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NFL Week 3 schedule and picks, Points Spread, College Football schedule

Gabe Morency and co host Cam Stewart discussed the NFL week 3 schedule and talked about games to watch. They discussed their picks and point spreads as well. They also went over the NCAA College Football schedule and games to watch. Lastly they weighed in on the matchup with KC and the 49ers and gave insights into their pick and why. #fntsy #fntsysportsnetwork #nccaf #collegefootball #chiefs #49ers #pointspread #


Russell Wilson pushing too much?, NFL Week 3 Schedule, HOF salaries?

Gabe Morency and Cam Stewart discussed Russell Wilson and weighed in on if he is pressing to do too much and how it is affecting the game plan. They also discussed former Hall of Famers seeking a annual salary from the NFL. They also talked about the upcoming NFL week 3 schedule and discussed their picks and point spreads. #fntsy #fntsysportsnetwork #russellwilson #pointspreads #nflhalloffame #week3schedule


State of the Steelers, Bookies and bets, Week 3 of the NFL

Gabe Morency and Cam Stewart along with Jeff Nadu discussed the state of the Steelers after Antonio Brown did not report to the facility on Monday. They also discussed betting and how to safeguard yourself. They explored the College Football schedule for the upcoming week and laid out their picks for schools to win. Lastly, they talked about the Buccaneers with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jameis WInston's return. #fntsy #fntsyportsnetwork #tampabay #ryanfitzpatrick #jameiswinston #steelers...


Josh Gordon traded, NFL week 2 recap, Monday Night Football picks

Gabe Morency and guest Cam Stewart discussed the status of Eli Manning and weighed in on the Giants needing to get younger at quarterback. They also discussed the trade of Josh Gordon to the Patriots and what that means from a fantasy standpoint. They also explored the turmoil in Seattle and gave their thoughts on what is really going on with the Seahawks. Lastly, Cam Stewart laid out his MLB picks for tonight and Monday Night Football. #fntsy #fntsysportsnetwork #seahawks #elimanning...


Upcoming Week 2 picks, Howard to have a Big Day, Urban Meyer

Gabe Morency and Cam Stewart gave insight into why the think Jordan Howard will have a big day Sunday. They also discussed the Bengals-Ravens matchup from Thursday night. They also explored the tandem of Andy Dalton and AJ Green and how they have done so far. They also talked about Urban Meyer and if it is a double standard that he can still be at practice. Lastly, they talked about the LSU-Auburn matchup and gave their picks. #fntsy #fntsysportsnetwork #bengals #ravens #LSU #AUB #urbanmeyer...


Thursday Night Football Preview, NFL & CFB Bets

Gabe Morency and guest Cam Stewart were live from the sportsbook in NJ giving insights on the Thursday Night Football game between the Ravens & Bengals, including what their bets for tonight's game are and for the rest of Week 2 in the NFL. They also go into college football, while Gabe tracks his live bet on the Boston College and Wake Forest over point spread. They then talk about crazy Alabama fan Harvey Updyke, who is famously known for killing a tree on Auburn's campus after a Alabama...


Rookie QB's to start, Picks for NFL week 2, What to do with Le'Veon Bell?

Gabe Morency and guest Cam Stewart discussed their picks for Week 2 and who they think will be a standout performer. They discussed Sam Darnold's start and gave insight to why he will continue to do better. They weighed in on Josh Allen and how he will do in his first start. They also gave their thoughts on the Browns-Saints game and why they think the Browns will win. Lastly, they discussed Le'Veon Bell and his continued contract dispute and explored if the Steelers should trade him for...


Fantasy Week 1 recap, Sam Darnold is the deal?, College Football Schedule

Gabe Morency and Mike Blewitt recapped Week 1 of the NFL and shared their thoughts on top and under performers. They discussed the Raiders-Rams game and talked about Jon Gruden being openly disappointed on his performance. They also talked about 9/11 and how it reshaped sports and reflected on the lives lost that day. They also discussed the Lions' defense and weighed in on if Matt Patricia can be a good coach without Bill Belichick. They also evaluated the upcoming college schedule and made...


NFL week 1 recap of Sunday games, Over under performers of Fantasy

Gabe Morency with Corey Parson and Craig Carton recapped NFL Week 1 and discussed over-performers. They discussed the performance of Ryan Fitzpatrick and the day he had with his wide receivers. They also discussed under-performance of Deshaun Watson and others. They went over the Week 2 schedule and shared their picks on who will win as well as players to look for on the waiver. Lastly, they discussed Monday night doubleheader and explored if Sam Darnold will have a good start.


Eagles and Falcons recap, NCAAF picks for this weekend

Gabe Morency and guest Cam Stewart recapped the Eagles and Falcons game and shared their thoughts on Matt Ryan's performance. Gabe, Cam, and guest Steve Merrill gave their thoughts and picks for the upcoming Week 1 NFL games. They discussed who could cover the spread and who to take. They also discussed the Denver Broncos and share why they will be victorious Week 1\. Lastly, they gave their picks for college football this weekend and why Temple can be a team to watch this season with an...


