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Episode 030 | "Dirty 30"

Si & Veronica are celebrating the milestone dirty 30th episode this week! The dirt we dug up was how we predicted Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s engagement wouldn’t last. We get into our thoughts on their relationship and what it means to hop from one relationship to the next when you aren’t ready. Pop culture news was truly poppin’ this past week with news of a royal baby on the way, Kanye making an Oval Office visit, Selena Gomez being admitted to a mental hospital, and T.I. making a...


Episode 029 | "Invalid Number"

Si & Veronica are coming off of a fun “Podcast Night Out” of seeing the live recording of the Girls Gotta Eat podcast, which had all of our podcast creative juices flowing. We got into some cute fall shit this past week, even though our cuffing season isn’t going very well. We discussed some winners (and disses) at the AMAs and BET Hip Hop Awards, Travis Scott’s performance on SNL, and Taylor Swift’s newfound political side. Fame was our main topic this week as we took on what seems to be...


Episode 028 | "White Claw"

Si & Veronica… AND ERICH AS A SPECIAL GUEST HOST are hyped for this week’s episode even though Erich is leaving us. We get into our good times this weekend hanging at a disco-themed party and drinking 24 beer varietals. But in REAL news it was Mean Girls Day when we recorded (October 3rd, and get cultured if you don’t understand the reference) and Lindsay Lohan was up to some fake refugee savior tricks. We caught up with our fave rappers with Lil Wayne and Logic’s new albums dropping,...


Episode 027 | "Cuffin' Season"

Si & Veronica celebrate Producer Dylan’s monthaversary with an episode chock full of cultural quick hits. We have to do a quick correction because both Vee and Dylan thought cash me ousside girl’s rap name was pronounced “bad barbie”, but it is indeed pronounced “bad baby.” Si wins this round… We welcome the arrival of Cuffin' Season! Our hearts are breaking over Childish Gambino breaking his foot and having to end his tour short. We got into some of the beef that is still simmering from...


Episode 026 | "Lil Cringey"

Si & Veronica both had a blast at Music Midtown, though they never saw each other, so they were itching to reunite for this week’s episode. Kanye was all over the news this week with announcing some new projects, such as a follow-ups to Yeezus and Watch The Throne and working with Vee’s boy Chance. We had some thoughts about his announcement of moving back to Chicago and how Kim will never let them do that. We felt hella cringey about Drake being text buddies with Millie Bobby Brown, broke...


Episode 025 | "It's Complicated"

Si & Veronica def partied hard this past weekend (Vee was a VIP at a club and Si was celebrating love) but still had energy for a heated discussion. The news of Mac Miller’s death had us question the weight of fame, the stigma of addiction, and where ex significant others stand in a loss this heavy. We had a hard choice with slappers with Kanye and Lil Pump’s hilarious new bop dropping, but we went with something groovier… Our prediction of true Nicki vs. Cardi beef came true at the Harper’s...


Episode 024 | "Shout Out To My Ex"

Si & Veronica are wishing it was still the long holiday weekend, but we powered through the hot topic of being friends with exes. Vee doesn’t think it’s a super smart idea, but Si doesn’t know any other way (#shoutouttomyex)... Where do you stand. We also discuss Eminem’s new album, the beef it stirred up between him and Machine Gun Kelly, Nike’s Kaepernick ad, and Lindsay Lohan living her best life dancing it up at her Greek club. Will #DoTheLiLo catch on? BIP took up five hours of our...


Episode 023 | "150% Straight"

Si & Veronica are back and better than ever (well, at least we aren’t ill in anyway) for our Jordan episode! We discussed Si JUMPING OUT OF A PLANE, the ushering in of basic b*tch season with Pumpkin Spice Lattes being back at Starbucks, Ariana Grande topping the Billboard charts, and a new song by DJ Snake, Cardi B and Selena Gomez in the works. Crazy fans rushing stages and throwing phones have us questioning how people should behave at concerts -- I mean, you wouldn’t throw your phone on...


Episode 022 | "Just Keep Breathin"

Si & Veronica are settling into their new set and to another eventful week of pop culture and BIP. We had some thoughts on Nicki beefin’ with everyone and spiraling down, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra sealing the deal with a big fat Indian engagement party, and the Hills returning to MTV. The viral tweet thread heard round the 2018 dating world had us floored as we discuss if a guy could pull of a hunger games stunt like this girl did. BIP week 3 brought some new guys, still plenty of...


Episode 021 | "Unbeatable Game"

Si & Veronica go a little off the rails for their twenty-fun episode in Si’s new place. We recap our hectic/transitionary past week (still no kickball because the weather won’t let us be great!) as we throw a couple beers back. We catch up with Priyanka Chopra’s ice on her finger, Nicki’s week early drop of “Queen,” and Kylie’s misuse of the traffic light party cup color-coding. These two-day a week episodes have us effed up when it comes to all the DRAMA hitting the Bachelor In Paradise...


