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Promo for Journey to Gold - New Pilot Series

Join us for our new show ...Guest Host Josie Passantino brings to you this promotional show for Journey to Gold and the Dream Quest Challenge, where independent artists submit their music and their stories for listeners to vote. Panel Judge, Milliea McKinney joins Josie to talk about the details of the new series on the VoiceAmerica network.


Step Outside the Box with Life Coach Gerri Helms

Join us today as Life Coach Gerri Helms shares her story on how she stepped outside the box into a twenty-five year corporate career. In 1979 with nothing more than $100 and a borrowed Commodore 64 computer, Gerri and a partner started their first business, managing homeowner and condo associations in Central Florida. This launched a twenty-five year corporate career. Maya Angelou writes: “Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation,...


Marilyn, Joe and Me - Mary Jane Popp

Radio and Television host, Mary Jane Popp, and author of "Marilyn, Joe and Me", stops in to share her story and the truth about Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio. This soon to be best seller - is an intimate look at Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio as told by June DiMaggio, niece of Joe and close friend of Marilyn. Mary Jane has hosted and produced both radio and television locally and nationally for over 20 years. She has a B.S. and a M.A. from Indiana University, in addition to a background...


One - Danny Rossi

Danny Rossi, Lead Singer of the international high energy rock Band ONE that has performed hundreds of shows since 2007, stops by to chat with CJ. Tune in to hear about the details of putting together their third album, 'World's Collide', after the critical success of 'Dirty Valentine'. The third offering from ONE, winners of the Toronto Rock Magazine's 2009 Rock Song of the Year, is kicking off the release with a United States tour that has upcoming stops in Florida and Georgia.


How to Start a Business - Kevin Cullis

Kevin Cullis is a former Air Force officer, currently a business geek and now has become an entrepreneur. He has his Masters Degree in Administration as well as 12 years of face-to-face experience selling both Macs and PCs to businesses. He loves helping entrepreneurs and small business owners integrate, utilize, and optimize the use of their Mac in their marketing, sales, and business management processes. The combination of both a business and a computer process perspectives makes him...


BIG IDEA THINKING with Betsy Wiersma

Come explore the magic of BIG IDEA Thinking with Betsy Wiersma, Founder of CampExperience™, and annual retreat for amazing women in Keystone, CO. Betsy created a “purpose-built” life to support her adoption of a one-day-old daughter and now ten years later has touched the lives of thousands with her events and programs. Elizabeth Ann (Betsy) Wiersma is known for BIG IDEA thinking and ROI: Return on Ideas. After years of service leading the events industry on the President's Council for the...


Your Inner Power - Sophie Biddle

Tonight we welcome Sophie Biddle, Health and Vitality Specialist. Sophie has over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry where she has helped an overwhelming number of women with hormonal issues that often debilitate their lives. There is an epidemic of shame among women and their bodies. Sophie has devoted her work and created a paradigm shift on how women view, relate to and feel about themselves, their health and their bodies. She has worked as a nutritional advisor,...


John Garza Band

Grammy Award Winner, John Garza, stops in with his band from his home town, Corpus Christi, Texas, to talk about the ups and downs of his career in the music biz.. A man in search of the perfect band, when at 25 years of age your first album wins a Grammy, the bar is set pretty high. At that time John was the lead vocalist with the Chris Perez Band and the band's bi-lingual debut album, Resurrection, released in 1999, won a Grammy award in 2000, in the category of Alternative Latin Rock....


How the Internet Destroyed the World Economy

Bob Brill, CBS Radio News Anchor and Author of "How the Internet Destroyed the World Economy", stops by to share his views on how the internet, one of the greatest inventions known to man, has totally changed the old business model forever and destroyed our world economy. Tune into this stimulating conversation of the internet's pros and cons and its impact on the world. A native of Pittsburgh, Bob began his radio career in 1972 and worked all over the western US, several times in the LA...


