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Love, Happiness, and all that other shit

Ms. Cooper breaks down the infamous line from the popular movie "The Brothers". Tune in and find out what the line really means and how it can help your own relationships.


Do you need social media validation for your relationship?

In this episode, Ms. Cooper talks about women who want their men to validate their relationships via social media. Even though these women are in marriages, dating, or even living together, they want their significant other to post about them on social media for the world to see. Is this a deal breaker if your significant other doesn't want to or flat out refuses to do this? Tune in and get this interesting take on why this is a trending topic in today's social media run world.


Justifying Ratchedness

So do you justify ratcheness for yourself or even for friends? Do you think it's fine if they do something wild and crazy, but not for yourself? So it's okay for so/so to steal that person's man? Or okay for them to openly flaunt their sidekick? Why do you support such a thing? Are you about supporting your friends in this type of behavior? If you can justify answering any of these questions then tune in! Let's talk about it! And stay tuned for an upcoming announcement about the future of...


You’ve been blocked!

It happens everyday in the social media world, it happens with or without warning. When it does happen you feel some sort of way and you wonder what you did to deserve for it to happen to you . It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. I'm talking about being blocked on social media. If this has happened to you, tune in and let's explore why this sometimes isn't the worst thing to happen to you. Sometimes it's a blessing in disguise. Also learn how it's not that big of a deal...unless...


The WYD Standard

In this episode Ms. Cooper talks about the current trend of the text "wyd". Women all over social media are talking about how they don't answer these texts, but want more. Yet the same women aren't living up to the standards that they are requiring via text message. Tune in and get a take on this social media trend that's anything but another reason why ladies need to level up on their standards and stop acting like a "princess" and start acting like the "queens" they are supposed to be...


When someone is jealous aka haters gonna hate

Ever heard the saying "Haters gonna hate?" Of course you have. I'm sure that you have had a few "haters" in your day and it's just down right annoying. So how do you handle it? What do you do about it? Tune in and check out some tips that Ms. Cooper has lined up. Some are obvious, while a few are just down right out there for a few, but it's something that works for her...it could possibly work for you. Disclaimers are in the show too, but that's just to keep it interesting.


3 Surefire Ways to Get and Keep a Man

In this episode, Ms. Cooper is giving out relationship advice to the ladies looking for a relationship. Ms. Cooper gives her 3 surefire ways that will help you to achieve the relationship that you want. The tips are meant to make you think differently. In tune with giving the advice, Ms. Cooper is keeping it real and letting you know that this isn't advice to take lightly. You have to be willing to put in the work. Tune in and find out what is needed to take you to the next level in your...


Social Media and Relationship Trust

In this episode,Ms. Cooper is talking about the impact social media has had on relationships. Do you trust your partner on social media? Are you worried about what is going on in their inbox? Do you have the password to your partner's social media accounts? What if you and your partner have a shared social media account? Then what? Tune in and get some much needed advice and input on how your relationship can be affected if you do or don't trust your partner on social media. Also realize...


Ladies..you've been told to Level Up!!!

In this episode, Ms. Cooper is talking about a tweet by the singer Ciara. She recently tweeted a sermon with a segment saying that ladies need to "level up." This was met with a lot of good and bad reception. That gives Ms. Cooper the ammunition to ask ladies this question: Are you mad at Ciara for what she said because it's the truth? Or are you mad because it causes you to take a good look at yourself? Tune in and check out Ms. Cooper's take on this trending topic of discussion and hear...


Ladies, why are you so selfish?

In this episode, Ms. Cooper talks about how selfishness can affect a relationship. You can't treat your spouse or boyfriend or significant other a certain way and expect to be treated like a Queen at the same time. It just doesn't work like that. In this episode, you will hear about a relationship that has soured due to mistreatment and the burning question of "why is this happening to me?" Tune in and find out.