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GITM 21: Unskippable Openings (2019 Anime Opening Analysis & Review)

As 2019 is coming to a close, I thought it would be appropriate to take a journey through some of my favourite openings from this year in anime. In this episode, I take a step back from deep analysis and flick through some of my favourites, what makes them stand out and how the audio and visual components work together in order to form such lovely pieces. On the side, I talk a bit about The Golden Age Arc of the Berserk manga and my recent obsession with TK from Ling Tosite Sigure. Anime...


GITM 20: The Promare Review (Promare (2019) Analysis & Review)

Promare has been rolling out more and more throughout the west and I finally got the chance to see it, which means I can now do a bit of analysis! Without any spoilers, I will be taking a look at this action-packed original movie made by Studio Trigger. In this episode I'll be diving into the context behind Promare and Studio Trigger, the 'out of the box' narrative styles of Hiroyuki Imaishi & Kazuki Nakashima and whether the film 'lacks substance' on a thematic level. On the side, I discuss...


GITM 19: The Action Arc (Neon Genesis Evangelion Analysis)

The Action Arc welcomes Asuka Langley to the team, making her the Third Child to pilot the Eva units. Her presence is definitely not one that can go unnoticed, being the overbearing, boisterous she is. As a result, the entire dynamic between the characters is reworked and now waiting to be explored. In this episode, I will be taking a dive into Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995) for a second time, looking into how the dynamic changes between the characters in this arc, Asuka's behaviour, the...


GITM 18: The Shambles Reborn (Tokyo Ghoul:re Season 2 Analysis & Review)

As Episode 2 proved, I am not particularly a big fan of the Tokyo Ghoul:re anime adaptation... which I have decided to make myself suffer even more with an analysis and review of the 2nd Season. However, in this episode, I will make a greater attempt to pick up on the parts that I liked in regards to narrative and music. This session I will be doing a general analysis of the 2nd Season of Tokyo Ghoul:re, how the narrative remains 'Kaneki-centric' and whether the show has a solid conclusion....


GITM 17: The Return To Shiganshina Arc (Attack On Titan Analysis & Review)

Attack On Titan's Return to Shiganshina Arc makes yet another appearance on the podcast! This is an arc analysis to end all arc analyses of this arc in the anime / manga, so I will be doing a general overview, looking at the parts of the show that I did not cover in Episode 5 and Episode 12. In this episode, I will be taking a look at how Iyasama's writing on a structural level is particularly important in this part of the narrative, the variety of layers & dimensions that the arc has to...


GITM 16: The Festival Arc (Blue Exorcist Analysis & Review)

The third installment in my Blue Exorcist Analysis is here! We have now left the Kyoto Saga arc and now a new problem has come into the forefront, but this time within True Cross Academy. The balance between good and bad will be evaluated, alongside the conflicting positions of Assaih and Gehenna. In this episode, I will be taking a look at the 'Grey Area' that Mephisto refers to, the transitions between multiple arcs and more. For show notes and more visit Follow...


GITM 15: The Great Conspiracy (Dark Days: The Casting Analysis & Review)

Dark Days: The Casting is the second and final part of the Metal prelude, which will be the focus of this episode. The Casting questions the path that Batman is so adamant to go down and gives us doubts as to whether or not it was a good idea to continue pursuing the 'darkness'. In this episode, I will be discussing the role of other characters (primarily the Joker) in disrupting the mood and making us question Batman's journey into the dark, the advantages of a two-part prologue and my...


GITM 14: The Shin Arc (Boruto Arc Analysis & Review)

The last time I spoke about Boruto, we discussed the first one hundred episodes and how they started to set the tone of the show as a whole. In this episode, I've decided to take a deeper dive, analysing arcs on an individual level. This time, I am looking at the Shin / Sarada Uchiha Arc. What is the nature of the character 'Shin', how well is Sakura vs. Shin executed and how successful is the arc as a whole? For show notes and more visit Follow me on Twitter...


GITM 13: Why Harem Isn't Dead (Harem Anime Analysis)

Harem anime is a guilty pleasure of mine! Also, this year I've fallen into the rabbit hole of watching one after another. In this episode, I'll be talking about which harem anime have appealed to me a lot recently and how the genre still has the potential to be quite versatile. For show notes and more visit Follow me on Twitter @GetInTheMecha for updates on the show! MUSIC IN THIS PRODUCTION: ChipScape by chasersgaming Difference by chasersgaming Mandatory...


GITM 12: The Song Of Battle (Attack On Titan OP 5 Analysis)

The Return to Shiganshina Arc of Attack On Titan has concluded, so lets analyse the opening and what it did for the show! OP 5 draws from a variety of elements within the previous openings and also contrasts itself to its predecessor, 'Red Swan'. In this episode I will be taking a closer look at how the opening reflects the mood of the arc from an audio-visual perspective, how it distinguishes itself from the various other OPs and why it excites me for the final parts of the show. For show...