Best of GameTime Decisions: 4/9 to 7/ 3 minutes!

In 3 minutes, Gabe Morency and Cam Stewart will teach you Vegas realty value, the Browns being an interesting bet for Week 1, and how power lunches take place at Taco Bell. #FNTSY #NFL #SportsRage #TacoBell


Thursday night kickoff preview, , Week 1 picks and over/unders, Sports nicknames of all time

Gabe Morency and guest Cam Stewart previewed the Thursday night game with the Eagles and Falcons and gave their pick on who will win. They also gave insight on Rex Burkhead and why he would be the best option to choose from in the Patriots backfield. Gabe and Cam explored the week 1 NFL schedule and gave their picks on over/unders. Lastly, they discussed sports nicknames of current and past players and why Philip Rivers will have a monster day week 1. #FNTSY #FNTSYSPORTSNETWORK #NFLWEEK1...


Wide Receiver Rankings for Week 1 of NFL,UFC, US Open

Gabe Morency and guest Cam Stewart discussed WR ranking from Roto Sports and shared their insight on why Antonio Brown is ranked #1\. They also weighed in on PPR leagues and why going after a WR first is the best option. They also discussed AJ Green and Davante Adams and who would have a better season. They discussed UFC matchups and gave their thoughts on the upcoming matches. They discussed the Nadal vs Thiem match at the US Open and who they think will win. Lastly, they went over the NFL...


College Football is underway, Do not count out the Sooners, NFL injury update

Gabe Morency and Cam Stewart discussed the opening week of College Football and weighed in on the game results. They also discussed the Michigan and Notre Dame game and explored what went wrong for the Wolverines. They analyzed the start of NFL on Thursday and how Nick Foles would fair after being named the starter. They explored the defense of the Detroit Lions and how good they can be now that Matt Patricia and his defensive background is leading them. Lastly, they discussed the Oklahoma...


College Football Games on tap tonight, NFL, and CFL

Gabe Morency and Cam Stewart discussed College Football games on tonight and who are their favorites to cover the spread. They also explored the different conferences who is the better conference. They also analyzed that teams that win the SEC and Big Ten Conference should be allowed in the NCAA Playoffs. They talked about the matchup with Michigan and Notre Dame and who will come out on top. Lastly, they made their picks for CFL and discussed the progress of Johnny Manziel. #FNTSY...


Jalen Ramsey talking trash, MLB Umpires, NHL is coming

Cam Stewart and George Kurtz discussed Jalen Ramsey and his trash talking explored how teams may face him. They also talked about Patrick Mahomes and is their too much being put on his shoulders as a QB. They analyzed the NFL and discussed whether there should be a minor league system for players to develope. They explored MLB umpires and are they throwing players out of the game too fast after arguing calls. Lastly, they talked about the NHL and ways to make the game better.


NFL trades, College Football kicks off this weekend, NHL

Gabe Morency, Cam, and Gamb Lou discussed the Jets trading Teddy Bridgewater to the Saints for a draft pick. They also traded Brett Hundley as well and analyzed if the Jets are moving in the right direction. They also talked about College Football kicking off this weekend and some of the matchups. Lastly they discussed Martin Brodeur no longer being the GM of the St. Louis Blues. #FNTSY #FNTSYNETWORK #NHL #COLLEGEFOOTBALL #JETS #NFLINJURIES


Quarterback Situations, MLB Matchups, Fantasy Contests & More

Gabriel Morency and Cam Stewart bring in Jeff Nadu of to talk about the quarterback situations in Philadelphia and for the New York Jets while providing their predictions for how teams will finish in the NFL seasons. Then, Gabe and Cam review the tonight's MLB matchups and talk about the fantasy contests they plan to enter. #FNTSY #FNTSYRadio #NFL #FantasyFootball #MLB #FantasyBaseball #Quarterbacks #FantasyContests


New York Jets QBs, Adrian Peterson, Little League World Series, Preseason Recaps and more!

Gabriel Morency and Cam Stewart break down the situation with the New York Jets Quarterbacks and speculate if Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Darnold, or Josh McCown will be the team's starting QB. Then, they talk about the latest on Adrian Peterson, examine news headlines about the Little League World Series, and recap standout performers from NFL preseason games. #FNTSY #FNTSYRadio #NFL #FantasyFootball #LittleLeagueWorldSeries #NewYorkJets #Quarterbacks #TeddyBridgewater #SamDarnold #JoshMcCown...


Aussie Rules Football, NFL Preseason picks

Gabe Morency spoke with guest Myk and Ian Bonanno about the NFL Preseason games on tap tonite. In Aussie Rules Soccer they talked about the top picks and covering the over/under. They explored NFL teams that may have first team offense play longer during the preseason and what to look out for. Lastly Gabe analyzed the Seattle Seahawks and 49ers offense and weighed in on who would struggle more during the season. #FNTSY #FNTSYSPORTS #NFLPRESEASON #SEAHAWKS #49ERS