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Naptime is Sacred was created to share the stories of AMAZING Muslim Women to motivate and inspire women to take time outside of their responsibilities to do things that allow them to have their own interest, passions and personal growth.

Naptime is Sacred was created to share the stories of AMAZING Muslim Women to motivate and inspire women to take time outside of their responsibilities to do things that allow them to have their own interest, passions and personal growth.
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Naptime is Sacred was created to share the stories of AMAZING Muslim Women to motivate and inspire women to take time outside of their responsibilities to do things that allow them to have their own interest, passions and personal growth.




020 - My Ramadan so far

Article by Zeba Khan Podcast Links and Social Media Podcast Direct listen links and social media: iTunes: Soundcloud: Google Play: Stitcher: Website: Social media: Facebook: Instagram:...


019 - Hind Adeagbo from Healing With Hind

**Disclaimer** Please Consult Your Doctor and a religious leader for guidance for any health related questions and advice pertaining to fasting and The month of Ramadan. Hind Adeagbo is a transformational coach for mothers and women who want to stop putting themselves at the bottom of the list. She helps them heal their bodies, replenish their relationships, and welcome love and abundance back into their lives. Hind currently runs a membership site, Healing With Hind, where she teaches,...


018 - Amran Abdi Author of 'The Rainbow Hijab'

Amran Abdi is young Somali mother and childcare educator by profession. She has recently self-published her first children’s book 'The Rainbow Hijab’ It follows the tale of a young girl named Amira who upon losing her hijab uncovers the value her colorful companion holds. It boosts the morale of young muslim girls and in addition to clears up misconceptions surrounding the hijab. We spoke about: *Why Amran decided to write a children’s book. *Her experience learning about self-publishing...


017 - Hena Zuberi: Wife, Mom, Writer, Activist

The purpose of Nap Time is Sacred is to share stories of amazing Muslim women. We hope to inspire and motivate women to pursue their own passions and personal growth. All of the Guests of the Naptime Is Sacred Podcast have taught us, inspired us, and motivate us to do just that, and this episode is no different. Hena Zuberi has outlined some excellent points on how to live your life in service to your children but also how to lead by example and teach your children to be in service to...


016 Author Halima Hagi Mohamed Discusses Her New Book Amilah

Episode 16 Interview with Halima Hagi-Mohamed a young Somali- American Author I'm so excited to share this episode with you guys, i love to read new books and had the chance to read a book called Amilah by a young Somali American sister named Halima Hage-Mohamed. Halima was born in Nairobi, Kenya to Somali parents. She has been writing since the age of twelve. She got her start on story sharing site, Wattpad. From there she began creating stories for Facebook with her sister. She enjoys...


015 Homeschooling with Hana from Pepper and Pine

I had the pleasure of interviewing Hana from the Pepper and Pine website and YouTube channel on the show and we had a great conversation about Her homeschool journey, Tips for parents who are considering home schooling, The challenges of homeschool and being a parent Her Youtube Channels Pepper and Pine as well as Homeschooling for Muslims. Her love of crafting and incorporating it into homeschooling What Hana has coming up in the next few months Here is where you can find Hana and all the...


014 - Thyroid Health with Nour Zibdeh

Some of you may know that for the past few years I’ve been sick on and off. Recently, I found out that it was due to having Auto Immune Hypothyroid. On this episode i had the pleasure of interviewing Nour Zibdeh, a Registered Dietitian and Functional Nutritionist who helps women lose weight, overcome thyroid and digestive conditions, and eliminate food sensitivities, migraines, headaches, and chronic fatigue. She has a practice in Virginia and offers individual coaching programs online....


013 - End of 2016 Reflections with My Sister

This year is finally over its been an insane year. I pray that the next year is full of excellent health, happiness and knowledge for you. A big Thank You to everyone that appeared, listened, commented, encouraged the podcast. InshaAllah Many more episodes will be coming out in 2017 and I cant wait to keep growing the podcast. This episode is with my Irish twin - my sister Muna, who has always encouraged me to be the best i can be. We talked about: *Why I started a Podcast? *Being a SAHM...


011 - Safiya Morgan (Mom Entrepreneur, Glow Moisturizer)

Safiya Morgan is the creator of Glow Moisturizer. She went to California State University Fresno, graduated with a BS in Public Health, and studied holistic health for one year. Safiya is married to her husband of 11 years and MashaAllah they have 3 kids. What is Glow? Glow all natural moisturizer is a coconut oil based cream that is safe and all natural. It is hypoallergenic and has healing properties that help defeat skin conditions such as eczema, dry skin and sunburn. It also contains...


