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EPISODE 3- How to Conquer Sin

Do you ever get frustrated with sin? Is there something in your life that you keep doing over and over again and want to stop... but don't know how? You are not alone. We all get trapped in sin at some point in our lives. If you looking for freedom over the 'sin-cycle' and want to know how to finally oversome sins that you haven't been able to overcome in the past...this is the podcast for you! As you listen, you will also discover the love of God, which surpasses all human understanding,...


EPISODE 2- What is the Abundant Life?

What is the 'abundant' life that Jesus talks about in John 10:10? How do we as Christians live life with overflow? In this episode you will discover how to live a more meaningful, purposeful, and joyful life overflowing with all the blessings from God. You will also discover that the abundant life is a life that exceeds all things here on earth, but it is a life that is eternal focused.


EPISODE 1-You Were Made Before the Foundation of the World

In this Episode, you will discover that from the beginning of creation, God has had a plan for your life. You did not just magically ‘show up’ one day by chance in your Mother’s womb. You were specifically placed there, in God’s perfect timing. There is a special reason and purpose for your life, and in that purpose, you can discover your maker, the creator that intricately put you together in the womb, bone to bone, fiber by fiber, muscle to muscle, tendon to tendon…every little detail was...


Welcome to Making the Turnaround Podcast

Hey Everyone! I'm your host, Meredith Kirk, it's nice to meet you! Living a victorious Christian life is not always easy. Our journey’s in life at times can be full of twists, turns, and dead ends. Each of us comes to a crossroad in life where we have a choice of continuing on the road we are on or turning around.In the Bible, turning around is the meaning of the word ‘repentance’. We often associate the word ‘repent’ as telling God that we are sorry for our sins and poor choices, but that...