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039 Ashley Wolf

Ashley Wolf is a Disney loving wife, mom and entrepreneur. Ashley is the founder and designer behind the jewelry line MAKE IT MINNIE. Where she uses her love of Disney to design delicate everyday pieces for everyone to wear! I love that Ashley has created something that is so subtle and so pretty and that she is continuing to dream big dreams for her business. Ashley relates such beautiful meanings behind her jewelry and I wear my second star to the right necklace just about...


038 Kara-Kae James

Kara-Kae James is the founder and executive director of Thrive Moms, a ministry dedicated to empowering moms. She and her husband, Brook, have four children and live in Texas. They are passionate about adoption and creatively reaching people for Jesus. I am so excited to introduce y’all to Kara-Kae she is a first time author and we talk a lot about that. What it’s about, how hard it was and so much more! You can pre-order it now MOM UP comes out January 1st! I cannot wait to get my hands on...


037 Tesa Sturman

Y’all…I cannot wait for this conversation! Tesa Sturman has been my best friend for SO MANY YEARS! Today we talk about SO MANY THINGS but mostly friendship through the seasons and how we have been by each others side even though we are MANY miles apart. Tesa is the former MRS ALASKA and got to compete in the MRS AMERICA competition a few years ago where she got to use her voice to advocate for Organ Donation. The loss that Steve and Tesa experienced was life changing not only for them and...


036 Ashley Brusenhan

Y’all, Ashley Brusenhan is a Texas girl living in New York City. Where she serves at a local church and connects others to Jesus and each other. Ashley and I met via mutual friends and I just loved hearing her story of surrender and how the Lord continues to pursue and teach her. Ashley mentions the “WILLINGNESS TO BE INTERRUPTED” and this statement alone speaks so much to my heart. What is an Aggie?? Well its a person that attended and graduated from TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY in Bryan /...


035 Blake Guichet

Blake is the host & voice of the Confessions of a Crappy Christian Podcast, the designer behind Magnolia Ink, wife to Jeremy, & mama to Pacey & Elliot. Blake has quickly become one of my very best friends and I am so thankful for the weird apps…Instagram and Marco Polo that have brought us together! Today Blake and I discuss rest, community over competition, her new podcast and a quick enneagram lesson! She’s Louisiana born & bred & loves being in bed watching Seinfeld before 9 PM. At the...


034 Anne Marie Jackson

In this episode Anne Marie Jackson and I discuss her families journey as foster parents. The hard parts and how her family has continued to follow this call for their family in the counter intuitive ways. We discuss radical hospitality and what that looks like to reach out and show love no matter how messy. Anne Marie is such a kind woman. Alongside co-founding Through The Sea with her husband, Anne Marie works as a surface designer and trend consultant for the likes of Anthropologie,...


033 Allison Carter

Allison Carter is a mom of her two littles, Evie and Hudson, and a wife to her high school sweetheart, Ryan. She believes every occasion, big or small, deserves to be celebrated, and is passionate about inspiring others when it comes to turning the volume up on their own celebrations. Today Allison is going to share some tips on how to ENJOY your holiday parties. She is going to help us make the most out of our holiday hosting and not stress out so we can really be present with our...



Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! Well sorta…But this episode is full of gifts that I want to give and receive! Full of gifts that I think you will want to give and receive! So get your list together of people you need to shop for…I think I can help you! Seeds and Mountains- Jewelry that allows you to Wear God’s Word, Memorize God’s Word and Share God’s Word. I love this concept and the beautiful necklaces that hold such meaning behind them and that remind you of scripture all day when you wear...


032 Kristi Hayes

Kristi Hayes is the one of founders of the BE STRONG STORY shop and movement. It all started with a note her husband put into her sons lunch box. And this lunch box note turned into company with inspiring products and providing jobs for those in need. Kristi has done a great job at using this company to reach out to other families and provide people with a way to serve as a family in new ways. She is giving tangible ways for families all over to protect the weak. And as a contributor to the...


031 Heidi McCahan

Heidi McCahan is an Alaska grown author now living in North Carolina with her husband and family. We talk about the highs and lows of growing up in Alaska and how it really shaped us. There really is something special about growing up in Alaska that bonds people together. I loved talking to Heidi about the career she dreams of, what she does when she is told NO from publishers, how she continues to press on and how she has found such a rich community in the author world. Heidi is so sweet...


