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Fish Addictions Radio is dedicated to bringing you all things ice fishing from Ohio to Nationwide to around the world as a member of the USA Ice Fishing Team. Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy, Fish Addictions Radio!

Fish Addictions Radio is dedicated to bringing you all things ice fishing from Ohio to Nationwide to around the world as a member of the USA Ice Fishing Team. Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy, Fish Addictions Radio!
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Fish Addictions Radio is dedicated to bringing you all things ice fishing from Ohio to Nationwide to around the world as a member of the USA Ice Fishing Team. Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy, Fish Addictions Radio!






World Ice Fishing Explained

More or email me at or drop a line at 734-740-4410 to contribute to the content of the podcast as we share a passion for this thing called ice fishing. T Shirts In October- Harry Wald ( Thanks Scott


WMC Community Credit Union

A test jingle for a fake credit union


Ice fishing Tooth Fairy

What!!! got my wifey on the podcast- and for the record- she is a WAY better host than I - expect more from her in Season 3....oh what you missed the launch of season 3...thats right we launched it and this is episode 4! I think...bad at counting.. In this episode we listen to the pre and post ice fishing content interview of Lillian who tied fishing line from a palm rod to her loose and wiggly tooth to try and loose it by having a fish bite her hook...she totally catches a ton of fish...


Ice Fishing Adventure with Chris and Charley - their first time

Beginners luck has it- these are two beginners at Ice Fishing who outfished me on our ice fishing adventure - listen in as we prep at a local restaurant to go out and fish world ice fishing style.


a Fish Study on Ice

Enjoy this amazing podcast about an amazing sport while ice fishing...the podcast is quite entertaining as we discuss high science with a PHD from the University of Minnesota while frozen on a pond catching and missing bluegill :) Andrew Honsey rocks!


A Special Thank you to the fans!

We are going on a hiatus - check out these other podcasts that will cover your ice fishing content in the meantime Broken Line Podcast Fish Nerds ShackTalk Mi Ice Guys


Ice Fishing Cold Call with an Angle

Want a rod that doesn't hurt your wrist and is guaranteed for life? On this episode we learn that all ice fishing rods are not made equal and it pays to look at things from a different angle (literally) Sit back, relax, and enjoy this Ice Fishing Cold Call with the Owners or Neptune Ice Fishing rods! Check out more content on or for info on Neptune rods check out their site

50th Episode with a listener and real ice fishing report

Ice fishing is here!!! And to celebrate we launch our 50th episode with a call in from Craig Oyler who got our a few weeks ago in Colorado. And then we chat with Cody Sedlar prostate with Sportsmens Direct about the Branch County Tournament in Michigan. SIt back, relax, and enjoy this episode of Ice Fishing Radio you family friendly, year-round, home for ice fishing podcast content. Check out our site at www,


Video Killed the Radio Show

Ever wonder what it looks like to the fish when you jig your jig to that ice fishing tune? On todays episode we deep dive into the world of underwater catering with Aqua-Vu Promotions Manager Chris Munchow. Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy this episode of Ice Fishing Radio. For more show details be sure to visit our page at


Podcast in your Palm...Rod

Imagine a world where you can catch fish...quality fish...quickly! Palm Rods is one way to do it do to storage, having low cost, and rigging many different types of setups and including in your arsenal for either competition or fun! Enjoy this your palm...from Ice Fishing Radio and our special guest host Jeff Kelm! To help our podcast join us online at and to contact Jeff check out Outdoor Wisconsin Radio,, and on the North American...


Perch, Podcasts and People in Ice Fishing

We chat with my Podcast HERO Nathan Krusko and answer a listeners questions about Perch....oh and we name drop some peeps we share affiliations with. Thank you Todd our SUPER user who binge listened to the podcast and wanted tips on locating Perch here in Ohio. If you would like to do the same or be in the podcast call 734-740-4410 or Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy this episode of Ice Fishing Radio!


Canadian Cold Call

Live from the Bush! In Canada. Check out black fox fishing and their team in Canada! And this podcast! :)


Ice Fishing Mag "UnBoxing" with Mike Olson

You don't want to miss this one...grab some popcorn....the new 2018 In Fisherman Ice Fishing Guide and sit back relax and "unbox" the annual unofficial beginning of the Ice Fishing Season....the Ice Fishing Mag!!! Tis the season to get excited about the sport we publish content on year round...Mike Olson who is the host of Fish Addictions TV joins us as we unwrap and go through the ice fishing mag together on this bonus episode. Enjoy!


Ice Fish Nerd Broadcast with Clay host of Fish Nerds Podcast

Where is Fish Addictions Radio are they: a. In a Bass Pro Shops recording LIVE b.Co-Hosting Fish NERDS c.Ice Fishing in Florida with co-host Lillian Albrecht The answer is YES and the best part...all three happen in this short yet fact packed and entertaining Season 2 show. Sit back relax and enjoy yet another episode of family friendly, year round, ice fishing content you have come to consume here at Fish Addictions Radio. BIG changes coming to the website Nov 14th check us out at...


Season 2 Launch BONUS Episode- Ice Fishing USA Style with Mike McNett

Season 2 was a great success. Mike McNett helped but we weren't able to get his audio uploaded in time so enjoy this BONUS episode with Mike McNett- Team USA captain. Fish Addictions Radio is a year round ice fishing podcast with host Scott Albrecht and co-host Lillian Albrecht providing family friendly content to help fulfill your ice fishing content needs! Check out our website for ways to contact the show and make sure to submit a review on Apple Podcast app.


Season 2 Launch with Dave Genz, Brian Bro Brosdahl, Tony Boshold and more...

Season 2 kicks off with a BANG! Dave Genz, Brian Brosdahl, Tony Boshold, Brad Hawthorn, Myron Gilbert, Anthony Rodriguez and Fish Addictions TV host Mike Olsen! Questions we asked the pros on the show: 1.) What is the the thing you are most looking forward to this upcoming ice fishing season 2.) What is your best day on ice 3.) What do you do to get ready for the ice season in the off season 4.) What is your craziest day on ice? 5.) If you could only give a new ice fishing angler ONE...


A Season One Look Back- A year of Ice Fishing Content

As we look forward to the launch of Season 2 why not take a step back in time and review the last Season as it comes to a close. Please join me as we go back and listen to the highlights of Season 1 and if inspired feel free to go back and re-listen to those episodes...hard to believe we were able to record 40!!! Thanks for hanging in there as we grew and developed in our podcast...I couldn't be more excited for whats to come in Season 2...sit back relax and enjoy this finishing touch on...


Fish Addictions Fill In

The first of many Fish Addictions fill ins! We are so blessed to work with the Fish Addiction team to follow them around as they film for Season 3 of their highly popular TV show. Also I am half Canadian! If you are in Canada share and subscribe to this podcast please! Also I know there are several of you from Bulgaria and Ukraine! Shout out to my friends on the other side of the pond. Mark your calendars for September 30th! Our big Season 2 Launch happens live from Cabelas and streaming...


Creepy Crawly Cold Call

Ever wondered where bait comes from? Or best ways to store bait? Check out this episode with Tony from Wholesale Bait as we ice fishing cold call the bait industry to learn about those wiggly fellas on the end of our hooks. Sit back relax and enjoy this episode of Fish Addictions Radio! Also like our Facebook page to get the opportunity to get on the show for our Season 2 Launch episode as a special guest!


Custom ICE Fishing Cold Call

A new look at an old fishing rods. From Zubas to St, Paul, we catch up with an old friend Adam on this version of ice fishing cold calls as we get an update on the whats and whys of custom rod building. If you want on the podcast or would like to ask a question email