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#9 - We are back!

Hello folks! It has been a long time since the last podcast. We have all had a bit of a hiatus due to various family/ life events, and are happy to now be back and back to our regularly scheduled podcasting! In this episode it is a small crew, just J.T. and Alex. We go over some of the flight simulator events of the past 6 months to catch up and get back to speed. Hope that you enjoy! J.T. Twitch: Alex Twitch:...


FlightSim Community Podcast #8 Pt.2 - Jonfly Interview

In this episode Jonfly talks with us all about his streaming career, and advice that he has for people interested in streaming. Come Join us on Discord!


FlightSim Community Podcast #8 Pt.1 - Jonfly Interview: The Simmer

Jonfly is one of the largest twitch streamers in North America, and a great personal friend. We are very excited that he was able to join us for a show! In part 1 of this 2 part series, we talk to Jon about his history of flight simulation, which expands all the way back to Flight Simulator 1.0 on an old Macintosh. That first love of flight simulator has spanned two decades now into the world of X-Plane 11 and Lockheed Martin's Prepar3d. Come join the podcast/Sapi3nce Discord!:...


FlightSim Community Podcast #7 2017 Holiday Buying Guide

More Welcome back from the Thanksgiving holiday everyone! I hope that all of you in the US had a great Thanksgiving, we sure did. We are glad to be back in action for you guys again this week, with a podcast that is all about our Flight Simulator Software Holiday Buying Guide for 2017. In this episode the whole cast talks about some of the key...


Flightsim Community Podcast #6, Pt. 2 - Keith Smith PilotEdge Founder Joins

Mr. Keith Smith joined us again for part two of his guest appearance, this time to talk all about his company, PilotEdge, and what it offers as a platform out there. All of us on the flightsim community podcast are pilotedge subscribers, and consider it an absolute must have subscription to add to your flight simulation toolbox. I consider it the best "addon" out there. There is not a single piece of software that will increase the realism of your flight simulator experience like flying on...


FlightSim Community Podcast #6, Pt. 1 - Keith Smith PilotEdge Founder

J.T., Taylor, and Alex talk all things flight simulator and real world aviation with the first ever guest that we have had on the flightsim community podcast, Mr. Keith Smith. Keith is has spent over 20 years on flight simulator, and has also been a huge player in the Air Traffic Control Scene, starting with vatsim in the mid-late 2000s. Keith primarily flies on the X-Plane Platform. Keith is also a real world licensed pilot that owns a beautiful Lancair, which he has flown coast to coast...


The FlightSim Community Podcast #5 - FSEconomy

The FlightSim Community Podcast Crew talks all about FSEconomy in this podcast. This includes an overview explanation of the various parts of the FSEconomy universe. If you enjoyed the podcast, please be sure to subscribe and even leave us a review to let us know what we can do better! Below are links on where to see me live on Twitch, and youtube. Our show is streamed live on twitch weekly on Wednesday nights at 8pm CST. Come say hello on discord! :...


Flightsim Community Podcast #4 - Our Favorite Sim Aircraft Ever

The FlightSim Community Podcast Crew discusses their favorite flight simulator aircraft of all time in this episode. Here are links to each of the aircraft mentioned in the podcast: J.T. : A2A Simulations Piper Comanche: A2A Comanche Taylor: DCS A-10DCS A10 Alex: AN-24: Felis AN 24 Charles: FlyJSim 727: FJS727 If you enjoyed the podcast, please be sure to subscribe and even leave us a review to let us know what we can do better! Below are links on where to see me live on Twitch, and...