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Hosts Jason, Jacob, and Jeff discuss all things hunting in Ohio

Hosts Jason, Jacob, and Jeff discuss all things hunting in Ohio
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Hosts Jason, Jacob, and Jeff discuss all things hunting in Ohio




#40 - We Talk Turkeys with the Ohio Division of Wildlife

This is a great episode if you are a turkey hunter in Ohio because we talked to Mark Wiley from the Ohio Division of Wildlife all about turkeys. Mark is the wildlife biologist for the Ohio Division of Wildlife that manages Ohio's turkey population, so he's a wealth of information when it comes to turkeys in Ohio. We tried to get answers to all the common Ohio turkey questions, some of which include.... We learned a lot during this episode and we hope you all get something out of it. Mark...


#39 - Favorite Stories Revisited

We have grown a lot recently so we are revisiting our favorite stories episode as a way for our new followers to hopefully get to know us and our personalities a little better. Reminiscing on hunting stories is always good for a laugh and this is no exception, so we hope you enjoy! Shop Ohio Huntsman Apparel Subscribe to our email list Check us out on Facebook at @OhioHuntsman Join the Ohio Huntsman Facebook Community Check us out on Instagram at @OhioHuntsman_Podcast Check Out Our...


#38 - Jeff Got A Turkey!

This episode is all about our weekend turkey hunting trip down to southeast Ohio and as you've probably seen by now, Jeff got a turkey! We talk about the turkey action we were seeing, hunting in the rain, and finding some morels! It's basically all about spending time in the woods in the spring. Most importantly you get to hear the full story of Jeff's 2019 spring turkey! We hope you enjoy and are having some luck in the turkey woods. Shop Ohio Huntsman Apparel Subscribe to our email...


#37 - 2019 Shed Hunting & Turkey Scouting Trip

This week we talk about Jacob and Jeff’s shed hunting and turkey scouting trip down to southeast Ohio. We also discuss a few other current events like Ohio’s youth turkey season harvest numbers and our thoughts on Pennsylvania moving the start of their firearms season to a Saturday instead of the traditional Monday opener. Shop Ohio Huntsman Apparel Subscribe to our email list Check us out on Facebook at @OhioHuntsman Join the Ohio Huntsman Facebook Community Check us out on Instagram...


#36 - Our Wives Tell All: Balancing Family Time and Hunting

This week we talk to the our wives about balancing family time with hunting time. We had a ton of fun recording this one and laugh a lot throughout the episode. We talk about... We hope you enjoy this one and would love to hear some of thing things all of you use or have implemented to balance hunting time with family time. Shop Ohio Huntsman Apparel Subscribe to our email list Check us out on Facebook at @OhioHuntsman Join the Ohio Huntsman Facebook Community Check us out on...


#35 - Elk In Ohio with The Ohio Elk Hunting Community

This week we talk to Seth Leech from the Ohio Elk Hunting Community about bringing elk back to Ohio! We talk about where things are in the process, what the feasibility study showed regarding how many elk the state can support, what are some of the current roadblocks, and what people can do to help bring elk back to Ohio. It was a great conversation and we really enjoyed talking to Seth and hope to see elk roaming the state in the future. Ohio State Elk Feasibility Study Ohio Elk Hunting...


#34 - Dad, Can We Go Outside?

This week we discuss raising kids in the outdoors and how our perceptions of hunting, public lands, and quality family time outdoors has changed since having kids. We talk about some of the things we are trying to do to make sure our kids grow up to enjoy hunting and the outdoors. With kids there are always some funny stories and you better not forget tissues when you go out in the cold with kids, so hopefully this is entertaining and informative! Whether you're currently raising kids or...


#33 - Public Lands with Ohio Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

On this episode we talk to Tony Ruffing and Jon Ingram from the Ohio Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. We discuss some of the cool projects the Ohio Chapter of BHA has been working on recently, the current state of affairs regarding Ohio's AEP lands, what you can do to help ensure AEP stays publicly accessible, as well as Governor DeWine's proposed budget and what it would mean for conservation and public lands in Ohio. We really enjoyed this conversation and learned a lot and hope...


#32 - Our Turkey Hunting Gear

To continue the turkey talk from last week as we get closer to turkey season opening here in Ohio we decided to talk about turkey hunting gear. We discuss what we take with us in the woods when chasing turkeys, what we don't bother with, and we even discuss a few items that your average turkey hunter might not carry but could be helpful to you this spring. We hope you enjoy and maybe gets you thinking about your gear and getting it ready for season to start! Here are links to some of the...


#31 - Turkey Hunting with Josh Grossenbacher

On this week's show we talk with Josh Grossenbacher about turkey hunting! Josh has won many turkey calling championships including the 2015 World Turkey Calling Championship, 2017 Grand National Head to Head Championship, and multiple state calling championships! Needless to say, Josh speaks turkey and this will be his 25 year chasing spring turkeys. Josh is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to turkey hunting and turkey calling and we really enjoyed talking with him and learned a lot!...


