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247 Hardcore Will Never Die

Official HWND merchandise available click LINK 1 Love you tonight Nicky Allen 2 Track Friday DJ Pursuit 3 AH HA Stay on this roads Deadly Nightshade 4 Eventuality Dissy 5 I Rave Therefore I am Apogee Breaks 6 NAD#45 (Nicky Allen Dubs) Nicky Allen 7 Love Like This DJ Seduction 8 Rock To The Beat DJ Revive 9 Restless (Haze & Cyrax Remix) JX 10 Bouncy Techno Smiley 11 Gettin It (Demcore Remix) Sanxion 12 It's...


246 Hardcore Will Never Die

1 A tale with two sides Gareth Monks 2 The Red Phase (Mad Chopper Mix Back 2 Nite 3 Oldskool for Oldskoolers Apogee Breaks 4 Emily Heyl (kiss my piano) Nicky Allen 5 Its The Way New Koncept vs DJ Taktix 6 Techno Age (Movin On) Nicky Allen 7 Why Cant We See DJ Revive 8 Turrican 2 (Breakbeat Hardcore Mix) Sonic Trip 9 Hardcore Come Again! Back 2 Nite 10 N'Joi This Simon Harris 11 Happy Go Lucky Smiley 12 Feel My...


245 Hardcore Will Never Die

1 Pineapple Grenade DJ EZC 2 Another Love Paul Bradley 3 Feel So Good Ameretto 4 Into My Eyes (TNO Remix) Clayfighter 5 Somebody Nicky Allen 6 Special Request Ant To Be 7 Better Now (Graz Remix) Post Malone 8 Enter The Dancehall (Jedi Remix) Gothika Shade 9 The Banger DJ Revive 10 Blood Is Pumping (Graz Remix) Voodoo & Serano 11 Let the bas kick Lil Taxes 12 Free the feeling (Original Mix) Ellis D , Chrome &...


244 Hardcore Will Never Die

1 Feeling (Original 93 Demo Mix) Euphony 2 Don't break my heart Case 82 3 Set Your Feelings Free (Liquid Remix) Audio X 4 Angel Acen Four 5 Bad Choice (Paul Bradley Remix) Timme 6 Start Lovin' (Shadowplay Remix) TNO Project 7 Alice (Idealz Remix) Luna-C 8 Wannabe (DaveGlover 'Silk Cuts' Remake) Spice Girls 9 Calling Me (Clayfighter Remix) Shadowplay 10 poltergeist Wyld 11 Kapitalizm Redlock 12 Deep In The...


243 Hardcore Will Never Die

1 Hide U Catch U DJ EZC 2 Rock with me Case 82 3 Airhead (Sanxion Remix) Dj Brisk 4 Fright Night Richard Champion 5 That Feeling Disrupta & Sonic Fixation 6 Southwest Hardcore DJ Marc C 7 Only Whats Real (Alex Jungle Remix) Saiyan & Cru-l-t 8 Heaven The Vibe Controller 9 Rock Deh Riddum (Dj Ham Remix) Doughboy 10 Up To No Good Case 82 11 Spooky Scary Skeletons Rob IYF 12 Ultimate sex track (Bass d and king mathew...


242 Hardcore Will Never Die

1 Lift Me Up (Luna-C Remix) Hyper On Experience 2 Take Me Higher (Old Skool Mix) Ameretto 3 Moonlit Sky Sparki Dee 4 Mitsu Bishi Billy Bunter and Liquid 5 Neon Lights Bucksta 6 Let The Rhythm Yannick Biscuits 7 Just wanna hold your cake Beeno 8 This one is computerised DJ Pursuit 9 Magic Man Ameretto 10 Don't Mess (Paul Bradley Remix) Timespan & Bertie 11 The Box (Sunny & Deck Hussy Remix) Pete Cannon 12 Forever Young (pursuit's happy go larry mix - wav...


