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Podcasts on sports, life, and anything in-between.

Podcasts on sports, life, and anything in-between.
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Podcasts on sports, life, and anything in-between.






Catching up with Aaron Ellis: A New Face in Czech Football

Aaron Ellis has a huge update on his next stop on his football journey! Find out what went into the process of his decision. We also discuss the decline of the Arena Football League, where he would prefer to go after this current opportunity, and what he has to say to the fans he played for during his time in Denmark. All on this update edition of "Let's Talk About".


NFL Week 9: Fan One-On-One with Tony and Grimbo

The Fan One-On-One series is back for an NFL Week 9 recap featuring Tony Stenulson and Michael "Grimbo" Grimberg! We discuss our most and least impressive teams, the rumors of the Chargers heading to London, the black cat on Monday Night Football, and much more on "Let's Talk About"!


NFL Week 8: Murphy's Chicago Law and Trade Deadline Talk

NFL Week 8 saw the Chicago Bear's learn a lesson about Murphy's Law: anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Zach discusses the issues that stemmed from the loss to the Los Angeles Chargers as well as reveals what listeners thought was the main problem. Zach also discusses the NFL trade deadline with the three highest impact trades that caught his eye.


NFL Week 7: The Chicago Crossroads, the Undefeated, and the First to Last

The NFL Week 7 episode kicks off with the Chicago Bears trying to find themselves on the offensive side of the ball. Zach touches on Mitch Turbisky, Matt Nagy's playcalling, the wear on the defense, and much more. Zach also analyzes the remaining undefeated NFL teams, and he debuts the segment "First to Last" touching on the front runners for the first overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. All this on an NFL edition of "Let's Talk About".


Quick Thoughts on the XFL Draft, and Giving Spring Football a Chance

Zach is back from vacation and takes a detour this week by giving his thoughts on the inaugural XFL Draft that took place on October 15th and 16th! Hear what players he thought stood out from the list along with two that he believed should have been on a roster. Zach also has a message for those that think the league should just quit while it's ahead. All this on "Let's Talk About".


NFL Week 5: Chicago's Conundrum, the Colts Valuable Lesson About the Run Game, and a Rant on Roughing the Passer.

NFL Week 5 had stunning outcomes across the Pond and in Primetime. In this NFL edition of "Let's Talk About", Zach Keilman dives into all aspects of the Chicago Bears brutal loss to the Raiders are analyzed along with what you voted is the most crucial element of the team to fix heading into their bye week. Zach also brings up what the Colts exposed against the Chiefs, how they are a prime example of the run game's importance in the NFL, and he delivers his position on the overuse of the...


One-On-One with Aaron Ellis: NFL Week 4, the Next Step in Football, and What Scouts Look For

I travel to Valparaiso, Indiana to meet up one-on-one with current football prospect and friend Aaron Ellis! We discuss our thoughts on contests we watched during NFL Week 4, let everyone in on Aaron's next plans and tryouts for teams, and Aaron gives tips for those looking to make an excellent first impression in the sport. All this and more on "Let's Talk About".


NFL Week 3: Primetime is the Right Time, Mahomes vs. Jackson, and The Backup QB Tidal Wave

NFL Week 3 had given the Chicago Bears Primetime on Monday Night to work on that offense. I evaluate the performance against a porous Redskins defense. I also touch on Patrick Mahomes vs. Lamar Jackson and 3 Backup quarterbacks that caught my eye (Hint: #MinshewMania) All this on "Let's Talk About".


NFL Week 2: Chicago Bears Deep-Dive with Will Hatczel, and a quick AB update

On this edition of "Let's Talk About", Windy City Sports Talk's very own Will Hatczel joins me as we divulge into what we see is achieving and failing with the Chicago Bears through 2 weeks. I also have a quick word or two about embattled wide receiver Antonio Brown.


NFL Week 1: Bad News Bears, The AB Saga, and What Impressed Us

Week 1 in the NFL is in the books, and for the Chicago Bears, there are questions abound for an offense with high expectations, while Antonio Brown has shaken the league to the bone. A week this big requires backup, and I bring in Aaron Ellis and Codey Emerson for just that. All this and more on this edition of "Let's Talk About"


Fan One-On-One: Tony Stenulson On Dallas and Andrew Luck

On the first fan one-on-one, I talk with long-time friend and Dallas Cowboys fan Tony Stenulson on his thoughts of contract negotiations with Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliot, and Amari Cooper. We also touch on our thoughts on Andrew Luck's retirement, and we give our thoughts on how our favorite NFL teams will fair in 2019. All of this on "Let's Talk About"


Andrew Luck Retires and Why You Should Respect That

Superstar Andrew Luck has retired from the NFL. I recount the press conference and give you my thoughts on his move out of football.


How Albany Won ArenaBowl 32, and An Insight On Expansion Rumors

For the first time in two decades, an ArenaBowl Championship is coming back to the city of Albany! In this championship recap, I take a look at the plays that push the Empire over the edge against the red hot Philadelphia Soul. I also touch on the future of the league's expansion for 2020, and where I want to see them plant their flag versus what analytics claims to be the top spots.


An Insight On American Football In Europe featuring Quarterback Aaron Ellis

America is in love with its football with the NFL, but did you know that across the pond Europe still has American football leagues of its own? On this edition of "Let's Talk About", I invite my former high school teammate and current Frederikssund Oaks quarterback Aaron Ellis to bring us his experiences and knowledge of the American football scene in Europe.


The AFL 2019 Playoff Primer

The 2019 AFL Playoffs are upon us, and we have officially made it to the final stretch towards Arena Bowl 32! In this edition of Let's Talk About, I'll gear you up for what you need to know about Albany, Washington, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. I'll also discuss who I believe will matchup in Arena Bowl 32, and why now might be the best possible time to see Arena Football League action if you haven't already.


My First Arena Football League Experience

On July 14, 2019, I went to my first ever Arena Football League game to see what it's like in person and in the community. In this episode, I recollect the highlight moments of my trip to Columbus, Ohio for the game, and I share why a live arena football game is worth it for any fan.


AFL Through Week 9: Mid-Pack Madness

We are two-thirds of the way through the 2019 AFL Season and the action is heating up! Has Albany exposed its weaknesses? Who can pull ahead from the middle of the standings? Is the response to the current expansion teams a good sign of the AFL's future? I'll address all these questions and more on this AFL addition of the Let's Talk About Podcast.


Bears 100 Celebration Weekend

It's finally here! I recap the impressive Chicago Bears 100 Celebration Weekend up in Chicago, and what stood out the most.


AFL Through Week 4: The Good, The Bad, And Who Can Catch

The Arena Football League has played through 4 weeks of its regular season, and there is a lot that is going right. That being said, what do I think that the league can improve upon? I also look to discuss what the league is doing right, and who among the field can catch, and compete with, the Albany Empire.


Football With a Twist: Arena Football

The Arena Football League has been around for 32 years, but many sports fan do not know of its high-paced play and action. I dive into what makes this league so great and why you should be watching on this edition on my mini-podcast series.