Beautiful At Any Size - Stephanie Bell

Stephanie Rainbow Bell is a motivational speaker, author and Self-Esteem Coach for Plus Size Women, and uses her unique gifts of clarity and compassion and her low-key, fun style to guide women to embrace their size and shape and cherish their unique beauty in order to gloriously accept their full power and create lives filled with joy, peace, love and prosperity! A professional believer in unlimited possibilities, Stephanie is Chief Conscious Creator/CEO of THE PLUS SIZE INNER PEACE...


DEEP HAPPY - Peter Fairfield

Renowned healer, Eastern journeyer and teacher, Peter Fairfield shows you how to find IT, KEEP connected to IT and live from THAT PLACE in his new book DEEP HAPPY: How to Get There and Always Find Your Way Back (Weiser Books). Most of us experience happy in transient moments--watching a sunset, the first flush of love, breathing in nature, being hugged by someone whose approval we seek or getting something we have long wanted. But is that really happiness? And what about the rest of the...


It's Never About the Money - Pegi Burdick

Pegi Burdick, The Financial Whisperer, is an expert in helping women untangle their emotions from their money. Author of "It's NEVER about the Money...even when it is", Pegi finally connects what people are not talking about: how and why women confuse their emotions with their money. As an expert financial coach and author, Pegi Burdick tears back the disguises and falsehoods that prevent women (and men) from moving away from not earning what they deserve, accumulating more debt, allowing...


THE TRAP - Kevin Click

Kevin Click, Leader of the indie rock group "The Trap" and FMWA Featured new Artist for August, stops by to celebrate the release of their debut album "Silence". The recording of Silence was wrapped up in the winter of 2011 and the band just released the record July 21, 2012. Tracks from their EP-Length Record will be featured during today's show and all throughout the month of August. In 2009, Kevin Click took up the guitar and started writing and recording original material. In early...


Adrenaline Nation - Peter McCarthy

Have you reached your breaking point? Peter McCarthy, former commercial pilot and author of "Adrenaline Nation: A Wake Up Call for A Stressed-Out America". After 36 years in the pilot seat, Peter knows first-hand the impact stress can have on the human organism. His landmark book chronicles the cost of stress on our entire society and what we can do about it. Adrenaline Nation makes a forceful case for why Americans have reached the breaking point. Drawing from his broad experience as a...


Central Perks Cafe - Swimming with the Dolphins

In 2010, Robin Hinaman and Melanie Freeman decided to pack up their house and their animals and travel cross country from California to Florida to start a new life. Tune in to find out what the Universe had in store for these two courageous ladies.


Kamikaze Love - Kate Klim

Singer, songwriter, Kate Klim was five years old when her family inherited a piano, 9 years old when she received her first lesson, and 11 years old when an unsuccessful audition for the film "Life with Mikey" caused her to rethink her career as a moviestar. This was fortunate, because the singer/songwriter Club Passim has since called a "local rising star" then turned to music. With roots in Palatine, Illinois and Downingtown, Pennsylvania, Kate was raised on a steady diet of Carole King ,...



LET'S TALK! Join Dianne McNair and CJ this Power Tuesday as they explore current events, news and controversial issues that can affect you in your every day life. Views you can use. Real, practical stuff that can help you get that new perspective to make a new plan. Don't miss it...LET'S TALK! Become part of the passionate energy of these two pioneers, two real women talking about real life from real experience. Exchange ideas with CJ and Dianne, brainstorm over solutions, learn about...


We All Have A Purpose - Frank Poe

Frank Poe, author of "Raven Wings", shares his perspective and inspiring journey as a champion in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. Going blind and nearly dying from the disease in October of 1996, Frank battled back from bed ridden, wheelchair, walker to cane, and has regained his vision in one eye. "I believe living with a positive attitude produces results, and I'm alive today because of it." Frank wants people to know that having or being diagnosed with a disability doesn't mean your...



LET'S TALK! Join Dianne McNair and CJ this Power Tuesday as they explore current events, news and controversial issues that can affect you in your every day life. Views you can use. Real, practical stuff that can help you get that new perspective to make a new plan. Don't miss it...LET'S TALK! Become part of the passionate energy of these two pioneers, two real women talking about real life from real experience. Exchange ideas with CJ and Dianne, brainstorm over solutions, learn about...