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New OC's, Inside Injuries, 2019 Mock Draft, and more...

Frank Stampfl and Jim Day open the show looking at the latest coaching changes, including how the 49ers hiring former Broncos OC, Joe Woods, and how San Francisco is getting set up for a worst -to-first type of comeback in 2019\. Dr. A joins the show to talk about the latest injuries around the NFL, including the severity of Cam Newton's shoulder. Frank and Jim look at a way-too-early mock draft, with Jim thinking to change up the draft strategy, and look for more tight ends in middle...


Championship game previews, blood mystique, early mock draft, and more...

Frank Stampfl and Jim Day open the program with Frank wondering if the showing of a blood moon over Kansas City will give the Chiefs and "anti-Patriots Nation" any leg up when the two teams meet in Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday; Jim explains that its going to take how the Chiefs play on the field, and believing in things up in the sky. Frank and Jim go over a way-too-early 2019 mock draft, with the guys questioning certain picks, like someone taking Le'Veon Bell without knowing his new team...


Coaching slots still open, Gase eyes, Kyler Murray in the NFL, and more...

Frank Stampfl and Jim Day open the show looking at Adam Gase's press conference, questioning if he has the personality to deal with the New York media. The guys look at the future of Kyler Murray, and figure out that he can still make more money as an NFL quarterback than he would playing outfield for the Oakland Athletics. The guys also compare Murray's stats and style of paly to that of Lamar Jackson, and try to gauge where Murray would be drafted if he does stick with declaring for the...


Divisional playoff recap, Frank possible retirement, early Championship game previews, and more...

Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl spend the hour recapping the excitement from the Divisional round games, with Frank saying thanks to not getting any picks right, may retire from betting on football games, and stick to fantasy. The guys also acknowledge that in DFS play, the Chargers defense were not a good play, obviously, but that the Saints and Eagles defenses did enough to help you win. Gregg and Frank go back to then they questioned if the Chiefs defense would be able to make a big play,...


Divisional Round predictions, betting odds, and more...

Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl note that this weekend is suppose to be the best weekend in football, but also note how it is tough to pick the spreads on each Divisional playoff game. The guys think Andy Reid and the Chiefs have a chance to dominate this game, but Frank calls the Colts the most complete team outside of the Chargers. Davis Mattek joins the show to look at the latest betting odds, and says the Chargers-Patriots is interesting in that it may be a closer game than Las Vegas...


Frank rips Gase hire, Inside Injuries with Dr. A, and more...

The show begins with Frank Stampfl going off on a tangent about the Jets hiring Adam Gase as the new head coach, saying this could be the worst case scenario for the team, and does not believe any hype about Gase being a "quarterback whisperer." Dr. A of Inside Injuries joisn the show to talk about the latest injury news around guys like Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon, and Cole Beasley. #FNTSY #NFL #Jets #AdamGase #InsideInjuries #ToddGurley #MelvinGordon #ColeBeasley #SamDarnold


The coaching carousel goes round and round...

Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl open the show looking at the latest news among head coaching jobs in the NFL, including the Browns naming Freddie Kitchens, the Bucs naming Bruce Arians, and the Cardinals naming Kliff Kingsbury as their respective head coaches. One head coaching job the guys break down, the Jets, has resident Jets fan Frank hoping they do not hire Mike McCarthy, calling him "a safe bet" without actually being a good candidate. Gregg and Frank rank the top quarterbacks heading...


Fantasy Football 2019: Early QB Rankings, Packers Sign LaFleur, Nick Foles?

Given the news surrounding the Packers and Matt LaFleur, @GreggSussman and @Roto_Frank thought it was good time to discuss Aaron Rodgers and the QB position. They discuss early 2019 rankings and where will Nick Foles end up? #fntsy #fntsysportsradio #fantasybestfriendsforever #mattlafleur #aaronrodgers


Wild Card Weekend Results, Analysis and Breakdown!

As everyone expected, the underdogs reigned supreme throughout Wild Card Weekend! Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl breaks down everything that happened including the Eagles reigning supreme, Frank's Chargers surviving and annoying the Cowboys are still in it! #FNTSY #NFL #WildCard #Eagles #Cowboys #Chargers #Colts #Ravens #Bears #Seahawks #Texans #NickFoles #JoeFlacco #LamarJackson #CodyParkey #AmariCooper


Fantasy Football 2019: Wild Card Playoff Preview, Injury Updates, Bird Box.

Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl try and decipher the latest Steelers drama, get injury updates from Inside Injuries and play a game that pertains to #BirdBox!


NFL Wild Card previews, the Kaplan Twins, Inside Injuries, Bird Box Challenge, and more...

Frank Stampfl and Gregg Sussman open the show talking about the NFL playoffs, and express their IG love for the Kaplan twins. Virginia Zakas of Inside Injuries joins the show to give updates on injuries on pivotal players like Colts center Ryan Kelly and Eagles QB Nick Foles. Frank and Gregg do their own version of the Bird Box challenge, using Wild Card stat predictions in place of movement. #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #WildCard #Eagles #Colts #Ravens #Texans #Seahawks #Cowboys #Chargers...


Coaching Changes, Playoff Previews, and Blind Stats!

Happy New Year! Your BFFs, Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl are back to discuss all of the latest coming out of PIttsbugh, the coaching changes around the NFL and begin a bit of a playoff preview! #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #coachingcarousel #Bengals #Cardinals #Jets #Dolphins #Packers #Buccaneers #Browns #Giants #Knicks


The Diggs-Thielen conundrum, Inside Injuries w/ Dr. A, and more...

Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl look back at some of the top fantasy targets that did not pan out as much as they hoped for. One of the big disappointments, Stefon Diggs, gets his fantasy value questioned, and wonder if Adam Thielen has become the primary top target in Minnesota for 2019\. The guys are joined by Dr. A, as they talk about some of the big injuries heading in to Week 17 and the NFL playoffs. #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #InsideInjuries #StefonDiggs #AdamThielen #InsideInjuries...


Christmas reflection, Where We Were Wrong, Self-Inflection, and more...

Week 17 matters for NFL teams. Does it matter to you? Let your BFFS Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl know! Also, the guys will tell you everything they nailed this year...and everything they completely screwed up! #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #Christmas #TravisKelce #ZackErtz #MLB #MannyMachado #JayGruden #AaronRodgers #Redskins


Christmas besties, Christmas traditions, some football, and more...

Frank Stampfl and Gregg Sussman spend the Christmas Eve show talking about some of their favorite, and not-so favorite, holiday traditions, movies, and music. Frank talks about how he loves calling Die hard a Christmas movie, but does not like the mushroom soup he will be consuming at the home of his fiance. Gregg, who does not celebrate Christmas, talks about his traditions, including hanging out with friends and watching award-caliber movies with his fiance. The guys go on to talk about...


Week 16 Predictions, Analysis, Start/Sit, Fantasy Championship Week!

We're here. It's championship weekend and Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl will do everything they can to get you ready! They'll answer all of your lineup questions, let you know the most up to date injury news, and give you the sneaky plays to guarantee you bring home the chip this weekend! #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #Week16 #Championship #Bengals #Jets #Packers #RobbieAnderson #JoshAllen #DavidJohnson #JoshAllen


Super Bowl or Championship, Triple Championship, Inside Injuries, Josh Gordon, and more...

Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl open the show questioning if they call Fantasy Championship games the Super Bowl, or just Championship. The guys look at the fall of Josh Gordon, who left the Patriots, and possibly his NFL career, to get help with his mental health; the guys cite drug and alcohol addiction as his source of mental health problems. Virginia Zakas of Inside Injuries joins the program to give updates on the latest injury news, and gives her take on the hip contusion problem with...


RIP Lawr Michaels, Week 16 strategies, worry for the studs, and more...

Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl open the show remembering their fallen collegue, founder and host of Tout Wars, Lawr Michaels. The guys go on to talk about how there is some worry for starting normal stud p[layers like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. The guys chat with callers about how to keep players interested with consolation games. Gregg and Frank agree that Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen are great fantasy plays for championships, but think Mayfield has the better match-up. #FNTSY #NFL...


Monday night recap, getting you ready for Championship week, and more...

Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl look back at all the action from Week 15, including last night's ugly game between the Panthers and Saints. The guys talk about how Josh Allen is becoming the quarterback to use, over the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, to help you win your fantasy championships. #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #Week16 #MNF #Saints #Panthers #JoshAllen


NFL Week 15 Analysis, Breakdown, Results and more...

Todd Gurley forgot to run out of bounds, Dalvin Cook stepped up and what happened to Saquon Barkley? How were your Semi-Finals affected? Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl break down everything that happened in a busy week 15! #FNTSY #NFL #fantasyfootball #Week15 #ToddGurley #TevinColeman #SaquonBarkley