030 Angela Braniff

Angela Braniff is the face and mom of THIS GATHERED NEST the popular YOUTUBE channel, where she and her husband CR share their day to day life with 7 kiddos, homeschooling, traveling and their past adoption journeys. Angela’s content ranges from beauty tips, clothing, homeschooling, adoption, day to day vlogs and so much more. She is the perfect instagram friend where you see her stuff and just know you would make the best of friends. In todays episode we talk about their adoptions from the...


BONUS 003 DATE NIGHT w/ Matt and Julianna Wells

They say that you become like the 5 people you surround yourself with. If thats true, which I believe it is. I know that we are in such good company. Matt and Julianna Wells are the best! They serve and love their friends and family SO WELL. They are giving, kind, and so wise. I love this conversation with Matt and Julianna because it shows me and reminds me to be the kind of friend I want to have. I hope that this conversation makes you laugh and inspires you to call she friends and have...


029 Hannah Lugibihl

Hannah Lugibhil is this voice on the internet that speaks wise words from her blog COLD COFFEE HOT MESS she speaks and writes in such a real and honest way of life and motherhood. It’s not always glamorous but Hannah makes this space seem a little less lonely! She lives and writes her motto so clearly…”Real life talk for Real life moms” Earlier this year Hannah was tested for the BRCA-2 gene mutation that puts you at a higher risk for breast cancer. She tested positive for it and now all...


028 Jesse Tapley

Happy 14th Anniversary to us! Our marriage is a ton of fun, we love to laugh, we have more inside jokes than I can even remember and sometimes we are oddly the same person. But it’s not always that way, and there have been plenty of tough seasons and we are here today to talk about it! Jesse Tapley, my sweet husband, is back to talk about marriage. We discuss Highs and Lows of the different seasons and how we have tried, sometimes successfully and sometimes not! While we realize we are not...


027 Alex Fittin

I am so excited for you to meet Alex Fittin. When we first met we were just talking about being guests on each others podcast. We have so much in common and really this conversation was the first of SOOOO MANY! Alex and I now talk on an almost daily basis. It just really shows me and I hope you that this podcast is the catalyst for friendship!! Be sure to check out Alex’s Podcast THE ADOPTIVE MOM PODCAST where she shares other adoption stories, conversations with adoption specialist and SOO...


026 Audrey Wallace and Amy Hosted Co-Founders of Komae

Audrey Wallace and Amy Husted were two stay at home moms trying to figure out how to battle postpartum depression and trying to figure out how to get a night out without having to pay an arm and a leg. They saw a problem and set out to change it! They created an app that you can trade out babysitting with called KOMAE. Komae is greek for village because well as you know…raising a family take a village!! The KOMAE APP is available on all devices! So go download it right away and start...


BONUS 002 James and Kaylee Wilson Family Update

I am so SO excited that James and Kaylee Wilson are back on the podcast to catch us up with their lives! James and Kaylee we on episode 2 that came out in April, we talked all about their adoption journey and how they were living in Ghana awaiting their daughters VISA that would allow them to enter the US. After 590 days of living in Ghana (6 months of that was Kaylee alone in a village with their sweet daughter Wella....That whole story is in the first episode). Today they catch us up on...


025 Jessica Gaertner

I am SO excited to introduce y'all to my sweet friend Jessica Gaertner. She is a wife, mom, blogger, podcaster, photographer and friend to so many! Jessica is a natural connector and learner. I feel like she is always learning something new and adding SO much value to her friends lives. Her passions lie in keeping people healthy from the inside out. Good clean dnd delicious food, beauty and skin products that don't have harsh chemicals, and creating community in a time where loneliness is...


024 Diana Carter

Creator and Founder of Because I'm His Diana Carter is here to talk about life in ministry, navigating a hard season and learning to find her identity in Christ alone. Diana's heart is so fun and full of life. I have loved getting to know her and every conversation we have leaves me feeling so much joy. Her book DON'T JUST DEALis so great and I love that she just saw a need and sat down to meet it. She is definitely the kind of girl that seeks the Lord in each step and walks with SO MUCH...


023 Jenn Prentice

Jenn Prentice is a friend I met in LA at the RISE Conference back in April. We immediately hit it off and have been friends ever since. Jenn is a wife, mom, lecturer, blogger (THIS IS THIRTY FOUR) and friend to SO MANY! She is also an amazing encourager as well as someone who really encourages me to think about my actions. This past May Jenn embarked on a new adventure, on that she has made very public as to keep her accountable. Jenn has launched A YEAR WITHOUT CLOTHE. She is going a WHOLE...