241 Hardcore Will Never Die

1 Heart of Gold Distrax Reifx 2 Movin N Groovin Nicky Allen 3 Mind Elevation (Calling the hardcore Vol1 EP) Try Unity 4 Can u feel it Shaun FM 5 Old SKool Heaven (Old Skool Mix) Luna-C & Saiyan 6 In The Air DJ Revive 7 Daydream Shazza S 8 Piano Confusion (Psycangle Remix) Luna-C 9 Don't You Dare Sunny & Deck Hussy 10 I Am A Smurfert (FrenchVert Mix) DJ Smurf 11 Fcuk Unicorns (JAKAZiD Remix) Dj Genki 12 Top Buzz -...


240 Hardcore Will Never Die

1 Dove removal machine Billy Bunter and Liquid 2 Feel The Rhythm Distrax 3 Acid Rock (Nicky Allan Remix) Rhythm Device 4 Hold Me Captain Triceps 5 The champion beat Shaun FM 6 Bleeps for the killjoys Billy Bunter and Liquid 7 Cry little sister DJ Revive 8 No More Shout Outs (Back To 95 Mix) Dephonix 9 Ecto One DJ EZC 10 Monster Chiller Horror Theatre Mannik 11 Incredible Bass (Slipmatt Remix) Oasis 12 Simply...


239 Hardcore Will Never Die

1 Future Visions (Idealz Remix) Cru L T 2 Raw Basics (Sparki Dee Remix) Pascal & Sponge 3 Don't Mess (Paul Bradley Remix) Timespan & Bertie 4 Old SKool Heaven (Old Skool Mix) Luna-C & Saiyan 5 I want u'r rushing Shaun FM 6 Musical Foundations "Insane & Mind Remix" Love Nation 7 Get Funky Dj Revive 8 Bang Nine Storm & Ham 9 Innovation (Bananaman Remix) Dougal & Mickey Skeedale 10 Thoughts Of You (Album Mix) Stompy 11 Ready...


238 Hardcore Will Never Die

1 NAD #43 (Nicky Allen Dubs) Nicky Allen 2 Nobody (Timme_Rmx) Ant To Be 3 Story of Love (Forever Hardcore EP #KFA94) Sunny & Deck Hussy 4 Fireworks(DJ Storm Remix) Force & Styles 5 Be Good To Yourself JHAL 6 All Out Of Love Storm 7 Itch It Up (DJ Storm, Fade & Bananaman Remix) Seduction 8 Find A Way (Original) 3 Amigos 9 Test Of Time 2000 (Euro Mix) Stompy 10 Techno Round The World (Fracus & Skratchy) A Sense of...


237 Hardcore Will Never Die

Cut the music Nicky Allen You are the one Ravers Return Sativa D-Vosion Box of tricks (Nickys back on it mix 2018) Nicky Allen Feelin This Dissy AgeOfLove Unknown Bad Magic Dj Revive Sweetheart Happy League Lights Deadly Nightshade Transient DJ Revive Head In Clouds Stompy & D'Skys Sky High (DJ Storm, Demo & Ham Remix) Psy Quest Telepathic Impulses DJ Rave In Peace I Belive Stompy Wanting To Get High (DJ Storm Remix) Hixxy Doesnt...


236 Hardcore Will Never Die

Dream of heaven - Dougal & DNA Love toy - Dougal & Mickey Skeedale Midnight Express (Steamtrain) -Hopscotch Insanity - DNA Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Dougal & Mickey Skeedale Your love hits me - DNA Sometimes (Dubplate Remix) - Dougl & DNA Seven Ways - Bananaman The Key - Dj Demo & Mickey Skeedale Driving me crazy - Dougal & DNA Really Love You (DNA Remix) - Dougal Attitude - Hixxy & Lady Trixxy Back to the future - Dougal & Mickey Skeedale Yes, Yes Er Yes - Hixxy &...