Episode 020 | "Almost Paradise"

Si & Veronica reminisce on their past 20 episodes as they record their last podcast at Si's apartment before he moves out. We catch up on the status of Demi Lovato, Kourtney Kardashian's split from boyfriend, Drake's "In My Feeling" music video and the madness behind the Shiggy Challenge dance challenge. There's alot to talk about with the Bachelorette finale and the premiere of season 5 of Bachelor In Paradise! Thanks to you all who have subscribed! Give us a rate & review for a shout out...


Episode 019 | "Sex, Drugs & Rock N' Roll"

Veronica is back on the show with Si! The two catch up and then get into some heavy topics. We discuss the recent engagement of Nick Jonas, Pete Davidson removing IG pics and Ariana tattoo, Nicki Minaj and Ariana albums dropping on same day, Vogue and Beyonce, Chance The Rapper's anticipated return, Travis Scott being labeled as transphobic over album cover controversy, all while talking about the recent news of Demi Lovato's overdose and the circumstances around being a mega star. And we...


Episode 018 | "Where's My Son?"

Si had to come up with something for this week's podcast since Veronica was out of town, so he asked their mutual friend Erich to come be a special co-host for this episode! The boys hit the ground running talking about kickball, acting exercises, and a "Christmas In July" party they both attended! V checks in from Las Vegas, we discuss the internal altercation in the band Color Me Badd, the recent arrest of Offset of the Migos, the alleged kidnapping of rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, and we get...


Episode 017 | "Self-Made"

Si & Veronica start the podcast off with wrapping up their past week full of losing kickball games and team parties! We get into topics like the Jonas Brothers' significant others, Kourtney Kardashian's booty pic on Instagram that got her recent beau super salty, more G-Eazy cheating rumors, all while getting into our main topic about being "Self-Made" since Forbes released an article surrounding Kylie Jenner's thriving business empire. You know we're also talking "Hometown" dates and the...


Episode 016 | "For The Kulture"

Si & Veronica have a lot topics to touch on this week! We discuss, Justin Beiber's engagement to Hailey Baldwin, Halsey and G Eazy split, Future's new album, iHOP bullshittin' everyone, the arrival of Cardi B and Offset's daughter, Kulture, AND MUCH MORE! You know we have something to say about this past week's episode of The Bachcelorette! Sorry for the quick description, but it be like that sometimes! Just listen and you'll know what's up! Thanks to you all who have subscribed! Give us a...


Episode 015 | "Thoughts & Prayers"

Si & Veronica bring you this week's podcast even through the 4th of July holiday! DEDICATION... WE KNOW! We start the show with a throwback bop resurfaced from an unlikely source, Rebecca Black! We catch you up on our lives while discussing Ed Sheeran's recent lawsuit, LeBron James taking his talents to The Lakers, our thoughts on Drake's new album "Scorpion" AND MORE! And you already know we get into all the drama from this past week's surprisingly enjoyable episode of "The Bachelorette,"...


Episode 014 | "Shoot Your Shot"

Si & Veronica start this episode off talking about their past week, full of not losing their first kickball game to losing each other at a party! We talk about the time V missed her shot with Nick Jonas, XXXTentacion hitting #1 on the Billboard chart after his passing, we discuss the new social media landscape with the release of Instagram's new feature "IG TV", while figuring out whether or not we should have fun with the recent viral "Big Dick Energy" discussion surrounding Pete Davidson &...


Episode 013 | "The Middle"

Si & Veronica begin the podcast by celebrating Si's recent BIG WIN! We discuss starting kickball this week, V gets personal, Ashley I. & Jared's sudden engagment, 'The Bachelor' beefs & casting call in Atlanta, Drake's Degrassi reunion, the untimely death of XXXtentacion, the new album's by Nas, Beyoncé & Jay Z AND MORE! Of course, we touch on this week's episode of 'The Bachelorette!' Thanks to you all who have subscribed! Give us a rate & review for a shout out on the podcast! For fun,...


Episode 012 | "Empanadas"

Si & Veronica start with an announcement of the arrival of the 'Future Bachelor' stickers! We dive into a budding prediction surrounding an upcoming Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson movie, and we discuss the recent engagement of Ariana Grande and SNL's Pete Davidson and ask the question, "When is the right time to settle down?" We give our thoughts on the new Kid Cudi & Kanye West album, "KIDS SEE GHOST," AND MORE! We also think about Anthony Bourdain following last week's podcast involving suicide...


Episode 011 | "1-800-273-8255"

Si & Veronica begin this week's podcast talking about gambling at casinos and dedicating this episode to our friend of the show, @jt_maple of LÜSLEAF STUDIOS for his 30th birthday! We talk Donald Glover possibly playing the new Willy Wonka, updates on the Pusha T/Drake beef, Lil Dicky's new TV show, Justin Beiber's new animated movie, the swimsuit competition being removed from Miss America AND MORE! We also get into some heavy topics surrounding mental illness and suicide when it comes to...