gang questions if Austin Ekeler or Justin Jackson is the Charger to start in playoff tournaments. #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #TNF #Titans #Jaguars DerrickHenry #AustinEkeler #JustinJackson


NFL Week 14 Injury Updates, Thursday Night Football Preview, Start/Sit, frosted tips, and more...

Week 14 begins tonight with a fantastic game between the the Jaguars and the Titans! @GreggSussman and @Roto_Frank will preview that, answer your Start/Sit Questions, and of course talk to Dr. A from Inside Injuries to give you the latest on Melvin Gordon, Emmanuel Sanders and more. Gregg and Frank talk about Gregg's days when he wore highlights in his hair, and how Frank's taste in music is only missing some frosted tips. #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #frostedtips #Week14 #InsideInjuries...


NFL Week 14 Playoff Preview, Start/Sit, Waiver Wire Results, and guilty pleasure music...

You're trying to get your lineups ready and you have questions. Well your BFFs have answers! Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl are here to help you and get your lineup ready to rock for the first weekend of the fantasy playoffs! Frank and Gregg talk about some of their favorite "guilty pleasure" music, with Frank saying Gregg's iTunes is a guilty pleasure treasure trove. #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #Week14 fantasyplayoffs


NFL Week 14 Waiver Wire, Adds/Drops, Pick-Ups, and more...

The fantasy playoffs are here! You know about the waiver wire players, but can you start them? Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl break dit down and try and let you know exactly what you should do! Gregg and Frank break the news that James Conner will miss Week 14, and tell you to pick up Jaylen Samuels, if you already have not done so. #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #Week13 #Steelers #JamesConnor #JaylenSamuels


NFL Week 13 Preview, Predictions, Analysis, Start/Sit, and more...

The final week of the regular season has begun and Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl will answer all of your toughest questions on who to start, who to leave on the bench and who will help you make your fantasy playoffs! #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #Week13 #fantasyplayoffs


The Nerds Unite! Thursday Night Football Preview, Injury Update, QB/TE Rankings, and more...

The nerds are back to preview Thursday Night Football and reveal the week 13 QB and TE rankings. Plus, Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl chat with Virginia Zakas of Inside Injuries who dishes out the latest information as you get ready to set your lineups. The troll jobs keep coming, as the BFFs get a call from their old BFF, who makes some crack at the Fantasy Frenzy. #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #Week13 #InsideInjuries #NerdsvsClowns


NFL Week 13 Help, Advice, Analysis, Questions Answered from the Nerds!

As we enter the final week of the regular season Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl have some things they need to get off their chest. And we know our listeners and viewers do too. Gregg and Frank answer all the stat questions to get their listeners ready for their fantasy playoff pushes. #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #Week13 #playoffs #Nerds #WeGotStats


NFL Week 13 Waiver Wire, Adds and Drops, and Playoff Help!

It's the final waiver wire before the playoffs begin and it may be your last chance to set your team up for the playoffs. Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl will do everything they can to get you ready for the final week of the regular season. Plus, is Gregg finally ready to admit Lamar Miller doesn't suck? #FNTSY #NFL #MNF #Texans #Titans #LamarMiller #Week13


NFL Week 12 Recap, Analysis and Discussion!

Melvin Gordon hurt again, Christian McCaffrey is still amazing and why did Saquon Barkley stop getting the ball? Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl will discuss everything that happened in week 12 and what we learned headed toward the fantasy playoffs. #FNTSY #NFL #Week12 #fantasyfootball #SaquonBarkley #Giants #PatShurmur #Browns #Panthers #RunCMC


Thanksgiving Day games, Keeper and Dynasty trades, and more...

Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl open the show looking at how fantasy players in keepers and dynasty leagues, including accepting the risk of Le'Veon Bell coming back to Pittsburgh if you decide to keep James Conner. The guys take calls and help with their specific keeper and dynasty trades, and preview some of the Thanksgiving Day games. #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #Week12 #Thanksgiving #Keeper #Dynasty #Steelers #LevBell #JamesConner #AaronJones #JamalWilliams


Monday night recap, low Gurley points, who is Gus Edwards, and more...

Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl open the show looking at the wild Monday night football game, but wonder what happened to Todd Gurley among all the scoring done in the game. Gregg talks about how the only person in the world to own Gus Edwards was his cousin, who promptly dropped him in a dynasty league earlier in the week, before Edwards went off against the Bengals. The guys question who is the better running back to own between Edwards and Josh Adams. #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #Week11...


Week 11 recap, MNF preview, Eagles killing their Super Bowl defense, and more...

Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl open the show wondering if the Eagles have killed their chances at a Super Bowl defense after getting blown out by the Saints. The guys look at the Giants' win over the Bucs, questioning if Jameis Winston will now stay as the starting quarterback in Tampa Bay. Another quarterback switch is questioned, as the guys wonder if Lamar Jackson has what it takes to keep the Ravens in the AFC playoff hunt. #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #Week11 #Bucs #Eagles #Saints...


Week 11 projections, picks, and more...

Frank Stampfl and special guest host Eliot Crist use the hour to give their projections for the upcoming weekend in fantasy football. The guys also look to see if their will be any weather issues, and Frank learns that Eliot has the same music taste as BFF Gregg Sussman. #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #Week11 #DFS


NFL Week 11 QB/TE Rankings, TNF Preview, Injury Update With Dr. A, and DMB vs. Metallica!

Whenever the Packers and Seahawks play it always seems to be an awesome game. Tonight, we expect it to be no exception. Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl break it down and check in with Dr. A from inside Injuries to chat about all of the latest injuries around the NFL. Gregg and Frank argue which is the more popular band, Dave Matthews Band or Metallica. #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #Week11 #tightends #Gronk #TravisKelce #ZackErtz #GeorgeKittle #InsideInjuries #DMB #Metallica #CrashIntoMe...


Weeding out the Fantasy Snakes!

The entire AFC East is on a bye which means we need players to fill out those lineups. Also, how do you replace Cooper Kupp? And can we put ourselves out of Kenyan Drake misery? Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl discus this all and more on a Waiver Wire Tuesday! Gregg and Frank discuss if a move by Michael Florio, where he was listening to Frank say how much he would spend on Anthony Miller, then spends an extra dollar on him, makes him a snake in their fantasy league. #FNTSY #NFL...


NFL Week 11 Waiver Wire, Adds And Drops.

The entire AFC East is on a bye which means we need players to fill out those lineups. Also, how do you replace Cooper Kupp? And can we put ourselves out of Kenyan Drake misery? Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl discus this all and more on a Waiver Wire Tuesday! #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #KenyanDrake #CooperKupp #LevBell #JamesConnor #StevanRidley


NFL Week 10 Recap, Reaction, and Surprises!

The Packers finally decided to run the football, Atlanta is back to being terrible and The Clapped picked up a major victory! Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl break down everything you need to know from a wild week 10! #FNTSY #NFL #Week10 #fantasyfootball #CooperKupp #JoshReynolds #BrandonMarshall #Saints #DezBryant