235 Hardcore Will Never Die

To Be With You - Richard Champion GO DJ - Case 82 Rhythm - D-Votion Above - Ameretto Inertia - DJ Jedi Feelin This - Dissy You Dream - DJ CDC Piano Progression - Luna C Sweetheart - Happy League Feel It In The Air (Rebel Alliance Remix) - Future Primitive Summer Rain - DJ EZC Pink Presecco - DJ Revive Revenge Of The Cosmic Space Banana - DJ EZC Stay with me - Eruption I Feel You - Fade feat. Martina Take My Breath Away - Go Mental Commence (Jonny el Mix) - Scott...


234 Hardcore Will Never Die

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233 Hardcore Will Never Die

Summer Rain by DJ EZC Dream With Me by Gareth Monks Old Skool Flava (Remix) by DJ Jedi The Dreamer Of Dreams - Original Mix by Wislov Double Impact by DJ Jedi Sensority by DJ Epistaxis DJ Jedi Takeover by DJ Jedi Live for the future by Gareth Monks Drop The Beat by DJ Revive VOL 1 by SLG CUTS Dope in ya Soul by DJ Epistaxis Emerald 2 by DJ Rave In Peace Set free by Force & Styles Geenah by DJ EZC Forever Young '98 by O.M.G Let The Bass Kick by Magical Please Be Mine...


232 Hardcore Will Never Die

RaveSkool Records showcase


231 Hardcore Will Never Die

Manic Panic by Dissy Tunnel by Lucky Artificial Intelligence by Dj Jedi Eternal Sunshine (pursuit's sunshine lovers remix) by Langham Music (Cru-l-t Revisit) by Timespan Too Much Sense (Original '94 Mix) by DJ SY One Day Well All Be Free - Original Mix by Wislov Pounding Beats by Happy League DJ Sy Too Much Sense (DJ Jedi Remix) by Dj Jedi Shelter Me - Original Mix by Wislov DJ Seduction Hardcore Heaven by Dj Revive Dream With Me by Gareth Monks Summer Rain by DJ EZC Never Give...


230 Hardcore Will Never Die

Digital Breaks for Life by Apogee Breaks Tunnel by Lucky What I Need by Finchman White Hole by DJ EZC Comin @ Ya by Pursuit Eternal Sunshine (Paul Bradley remix) by Langham Somebody Scream by Langham DJ Seduction Hardcore Heaven by Dj Revive Jiiieehaaaa (DaveGlover 2018 Remake) by Dave Glover VOL 1 by SLG CUTS Yesterday by Gaz V 4 O'clock In The Morning (Eufeion 2018 Remix) by Eufeion Tales of a ruffneck by Pursuit Hardcore Haters (ush hasbeen album track 2018 wav) by...


229 Hardcore Will Never Die

Future Shining by Breeze & Styles Discoland by Sy & Unknown Sonic by Breeze & Styles Superfly by Kurt Heartbeatz (Hardcore_mix) by Breeze & Styles Kick in the bass drum by Gammer Back 2 The Oldskool by Darren Styles Nightime by Expression Electric by Breeze & Styles Innovate Stimulate by Sy & Unknown Takin' Me Higher by Darren Styles Only your love by Insight Free Again by Recon & Fluxx No more joking by Dj Kamble The Beat Kicks by Breeze & Styles Rock ya hardcore by...


228 Hardcore Will Never Die

Inner Calm by Sparkee Dee Babylon by Silverfox vs Nicky Allen Get High by Amaretto Comin @ Ya by Pursuit Rush Of The Underground by Deadly Nightshade Breaking Free (The Vibe Controller remix) by Slipmatt From The Underground (Original Mix) by Paul Bradley Thru The Nite by DJ Revive Make It Rough "Insane & Mind Remix" by DJ Brisk Eternal Sunshine (Paul Bradley remix) by Langham Floating by Dj Rave in Peace 123 Hit It by Nicky Allen Get on up by DJ Revive Emu's In The Asylum (Paul...