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#7 Own Your Destiny at Portland Product Werks with Sean Beers

Busted for the second time for distribution of cocaine the very first day of the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles, Sean couldn’t have picked a worse time to enter LA County jail. But that adversity may have been exactly what Sean needed, because the thick skin he developed was exactly what he needed to be an entrepreneur. A double-barreled business person, both an attorney and CPA, Sean has used his smarts as an executive for global companies and now to head his own global footwear...


#6 Meg Worden Modern Day Medicine Woman

And here’s the word of the day everyone: Destigmatization. So what does that mean?!? For Meg Worden, it’s understanding and dealing with addiction without judgement and having to find fault. Addiction put her behind bars as a single mother, addiction that was an attempt to fill the voids in her life. But after doing her time, she put herself back in the driver’s seat of her life and has taken her experience and packaged it. She now mentors incarcerated women to take their...


#5 Garrett Guinn Documentary Filmmaker of Perception: From Prison To Purpose

Working on the documentary changed the way Garrett and the entire video crew completely changed their way of looking at “ex-cons”. They realized they could change lives if they could capture the rehabilitation that was going on at institutions such as the MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility, where activities such as yoga, beading and other subjects were offered to ease youth into a vision of entering into mainstream society rather than being warehoused. Garrett was director and editor of...


#4 The Marine, the Artist and the Philanthropist James Garrick

Along with his wife Alecia, they work every day to overcome the stigma of being a victim and understanding that he left a victim behind. Coming from 20 years plus behind bars for murder, James and Alecia have come to grips with his abusive childhood, stress of being a Marine in the Vietnam era and not using that as an excuse to “act out”. This has allowed them not only to discover the artist inside James and for the both of them to start their refuge for young adults out in the hills of...


#4 Author & Possible Zombie Todd Brown

Beginning with the idea of creating audio books in prison, Todd pivoted to writing books instead and found an almost instant following for his “Dead” book series, an almost cult following for the Zombie crowd. Saying he went to the “Gene Simmons School of Business”, Todd is a natural born promotor who leverages his book sales (over 30 now) with T-shirts, coffee mugs and posters. Todd and wife work hand-in-hand in their business and have gone through the tough times to success together....


#3 Perception to Purpose/Forgotten Culture Clothing with Noah Schultz

An inspirational speaker and co-founder of a clothing company with an edge, Noah Schultz was the perfect example of child diagnosis gone bad. Moving to a tough neighborhood made him act up in school so he was told he had ADD and given pharmaceuticals. Selling drugs at 12, he went down the rabbit hole of crime and went to prison young. But he also came out young and with a completely new attitude. Noah speaks to youth tirelessly, motivating them to stay hopeful and clean and encouraging...


#1 Behind Bars with Dave & Ladd

Get to know co-hosts Dave Dahl and Ladd Justesen in this first episode. Dave’s life story is the backbone of the Felony, Inc. Podcast as he bares his soul and tells of coming out of the depths of despair into acceptance and gratitude for his family and the family business, Dave's Killer Bread. His story is one of hope and deliverance for everyone, but especially for those who have gone through incarceration and come out the other side to establish and run their own businesses. Felony Inc...