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021 Jenny Marrs

Jenny Marrs is wife to Dave and mom to 4 super cute kids! She is one of the first blogs about adoption I really started reading. I followed their journey because it so closely paralleled ours and I loved seeing other families struggling well. Jenny and her husband Dave do so much and i love that they do it so often for the gain of others! They started by serving and feeding kids in an orphanage where their daughter was and that led to feeding 3 others and now they are partnered with Help...


020 Jenni Lord

Jenni Lord is a friend that I met through the organization CHOSEN CARES that she founded. We became fast friends while we were in the process of adopting Zoe. She and her family have loved on us in every stage and we are so thankful for them! I love Jenni’s heart for the vulnerable but also her heart for families and the desire to make sure families are whole, healthy and intact. She started this non-profit CHOSEN over 10 years ago starting as a race (Marathon and Half Marathon) to provide...


019 Sabrina Sandberg

Sabrina is a parenting coach at Peace at Heart Parenting. In todays conversation Sabrina shares her heart for helping parents...parent. She believes most people need training and help as we learn to stop and take a step back so that we can consciously parent from a place of healing and love! I asked her so many questions that this conversation turned into a mini counseling session for me! Sabrina is just so wise and I love her focus on Family Values as well as not "fixing" our children but...


018 Jen Dufore

Jen Dufore is a planner girl, but more than that she is a budget planning guru! I love following Jen and her families journey to being debt free. She is really intentional about using her planners as a life planner and for setting up her families finances and paying off their debt. I also love how Jen shares her mess, anxiety, and beautiful planner spreads. Jen does a great job sharing her life in the must functional way because like she says..."Real life doesn't always look good." Jen is...


017 Stephanie May Wilson

Y'all I am SO excited to introduce you to Stephanie if you haven't already met her online. She is seriously the sweetest and if felt like sitting down with an old friend. Stephanie has an amazing story that is all written down in her book, Lipstick Gospel. I love the work that Stephanie does from guiding women into new and deep friendship, to helping women make the most of their single lives. I think my favorite part of this time with Stephanie is that she wants to help others have a deep...


016 Susan Ramirez

AUSTIN ANGELS Founder and CEO Susan Ramirez is so passionate about the children in the foster care system. She started out just volunteering and loving on kids in the system and that transitioned to an organization that has now been nationally recognized. Austin Angels partners with families that are fostering, they are intentionally engaging in relationships with kiddos and family to show love and support. This is key because fostering a child can be so isolating and being a foster child is...


015 Amanda Shook

Amanda Shook is a real life friend of mine. She lives in our shared hometown of Kenai Alaska and is just the sweetest. I know that I say that about every guest I have on, but they are all my friends and I don't think I'd have friends that weren't super sweet! ANYWAYS! Amanda is one of the first people I knew that started a "side hustle". I am so excited for you guys to hear how she started her Etsy shop, how it transitioned and what came of it. I think one thing I love the most about this...


014 Megan Elizabeth

My new friend is Megan she is the founder of DEFINING YOUR TRUEan non profit that reminds girls and women of every age to love their bodies. This girl has her eyes set on helping others, cheering them on to love themselves right where they are. We talked a lot about her fitness journey and how it’s changed over the years. She is not one to shy away from the truth but to stand rooted in what she believes is and is persuing her best life! Megan is young by so wise, she reminded me to take a...


013 Jamie Landers

Jamie is this awesome woman of God. She is a preacher, teacher, minster, mom, wife and friend to just about everyone who meets her. She is sweet, sassy and sarcastic and just a stinking hoot to be around. In the past two years Jamie has launched a book RICH FOR GOOD and then started a new ministry NO STRINGS ATTACHED. In this ministry her and her team go into the strip clubs in Tulsa Oklahoma to meet, make friends and share the gospel with strippers. Not to shame and condemn them but to...