GITM 11: The Curse of Knowledge (Dark Days: The Forge Analysis & Review)

Dark Days: The Forge foreshadows the heavy 'space opera' known as Dark Nights: Metal, a massive arc for Batman and the DC Universe as a whole. With the Tales from the Dark Multiverse series around the corner, I think the time is perfect to dive into the realm of darkness. In today's episode, I will be looking at how The Forge successfully tells part of this saga, how Snyder writes with intention and where the audience left off by the end of this prologue. For show notes and more visit...


GITM 10: The Prologue Arc (Neon Genesis Evangelion Analysis)

I think I can say with confidence that Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995) is one of my favourite shows in the medium to this day. Also, it would be cruel to give the podcast such a name for no reason! Our journey begins in Tokyo-3, in 2015, after the Second Impact. In this episode, I embark on my journey through the Evangelion franchise, looking firstly at what is known as the 'Prologue Arc' (Episode 1-6). Today I'll be looking deeply into Shinji from an emotional perspective, the Hedgehog...


GITM 9: The MHA Cult & The State of Shounen (My Hero Academia & Battle-Shounen Analysis)

It feels as if My Hero Academia (2016) was an overnight success when it comes to the anime scene, making a name for itself in the battle-shounen genre and throughout the medium. That very idea was reinforced when I attended a convention not too long ago, seeing MHA left, right and centre. In this episode, I will be doing a bit of a recap for the convention I attended, trying to make sense of My Hero Academia's success and I take a dive into what the show does differently structurally. Is the...


GITM 8: I Died... But Then I Lived! (DCeased #1-3 Analysis & Review)

DCeased appears to be the classic zombie survival narrative... which it is! The only stark difference is that it is justified through DC's 'logic'. I finally decided to take this on, after witnessing all the hype prior to its release. In this episode, I will be looking more into the pacing of the issues I just recently read, how this impacts the tone of the story and whether this series is worth continuing. MUSIC & SFX IN TODAY’S PRODUTION: Go Lucky by chasersgaming Mandatory Overtime by...


GITM 7: Four Minus Two (Fantastic Four Vol. 6 #1 Analysis & Review)

If I am honest, the Fantastic Four comics aren't something I chose to delve into very much, but after their recent return post-Secret Wars (2015), I thought it would be appropiate that I give it a try. In this episode, I analyse the contexts that the Fantastic Four find themselves in after the advent of Secret Wars and how the members handle it. I will be taking a dive into how individual characters handle the aftermath, the threat the looms alongside this and most importantly, has the...


GITM 6: The Kyoto Impure King Arc (Blue Exorcist Analysis & Review)

Our young Exwires have tackled their first hurdle and now move onto the next one, the Impure King in Kyoto! Within this episode, join me on the second part of my journey through Ao No Exorcist, this time through the Kyoto Impure King arc within the second season of the anime 'Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen' (2017). I will be taking a look at the stark differences between the first main arcs in comparison to this one, whether this part of the show is oversaturated and if the second season...


GITM 5: Mastery of the Speech (Attack on Titan Season 3 Analysis)

Attack on Titan's (Shingeki no Kyojin) 3rd Season is now done and dusted and before analysing the entirety of The Return to Shiganshina Arc, I want to stop off near the middle. In this episode, I take a deeper dive into Erwin's Speech in Episode 16. This speech changes the way I look at the show completely, as it can be applied to the further arcs and the ones prior. MUSIC IN THIS PRODUCTION: Go Lucky by chasersgaming Mandatory Overtime by Joth SFX by SubspaceAudio Cinematic Drums |...


GITM 4: Boruto at 100 (Boruto Anime Analysis & Review)

Boruto has hit one hundred episodes... which means loads of content to sink my teeth into! In today's episode, join me as I take a deep dive into the major arcs and episodes in the first one hundred episodes, all to answer the question: is the Boruto anime going in a good direction? I will be discussing: The Shin / Sarada Uchiha Arc, The Versus Momoshiki Arc + Episode 65, The Mitsuki Rescue Arc and The Truth of Mitsuki (Episode 39). MUSIC IN THIS PRODUCTION: Go Lucky by...


GITM 3: In the Beginning (DC Universe: Rebirth #1 Analysis & Review)

In the beginning... there was Rebirth! DC Universe: Rebirth #1 is what I like to label 'the book that started it all', in the sense that it allowed new narrative threads to emerge from it, while still embracing what was most important about the DC Universe prior to the New 52. In this episode, join me as I dive into how successfully did the graphic novel set up what came after it, who are the key players in this story and how impactful are they. For show notes and more visit...


GITM 2: Return of the Ghouls (Tokyo Ghoul:re Analysis & Review)

Tokyo Ghoul:re was... an interesting one. With a questionable pace, tone and narrative, I left the show quite confused and unsure on how I felt about it. In today's episode, join me as I do a mini-dissection of what I thought were the 'goods' and 'bads' of the first season of the series. I will be going through what made it so different to its counterparts, why it was truly 'an interesting one' and if the show is worth your time (you can probably guess by now.) For show notes and more visit...