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#10 Taking Down the Walls AFTER Leaving Prison - Sonya Skvarta

Sonya started Social Ignition to teach entreprenuerial skills to inmates to prepare them for a successful life after incarceration. Realizing that isolation from the real world sent inmates out of prison with no marketable skills and set them up to right back into prison. Sonya's program involves both academic work and interaction with business minds operating in the community. Her successes speak for themselves. Felony Inc Podcast with your hosts Dave Dahl and Ladd Justesen We record the...


#9 Beyond Chicken 'n Waffles with Dub's St. Johns Founder William "Dub" Travis III

An arson fire wiped out Dub and his partner's combination chicken 'n waffles and recording studio in 2012. So he reopened in 2018 to 5-star reviews and they restarted their hip-hop group proving life couldn't keep him down. But as a youth, he made mistakes and ended up in the Oregon corrections system. Because of his grandmother's knack for cooking and Dub's interest in helping, he began cooking for the prison where he was located. That eventually turned into a catering gig that was...


#8 Drop & Give Me Twenty, ConBody Founder Coss Marte

Overweight, out of shaped and stuck in a 9-by-6 prison cell. That was 19-year old Coss Marte's situation as a young man and he needed to carve a life from there. He decided getting in good physical shape was job one and he created a program that cut 70 pounds from his 5 foot 8 frame in 6 months. In the process, he lowered his cholesterol, got very healthy, and an idea for his own business! ConBody has exploded as both a gym and an online workout program. You can choose five high-intensity...