012 Katie Ganshert

Katie Ganshert is a wife and amazing mom to two sweet kiddos. I met her while we were both in the process of adopting our sweet daughters from the DRC in Africa. We each have a daughter with special needs and that is something we continue to bond over. She is also an AMAZING author! After I read THE GIFTING TRILOGY I had a TOTAL fan girl moment...I KNEW HER and SHE WROTE THESE BOOKS!! It was a pretty dramatic moment in my head! Katie is so wise and kind and I love that she came on the...


011 JennyLynn Adleta

I can't tell you how much this sweet friend of mine has wiggled her way into my heart. JennyLynn is PRECIOUS to me. She is so fierce, strong and I love that she is using her voice to tell her story. Her story is not this perfect fairytale of Happily Ever After but struggle, faithfulness, perseverance and joy. She tells her story in such raw way, she's a hold nothing back story teller. Her heart is so pure and full of joy to help others in her community. I LOVE that she kept a journal for...


010 Jesse Tapley

I am SO excited to introduce you to my very best friend in all of the world....Mr Jesse Tapley! Jesse is my husband and he's just the best, he has the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen, makes me laugh constantly, and is always pushing me to be better. I am so excited for you to listen to this episode. Jesse shares a little bit about our family, his favorite TV shows and what its like to be friends with other dudes. Adjust your volume accordingly...I have a loud laugh. Jesse and I love...


009 Flossie Foster

Flossie is a friend I've known for basically my whole life. She grew up with my little sister and they were a part of this big group of girls that traveled like they were in a pack. I have loved watching Flossie bloom into the wonderful woman she is today. She is a wife, mom, and entrepreneur. She is also a good and loyal friend to all of those around her. One of my favorite things that Flossie said in todays conversation was how competition does nothing for any of us. It just brings out...


008 Casey Chappell

Casey is a mom to SIX kids and she is just the best! I love her heart for the marginalized and her passion for bringing light to those who feel like they are on the outskirts of the church. Casey and her husband Dan are the founders of CHRIST IN THE MARGINS. An online community walking through tough discussions on sex, faith, community and so much more.


007 Anna LeBaron Part 1

Anna is the author of THE POLYGAMIST DAUGHTERher real life story of being raised in a polygamist cult and how she broke free, found Christ and has found freedom in all of that. Anna is a mover and shaker and she dropped some TRUTH for us today.


007 Anna LeBaron Part 2

Anna is the author ofTHE POLYGAMIST DAUGHTERher real life story of being raised in a polygamist cult and how she broke free, found Christ and has found freedom in all of that. Anna is a mover and shaker and she dropped some TRUTH for us today. Like a true coffee time with friends, Anna and I TOTALLY lost track of time so here is Part 2 of our conversation!


006 Sarah Jarrett

I am SOOO excited to introduce you to my cousin..ish..Sarah Jarrett. She is Jesse's cousin and my friend. I love talking to her and just letting her speak into our lives as parents, mentors and friends. I love that Sarah said like 3 times..."I'm not a super emotional person...." and then cried makes me laugh!! Enjoy this conversation and I hope that it encourages you along the way!


BONUS 001 RISE Recap

I am so excited to sit down today and tell you all my take aways from RISE. The personal growth conference put on by Rachel Hollis and her Chic Media Team. It was so great, I loved meeting up with my internet friends and spending the weekend being poured into my SO many talent speakers!


005 Jenny Nuccio

Jenny is a dreamer, doer, mother, wife, friend, speaker, blogger and just down right PLEASANT person! I really do love this girl and am so thankful for her. She is such a creative mind and is a constant source of joy and encouragement to me. In this conversation Jenny tells us all about meeting her husband, starting Imani Collective and the dreams she is fostering. I love Jenny's heart and how she is always so willing to grow in every aspect of her life! CONNECT WITH...


004 Madison Anaya

Madison is young wife, learning to balance work, school, dreams and date nights by being intentional in all the areas. We talk about how they weathered Hurricane Harvey last fall and the blessings that followed. Madison is such an inspiration, and she is going to change the world with her encouragement, passion and determination! We have a great conversations about people we look up to but are real careful to not compare our beginnings to their middle. Our conversation was just so fun and...