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030 Angela Braniff

Angela Braniff is the face and mom of THIS GATHERED NEST the popular YOUTUBE channel, where she and her husband CR share their day to day life with 7 kiddos, homeschooling, traveling and their past adoption journeys. Angela’s content ranges from beauty tips, clothing, homeschooling, adoption, day to day vlogs and so much more. She is the perfect instagram friend where you see her stuff and just know you would make the best of friends. In todays episode we talk about their adoptions from the...


BONUS 003 DATE NIGHT w/ Matt and Julianna Wells

They say that you become like the 5 people you surround yourself with. If thats true, which I believe it is. I know that we are in such good company. Matt and Julianna Wells are the best! They serve and love their friends and family SO WELL. They are giving, kind, and so wise. I love this conversation with Matt and Julianna because it shows me and reminds me to be the kind of friend I want to have. I hope that this conversation makes you laugh and inspires you to call she friends and have...


029 Hannah Lugibihl

Hannah Lugibhil is this voice on the internet that speaks wise words from her blog COLD COFFEE HOT MESS she speaks and writes in such a real and honest way of life and motherhood. It’s not always glamorous but Hannah makes this space seem a little less lonely! She lives and writes her motto so clearly…”Real life talk for Real life moms” Earlier this year Hannah was tested for the BRCA-2 gene mutation that puts you at a higher risk for breast cancer. She tested positive for it and now all...


028 Jesse Tapley

Happy 14th Anniversary to us! Our marriage is a ton of fun, we love to laugh, we have more inside jokes than I can even remember and sometimes we are oddly the same person. But it’s not always that way, and there have been plenty of tough seasons and we are here today to talk about it! Jesse Tapley, my sweet husband, is back to talk about marriage. We discuss Highs and Lows of the different seasons and how we have tried, sometimes successfully and sometimes not! While we realize we are not...


027 Alex Fittin

I am so excited for you to meet Alex Fittin. When we first met we were just talking about being guests on each others podcast. We have so much in common and really this conversation was the first of SOOOO MANY! Alex and I now talk on an almost daily basis. It just really shows me and I hope you that this podcast is the catalyst for friendship!! Be sure to check out Alex’s Podcast THE ADOPTIVE MOM PODCAST where she shares other adoption stories, conversations with adoption specialist and SOO...


026 Audrey Wallace and Amy Hosted Co-Founders of Komae

Audrey Wallace and Amy Husted were two stay at home moms trying to figure out how to battle postpartum depression and trying to figure out how to get a night out without having to pay an arm and a leg. They saw a problem and set out to change it! They created an app that you can trade out babysitting with called KOMAE. Komae is greek for village because well as you know…raising a family take a village!! The KOMAE APP is available on all devices! So go download it right away and start...


BONUS 002 James and Kaylee Wilson Family Update

I am so SO excited that James and Kaylee Wilson are back on the podcast to catch us up with their lives! James and Kaylee we on episode 2 that came out in April, we talked all about their adoption journey and how they were living in Ghana awaiting their daughters VISA that would allow them to enter the US. After 590 days of living in Ghana (6 months of that was Kaylee alone in a village with their sweet daughter Wella....That whole story is in the first episode). Today they catch us up on...


025 Jessica Gaertner

I am SO excited to introduce y'all to my sweet friend Jessica Gaertner. She is a wife, mom, blogger, podcaster, photographer and friend to so many! Jessica is a natural connector and learner. I feel like she is always learning something new and adding SO much value to her friends lives. Her passions lie in keeping people healthy from the inside out. Good clean dnd delicious food, beauty and skin products that don't have harsh chemicals, and creating community in a time where loneliness is...


024 Diana Carter

Creator and Founder of Because I'm His Diana Carter is here to talk about life in ministry, navigating a hard season and learning to find her identity in Christ alone. Diana's heart is so fun and full of life. I have loved getting to know her and every conversation we have leaves me feeling so much joy. Her book DON'T JUST DEALis so great and I love that she just saw a need and sat down to meet it. She is definitely the kind of girl that seeks the Lord in each step and walks with SO MUCH...


023 Jenn Prentice

Jenn Prentice is a friend I met in LA at the RISE Conference back in April. We immediately hit it off and have been friends ever since. Jenn is a wife, mom, lecturer, blogger (THIS IS THIRTY FOUR) and friend to SO MANY! She is also an amazing encourager as well as someone who really encourages me to think about my actions. This past May Jenn embarked on a new adventure, on that she has made very public as to keep her accountable. Jenn has launched A YEAR WITHOUT CLOTHE. She is going a WHOLE...


