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The best music you have never heard

The best music you have never heard


Southampton, United Kingdom




The best music you have never heard





Another two header with the inimitable Chris Smith featuring and chatting about Live Wire – Fence Sitter, Vix 20 – Orla the Octopus, Salvation Jayne – Cody, Katy Hurt – sounds Good in a Bar, Ego – Hypnotic, Casual Riots – Caramel. These are exciting times for me. I’m forming a choir, ramping up my […]


October Fest!

Yes it’s finally October and this is the first of 2 podcasts with my friend and musical confident Chris Smith. We mull over some amazing tracks by Dave Miles – Laid To Rest, Dead Reynolds – Not My Place, Trouble Pilgrims – The Old Days, The Motor Trade – Money For Old Rope, Klubber Long […]



A short and very sweet show this week with tracks from Helen Austin – What’s It Like, Donny Apple – Sitting On a Wall, Home Port – If to Gamble, Little Thief – Freak. All good nothing bad!


July… for the last time

Well, for the last time in June. What an amazing collection of songs you have never heard of including Twinninetysix – I’d like to know, The Scaramanga Six – Horse with no face, Phoebe Austin – Serenity, Miss Kitty – Whn I was Young, Indie Butterflies Dream – Wicked, McKenzie Barass – From The Dust


Again with the July!

Another 30 mins of amazing music from bands you've never heard of.... unless you follow the podcast and why wouldn't you? It's free and you're helping support roots music. You can help further by liking and supporting the show on Spotify as well as following the shows Spotify playlist. This weeks episode's playlist looks like this Wrex - Wide Eyes, The Great Leslie - It's alright, The Catalyst - Sylvia, Jonny Knowles - A Wonderful Time To Lose, Gordon Taggard - Footsteps, Asha Jane - Proud,...


Oh July

Have I got a great podcast for you this week. Some amazing tracks including Memory Flowers - I Don't Wanna Know, Mark Anthony - Monster, Chris Kipper Roberts - The Artist, Alesund - Rhythm, Amber Prothero - Confident.


Actually June proper

Just like busses eh? I could do a buy one and get one free but they’re all free, for the moment….. Track in this weeks episode The Great Leslie – See You Again, Wynona – Get Back to Myself, The Zealots – Chasing Yesterdays, Climbing Trees – Troubling Times, The Travis Waltons – Millionaire Picture […]


Kind of May but really June

What an episode! I give you the details on how to be a great music fane AND give you my answer to the Eurovision Song Contest plus play you some of th best music you have never heard. Track list this week is Isla – Everything That I need, Wynona Get Back to Myself, The […]


April no fooling!

Thanks to a flurry of last minute submissions, tis weeks episode nudges the 1 hour mark with creative lushness! Great tracks including Doozer McDooze – Skint, A Made Man – Gas as Energy, Agent Starling – Drive The Cold Winter Away, Fran Minnes – Tracks, The Zealots – Nothing More, Will Powerz ft. Synpa Delic […]


More March

Yes ambassador, I AM spoiling y0u! More great tracks this week from with new tracks and some from the 2010 archive kicking off with my favourite track from their new album Broken Links – Cold War, Hanna & Kerttu – December, Gordon Taggart – Be The Ones, Steve Hewitt – Dreaming Again, the Wilton Project […]


Is This Thing On Again 2008/2010

In a retrospective look at the music played on the podcast I feature some of the tunes I played in shows from 2008 to 2010. This is just a part one with more to come very soon. Some of these bands don’t exist any more and some of the artists don’t perform which is a […]


March on eh?

Bit of an odd one this but that’s what what happens when you’ve been locked down for a year! You might be pleased to hear that I didn’t have a stroke or a migraine…. Anyhoo some great tunes look at this The New Twenty’s – You Got Me Good, Jess Mc Allister – The Bushiest […]


It’s about time

I was talking about motivation and the self motivated musician when there is motivation, I’m finding it a bit tricky to be honest so I am in full admiration for you all. ….. I’m very pleased people are still making new music and what wonderful music it is! Broken Links – The Day Called X, […]


2021 then….

Skinny Knowledge- Keep Me Out, Apteeki – What’s Real, Stone Dead John – Different Like Me, Dakota Simpson – Flaneur, Sally and Brian – Donnez le Moi, Tali Trow – Humming Bird, Roly Witherow – The Bird and the Frog, Einsam – Stuck Pig, Nick Tann – I forget which track it was, Lital – […]


Ho Ho erm..

Hello, my name is Nick Tann and welcome to my Is This Thing On Podcast Since 2008 artists from all over the planet have been sending me their tracks to play on the show. I sort the great from the not so great and compile them in a weekly podcast for your delectation. The podcast […]


Afore we go..

Back into lockdown, lets take some great tunes with us. This episode includes Chuck Charles – My TV Friends (San Diego, USA), Corpulent Provocateur – Test (Czech), Alien Feelings – Scream (Wrexham), Lindzey Autumn – Bad Influence (Boise, Idaho USA), Doozer McDooze – Panic Attack (UK), The Mojo Slide – Goodman Down (Cambridgeshire, UK), Nick […]


Back in the room.. again

Back in the room with some amazing music this week, including Halan – I don’t know you, Half Decent – Morning After, Piqued Jacks – Safety Distance, Gambling Hearts – These Days, Isla – Don’t Love Me, Kmodo – The Things You Know, Mike Nisbet – Red Hot New York, Nick Tann – Crazy (Demo), […]


July July

Lucky to have Flis Pitman join Chris Smith and myself for another panel show with music from The Final Clause of Tacitus - War Elephant, Kmodo - When You're Ready, Tre Fo Boyz - Boyz in the Hood, Michael James - Solicitus, Atari Pilot - Wrong Captain, NoPrism - House of Smith, Little Brother Eli - Perfect, Nick Tann - Coming Home (instrumental)



Yes, I've done it again! It could become a habit this... Another show with a panel of well informed and opinionated examples of human beings. this week they are in the fine form of Katy Lou, Anna Neal and Paula Frost. I'm afraid the sound quality 'isn't that great as I'm recording these with bits of string and tape BUT I will get it right soon. The music is ace though with Cold Water Swimmers - Be My Sunshine, Emker Cel - Window, Becky Fishwick - Know You Know, Elizabeth Joan Kelly & Geiger...



So dear listener, a treat for you this time, a feast of bloody manhood in the pleasing shapes of Matt Kassell (April Maybe May & Emker Cel), Chris Smith (local promoter) and Lewis Jones (another local promoter) giving their opinions on the fine tracks I plucked out of the treasure chest of musical delights this month. These fine examples of men give their opinions on Freya Ward - 1 Way Trip to Mars, New Luna - Prunus, Azz - I'm Not Ready, The Mojo Slide - Good Times, Those Fucking Snowflakes...