009 - Muhsen With Joohi Tahir

**Donate to Muhsen Guest Joohi Tahir Executive Director of MUHSEN. Over the span of her 20 year career, Joohi Tahir has had vast exposure in the field of Sales & Marketing across a wide variety of industries.Aside from her corporate, professional accomplishments, her personal passion to advocate for Muslims with Disabilities has led to her appointment as Executive Director of a revolutionary nonprofit organization founded by Sh. Omar Suleiman called MUHSEN:...


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008 - FitNest With Zehra Allibhai

This weeks guest is Zehra Allibhai is a mother of 2 and has been in the Health and Fitness industry for over 15 years. She runs various fitness classes in her community, does private group training, and trains clients 1-on-1, both in person and on-line. On this episode we discussed: *What motivated her to start a Health and fitness platform. *Her Ramadan tips for working out and eating healthy. *What are some workouts and meals that sister can try after having a baby that can boost their...


007 Yvonne Maffei My Halal Kitchen Global Recipes Cooking Tips And Lifestyle Inspiration

Episode 7 Guest Yvonne Maffei (My Halal Kitchen) Yvonne Maffei, MA is a graduate of International Studies & Spanish from Ohio University. She has grown up with a real passion for cooking and writing, setting out to make a career out of combining the cooking classes, lectures about halal cooking and healthy eating, and consults schools on how to source healthy, halal ingredients and prepare fresh new ideas for school lunches. She has written the cookbook, Summer Ramadan Cooking to...


006 Naptime Is Sacred With Hani Hassan

*This weeks guest is Hani Hassan a mum of 4, an Entrepreneur running an Events Management Company and a Media Company and also a University student Studying BSc Events Management and finally her most challenging role as a Wife. *She Recently started YouTube channel Honeys World where she has Women empowerment videos with her mom as well as snap reloads. *She believes that only you are in charge of your happiness. *Her Motto is: A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less,...


005 Self Care

The importance of self care * Story of that time I ignored the pain in my shoulder for a week and ended up in the ER. * Women are first Responders to other people's problems but last to help themselves. * 8 Self Care tips for busy Women. 1. Exercise regularly 2. Take Deep Breaths (oxygenate) 3. Get outside (new surroundings) 4. Make healthy food choices 5.take a Chill pill 6. Get vitamin D, Natural sunlight or even supplements if recommended by Doctor. 7.Sunnah Naps: cat naps to...


004 Menahal Begawala - Addictions

Episode 004 - Addictions with Menahal Begawala Guest Menahal Begawala a registered therapist and addiction counselor. Menahal Grew up in Queens New York she graduated from high school she went to al hood Institute in Karachi Pakistan and was taught by Dr. Farhat Hashmi She did her undergrad at NYU in general and special education she got a masters in literacy education, she went to study in Egypt and obtained ijaaza in Quranic recitation and tajweed. She then went back to school to for...


003 - Naptimeissacred YasiminMohamed

Episode 003 - Yasimin Mohamed from Somali Canadian Youth Matter Yasimin Mohamed is a Somali-Canadian, Mother of one, and an HR professional in the energy sector. Yasimin was born in Saudi Arabia raised in North America. She is passionate about youth leadership and empowering young people to realize their creativity and capacity. She is deeply committed to the art of social change and believes in the power of grassroots activism. In this episode we discuss: *How her life was changed by her...


002 - Naptimeissacred AbayoYasmin

How to Eat Healthy to Stay Healthy Abaayo Yasmin from the YouTube Channel Cafimat Fican Yasmin is a mom of seven kids, a YouTube'er a fitness trainer and a vegan chef she's also written a book "Cida Cagaarka Cunaan" You can find that at on her website In this episode we talk about: *Avoiding common illnesses just be eating more fruits and vegetables *Having a wholesome diet *Finding fruits and veggies your kids will like *Finding time to work out *How a 40 day...


001 - Naptimeissacred HafsaTaher

Episode 001 - Naptime is Sacred Podcast Today we're joined by Hafsa Taher. She is a full time IT Analyst who also runs her own business creating gifts and craft kits for Muslims. She is best known for providing her customers with high quality, and thoughtful products. In this episode we discuss: *How she went from being in the IT industry to starting her creative gift business. *Who was her biggest supporter and what’s the best advice she was given. *What tips she had for sisters who want...