022 Julianna Wells & Adoption Talk

This week Julianna Wells, my best friend, is back for another interview. Basically I bring her in anytime I want someone to ask ME questions and she is just gracious enough to agree! Today we talk Adoption. Mostly our adoption journey, how Zoe came into our family, how we chose which country to adopt from, and most of all how Zoe coming into our family has shaped and changed our family. Having Julianna present for this talk was so important to me. She has been a HUGE part of our lives since...


021 Jenny Marrs

Jenny Marrs is wife to Dave and mom to 4 super cute kids! She is one of the first blogs about adoption I really started reading. I followed their journey because it so closely paralleled ours and I loved seeing other families struggling well. Jenny and her husband Dave do so much and i love that they do it so often for the gain of others! They started by serving and feeding kids in an orphanage where their daughter was and that led to feeding 3 others and now they are partnered with Help...


020 Jenni Lord

Jenni Lord is a friend that I met through the organization CHOSEN CARES that she founded. We became fast friends while we were in the process of adopting Zoe. She and her family have loved on us in every stage and we are so thankful for them! I love Jenni’s heart for the vulnerable but also her heart for families and the desire to make sure families are whole, healthy and intact. She started this non-profit CHOSEN over 10 years ago starting as a race (Marathon and Half Marathon) to provide...


019 Sabrina Sandberg

Sabrina is a parenting coach at Peace at Heart Parenting. In todays conversation Sabrina shares her heart for helping parents...parent. She believes most people need training and help as we learn to stop and take a step back so that we can consciously parent from a place of healing and love! I asked her so many questions that this conversation turned into a mini counseling session for me! Sabrina is just so wise and I love her focus on Family Values as well as not "fixing" our children but...


018 Jen Dufore

Jen Dufore is a planner girl, but more than that she is a budget planning guru! I love following Jen and her families journey to being debt free. She is really intentional about using her planners as a life planner and for setting up her families finances and paying off their debt. I also love how Jen shares her mess, anxiety, and beautiful planner spreads. Jen does a great job sharing her life in the must functional way because like she says..."Real life doesn't always look good." Jen is...


017 Stephanie May Wilson

Y'all I am SO excited to introduce you to Stephanie if you haven't already met her online. She is seriously the sweetest and if felt like sitting down with an old friend. Stephanie has an amazing story that is all written down in her book, Lipstick Gospel. I love the work that Stephanie does from guiding women into new and deep friendship, to helping women make the most of their single lives. I think my favorite part of this time with Stephanie is that she wants to help others have a deep...


016 Susan Ramirez

AUSTIN ANGELS Founder and CEO Susan Ramirez is so passionate about the children in the foster care system. She started out just volunteering and loving on kids in the system and that transitioned to an organization that has now been nationally recognized. Austin Angels partners with families that are fostering, they are intentionally engaging in relationships with kiddos and family to show love and support. This is key because fostering a child can be so isolating and being a foster child is...


015 Amanda Shook

Amanda Shook is a real life friend of mine. She lives in our shared hometown of Kenai Alaska and is just the sweetest. I know that I say that about every guest I have on, but they are all my friends and I don't think I'd have friends that weren't super sweet! ANYWAYS! Amanda is one of the first people I knew that started a "side hustle". I am so excited for you guys to hear how she started her Etsy shop, how it transitioned and what came of it. I think one thing I love the most about this...


014 Megan Elizabeth

My new friend is Megan she is the founder of DEFINING YOUR TRUEan non profit that reminds girls and women of every age to love their bodies. This girl has her eyes set on helping others, cheering them on to love themselves right where they are. We talked a lot about her fitness journey and how it’s changed over the years. She is not one to shy away from the truth but to stand rooted in what she believes is and is persuing her best life! Megan is young by so wise, she reminded me to take a...


013 Jamie Landers

Jamie is this awesome woman of God. She is a preacher, teacher, minster, mom, wife and friend to just about everyone who meets her. She is sweet, sassy and sarcastic and just a stinking hoot to be around. In the past two years Jamie has launched a book RICH FOR GOOD and then started a new ministry NO STRINGS ATTACHED. In this ministry her and her team go into the strip clubs in Tulsa Oklahoma to meet, make friends and share the gospel with strippers. Not to shame and condemn them but to...