#30 - What Are Your Thoughts: Discussion On Current Events

This week we talk about a few current events in the hunting world. We discuss the woman that got kicked off Tinder for the hunting pictures in her profile. Do you have a duty to notify people you are serving them venison or any wild game before serving it to them? We also discuss the bounty on coyotes currently being proposed in South Carolina. This is a really interesting conversation with a wide range of topics. What are your thoughts on any of the topics we discussed in this...


#29 - Monster Whitetail Grub

On today's episode we talk to the owner of Monster Whitetail Grub. We talk about his feed, what makes it different from other feed products on the market, the type of ingredients he uses, and how he started the business. SPOILER ALERT, he's offering a discount to Ohio Huntsman listeners so be sure to listen to figure out how to use the discount! Shop Ohio Huntsman Apparel Subscribe to our email list Check us out on Facebook at @OhioHuntsman Check us out on Instagram at...


#28 - 2019 Proposed Regulation Changes

On this weeks show we discuss the proposed changes to the hunting regulations for the 2019-2020 season. If you haven't seen the proposed changes, you can read them here... 2019-2020 Proposed Changes We mainly focus on the proposed changes to allow multi-year and lifetime hunting licenses to be good even if you move away and are no longer a resident, the proposal to allow the use of an electronic deer tag, as well as some of the other terminology changes and season dates. If you want to...


#27 - Ohio Shed Hunting Season

It's that time of year, shed hunting season!! On this episode we talk about everything shed hunting, when to start looking for sheds, where to find shed antlers, weather conditions that are best for finding sheds, and more. We really enjoy getting out there and looking for sheds and it's a great way to get your family outside with you, so get out there and enjoy! #shedrally2019 2019 ODNR Proposed Rule Changes - http://bit.ly/2SFNvh7 Shop Ohio Huntsman Apparel Subscribe to our email...


#26 - Bag Limits & Harvest Numbers w/ Mike Tonkovich

We had Mike Tonkovich back on the show this week! Mike is the Deer Program Administrator for the state of Ohio and he is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to deer and deer hunting in Ohio. Some of the topics we covered in this one are If Ohio goes to deer management units (DMU) instead of managing by counties, will tags be good in all management units? Ohio going to a lottery style tag allocation instead of using bag limits to control the number of deer taken. Why did Ohio start using...


#25 - SHOT Show 2019

SHOT Show 2019 just ended and we thought it would be a good opportunity to talk about some of the new hunting items that were released that might be useful for fellow Ohio hunters! We talk about the new straight walled 350 Legend cartridge from Winchester, the 350 legend rifle offerings from Winchester and CMMG, Federal's new 1-3/4" shorty shotshells, Mossberg's Patriot Predator rifle in 450 Bushmaster, Primos Surround View Stakeout Blind, and more! What were some of your favorite new...


#24 - 2018 Season Review

This week we review our 2018 seasons. We discuss what went right, what went wrong, and what we are going to tweak for next year. We talk about some new recipes we tried, how some of our new gear performed, and what we are excited for in 2019! Hank Shaw's deer heart recipe we talk about is in his big game cookbook called Buck Buck, Moose: Recipes and Techniques for Cooking Deer, Elk, Moose, Antelope and Other Antlered Things https://amzn.to/2RXF1lp Eat Local Shirts -...


#23 - Listener Question: Hunting Small Properties

This week we answer a listener submitted question about hunting small properties. More specifically, how to keep a deer from running off your property and onto a non-cooperative neighbors property after the shot. We discuss shot placement for stopping a deer in its tracks, which caliber would be ideal, how to keep noise down to avoid bothering nearby neighbors, and more! We enjoyed discussing this one because of all the different points to consider and hopefully there will be something...


#22 - Interview w/ Ohio's Deer Program Administrator: Muzzleloader Season & Harvest Numbers

We talk with Ohio's Deer Program Administrator, Mike Tonkovich, about muzzleloader season. We cover everything from harvest numbers, why muzzleloader season is in January, why they added the antlerless harvest restrictions on public land, and the potential of moving to management units based on habitat instead of by county lines. We really appreciate Mike coming on the podcast to speak with us and look forward to doing more. Let us know what topics you'd like us to cover with him in the...


#21 - 228" Ohio Buck Poached

On this episode we talk about the 228" Ohio buck that was poached in Coshocton County. We cover topics like how the fines are determined in cases like this, the severity of Ohio laws, what to do if you are aware of or suspect poaching, and how poaching affects the non-hunting public's perception of law abiding hunters. Lots of interesting and thought provoking conversation in this one, enjoy! Eat Local Shirts - https://amzn.to/2TCQm7k Subscribe to our email list -...